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Chapter 416 – Fight Mo Xingtian!

As the demonic aura flooded the heavens, the gigantic demonic pillar stood erect in the world akin to the pillar that propped up the heavens, radiating astonishing fluctuations across the horizon. Every single expert within this region was now staring dumbfoundedly at the figure of the youth standing on top of the demonic pillar as they thought, He actually dares to bring the fight to Mo Xingtian!

“That brat’s truly gone mad…” Some people started mumbling out in shock.

Even Xia Youran, Xi Qinghai and Su Buxia, those people at the peak of the younger generation within the Northern Heavens Continent could only swallow their anger and fury in the overbearingness of Mo Xingtian. However, who would have imagined that Mu Chen would actually dare to stand and and issue a challenge straight to Mo Xingtian?

The spectacle unfolding before them caused a dilemma within them. Should they sigh in admiration to Mu Chen’s bravery, or laugh in contempt towards his overestimation of his strength…?

However, it had to be said that the slender figure of the youth, standing proudly on top of the gigantic demonic pillar, with howling winds causing his robes to flutter around, with the imposing grandeur he gave out, and the domineering aura that appeared to be able to devour the mountains and the rivers, caused people to be convinced by his will.

Raising their heads to look at the figure before them in a daze, a slightly complicated expression appeared on the faces of Xia Youran and the other two, being especially present on Xi Qinghai’s face. Being present at the intense fight Mu Chen had with Mo Longzi then, he had observed their fight by using the standpoint from a higher level. Perhaps, at that time, he never would have thought that this youth would dazzle so brightly to such an eye-piercing level in such a short period of time afterwards.

This growth-rate truly made people gasp and sigh in amazement.

On the podium at the very top, Mo Xingtian and the other three had come to a halt. Turning around to look at Mu Chen standing on the demonic pillar, the expressions of Liu Ying and the other two started to faintly fluctuate, with Liu Ying clenching his teeth. At this moment, he was even startled and shocked by the imposing aura that was radiating from Mu Chen.

Mo Xingtian had also come to a stop. As all of the gazes coming from the region focused on his body, he paused for an instant, before turning himself around.

Not a single fluctuation was present on his face as his deadpan eyes stared right towards Mu Chen. Giving a smile, he spoke out, “You’re really truly going to rely on the strength of the demonic aura coming from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar? Relying on your strength at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, you really are formidable to be able to achieve such a feat.”

Staring coldly towards Mo Xingtian, Mu Chen spoke out in a slow and forceful manner, “You’ve been hanging at the top of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Bounty List for so many years. This time, it might be the time to remove you from that list.”


Just at the instant when his final word rang out, Mu Chen suddenly shot out. With his hands in a hugging posture, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar rapidly shrunk down in size, finally turning into a black stone pillar that was approximately 3 metres and landed right within Mu Chen’s hugging embrace.

The stone pillar was covered in mottley spots, with the vestiges of time present all over its surface. There were even long and deep grooves left behind by heaven-astonishing battles in the past. Naturally, other than those, there was a dim purplish flower pattern covering its entire surface. That was the sealing power coming from the “Page of Sealing” present within Mu Chen’s body.

Due to it being overly ominous and fiendish, if not for it being sealed up until now, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar would absolutely not be something that Mu Chen could hold and control. Although the strength of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar had drastically weakened after being sealed up like that, it was already more than sufficient for the current Mu Chen to handle.


Hugging the stone pillar and bringing along an ominous and demonic aura that blotted the skies, Mu Chen rushed straight towards Mo Xingtian in an astonishingly overbearing fashion.


Having noticed this, Liu Ying and the other two gave a cold snort, wanting to take action to obstruct the incoming Mu Chen.


Before they could take action, Xia Youran, Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu had already rushed in front of them, obstructing their paths towards Mu Chen.

“It’s best that you three wait here and observe the fight over there.” With a frosty expression on her beautiful face, Xia Youran spoke out in an indifferent tone.

“Do you really think that brat’s able to match Mo Xingtian, Xia Youran?” Liu Ying replied with a dark expression.

