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Chapter 415 – The Tyrannical Mo Xingtian


In the skies above the Nine Heavenly Steps, the gigantic clump of light suddenly burst out with dazzling brilliance as if some kind of mysterious power had erupted within it. At the same time, low and deep throbbing sounds started to reverberate within the entire stretch of the world, causing the entire heavens and earth to fluctuate to its beat.

As this happened, the chaotic battles taking place within this region started to slowly stop as countless people raised their heads, looking with scorching gazes towards the gigantic clump of light floating high across the horizon as insatiable greed burst out from their eyes.

“The Strength of Baptism, huh…?”

Mu Chen had also raised his head, focusing his gaze towards the gigantic clump of light. Appearing to be floating high up in the sky, the clump of light was actually located at the extremity of this isolated space. Presently, there were frightening spatial currents, somewhere that no one would ever dare to get close to.

“It’s said that this clump of light is the end result of the heart of the Heavenly Sovereign who had passed away here. However, after all these years, there’s no one that has managed to get close to it,” said Xia Youran softly.

Gasping in surprise, Mu Chen nodded his head in agreement. Not long ago, Mu Chen had seen first hand how frightening the energy contained within just few drops of the blood essence from that Heavenly Sovereign was. Therefore, it wouldn’t be too absurd and ridiculous for the spectacle unfolding before him to be caused by the heart of that Heavenly Sovereign. Naturally, Mu Chen also knew that there’s absolutely no one within the entire Northern Heavens Continent that had the qualifications to prove the authenticity of this saying.

“Looks like the Strength of Baptism’s about to descend.”

All of a suddenly, Xia Youran’s forehead started to knit up as her beautiful eyes shot a sneaky glance towards the other people present on the same stone platform as her. As of now, there wasn’t any decision made for the partitioning of the Strength of Baptism, as it would definitely result in no conclusion at the very end. Xia Youran was clear that such a matter was something that definitely couldn’t be settled with words. At the very end, all that mattered was who was the strongest.

At this same moment, a faint flash was present within Mu Chen’s eyes as he faintly nodded his head.

Following the commotion caused by the gigantic clump of light, the atmosphere on the stone platform within the second highest step started to slowly calm down as everyone looked towards it with sparkling eyes. However, every single person present had started to quietly circulate Spiritual Energy within their body, while vigilance and precaution filled their gazes.

Before the arrival of the Strength of Baptism, it was clear that there was the need to separate the hierarchy here.

This quiet atmosphere seemed to head down in order, travelling down the third highest step, the fourth highest step to the entire Nine Heavenly Steps, as well as the countless experts present below. At this moment, all of their gazes were focused towards the second highest step, since everyone present here knew that a chaotic battle that would shake the heavens would definitely erupt at this location.

Presently, there were the geniuses at the peak of the younger generation within the Northern Heavens Continent. Since there were people that needed to be eliminated, the process in which that happened would definitely be absolutely miserable.

As for exactly who would be eliminated, this was something that no one was able to come to a final conclusion.

A pressurized atmosphere started to envelop the second highest step in the Nine Heavenly Steps.

This pressure continued for a few minutes, before Mo Xingtian, standing at the front, gave a smile. Scanning across the people before him with his deadpan eyes, a hoarse laughing voice that came ringing out caused the hearts of everyone present to tremble. In the next instant, every single gaze focused onto his body.

This person, who had yet to speak a single word since the beginning, the one that was considered as the number one figure within the Northern Heavens Continent’s younger generation finally could not continue observing the situation as a bystander.

“The most optimum number of people that can enjoy and finish this Strength of Baptism should be four.” Mo Xingtian’s hoarse voice rang out.

Hearing this, a tremor shook through the hearts of everyone as they thought, Doesn’t that mean that four other people will not be able to complete their baptism?

However, exactly which four will rise to the top and which four will remain behind?

As a smile curled up on his face, Mo Xingtian raised his deadpan eyes, slowly sweeping his gaze across every single person present on this stone platform. After completing that, he spoke out in a soft voice, “ Dong Yuan, Zhou Xuan and Liu Ying. Follow me up.”

The atmosphere instantly froze up.

