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Chapter 445 – Cultivating the Yin Scroll of the Great Pagoda Art

Next day

On the elegant and quiet bamboo house, Mu Chen sat down on the soft bedding, his eyes shut tight as he breathed in the Spiritual Qi of the world. After a night of quiet cultivation, his mind felt more clear and refreshed. The little slivers of pressure built up from three months of bitter training within the Lightning Territory had been completely removed.

Knock. Knock.

While in silent training, clear knocks rang from the door outside before the inner doors were pushed open. A little head popped in, her two ponytails appearing extremely cute. As her jet-black eyes looked towards Mu Chen sitting on the bed, a crisp, tender voice rang out. “Big Brother Mu Chen, hurry up and wake up. Elder Sister Ling Xi’s asking you to come out.”

Opening his eyes, Mu Chen looked towards the cute and pretty little girl standing outside of the door, while his clear and refreshed mind became much more relaxed. With a smile, he flipped himself off the bed, before walking to the door and rubbing the little head of Su’er. As the little girl puckered her little face up, he walked out of the door, only to notice Ling Xi within the courtyard, standing slender and elegant, her long black hair cascading down like a waterfall, appearing alluringly beautiful.

“Looks like your rest is pretty good,” said Ling Xi with a faint smile after noticing Mu Chen’s clear and refreshed appearance. “Follow me. Let’s go to your training and cultivation place. That place is connected to the one and only Eighth Grade Convergent Spiritual Array within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although the degree of thickness of the Spiritual Energy isn’t as dense as the inner section of the Eighth Grade Convergent Spiritual Array, it is quite a bit stronger than the other few Seventh Grade Convergent Spiritual Arrays.”

With a smile, Mu Chen nodded his head, before following Ling Xi to enter the depths of the mountains. With a move, the two of them appeared above the Spiritual Mist-wrapped mountain peak, before sitting down on it.

Grasping a strand of black hair, Ling Xi’s lovable face turned solemn, before speaking out in a soft voice. “Mu Chen, the Great Pagoda Art is the most basic cultivation art of Aunt Jing’s clan, and it’s quite difficult to train and cultivate in it. Although you possess a bloodline relationship with Aunt Jing, it isn’t able to guarantee that you’re able to successfully train and cultivate both the Yin and Yang Scrolls.”

“Within the training, I can’t be certain what would happen. However, you have to promise me that if anything wrong happens, you must immediately stop. Don’t force it.”

Seeing the solemness on Ling Xi’s lovable face, Mu Chen seriously nodded in return.

Seeing this, Ling Xi clasped her jade-like hands together as she changed her hand seals. In the next instant, faint white light condensed within her palms as rays of brilliance radiated out, containing a shade akin to moonlight.

As the rays of brilliance slowly condensed together, they transformed into a white glowing pagoda sparkling in white rays of brilliance. The glowing pagoda appeared rather exquisite, shimmering while giving off a unique and mysterious feeling.

Seeing the familiar white glowing pogoda, Mu Chen felt slightly shocked and astonished. This appeared exactly the same as the pagoda he was able to condense from within his body. The only differences were the colour and the entirely different fluctuations radiating from it. If the pagoda that surfaced from Mu Chen was fierce and overbearing, the white glowing pagoda that had surfaced from Ling Xi’s hands appeared extremely gentle and reserved.

“Concentrate and focus!”

A roar rang out from Ling Xi, causing a jolt within Mu Chen’s mind as he slowly closed his eyes.

All of a sudden, Ling Xi pointed her slender finger out, causing the white glowing pagoda to transform into a ray of white light as it followed along her finger into Mu Chen’s head. With a fierce speed, it entered within the mind of Mu Chen.


At the instant when the white glow entered Mu Chen’s mind, a bang seemed to explode within his mind. Strange and mysterious information furiously gushed out like flood waters, before transforming into line after line of cryptic and mysterious cultivation mnemonics.

