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Chapter 442 – First Stage


The black sea of lightning endlessly surged and churned, while claps of thunder resounded across the entire place, causing even the surrounding space to hum and vibrate.


All of a sudden, the black sea of lighting split apart as a figure radiating with lighting light shot out, before coming to a hover above the sea of lightning. Gigantic bolts of Divine Black Lightning howled out, descending on the figure. Countless rays of lightning light shot out, yet the figure just stretches his hands out, appearing in an extremely intoxicated state.

After promoting his Lightning God Physique to Quadra Rune Lightning Physique, Mu Chen’s resistance to the Divine Black Lightning was much stronger than before. No longer would he be struck into a considerably miserable state. In fact, when the rampant energies of the Divine Black Lighting had entered his body, they only brought about a slightly numb feeling, an extremely comfortable sensation.


Lowering his hands, Mu Chen exhaled a clump of white mist, within which even sparkled with lightning light. A smile brimming with excitement was present on his face. Indeed, this Quadra Rune Lighting Physique is much, much more tyrannical than the Diplo Rune Lightning Physique.

Raising his head, he looked towards the Northern Sea Dragon in the distance, before shooting over with a move of his body.

Sweeping his gaze across Mu Chen’s body, a satisfied smile appeared on the face of the Northern Sea Dragon. Raising one’s Lightning God Physique from Diplo Rune to Quadra Rune in the span of three months. This was already a rather good speed of improvement.

“Thanks Senior Northern Sea.” Mu Chen spoke out respectfully as he cupped his hands. He knew that the Northern Sea Dragon’s help was essential for him to be able to have such an improvement. If not, he would need at least one more fold of time to be able to obtain similar results.

Waving his hands, the Northern Sea Dragon replied, “Since you’re participating in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament for our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I’ll naturally help a bit to avoid losing face.”

Speaking till here, he paused for a moment,shooting a look at Mu Chen, before continuing. “However, for the past three months, I can only help you promote your Lighting God’s Physique to this level. It doesn’t provide too much of a promotion to your Spiritual Energy cultivation.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen nodded his head. During the last three months, he had primarily trained and cultivated his Lighting God’s Physique. Although his Spiritual Energy had also increased, it wasn’t at the astonishing rate of improvement as his Lighting God’s Physique. Nevertheless, he was already extremely satisfied. After all, within the short span of three months, it was impossible for him to drastically improve in both aspects. He had to choose one of them to focus on.

“There’s still three more months till the half-year mark. For the next three months, I’ll do my utmost to train and cultivate my Spiritual Energy and raise my cultivation level,” replied Mu Chen with a smile.

Hearing that, the Northern Sea Dragon nodded his head and said, “Okay. However, for the next three months, I’ll not be guiding you anymore. You’ll be changing places. For the next three months, you’re belong to someone else.”

“Someone else?” Mu Chen gawked.

“Your final three months will be guided by Elder Ling Xi. It’ll be fine if you follow along with her. She said that if you follow her, she’ll let your strength rise by leaps and bounds for the next three months.”

With a mischievous laugh, the Northern Sea Dragon sent a grin toward Mu Chen while saying, “Training under her is always better than following this uninteresting old man, right? She’s such a beautiful lady, and has an extremely good relationship with you. You have to seize this opportunity, okay? This is the very first time I’ve seen Ling Xi care so much about a male. Even in front of us, she always appeared cold and icy.”

Hearing that, embarrassment filled Mu Chen’s face. What kind of words are these…?

“Okay. Time for you to go. I’ve to close up for a while.”

The Northern Sea Dragon placed his hands behind his back, while rays of brilliance seemed to circulate across his ancient face. At this moment, the incisiveness of his gaze was so sharp, it appeared to be able to pierce through space, giving people an indescribable feeling of tyranny.

Seeing this, a faint tremble shook through Mu Chen’s heart as he probed. “Senior Northern Sea, are you going to break through?”

