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Chapter 432 – Separated Again

Aunt Jing held Mu Chen’s hand as they landed on a mountain peak. Looking towards the tall and straight youth before her, that face had the same handsome features as his father, added with her gentleness. This undoubtedly caused the youth to appear even more appealing to one’s eyes. Furthermore, it wasn’t pronounced to the point of being sharp.

“Mother, are you about to leave?” Mu Chen had also sensed what was going to happen, causing him to tightly grasp his mother’s hand, while voicing out words with difficulty.

Gently nodding her head, Aunt Jing replied, “Although this is just mother’s spiritual body.However, if I stay here too long, I’m afraid that I’ll attract some unwanted trouble for you.”

“Exactly what is your identity, mother? Where are you trapped now? Please tell me! I won’t be reckless!” Mu Chen growled as he clenched his teeth.

Giving a quiet sigh, Aunt Jing extended her hand and rubbed the face of the youth before her as she replied, “It’s still not the time to tell you about this matter. Originally, I hoped for you to not rush out of the Northern Spiritual Realm. Although, that way, you might become very ordinary. However, all I wanted was for you to be safe. That’s my greatest wish.”

“If that happened, I would never ever be able to see you, mother,” said Mu Chen with a ridiculing smile. “The feeling of not having a mother isn’t too great. The only thing I know is that it isn’t easy for dad, too. Therefore, the only thing I could do was to be more sensible and thoughtful as young as possible.”

Hearing his words, her eyes couldn’t help turning red as she replied, “It’s all mother’s fault.”

In her heart, she was extremely clear that there was nothing more important in Mu Chen’s heart as she was. That year, for the sake of protecting the swaddling-clothed Mu Chen, she had quietly left without letting anyone know. The pain of a mother doing such a decision was akin to knives slashing her heart apart. Nevertheless, there was no other way than that.

“It’s already good, mother.” Rubbing the tears falling down his mother’s face with his palm, Mu Chen spoke out with a soft voice, “Although mother’s not around when I was young, I still had dad beside me. However, mother… you should be really very lonely, right? You have done all of this for us. Therefore, dad and I are very clear about this, so we’ve never ever blamed you for this.”

At this instant, the Aunt Jing who had unleashed heaven-shocking attacks and shook the hearts of all the big shots in the Northern Heavens Continent could not help covering her mouth and sob. To her, there was nothing more important in the entire universe than her husband and son.

The infant within the swaddling cloths that year had truly grown up. Furthermore, he’s so sensible and thoughtful. This made her feel that those years of solitude were all worthwhile.

“Feel at ease, Mother. Although I’m still very weak now, there will be one day that I’ll become strong. No matter how frightening the unknown place you’re in is, I’ll definitely bring you back home. This is the promise I made to dad.” Mu Chen slowly spoke out, his voice brimming with unswerving determination and firmness.

“Furthermore, since my mother’s so formidable, being your son, you should have some confidence in me,” said Mu Chen as a smile appeared on his face.

Smiling through her tears, Aunt Jing rubbed Mu Chen’s head. “Okay, I’ll believe you. However, I’ll still not tell you about these matters first. When you truly become stronger in the future, you’ll naturally get to know some of them.”

Hearing her words, the only thing Mu Chen could do was to nod his head in helplessness.

Aunt Jing waved her hand, causing the bodies of Ling Xi and Luo Li, whom were not far away, to faintly move before involuntarily appearing beside Mu Chen.

“Ling Xi, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of Mu Chen. Just have him treat you as his Elder Sis, okay? If he doesn’t listen to you, you can do whatever you like to him. At this moment, he shouldn’t be a match for you,” said Aunt Jing towards Ling Xi with a smile.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen gave an awkward smile, whilst Ling Xi and Luo Li started to beam.

“Feel at ease, Aunt Jing. I’ll make sure nothing happens to him.” Nodding her head, Ling Xi replied in a gentle voice.

“Mu Chen, you can’t bully Ling Xi, alright? The Pagoda Spiritual Art is split into two scrolls, Yin and Yang. What you’ve trained and cultivated is the Yang scroll, while Ling Xi has cultivated the Yin scroll. This martial art is somewhat special, with the Yang being the main part with Yin being the auxiliary. At the place I’m in, the people that train the Yin scroll of the Pagoda Spiritual Art are known as attendants. That’s because their Spiritual Energy is extremely beneficial to those that train and cultivate the Pagoda Spiritual Art’s Yang scroll. However…Mother doesn’t wish for you to use this method, understood?” Looking at Mu Chen, Aunt Jing’s face turned solemn for the first time.

Shooting a look at the blushing Ling Xi, Mu Chen nodded his head, a guilty conscience sprouting out within his heart. Previously, the method they had used seemed like the same thing his mother was talking about. Although they had done that without the slightest hint of what it really was, both of them had a slightly guilty conscience about it.

Seeing that, Aunt Jing gave a gratified smile before saying, “Although your dad didn’t have much strength, he didn’t make me disappointed in his teachings.”

As she spoke out, Aunt Jing looked towards Ling Xi once again and rubbed her face tenderly. “Your memories shouldn’t have been dispelled, but are sealed up. However, the current me can’t help you dispel that seal.”

“Why’s that?” asked Ling Xi hastily.

“Do you think I don’t know about your character?” replied Aunt Jing with a sigh. “All of your sealed memories are those that you’ve made with me. To you, those aren’t happy memories for you. Furthermore, you will know where I’m currently at, and I don’t want you to come over. That’s because this place isn’t somewhere you like to be.”