There is Yin and Yang in Buddha. When Yin and Yang intersect, they form the great Buddha…

A seemingly ancient chanting sound rang out within Mu Chen’s mind, causing those cultivation mnemonics that ordinary people weren’t able to comprehend to flow into Mu Chen’s heart. At this moment, Mu Chen’s mind started to slowly calm down, sinking down into the complicated and cryptic cultivation mnemonics.

The ancient chanting appeared to resound for quite a while, yet appeared to continue for only an instant. With the ancient chanting, Mu Chen’s mind regained his clarity, he started to ponder for quite a while as line after line of complicated mnemonics were recalled in his mind. After quite a while, his hands slowly came together to form a seal.

This time, the hand seal was somewhat different from the ones that he had made while training and cultivating the Great Pagoda Art. However, one could faintly discern there were some similar remnants.


As Mu Chen slowly formed his hand seals, the white glowing pagoda within his body that was sent out by Ling Xi shook as it split apart, before a minute clump of white light rose from within, entering Mu Chen’s meridians.

That was a strand of Spiritual Energy. What sets it apart from other Spiritual Energy was the shady glow it brought along. Appearing like moonlight spill out, it followed along Mu Chen’s meridians as it circulated around his body.

Humm! Humm!

Just as the white-coloured Spiritual Energy circulated around Mu Chen’s meridians, he discovered that the Spiritual Energy within his body was actually being agitated. Appearing as if they had received some kind of uncontrollable suction, they attempted to rush out and devour this strand of white-coloured Spiritual Energy.

“Calm down! Use the mnemonics to condense the Yin Seed!”

While Mu Chen was in shock with this unexpected change, all of a sudden, a soft roar rang within his mind, causing a shock to shake through his heart. Hastily, he forcefully suppressed the agitation of the Spiritual Energy. Controlling the strand of white-coloured Spiritual Energy with his mind, he forcefully circulated it quickly within the mnemonics flowing within his meridian pathways.

Following the circulation of the white-coloured Spiritual Energy, its size grew smaller and smaller. Yet, its colour and luster appeared increasingly bright and glittery. Furthermore, Mu Chen was able to sense that following every revolution, he was gradually able to start gaining control of that strand of white-coloured Spiritual Energy. The cool feeling felt ice-cold, causing his state of mind to appear clear and bright.


When the size of the white-coloured stand of Spiritual Energy shrunk down to its absolute minimum size, a fierce, low roar rang from Mu Chen’s heart. In the next instant, the white rays of light blossomed outwards. After dispersing away, a minute spot of white light quietly floated within, appearing akin to a seed.

Mu Chen heaved a quiet sigh of relief. This was the first step of his training. As long as he was able to successfully condense the Yin Seed, he would truly be able to merge the Yin and the Yang scrolls of the Great Pagoda Art. From that, he would be able to condense Spiritual Energy composed of both Yin and Yang.

The Divine Soul sitting within the Aurasea raised its little hands up. WIth a gentle beckoning, the white speck of light instantly howled across the meridians of Mu Chen’s body. Drilling straight into the Aurasea, it hovered before the Divine Soul, whirling about as it rotated on the spot.


Spitting out a clump of white air, the Divine Soul formed a hand seal, one that wasn’t of the Yang Scroll of the Great Pagoda Art, but of the Yin Scroll.


As the Divine Soul within Mu Chen’s body formed the Yin Scroll’s hand seal, a powerful suction force instantly erupted from within his body. As this happened, dense Spiritual Fog instantly surged out, blotting the skies. Transforming into rays of Spiritual Energy, they howled down, before pouring endlessly into Mu Chen’s body.

Clumps of faint white brilliance radiated from Mu Chen’s body, appearing somewhat gentle and cool.

Those were Spiritual Energy fluctuations completely different from those radiating from Mu Chen before.