Clearly feeling extremely good, the Northern Sea Dragon grinned as he nodded his head. With a sigh, he replied, “I’ve already been stagnated in this realm for so many years. It’s all thanks to you by helping me obtain that Lightning God’s Pill. After preparing for half a year, it’s time for me to try breaking through…”

Hearing that, Mu Chen smacked his lips. If the Northern Sea Dragon was to succeed in his breakthrough, he would become a genuine Earth Sovereign. Placed within the entire Great Thousand World, he would be considered a Regional Overlord. After all, even a power as strong as the Luo God Clan, their strongest expert, which was Luo Li’s grandfather, Luo Tianshen, was only an Earth Sovereign. Being able to protect the Luo God Clan under the covetous glares coming from the other three Great God Clans, this showed exactly how powerful a person of this realm of strength possessed.

Although it was a only a fine distinction between a Ninth Grade Sovereign and an Earth Sovereign, the difference in strength was as different as sky and earth. If the Northern Sea Dragon possessed the strength of an Earth Sovereign in the past, even if one were to give the Demonic Dragon Palace the courage, they wouldn’t dare to provoke the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even to so-called ‘Immeasurable Old Ancestor’, wouldn’t dare to step foot into this Northern Heavens Continent.

“Then I’ll first congrat Senior Northern Sea on your breakthrough here,” said Mu Chen respectfully as he cupped his hands towards the Northern Sea Dragon.

With a smile, the Northern Sea Dragon nodded his head. With a wave of his sleeve, space started to warp and distort, before a pathway to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was torn open.

Seeing this, Mu Chen didn’t hesitate anymore. Turning his body, he strode into the warped space. As the space chaotically fluctuated, his body completely disappeared within it.

Seeing that Mu Chen had disappeared, the face of the Northern Sea Dragon gradually grew solemn. With a clench of his hand, a smooth, round Lightning Pill appeared within. This pill possessed a jet-black splendor, with lightning covering its entirety, appearing as if it was developing into a lightning world, causing it to appear immeasurably mysterious.


As this Lightning God’s Pill appeared, lightning instantly flashed and thunder clapped within the last level of the Lightning Territory as countless bolts of lightning shattered across the horizon, causing this dim and dark space to be lit up like daybreak.


A roar rang out from the depths of the sea of lightning at the same time. The Lightning Spirit seemed to have discovered the Lightning God’s Pill.

The Northern Sea Dragon shot an indifferent glare towards the depths of the sea of lightning, before retracting it back. Black halos of light started to ripple from his body. In the next instant, his body warped and distorted, rapidly expanding in size. In a short span of a few breaths, his body had transformed into an endlessly gigantic life form.

This life form’s body was of a jet-black colour, and appeared like a fish, yet wasn’t a fish, like a dragon, yet wasn’t a dragon. It spread it’s wings out, wings that looked akin to vertical clouds that seemingly covered half of the space.

As the Lighting God’s Pill rushed towards the sky, the Northern Sea Dragon opened it’s giant maw, akin to a whale sucking in water. As the Lightning God’s Pill descended alongside the endless rampant lightning and thunder, it was completely engulfed up by the giant maw of the Northern Sea Dragon.

Bang! Bang!

As the Lightning God’s Pill entered his body, with a jump, the gigantic body of the Northern Sea Dragon rushed into the depths of the sea of lightning. In the next instant, the entire space grew rampant as the sea of lighting surged and churned. Gigantic waves towering thousands and thousands of metres high swept up, appearing to want to destroy the entire space, their imposing might extremely terrifying.

An astonishing breakthrough was quietly fermenting within the depths of this sea of lightning.

After stepping into the spatial pathway, Mu Chen naturally wasn’t privy to the astonishing commotion that had happened after he had left the Lightning Territory. Furthermore, even if he knew, he would be of no use at all. A breakthrough to that realm was completely dependent on oneself. Other than praying for good luck for the Northern Sea Dragon, there was nothing he could do.