“But I wish to rescue you from there, Aunt Jing!” Biting her lip, Ling Xi emotionally exclaimed.

“If you really want to help me, you can do so by taking care of Mu Chen,” replied Aunt Jing with a faint smile.

Hearing Aunt Jing’s reply, Ling Xi went quiet for a while, before finally nodding her head. Despite that, however, some unwillingness was still present within her eyes. Being clear of Ling Xi’s character, Aunt Jing didn’t continue talking about this, as she knew that she wouldn’t be able to dispel the former’s intention to search for her. Nevertheless, it was enough to just delay her for some time.

“You’re called Luo Li, right?”

Looking towards the young girl standing quietly by Mu Chen’s side, Aunt Jing gave a warm smile as she spoke out towards Luo Li.

“Yes.” Shooting a look at Mu Chen, Luo Li slightly cramped up as she nodded her head.

“Mu Chen’s eyes are better than his dad’s,” said Aunt Jing with a faint smile. Although the young girl before her was quite young, the temperament and character she possessed were things that no ordinary girl would have.

She clearly had a pretty good first impression of Luo Li.

“How’s that possible? Aunt Jing’s so awesome, You’re also my goal,” replied Luo Li as a pinkish shade flashed across her fair and lovable face. What she said truly was the truth. The awe-inspiring techniques and strength Aunt Jing had shown moments ago had caused Luo Li to admire the former deeply. If she could be as stronger as the former, she might just be able to completely shoulder the heavy responsibility of her Luo God Clan.

Holding Luo Li’s slender and jade-like hand in hers, Aunt Jing shot a look at the Luo Shen Sword in the former’s hand. At this moment, a flash of astonishment flickered in her eyes as she spoke out, “You’re a member of the Luo God Clan? Who’s Luo Cangqiong to you?”

Hearing the name Luo Cangqiong, a faint expression of shock appeared on Luo Li’s face as she replied “He’s my great-grandfather. However, he passed away a long time ago. Could it be that Aunt Jing has seen him before?”

“I haven’t met him before. However, there will always be records of peak existences in the Great Thousand World at the place I’m in. I’ve read about the news of Luo Cangqiong before and have seen that sword.” Aunt Jing gave her a reply while shaking her head.

Luo Li understood in a flash. From what she knew, her great-grandfather’s strength seemed to have reached the realm of a Heavenly Sovereign, and was considered as one of the foremost existences in the annals of their Luo God Clan. Therefore, it wasn’t strange for information about him and the Luo Shen Sword to get collected by others.

“However, the girl that Mu Chen had kidnapped was actually the little princess of the Luo God Clan, huh? Your eyes are truly good,” said Aunt Jing with a grin, causing Luo Li’s face to turn beet-red, while Mu Chen gave a dry cough in response.

“Okay, my time’s almost up…” said Aunt Jing with a soft sigh. Looking towards Mu Chen, one could see the reluctance brimming within her eyes. After this separation, god knows how many months and years she would have to wait before she could see her child once more.

Looking at the gradually translucent body of his mother, Mu Chen’s eyes turned red once again. Clenching his teeth, he growled, “Mother, wait for me. Regardless of how frightening the place you’re held in is, or how formidable those evil people hold our family from reuniting are, I’ll never give up! Wait for me to get strong, and I’ll bring you home!”

“Okay.” Tears of gratification pooled within Aunt Jing’s eyes as she nodded her head.

“Mother will wait for you. Mu Chen, you must live on well!”

Aunt Jing tightly grasped Mu Chen’s hands. However, she was now no longer able to exert any force. Her body was getting dimmer and dimmer. Finally, she started to slowly dissipate away, her eyes still having traces of not wanting to leave.

Her body finally dissipated away.

Looking towards the place where his mother had dissipated, Mu Chen knelt down and knocked his head heavily on the ground while muttering, “Mother, please feel at ease! Our family will definitely be reunited!”

Standing beside him, Luo Li and Ling Xi remained silent as they accompanied him. Looking at Mu Chen and his actions, their noses could not help feeling slightly sour.

A gentle breeze blew by, ruffling his robes. This scene of him appeared rather bleak and desolate.

It was a mysterious and unknown place.

In that space, gigantic black pagodas hovered in the sky across the horizon, with each of their layers radiating with black rays of light. Enveloping the entire region, they appeared exceedingly strange and mysterious.

Within the depths of the space.

A giant pagoda thousands of metres tall stood tall on the earth, its body piercing through the cloud layers, causing it to look incorporeal and illusionary.

Within the highest layer of the giant pagoda was a white-robed lady quietly sitting within the jet-black darkness. All of a sudden, a shiver shook through her exquisite frame as her tightly shut eyes slowly opened. Tightly clenching her hands, tears started to flow down from her eyes.

“Mu Chen… my child…”she muttered, her voice brimming with endless yearning and longing.

Nevertheless, she only allowed for the tears in her eyes to last for an instant, before they were instantly evaporated away. In the next moment, her gaze gradually turned back to the previous indifference.

As her gaze grew indifferent, the surrounding jet-black space started to ripple. As the ripples spread out, a withered tree-like face seemingly surfaced from within. Black rays of brilliance blossomed from that face as it looked towards Aunt Jing, while a buzzing voice filled with anger and fury reverberated within the jet-black darkness.

“The fluctuations moments ago was from your spiritual body, right? How long are you going to hide that bloodline of sin?!”

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