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Chapter 433 – Jet-Black Space

"How long are you going to hide that Bloodline of Sin?!"

Within the jet-black space, the old, withered face that had appeared from the folds of space angrily stared at the white-robed figure, his furious voice rumbling out, shaking and reverberating the entire space.

That white-robed lady was naturally Mu Chen's mother. At this moment, she shot a cold look at the old, withered face before replying in an indifferent tone, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Qing Yanjing, do still want to be that stubborn? Do you think that after allowing a little girl that had no bloodline relationship with you, and letting her train and cultivate the Yin scroll of the Pagoda Spiritual Art, that you will be able to fool and deceive us?" replied the old, withered face in a stern voice.

Hearing that, a cold expression flashed within Aunt Jing's eyes as she growled out towards the old, withered face, "I did not use Ling Xi to fool or deceive anyone, and I've never said that Ling Xi had any bloodline relationship to me. It's just that you bunch of stubborn and obstinate old fellows are too stupid. That's why you all will feel suspicious."

"You've lent the Yin scroll of the Pagoda Spiritual Art out to let her train and cultivate for the sake of obscuring our attention, right? You're really trying to protect that Bloodline of Sin, right?!" The old, withered face continued to furiously roar out.

"Training and cultivating the Yin scroll of the Pagoda Spiritual Art was Ling Xi's own decision. I didn't force her or interfere in any way. I really didn't think much about it when I initially brought her back here. The only thing I thought was that she was pitiful and thus was showing some compassion. However, who would have thought that you old fellows would panic and treat everyone as your enemy. You can't even let go of an innocent little girl!" replied Aunt Jing with a sneer.

"The Divine Meridians in your body has clearly been separated! That Bloodline of Sin has got it for sure! You definitely installed a seal in his body, right? That's why we're unable to find him even after searching for all these years, right?!"

"Qing Yanjing, being the Saintress of our clan, you have an extraordinary position with astonishing talent. Placed within the Great Thousand Worlds and the thousands and thousands of clans, only you can match up to 'Mo Hetian' of the 'Maha Clan', who are one of the Ancient God clans like us. If the two of you were to get together, not only will it be extremely beneficial for our two clans, there's a possibility of 'Mo Hetian' breaking through the worldly laws and becoming the controller of the universe. At that time, you'll become our queen!"

Hearing her words, the old, withered face turned incomparably furious, with his retort seemingly turning into howls. "However, not only did you fall in love with some ant from some place in your real world training, you
even damaged your own Divine Meridians and gave birth to a Bloodline of Sin! Exactly where have you thrown the long inheritance of our clan to?!"

"What does that ant have that's worth your love? Could it be that he's better than Mo Hetian? He's the true king! In his hands, the Maha Clan has returned to its former splendor! As for you, you could have also achieved such a step, and yet you went to do such a thing! How can you let down the care and nurture our clan has provided for you?"

A slight wrinkle appeared on the forehead of Aunt Jing as she replied, "Although Mo Hetian's formidable, does that mean I have to like him? Great Elder, it looks like you all have rotted away for too long. Anything within your eye might be only ranked on how to increase the strength of our clan. Therefore, you all don't know the feeling known as love."

"Qing Yanjing! Do you understand the significance of the existence of our clan? Do you know the significance of our clan for the Great Thousand Worlds? How can such a selfish thing as love appear in our clan?!" roared the old, withered face.

"Great Elder, indeed, our clan of the past was also my pride. However, you all have sunk too much into this pride and arrogance. This will only let you all become complacent. Let me ask you, before our clan had that pride and arrogance, what were we like? Were there such rules that you've just spoke of, Great Elder?" asked Aunt Jing in an indifferent tone.

Within the jet-black space, the old, withered face turned silent awhile, before speaking out in a deep voice, "Looks like you've truly let that so-called 'love' overtake your mind to actually dare to question the pride of our clan."

Hearing his reply, Aunt Jing faintly shook her head. Indeed, it’s a waste of time to explain stuff like emotions to this old fool.

