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Chapter 411 – Quadra Rune Lightning Physique


The breaking sounded so tiny it couldn’t be heard, making it almost impossible to hear within this sea of lightning against the peals of thunder. However, despite that, when the sound quietly rang out, the face of the Northern Sea Dragon turned solemn, while his body seemed to have almost turned tense in an instant. Sending his gaze piercing through layer upon layer of the sea of lightning, he stared tightly at the thin and frail figure within.


All of a sudden, boundless, rampant fluctuations erupted from that location as black rays of lightning brilliance unexpectedly started to radiate from the blood patterns on the youth covered in them. As they extended out, some abnormally tyrannical lightning and thunder fluctuations started to seep out from those blood patterns.

That seal of his appeared to be about to shatter.


All of a sudden, at this moment, Mu Chen’s eyes snapped open. Clapping his hands together to form some hand seals, a fierce roar akin to the clap of thunder rang out. The roar caused the lightning liquid in his surroundings to be driven back, creating a gigantic thousand metre large empty space with nothing being able to get close to Mu Chen.

Black lightning arcs crazily danced across his body before condensing together, forming something akin to a gigantic thunderstorm.

“Were the Divine Black Lightning energies accumulated within his body too powerful?”

The Northern Sea Dragon muttered and he tightly focused on everything happening before him. From the looks of the situation, Mu Chen appeared to already be unable to suppress the frightening energies he had accumulated within his body. If he continued to forcefully control them, he might risk blowing himself up.

At this moment, Mu Chen was clear about the situation within his body. Despite the dangerous position he was in, his face remained calm and serene. Rapidly changing his hand seals, black lightning light could be faintly seen gushing out from underneath his skin. Two lightning runes condensed on his chest, while a glow of lightning started to crackle as it too started to condense. This was the unexpected the sign of a formation of a lightning rune.

Clearly, Mu Chen was attempting to make a breakthrough now!


Increasingly rampant black lightning arcs continued to gush out from Mu Chen’s body. From the distance, his entire body seemed to be encased by lightning arcs. As they crazily sparkled, they finally transformed into rays of lightning light, before drilling into making the third lighting rune on Mu Chen’s chest.

As those energies from the Divine Black Lightning gushed in, the third lightning rune started to slowly take form.

As the lightning rune gradually took form, Mu Chen’s skin also started to turn jet-black, giving him an ice-cold and solid feeling when looked at, as if there was nothing in this universe that was able to shatter it apart. An indescribable sense of tyranny.

At the same time, Mu Chen’s body started to grow slightly taller.

The formation of the third lightning rune wasn’t too difficult, since the energies of the Divine Black Lightning accumulated by Mu Chen over these past three whole months came into play. As the energies continued to endlessly gush out, it caused the lightning rune to appear increasingly vivid and lifelike, akin to a true rune formed by thunder and lightning.

This formation lasted for approximately a dozen minutes, before the last black lightning arc on the surface of his body disappeared.The third lightning rune on Mu Chen’s chest had truly condensed and took form. At the instant of its formation, the blood patterns that covered Mu Chen’s body disappeared, while dim rays of brilliance gushed out, and a incomparably tyrannical energy fluctuation radiated along with it.

Although Mu Chen was still quietly sitting there, not moving a single inch, he could already give people a feeling as if any movement from him could shatter the earth and rend the skies.

“Triple Rune Lightning Physique?” muttered the Northern Sea Dragon as his eyes slightly narrowed. Being able to have such an improvement after being in there for three months was in fact considered a pretty good result. He was slightly exaggerating when he had demanded for Mu Chen to reach a Quadra Rune Lightning Physique within this half-year; after all, he knew the difficulty required in training and cultivating the Lightning Physique. Cultivating a Body Refinement Art was, by itself, extremely difficult; let alone the Lightning God Physique, which was considered as a rather good Body Refinement Divine Art.


However, just as the Northern Sea Dragon was quietly thinking, all of a sudden, he turned his gaze around and noticed that Mu Chen didn’t show any signs of coming to a stop after the complete formation of his third lightning rune. The youth was tightly clenching his teeth. Due to the past three months of bitter training, a messy stubble had grown on his handsome face. Nevertheless, it caused him to appear exceedingly firm and determined. Clapping his hands together, his hand seals changed once more, unexpectedly continuing to display the mnemonic seal of the Lightning God Physique.


A low roar rang out of his mouth, once again, as the thunderstorm behind his back started to expand, enveloping his entire body within it. Gigantic rays of lightning light howled out, streaming endlessly as they smashed into Mu Chen’s body.

Under the strikes from the lightning light, little bits of glowing lights actually started to condense above the third lightning rune on Mu Chen’s chest!

He actually wanted to condense his fourth lightning rune with one spurt of energy!

“Indeed, he’s banking on this idea, huh?” the Northern Sea Dragon muttered.


The black thunderstorm crazily revolve around Mu Chen’s body, with the energies of the Divine Black Lightning endlessly spewing out from the sea of lightning, before finally rushing into Mu Chen’s body. This torrential flow was considerably tyrannical. If not for Mu Chen having crazily endured all of the strikes from the Divine Black Lightning, he might not have dared to endure such a flow. However, even though that was the case, he felt that his body appeared to be dissolving apart as intense, searing-hot pain racked him, appearing to want to split his body into pieces.