“Whether he’s a match or not would have to wait for them to finish their fight. At the very least, he has the guts and courage to take action against Mo Xingtian.”

A curl of disdain rose from the corner of Xia Youran’s mouth as she heard his rebuttal. In her eyes, Mu Chen was stronger than Liu Ying by hundreds of times at the very least.

“That’s called guts and courage?” Liu Ying added in a contemptuous tone. “That’s just acting with no care for his life. I feel that you should start thinking about how, exactly, you’re going to collect his corpse in a little while!”

“There’s no need for you to worry about this,” replied Xia Youran in a cold and frosty voice. “If you three want to take action, the only thing we can do is accompany you three awhile.”

Hearing her words, Dong Yuan instantly burst into laughter before he said, “How painful would it be for us to take action, right?! Such a situation can’t continue for long. Let’s wait for that brat to get slaughtered by Mo Xingtian. At that time, you guys can also take a break.”

The faces of Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu sank in response to Dong Yuan’s ridiculing words. Nevertheless, none of them continued to reply to that taunt. If Mu Chen truly lost to Mo Xingtian, the only choice they had was to give up on this matter. Faced against a person of such formidable caliber as Mo Xingtian, even they would lose some of their confidence.

Clenching her teeth, Xia Youran raised her head to look towards the sky. If Mu Chen was not a match for Mo Xingtian, she would need to take action to save him, as Mo Xingtian was extremely ruthless and vicious, and would rain killing blows down on Mu Chen. As for her, she clearly couldn’t stand at the corner and watch Mu Chen get killed by Mo Xingtian.


As Xia Youran, Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu stood in a confrontation against Liu Ying and the other two, across the horizon, Mu Chen had already taken to the skies. At this moment, his blood-red eyes firmly glared towards the thinly-robed Mo Xingtian below as a killing aura gushed out from his entire body.

Staring emotionlessly towards Mu Chen, who was radiating with an imposing aura, Mo Xingtian gave a point towards the air in front of him, causing Spiritual Energy of the world to explode out from there. In the next instant a beam of Spiritual Energy approximately 30 metres wide abruptly shot out from his finger. The boundless amount of Spiritual Energy that gushed out from Mo Xingtian was on such a level that the faces of Xia Youran and the rest could not help faintly changing their facial expressions. The tyrannical quantity of Mo Xingtian’s Spiritual Energy seemed to have already far, far exceeded that of theirs.


Looking towards the beam of Spiritual Energy shooting towards him, not the slightest sign of wanting to dodge was present in Mu Chen. Tightly hugging the demonic pillar, a low roar rang out from his throat as he gave it a swing. Akin to wanting to cleave through mountains with his strength, he gave a furious smash straight towards the beam of Spiritual Energy.


A deep sound that caused people’s scalp to turn numb rang across the sky as the demonic aura gushed out from the demonic pillar, blotting the skies and horizon. Under the wave of the demonic pillar, the seemingly boundless beam of Spiritual Energy was unexpectedly smashed apart, exploding into glowing dots that filled the skies.

Countless people gasped in astonishment as they took in this spectacle while thinking, The current Mu Chen’s really too violent.


Under the glowing dot-filled sky, Mu Chen’s figure shot straight out like a bolt of lightning. In the next instant, he had already appeared right before Mo Xingtian, while the rumbling demonic aura spewed out from the demonic pillar as it swept towards the latter.

A chilling glint flashed within Mo Xingtian’s deadpan eyes. All of a sudden, he clenched his hand, sending a fist rumbling out.

“Strength of the Demonic Dragon!”

A hoarse voice rang out as Mo Xingtian’s fist smashed violently against the demonic pillar sweeping over. A demonic dragon seemed to condense and trail behind his fist, causing an ominous aura to gush out.


A dull sound resounded as a shock wave visible to the naked-eye rippled out from the point of impact. Inch by inch, the ground below Mo Xingtian’s feet started to crack, shattering in a wave-like fashion as it spread out, causing the steps around to start collapsing apart.

Upon seeing this, Xia Youran and the others rapidly retreated back in fear of being overwhelmed by the powerful impact incoming their way.