"Although you are continuing to protect that Bloodline of Sin, I don't believe that you can protect him for an entire lifetime from us! Once we find him, we'll definitely capture him and strip him of the Divine Meridians! Although the bloodline of our clan flows within him, due to his father being too petty and vulgar, it has led to the corruption of the pure bloodline! Therefore, our clan will not recognize him! Towards such existences, the only thing we'll do is exterminate it!" said the old, withered face slowly.


Just as his voice rang out, all of a sudden, an ice-cold expression blanketed the face of Aunt Jing sitting within the jet-black darkness. In the next instant, an imposing aura that blotted the skies swept out, causing intense shaking to appear in this jet-black space, with signs of collapse starting to form.

"Qing Yanjing, do really want to rebel against the clan's rules?!" Sensing this change, the Great Elder instantly roared out in fury.

Taking a deep breath, Aunt Jing suppressed the imposing aura that had blotted the skies. Turning her ice-cold gaze towards the old, withered face, she spoke one word at a time. "Great Elder, although I've willingly accepted the punishment over the past years, I hope that you all understand why I'm doing this. This doesn't mean that I'm afraid of you all, as I hope that our clan won't suffer any losses due to me. However, if you all truly dare to hurt my child's life, don't blame me for not showing any mercy. At that time, even if you all can kill me, I'll make sure that your lives won't be too good, either. At the very least, Great Elder, I can definitely say that I'll absolutely make sure you fall with me!"

"You're too brazen, Qing Yanjing!"

A furious roar rang out from the Great Elder as green veins seemed to squirm on the old, withered face. At the same time, a frightening aura swept out, causing the jet-black space to crazily tremble.

Nevertheless, no fear or dread was present on Aunt Jing's face as she continued to coldly stare at the Great Elder.


As the furious roar of the Great Elder rang out, ripples started to from within this jet-black space once again as numerous old, withered faces surfaced out,with varying expressions on them.

"Great Elder, please calm down."

"You too, little Jing. What's the point of antagonizing the Great Elder?"

As those giant faces surfaced, voices started to ring out towards the two initial parties present.

"Elders, I've done nothing to provoke him. It's just that some of those rotten rules have to be changed. Was the bloodline of our clan as noble as you all have assumed since the beginning? Didn't our ancestor break free from the confines of ordinary people, temper himself and train bitterly to stand at the peak of the universe?"

Aunt Jing continued speaking with an indifferent tone. "Then, why do we have to look down on them? Why can't my child be more outstanding than me?"

"Hmph! Do you know how much our clan had invested for your current accomplishments? Without your help, that Bloodline of Sin would not have the faintest bit of background. What can it achieve? The Divine Meridian in it's body's simply a waste!" The Great Elder replied with a snort.

"Within the Great Thousand Worlds, there are too many peaks experts to count. Among them, there are a few well-known figures who had low backgrounds, with some even coming from the Lower Realms. Did they ever have any background at all? Nevertheless, didn't they make their name spread illustriously across the Great Thousand Worlds? As for that astonishing Mo Hetian that you've hung in your mouths, didn't he also get forced to retreat by the Flame Emperor when he had tried to attack the Endless Fire Territory? Within the Great Thousand Worlds, other than the Flame Emperor, there's still the Martial Realm's Martial Emperor, Sword City's Green Shirt Sword Saint, Undying Ground's Gravekeeper…" a calm expression hung on Aunt Jing's face as she spoke out. Each of the names she had mentioned had widespread fame and reputation within the Great Thousand Worlds. As they rang out from her mouth, they reverberated within this jet black space.

"From the beginning, did those peak experts possess any strong or powerful background? No. The only thing they had was the heart of an expert. Its that heart that they were able to spread their illustrious names far and wide in the Great Thousand Worlds. Therefore, Great Elder, if you truly assume that to be a genuine expert, one would need to completely rely on nurturing and resources, then I'm afraid that you're sorely mistaken." Aunt Jing continued talking with an indifferent tone.