As those Spiritual Energies entered Mu Chen’s body, they circulated around his meridians, instantly transforming into strands of white-coloured Spiritual Energy, before finally gushing into the tiny white-coloured Yin Seed hovering before his Divine Soul. As it continued to get larger, Mu Chen ordered the two types of Spiritual Energies to merge together. He needed for them to reach a stage of mutual existence. If not, those strands of white-coloured Spiritual Energy would become nourishment for the black Spiritual Energy present within his body.

Only when the white and black were able to reach equilibrium would they be able to merge perfectly.

Therefore, what Mu Chen needed to do was to nurture and strengthen the Yin Seed.

However, it clearly still needed quite a bit of time. Fortunately, Mu Chen still had three whole months of time to do so. After absorbing crazily for that period of time, he should be able to nurture that Yin

On the outside, Ling Xi looked towards Mu Chen, who was greedily absorbing the Spiritual Energy of the world, before nodding her head. From the looks of it, Mu Chen’s Yin Seed had already been successfully condensed. The next step was for him to nurture it. The vast and boundless Spiritual Energy gushing out from the Eighth Rank Convergent Spiritual Array should be enough to speed this step up.

However, wanting to successfully cultivate this Great Pagoda Art completely wasn’t that simple. Naturally, it could only depend on Mu Chen. Yet, the current him needed to do some preparations…

A faint flash sparkled within Ling Xi’s beautiful eyes. Taking a breath, she stood up, and with a move of her enchanting body, she shot into the air.


Space around her started to warp and distort as multiple figures surfaced from it. They were precisely Dean Tai Cang, Elder Zhu Tian and the four other Heavenly Seated Elders.

“Elder Ling Xi these are the things that you’ve requested,” said Dean Tai Cang, sending a smile towards Ling Xi. With a wave of his sleeve, multiple rays of light shot towards the latter, before coming to a stop before her, hovering. If one was to take a closer look, one would see strange objects resembling a chessboard and tortoise shell among others within those rays. Those items should be unique Spiritual Tools. Although they didn’t possess powerful offensive attributes, they contained unique capabilities.

Looking in detail towards those Spiritual Tools, Ling Xi gave a nod, before speaking out softly. “Thank you very much, Dean. However, I might need to trouble you all to help out for this period of time.”

Hearing that, Elder Zhu Tian and the other Elders shot a look at each other as doubt surfaced within their eyes. After all, ever since knowing Ling Xi till now, this was the first time that they had heard the latter asking them for help.

“Is it for Mu Chen?” asked Dean Tai Cang with a faint smile, pointing towards Mu Chen, who was currently encased in a Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies.

Seeing that, Ling Xi gently nodded her head. After hesitating for a bit, she said, “Mu Chen’s currently training in an Art. However, once he succeeds, it might be sensed by some people. Therefore, I would need the strength of you all to blanket a Spiritual Array over to isolate him.”

Hearing those words, Dean Tai Cang and the rest instantly gawked. He would get sensed by some people? What kind of people would be that formidable? Being able to sense something just by cultivating in some Art?

“This is a matter instructed to me by Aunt Jing. I hope that you will be able to cooperate with me fully on this, Dean,” said Ling Xi with a solemn face.

Hearing the two words ‘Aunt Jing’, the faces of Dean Tai Cang and the rest turned somewhat solemn. That day, due to Mu Chen’s mysterious mother, the shock it gave them was considerably heavy. Since they were her instructions, they would naturally not dare to show any disregard about it.

“Be at ease, Elder Ling Xi. Mu Chen’s a student of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Regardless of any matter, we’ll do our utmost to help.” Dean Tai Cang replied without asking anymore questions. Ever since the appearance of Mu Chen’s mysterious mother, it indicated that the latter had quite a background. However, not being someone who was into curiosity, Dean Tai Cang knew that knowing some matters might not be a good thing.

Hearing that, Ling Xi gave a faint smile, before bowing respectfully.

“Ling Xi thanks all of you.”

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