“Aren’t you looking down on the treasure of your Demonic Palace Treasure by blocking the Great Meru Demonic Pillar like that?” Mu Chen sneered. In the next instant, blood-red rays of brilliance swept out from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, covering the earth and hiding the skies as it blossomed out. Appearing akin to an ominous mist of blood surging out across the horizon.

As the blood-clouds billowed out, they surrounded the demonic dragon shade present on Mo Xingtian’s fist, before completely shattering it apart.

Feeling the ominous aura surging crazily towards him, Mo Xingtian’s pupils slightly contracted. The power coming from the demonic pillar was too fiendish, instantly corroding into his body, without even a weak point to drill into, causing the Spiritual Energy in his body to shake and jolt around.

“Such an overbearing Great Meru Demonic Pillar!”

Mo Xingtian spoke out with his hoarse voice. At his current level of strength, Mu Chen was only able to use about 10 to 20% of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar’s ominous strength. However, this was more than sufficient to cause the Spiritual Energy within his body to shake and jolt. Indeed, the treasure of our Demonic Dragon Palace is extraordinary.


Waving his sleeve about, he tried to rely on this counter-force to rapidly retreat back like a wisp of black smoke, attempting to evade from such an incisive attack coming from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar.


However, Mu Chen wouldn’t give him such an opportunity. Hugging the demonic pillar, he gave it a sweep, instantly sending the Great Meru Demonic Pillar smashing violently against Mo Xingtian’s body.


A low and deep rumble resounded before a successive stretch of people sucking in breaths of cold air rang out across the region. As the demonic pillar swept past, Mo Xingtian’s body was sent flying in a miserable fashion. Landing on the platform, his feet scraped across the ground, carving deep grooves into the stone for over 30 metres. Finally, after giving a heavy stomp, and shattering the ground, he forcefully stabilised himself . At this moment, the Spiritual Energy surrounding his body was in an upheaval, while his robes had been torn apart, with even a faint sliver of blood appearing at the corner of his mouth.

Although it was sealed up by Mu Chen, being an ominous weapon from the ancient antiquity, fiendish strength pervading from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar was still as frightening as before. It’s said that the people struck by it would have the fiendish energies corroding into their body. Corroding away their Spiritual Energy, before collapsing their consciousness, those people would sink within a mad frenzy, while turning incomparably cruel and violent.

As of now, being able to withstand a single blow from the demonic Pillar, this goes to show the extraordinary strength that Mo Xingtian possessed. However, it was clear that resisting that attack wasn’t easy for him.

As they observed this spectacle from the air, the mouths of Xia Youran and the others became slightly agape, while their eyes were brimming with shock. They never imagined that Mu Chen would actually gain a slight superiority in this exchange.

Within the dust plumes that filled the air, holding the Great Meru Demonic Pillar in his hands, Mu Chen gave a heavy stomp. As the ground shook, his pair of scarlet-red eyes tightly stared towards Mo Xingtian in the distance.


Patting away the dust strewn across his body, hoarse laughter rang out from him as he slowly raised his head. Finally, waves of fluctuations surfaced within those deadpan eyes, while some shadows of excitement appeared on his usually emotionless face.

“You truly never disappoint me too much…”

With a smile, Mo Xingtian extend his palm out before giving a furious grasp. In the next instant, black light started to condense, forming a black-coloured heavy spear, which appeared within his hand.

The heavy spear was completely covered in black-coloured scales, sparkling with a dark luster. Present at the top of the spear was a design of a demonic dragon in the process of devouring something, with its densely-filled sharp teeth forming the tip and edge of the spear. Appearing incomparably sharp, they seemed to be able to sunder and rip apart the heavens and earth.


Upon seeing that black heavy spear, the countenance of Xia Youran and the rest slightly changed as they exclaimed, “The Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact of the Demonic Dragon Palace, the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear?!”

Upon hoisting the black heavy spear, the aura radiating from Mo Xingtian became drastically imposing, appearing akin to a demonic dragon that had broken its shackles and appeared in the stretch of the world to continue its devouring of the heavens.

“Since it has progressed to this, let us have some real fun!”

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