Faint fluctuations appeared on the old, withered face of the Great Elder present in the folds of this jet-black space. Feeling angered once again, he tried to rebuke her, but no words were able to leave his mouth. In the end, with a cold snort, he replied, "No matter how much you argue and scheme, you are unable to overturn the decision of the Elder Council."

Faintly closing her eyes, Aunt Jing replied, "What you all decide is your business, not mine. Similarly, what I choose is my business, not yours. I still have deep feeling for our clan. However, if it truly goes to that stage…"

At this moment, no words came out of her mouth as she slowly closed her eyes, not wanting to speak anymore. Clearly, she didn't plan to continue chatting with those rotten old freaks.

Seeing this, the Great Elder could only give an irritated snort as a reply. In the next moment, those gigantic, withered faces started to disappear from this jet-black space.

Following their disappearance, Aunt Jing opened her eyes. Tightly clenching her hands, she gave a soft sigh. She knew that relying purely on her words would absolutely be unable to shake those old fellows, who had rotten down to their bones. They'll definitely continue to search for Mu Chen's traces. However, the words she had said earlier should have caused some shock in those old fellows; after all, she wasn't someone without the strength to kill a chicken. With her strength, she was considered within the top half within the clan. If anything happened to her, it would be a gigantic loss for the clan.

An expert of her level could not be nurtured just by relying on the so-called "resources".

Therefore, they should not dare to force her too much. This way, it would give Mu Chen quite a bit of time, whom she was confident in. If Mu Chen had become an ordinary person and stayed quietly in the Northern Spiritual Realm, she would also be gratified at that. After all, being a mother, all she wanted was for Mu Chen to be safe.

However, the current Mu Chen had clearly walked on another path. The youth had already grown tall and straight, no longer the crying infant in swaddling clothes. Ever since he was little, he had walked out of the Northern Spiritual Realm and entered one of the five Great Academies, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Furthermore, she could tell that Mu Chen was extremely outstanding, rapidly progressing in strength as he unleashed his potential. There's a possibility that his future path might be even more outstanding than his mother's. Although some Elders didn't believe in that, she, on the other hand, had a deep, unwavering belief in it.

Towards Mu Chen, who had chosen to walk on this path, although she felt pain and lamented in her heart, she also felt a sliver of pride. Her child was extraordinary. One day, those doubtful gazes will all be shocked and astounded by him.

However, this needed time.

A genuine expert needed time to be shaped and tempered. The moment he completed his refinement would be the moment where he dazzles the eyes of the Great Thousand Worlds where outstanding people vie for supremacy.

Tightly clenching her hands together, the gaze coming from Aunt Jing gradually turned warm and gentle, while a low murmur slowly rang out within that jet-black space.

"Mu Chen, since you've decided to walk this path, Mom will support you with all my heart. Mom will wait here for the moment where your name will move the entire Great Thousand Worlds!"

Chapter 434 – Destroying the Demonic Dragon Palace

The fight between the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Demonic Dragon Palace in the Northern Heavens Continent finally came to a quiet conclusion.

This great war had undoubtedly shook the entire Northern Heavens Continent. Who would have imagined that the Demonic Dragon Palace would launch an offensive against the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy out of the blue? Furthermore, the various unexpected events that happened after that could only be explained using the phrase, "Mountain road twists around each new peak."

Due to the subsequent appearance of that mysterious lady, the Demonic Dragon Palace, which had perfectly gained the superiority, was completely and utterly beaten down. Of their six great Sovereigns, three were killed, with the remaining three, including the Black Dragon Sovereign, suffering severe injuries and being forced to retreat.

After accomplishing that, the mysterious lady took action once more with greater might, forcing even that Immeasurable Old Ancestor, a Ninth Grade Sovereign, to flee with his tail between his legs. Such astonishing abilities had caused the various big shots of the Northern Heavens Continent to turn dumbfounded and as mute as stone.