The various experts present in the Nine Heavenly Steps were also shocked by Mo Xingtian’s words. In the past Divine Spiritual Baptisms, one had to depend on one’s own capabilities to secure a victory to ascend, where defeat would result in one staying on the second highest step. However, this time around, Mo Xingtian had unexpectedly decided the break this unspoken rule. Was his single sentence able to dictate the winners?

No only them, even Dong Yuan, Liu Ying and even the thin and bony male dressed in greyish-white robes, Zhou Xian had gawked upon hearing Mo Xingtian’s words, looking at the latter with slight shock present in their eyes. What do these words of his mean? Did he really think that a single statement from him would be able to dictate who gets to ascend and receive the Strength of Baptism?

Dong Yuan and the other two still felt somewhat incredulous towards Mo Xingtian’s actions. This was Mo Xingtian, someone that was best not to make contact with, had actually offered them a portion of the main attraction here? Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for happiness to gush out from their eyes. With the three of them, the entire situation would be absolutely under their control. That’s because the other four people remaining didn’t possess the strength and capabilities needed to deal with Mo Xingtian and them.

After all, although Mo Xingtian wasn’t able to defeat all seven people by himself, even people as arrogant and prideful as Dong Yuan and Liu Ying knew that none of them would stand much chance of victory in a solo match against the former.

While Dong Yuan and the other two were gawking in happiness, the faces of the remaining four people turned slightly ugly, especially the Western Extreme Palace’s Xi Qinghai. As for the Heavenly Yuan Divine Sect’s Su Buxiu, his gaze slowly started to turn cold. If not for the fact of them dreading Mo Xingtian, they would have lunged over and attack in a fury at the first instant.

“What’s the meaning of this, Mo Xingtian?!” Clenching her teeth, Xia Youran roared out in fury.

No one had imagined that Mo Xingtian would actually pull Liu Ying, Dong Yuan and Zhou Xuan over to his side in such a forceful fashion. This would undoubtedly lead to the elimination of Xi Qinghai and the other three. How could they endure such a thing like that?! Yes, you’re formidable, Mo Xingtian! But you’re not invincible in the Northern Heavens Continent! What you’ve done today will offend the Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce, the Western Extreme Palace and the Heavenly Yuan Divine Sect!

How could Mo Xingtian do such a thing?!

Giving a faint smile, Mo Xingtian replied, “I’ve only given them a small benefit, that’s all.”

Replying with such incomprehensible words caused Liu Ying and the other two to feel baffled. They seemed to not have any sort of agreement with Mo Xingtian.

“Aren’t you not afraid of breaking the rules by doing such things, Mo Xingtian?” Wrinkling his forehead, Xi Qinghai slowly spoke out.

“Although the Demonic Dragon Palace is strong, it isn’t on the level where it can win against everybody.” Added the white-robed Su Buxiu with a faint smile. Being the Young Sect Master of the Heavenly Yuan Divine Sect, he naturally possessed an innate arrogance befitting of his position. If he was to lose in a fair fight, he would be able to wholeheartedly accept the end result. However, what the hell was this? Although Mo Xingtian’s always been quiet and silent, Su Buxiu never expected such a level of rampancy to exist within the latter, something which had far exceeded the likes of himself.

Faced against such questioning, Mo Xingtian only gave a smile as he replied with his usual hoarse voice of his, “I’ve challenged the Spiritual Energy tribulation a month ago. Although I’ve failed, it should be extremely easy to defeat either one of you.

Hearing his reply, the faces of Xia Youran, Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu instantly changed slightly. This Mo Xingtian had actually attempted to cross his Spiritual Energy Tribulation?

Like the three of them, Mu Chen’s forehead started to slightly wrinkle up. Naturally, he too knew about the three Tribulations of a Sovereign. Although they were extremely dangerous, with the possibility of one completely turning into ashes with a slight slip of a mistake, the promotion in one’s strength was absolutely enormous. Even if one had failed to pass their tribulations, as long as one was able survive and live on, one would obtain a huge promotion to one’s strength. A prime example would be that Wu Dong. Although he had failed to pass his Human Body Tribulation, his strength had already far exceeded that of an ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase.