In the air above the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, space started to warp and distort, before Mu Chen appeared from it. Looking across the azure horizon, he stared at the Spirit Beasts flying across the sky, before hearing the sounds of vitality ringing out from the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. At this moment, he could not help breath a sigh of relief. Every time he came out from the Lightning Territory, he always had a feeling of finally seeing the light.

That place gave people too much pressure when they were within it. Nevertheless, it had to be said that it truly was an absolutely fantastic training ground.

Hovering in the air, Mu Chen swept his gaze around. After slightly pondering, he shot straight towards the mountain peak, where Ling Xi was living. As of now, Luo Li and the rest were clearly still training and cultivating within the Gates of the Northern Heavens. Therefore, with no need to head back to the Freshman Region, it’s best for him to seize every moment and find Ling Xi now.

After a couple of minutes, Mu Chen descended on the quiet mountain peak. This was where Ling Xi lived by herself. Not only did no student dare to come within its vicinity, it was also extremely rare for the higher-ups of the academy to come here; after all, they were all too clear about the icy-cold temperament of Ling Xi. The latter didn’t even give much face to Dean Tai Cang, so what about them?

Even though this was the case, there was nothing they could say, since within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, other than the Northern Sea Dragon and Dean Tai Cang, not even the five Heavenly Seated Elders were a match for Ling Xi. Therefore, she had such a transcendent capital.

After descending onto the mountain, Mu Chen quietly walked into the courtyard. Sweeping his gaze across, he spotted the white-robed female sitting before the bamboo house.

The female possessed a graceful, slender figure, her chest stood outstandingly under the cover of her white robes, her little waist thin and slender with a pair of artistic looking eyebrows. Despite this, however, her beautiful face had too much of an ice-cold expression on it. At this moment, one of her fair hands held the spine of an old book, while the other gently played with her long hair. This spectacle was akin to a scene of a painting, causing Mu Chen to turn slightly absent minded upon seeing it.

Who would have guessed that the person considered as the third strongest expert of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would actually be such a beautiful young lady…

“What’s the matter? Gaping in awe?” While Mu Chen was slightly absent minded, a clear, pleased voice rang out from before him, only for him to notice that Ling Xi had already retracted her gaze from the ancient book in her hand. Raising her lovable face up, she had sent a faint smile towards Mu Chen. At this moment, the ice-cold expression formerly present on her face had completely melted away, replaced by an arc that curled up at the corners of her lips, a scene that would cause the flowers to lose their colour.

Scratching his head, Mu Chen replied with a smile, “Elder Sister Ling Xi’s really getting more and more beautiful.”

“More beautiful than your little female friend?” asked Ling Xi teasingly.

With a mischievous laugh, Mu Chen walked over and said, “Sir Northern Sea said to allow Elder Sister Ling Xi guide my training and cultivation from here on.”

Hearing that, Ling Xi gently nodded, before waving her hand towards Mu Chen to ask him to sit beside her. Placing her jade-like hand on her cheek, she started to quietly stare at the handsome face of Mu Chen.

Mu Chen turned slightly embarrassed by her stare, causing his gaze to wander away.

With a faint smile, Ling Xi shook her head, extending her ice-cold jade-like hands to rub his face. Over the past three months of focused training and cultivation, a stubble had grown on his face, causing the tender and immature appearance of the youth to disappear by quite a bit, replaced by the firm and persistent face of a true man.

Upon being touched by her ice-cold jade-like hand, Mu Chen was slightly startled, before his body turned stiff as he noticed a small sharp blade appearing between Ling Xi’s slender fingertips.

“Elder Sister Ling Xi…”

However, not waiting for him to retreat back due to his conditioned reflex, Ling Xi had already moved closer. As her fragrance came buffeting over, faint fluctuations surfaced within her beautiful eyes. Streaking over, the sharp blade gently shaved off the messy stubble present on Mu Chen’s face

Seeing this, Mu Chen gawked as he stared at the absolutely beautiful face just inches before him, before seeing the earnest expression on her face. At this moment, emotions gushed out from him. A Ling Xi like this was truly like an Elder Sister…

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