Due to their defeat, the prestige and reputation of the Demonic Dragon Palace felt like a brick in water. Although they still possessed three Sovereigns, which was considered a powerful force, when compared to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they no longer had the ability to contend against the latter like before.

Therefore, after this battle, the territory of the Demonic Dragon Palace rapidly shrunk in size as they crazily gave up on those territories they had painstakingly created and ruled, before retreating back to their main palace. That's because all of them were able to sense that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would definitely not let go of this opportunity to completely decimate them.

True to their expectations, on the day after the battle, the various Elders of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and all of the higher-ups were completely mobilised, shocking the world in their imposing wake. Observing this scene, the various powers of the Northern Heavens Continent were all shocked to the core. Over the last few years, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had always sat quietly above their continent. Due to their gentle and moderate nature, it had caused people to be unable to discover how many fierce fangs were possessed by them. Therefore, this had also caused many people to neglect and overlook the true power this leviathan really possessed.

It was at this instant that this neglect was completely eliminated.

They could clearly sense how astonishing the spectacle would be when the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy started to reveal its fangs.

Sending all of its experts, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy crazily encircled the old dens of the Demonic Dragon Palace. Faced against such an imposing Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the morale of the Demonic Dragon Palace had completely dissipated away, it members successively fleeing away disorderly, with some even defecting.

The Demonic Dragon Palace of now was already unable to maintain any control of the situation. With even the Black Dragon Sovereign hiding away and not daring to come out, which other people would dare to come out and confront the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

Therefore, in just a short span of three days, all of the branch palaces of the Demonic Dragon Palace that were scattered around the Northern Heavens Continent were seemingly destroyed and decimated. After three days, the group of experts from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had arrived at the old lair of the Demonic Dragon Palace, a palace built in the ancient antiquity hidden underneath the surface of the earth.

Upon reaching here, the offense of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, which had smashed through everything as if they were twigs, was forced to slow down. That's because all of the remaining strength of the Demonic Dragon Palace was congregated at this location. At the same time, this was also the location of their greatest defense, an ancient Spiritual Array originating from the ancient antiquity.

An ancient Spiritual Array of this sort was exceedingly powerful. Wanting to activate it would require the strength of at least five Sovereigns. During the year when the Demonic Dragon Palace had suffered defeat, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had launched their offensive in a similar fashion. However, even after the Northern Sea Dragon had taken action, they were still unable to break that Spiritual Array apart. This led to them eventually being forced to disband that assault, which had resulted in the painful consequence that had happened for the past few years.

Learning from their mistakes, Dean Tai Cang had clearly made the decision to completely eradicate the malignant tumor that was the Demonic Dragon Palace. Therefore, even though the Demonic Dragon Palace had activated their ancient Spiritual Array once again, he still gave the order for assault, resulting in the various Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy experts crazily attacking the ancient Spiritual Array in an attempt to destroy it.

However, such an offensive clearly didn't yield much success. Although there were only three Sovereigns remaining within the Demonic Dragon Palace, which resulted in them being unable to unleash the might of the ancient Spiritual Array, its might still could not be underestimated. Attacking it recklessly would just be a waste of one's strength.

Seeing the offensive fail in its tracks, within his helplessness, Dean Tai Cang could only send people to invite Ling Xi from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Normally speaking, Ling Xi wouldn't care about such matters, which lead to Dean Tai Cang not being sure whether she would take action this time. However, surprising everyone, she had immediately rushed over. With her energetic appearance and killing intent blossoming out, it was clear that her hatred for the Demonic Dragon Palace was not the slightest bit weaker than Dean Tai Cang's.

Upon rushing over, without saying a word, Ling Xi started to analyse the present ancient Spiritual Array. Although her accomplishments on the aspect of Spiritual Arrays couldn't be compared to Aunt Jing, she was much, much stronger when compared to Mu Chen. Even though this ancient Spiritual Array was rather formidable, it wasn't completely activated at this current moment. Therefore, after submerging herself into analysing it, within a number of days, she had started to be able to sense some of its underlying principles.