Clearly, the current Mo Xingtian had already taken half a step forward ahead of Xia Youran and the others.

“Would you three just wait for a moment.”

Mo Xingtian said out with a smile. His deadpan eyes shot a glance towards Mu Chen as the arc at the corner of his mouth gave off an arbitrary feeling. However, Mu Chen already understood that he himself was not one of those three. That’s because Mo Xingtian had already decided to kill him. Being the one targeted to be killed, Mu Chen naturally didn’t have any way out this time.

As his voice rang out, Mo Xingtian turned his body and slowly walked towards the highest step within the Nine Heavenly Steps.

Behind him, Liu Ying, Dong Yuan and Zhou Xuan shot a look at each other before following suit. As Liu Ying turned his body around, he shot a dark yet satisfied glare towards Mu Chen. As long as he was able to obtain the Strength of Baptism this time and obtained the qualifications to attempt the “Spiritual Energy tribulation”, if he was able to pass through successfully, wanting to killing Mu Chen would be as easy as a flip of his hand.

Seeing the back figures of the four people in front of them, the faces of Xia Youran, Xi Qinghai and Su Buxia turned dark and sinister as all of them tightly clenched their hands, eyes filled with dimness and gloominess. All of them really wanted to rush up and take action. However, their common sense had told them that they would not be able to defeat the group of four headed by Mo Xingtian.


Gently exhaling a breath of air, frosty killing intent flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as he stared towards the back figure of Mo Xingtian.

“Elder Sis Xia, Brother Xi and Brother Su, are you three thinking of giving up just like that?” Turning towards the three people, Mu Chen spoke out with a faint smile.

“Mu Chen, you…” Looking towards the youth in front of her whose eyes were now sparkling with killing intent, Xia Youran could already guess what he was trying to do, which caused her beautiful face to slightly contort.

“What else can we do?” replied Xi Qinghai in an indifferent tone. Clearly, he wasn’t feeling all too good about it.

“Looks like you three are extremely afraid of Mo Xingtian,” said Mu Chen with a smile.

“We’re not afraid. It’s just that our strengths truly are not on the same level as him,” replied Su Buxia as he shrugged his shoulders. “There isn’t anyone here that is able to defeat him. Of course, it is possible if we group up. However, Liu Ying and the other two would most probably take action to stop us. If that happens, we’ll definitely be at a disadvantage.”

“If I’m able to deal with Mo Xingtian, would you guys have the courage to step up?” said Mu Chen in a soft voice.

Hearing those words, the eyes of Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu slightly narrowed as they stared at Mu Chen, both of them having the impulsion of tossing out some words of ridiculement. However, this was fortunately restrained by them. Strange expressions appeared on their faces as they stared at Mu Chen. However, both of them nodded their heads as they replied, “Without Mo Xingtian, there’s nothing to dread about Liu Ying and the other three.”

“Since that’s the case, let’s join hands. Leave Mo Xingtian to me. As for the other three guys, I’ll leave them to you guys.”

Panning his head slightly to look towards the three, Mu Chen smile as he said, “What’s the matter? Do you have to guts to do it?”

Hearing such words for Mu Chen, Xia Youran and the other two were stunned as they looked towards the former with incredulous expressions appearing on their faces.

Not saying anymore words, under their stunned gazes, Mu Chen slowly walked forward. With a change of his hand seal, the Great Meru Demonic Pillar within his aurasea instantly erupted with terrifying demonic aura. As it swept out from within his body, Mu Chen’s jet-black pupils started to slowly turn scarlet-red.


A scarlet red glowing pillar shot straight up into the sky from Mu Chen’s crown before a gigantic black demonic pillar surfaced from within, causing a bloody demonic aura to blot out the skies.

Rushing straight up into the sky, Mu Chen descend on the top of the black demonic pillar.

At this moment, the sky appeared to have turned into a dim red colour as the frightening demonic aura started pervading throughout the heavens and earth.

“I’m afraid that there isn’t your share in this Strength of Baptism, Mo Xingtian.”

As the heavens turned into a dim red colour, the chilling voice of the youth, bringing about killing intent that blotted the skies, swept out across the world, shocking and stunning the countless experts present here.

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