However, at this moment, he could only clench his teeth and continue to endure.

More and more energies of the Divine Black Lightning howled over. However, despite that, the formation of the fourth lightning rune was clearly a hundred times more difficult than the third one. Even with those boundless energies of the Divine Black Lightning pouring into his body, it was only able to form less than half of that lightning rune. There was still quite a bit before its complete formation.

This ending caused a shadow of deep worry to flash within Mu Chen’s eyes. He never imagineed that his three months of accumulation would still be unable to completely condense his fourth lightning rune. Indeed, this Lightning God Physique was extremely hard to train and cultivate.

“Truly such a reckless brat.”

The Northern Sea Dragon shook his head in helplessness, before muttering, “When helping people, help to the end. Seeing that your mother had helped our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, this old man will help you once more.”

As his voice rang out, he gave a flick of his finger. All of a sudden, the Lightning Spirit at the depths of the sea of lightning roared out, as if it had heard some kind of order. However, despite that, it appeared extremely unwilling, resulting in it starting to struggle in an attempt to escape its controller.


A cold snort rang out from the Northern Sea Dragon. All of a sudden, black feathers started to grow out from the gigantic body of the Lightning Spirit. Drilling into its body, the black feathers appeared to take root in it body. As black rays of brilliance gushed from them, an earth shattering roar of fury rang out, one that sounded of extreme pain.

After struggling for quite a while, it finally started to gradually turn obedient. With a roar, a little ray of black lightning light flew out from its head. That little black lightning light looked like a drop of lightning liquid, yet it appeared as if there was a thunder and lightning world within it. As the lightning flashed and thunder clapped within it, it appeared extremely strange and peculiar.


The drop of black lightning light liquid rapidly shot across the sea of lightning. Finally, piercing through the thunderstorm, it shot straight towards Mu Chen’s forehead.

Instantly, Mu Chen’s body turned stiff and rigid as rays of black lightning light exuded from his forehead at astonishing speed. In a blink of an eye, it had extended across his entire body. From afar, he appeared to have been encased in black vines, looking rather mysterious.

Bang! Bang!

All of a sudden, the surface of Mu Chen’s body exploded apart as clumps of a blood mist rose up. At this moment, his face started to warp and distort, clearly indicative of the extreme pain and agony he was feeling now.

As the blood mist rose from the surface of his body, the lightning light that had covered his entire body started to crazily pull back towards the fourth lightning rune on his chest. That lightning light seemed to contain extremely astonishing energies of the Divine Black Lightning, causing the lightning rune that was having difficulty condensing to rapidly extend.

Mu Chen’s body continued to explode apart, with more and more blood mists spraying out. Finally, they formed a thick layer of hardened blood, wrapping Mu Chen’s body tightly within it.

After an unknown amount of time, the thunderstorm on the outside started to slowly dissipate away.

Mu Chen quietly sat within the sea of lightning, with the lightning liquid being unable to get close to a dozens metres from him. At this moment, his aura seemed to have turned exceedingly weak, with not a single activity being able to be detected from him.

With his hands on his back, the Northern Sea Dragon quietly watched the scene before him. Not showing any signs of taking action, he just stood in the air as he quietly waited.

This wait continued on for five days.

Within these five days, not only did the hardened blood that had encased Mu Chen not make any strange movement, not even a single movement could be detected from the body within. From the looks if it, it appeared as if he had lost all life and vitality.

However, despite that, the Northern Sea Dragon still didn’t take action, while his eyelids droopily hung low. All of a sudden, his gaze moved.


A piece of hardened blood had quietly slid off within the sea of lightning. Like a chain reaction, the pieces of hardened blood rapidly dropped off, quickly turning into dust and fluttering away.

As the hardened blood fell off, a tall and thin figure appeared. As the youth opened his eyes, black lightning light flashed within his black eyes, appearing abnormally fierce to the point that would cause people to not dare to look straight at him.

He slowly stood up, his black hair fluttering around. Lowering his head, he saw four lighting runes softly sparkling on his chest. The vivid and lifelike lightning runes were akin to the most beautiful lightning arcs in the universe, radiating with immeasurable energy within, as if they contained the prestige of the heavens and earth.

Four lightning runes.

Quadra Rune Lightning Physique!

Looking at the four lightning runes, Mu Chen slowly clenched his hands tightly, while the surging energies akin to a tsunami endlessly gushed out from his body. This was a sense of power he had never felt before. The current Mu Chen had absolute confidence that he would dare to fight head-on against an expert who had passed his Human Body Disaster just purely with this power!

This power would truly cause people to be too intoxicated.


An arc curved upwards at the corner of Mu Chen’s mouth. Finally, unable to hold it any longer, he opened his mouth wide, raised his head towards the sky and gave a long howl. His roar thundered out, causing huge waves that blotted the skies to form within the sea of lightning. As thunderous claps rampantly howled out, they condensed behind the youth. At this moment, he looked just like a god of lightning descending from the heavens!

After three months of bitter training, he had finally received his compensation!

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