Fluctuations that blotted the skies rippled within the dark underground, where a gigantic palace sat within the depths like a sitting demonic dragon. At this moment, a gigantic glowing screen had enveloped over it. Appearing somewhat turbid, ancient runic patterns, akin to the patterns on a tortoise shell, extended across its surface as they radiated with a dignified feeling.

Ling Xi stood right in the sky above the glowing screen, her beautiful eyes coldly staring towards the somewhat dimly lit ancient Spiritual Array. Turning her head towards Dean Tai Cang, she spoke out, "Have you prepared according to what I've told you?"

"Yes." Dean Tai Cang immediately nodded his head.

"Senior Northern Sea. Please take action after we've disturbed this ancient Spiritual Array. Please take this opportunity to destroy it in one blow!" said Ling Xi after turning to the Northern Sea Dragon.

"Okay," replied the Northern Sea Dragon as he slowly nodded his head. Turning to stare at the Demonic Dragon Palace, his gaze started to radiate with chilling intent.

Raising her hand, a lovable roar rang out from Ling Xi, "Take action now!"


As her lovable voice rang out, boundless Spiritual Energy instantly erupted out from the numerous Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy experts present behind him. In the next instant, rays of Spiritual Energy swept out, shooting across the horizon, illuminating the entire underground akin to daylight.

The rays of light that covered the earth and hid the skies descend on certain places of the ancient Spiritual Array akin to a storm. In the next instant, fluctuations started to rapidly surface on the glowing screen as circular ripples started to spread out.

As those ripples spread outwards, some of the runic patterns on the ancient array instantly grew dimmer.

Raising her jade-like hand once again, Ling Xi gave it an abrupt swing.

Seeing this, Dean Tai Cang, Hallmaster Mo You, Elder Zhu Tian and those of Sovereign realm all took action at this moment. Raising their hands, Spiritual Energy akin to pillars that hoisted the sky up descended from the heavens, violently smashing against those dimly lit ancient patterns on the surface of the ancient Spiritual Array.

Chi! Chi!

Ear-piercing sounds rang out as the fluctuations on the surface of the ancient Spiritual Array instantly grew more intense. At the areas where the giant Spiritual Energy pillars had landed, the ancient runic patterns grew increasingly dim. At this moment, numerous giant Spiritual Energy pillars started to slowly creep within…

Humm! Humm!

Those giant Spiritual Energy pillars that had inserted themselves in the ancient Spiritual Array seemed to be impeding the Spiritual Energy transport from within. Instantly, the entire glowing screen turned dark and gloomy. As chaotic fluctuations rippled out, a minute tear unexpectedly appeared in the centre of the glowing screen.

"Senior Northern Sea!" Upon seeing this, Ling Xi's beautiful eyes instantly contracted, before roaring out.


Taking a step forward, the Northern Sea Dragon appeared to have instantly passed through space, appeared right before the crack on the glowing screen. Sending a fist rumbling out, the space beneath his fist started to crack and collapse. In the next instant, his fist, which was as heavy as thousands and thousands of mountains, heavily descended on the crack.


A furious vibration shook through the entire ancient Spiritual Array. In the next instant, to their incomparable delight, Dean Tai Cang and the rest saw cracks starting to rapidly expand from where the Northern Sea Dragon's fist had landed. Within a short span of a few breaths, they had extended across the entire ancient Spiritual Array.


As the cracks extended to all extremities, the ancient Spiritual Array couldn’t endure it any long. With a final loud bang, it completely exploded apart. As it did so, frightening shock waves swept out, sending even Dean Tai Cang and the others flying back.

Bang! Bang!

The Demonic Dragon Palace within the ancient Spiritual Array had also suffered the impact of those destructive shock waves, causing their palaces to crumble and collapse, with figures exploding and turning into blood mists that blotted the skies.

As the blood mists rose into the skies, the entire Demonic Dragon Palace was in a state of grief and despair.

Dean Tai Cang, the Northern Sea Dragon and the rest swept the wreckage before them with their gazes. Despite that, they had yet to spot the figures of the Black Dragon Sovereign and the others, causing wrinkles to appear on their foreheads.

"There's Spiritual Array fluctuations over there!"

All of a sudden, Ling Xi pointed towards a place within the deepest region of the wreckage.

With the move of his body, the Northern Sea Dragon appeared at place where Ling Xi had pointed towards. Sweeping his gaze out, a faint change appeared on his face as an abyss appeared before him. At this moment, it was filled with a glue-like sea of blood, while astonishingly fiendish energies continuously radiated from within.

Within the sea of blood were dozens of figures, who were condensing those fiendish energies together. As the fiendish energies converged together, a blood-red Spiritual Array took form underneath their feet.

The Black Dragon Sovereign was among the dozens of figures present there. At this moment, his face appeared pale, which turned even more pale upon noticing the presence of the Northern Sea Dragon.

"Interrupt them! That's a Spiritual Array that's able to pierce through space! They're trying to flee!" A faint change appeared on Ling Xi's beautiful face as she roared out.

However, before her voice could ring out, the Northern Sea Dragon had already taken action. Sending a palm patting out, black rays of brilliance shot out, piercing through space akin to feathers. At lightning speed, they pierced through the figures of the people present in the abyss.

Brimming with extremely overbearing power, as the feathers pierced through their body, they also shattered the Divine Souls within them.

Seeing this spectacle, the faces of the Black Dragon Sovereign and the other two Sovereigns changed, before staring at the Northern Sea Dragon with bitter resentment. With a change of their hand seals, multiple mouthfuls of blood spurted out from their throats, instantly causing the blood-red rays of brilliance to blossom from the blood-red Spiritual Array beneath their feet, which proceeded the envelope them within.

"Haha! Dean Tai Cang, it isn't that easy to destroy our Demonic Dragon Palace! As long as there's green mountains, there won't be any shortage of firewood! Count yourselves lucky this time! However, we'll definitely return! When that time comes, we'll rain blood on your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!" As the blood-red light encased their bodies, the Black Dragon Sovereign breathed a huge sigh of relief before roaring out in a fierce voice.

"That has to come after you're able to walk from here!"

Take a step forward, the Northern Sea Dragon appeared right outside of the bloody light in a flash. In the next instant, multiple palms came flying out, piercing through space before landing heavily on the Black Dragon Sovereign and the other two Sovereigns.


The Black Dragon Sovereign and the other two spurted mouthfuls of blood as the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from their bodies declined to their absolute minimum. However, when the Northern Sea Dragon was prepared to unleash the last punch, the bloody light was already radiating out. As it enveloped them, the surrounding space started to warp and distort, before the figures of the three disappeared into thin air.

Seeing this, a chilling glint flashed within the eyes of the Northern Sea Dragon. Piercing his withered palm through the chaotic space, he gave a furious pull.

Blood started spraying out from the spatial fissure, with everyone being able to faintly discern mournful shrieks coming from within. Snorting out coldly, the Northern Sea Dragon pulled his hand into the spatial fissure, with three blood dripping arms along with it…

"They've ran away?" asked Dean Tai Cang, hastily rushing over.

"I've jolted and destabilized their transmission, while also seriously injuring them. Added with their lost arms, they are people on the brink of death, Even if they're fortunate enough to complete their transmission, they would either be dead or suffer serious injuries to the point of not being able to be of anymore danger," replied Northern Sea Dragon as he shook his head.

"The foundations of the Demonic Dragon Palace have been destroyed. Even if the Black Dragon Sovereign still lives on, he would be a stray dog without an owner, someone that's not worth fearing…" said Dean Tai Cang with a laugh, as his expression finally showed a look of being completely relaxed. He knew that the malignant tumor that was the Demonic Dragon Palace had, at long last, been completely wiped out of the Northern Heavens Continent.

From today onwards, there would be no more Demonic Dragon Palace on the Northern Heavens Continent!

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