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Chapter 409 – The Primordial Immortal Body

The Primordial Immortal Body, ranked 4th among the top 99 Sovereign’s Celestial Bodies in all of the worlds and realms!

Mu Chen stood there, stupefied, with his hands trembling, while an incomprehensible message gushed out and filled his mind and heart. He was completely unable to imagine that this mysterious black paper would actually harbor such a frightening thing within it…

The Sovereign’s Celestial Body ranked 4th in all of the worlds and realms. If this news was to be spread out, Mu Chen was 100% sure that even the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wouldn’t be able to protect him!

That was because the enticement of this thing was far too great! Countless Sovereign realm experts would turn into mad men to try to snatch and obtain this! Furthermore, they would do so, no matter what the price was!

Although he had only obtained an incomplete version of it, named to the “Great Solar Undying Body”, and not the “Primordial Immortal Body”, as long as he was able to successfully cultivate this Sovereign Celestial Body, he would possess the qualifications to pursue that “Primordial Immortal Body”! And if he was able to successfully cultivate that in the future, Mu Chen was confident that he would possess the means to charge anywhere, regardless of the Luo God Clan or the mysterious clan his mother was from!

Faced against such enticement, even with Mu Chen’s staunch and firm character, his eyes could not help turning bloodshot, while his breathing turned laborious.


Continuing to take deep breaths, it took Mu Chen a while to regain his clarity of mind. Feeling slightly absent-minded, he sat straight down on the floor, licking his lips whilst falling down. Intense flames surged and blazed within the depths of his black eyes. This was the pursuit of strength present within everyone. As long as he possessed ample strength, he would be able to protect the people he wanted to protection. At that time, he would truly be able to stand in front of Luo Li, and brave and weather all storms for the girl he loved!

He could also rush into the mysterious clan his mother was at and bring her out and back to his father without the slightest bit of scruples! He could let his family reunite once again!

“Primordial Immortal Body…”

Slowly clenching his hands, the flames within Mu Chen’s eyes gushed forth, while a deep roar resounded within his heart. I want it!

As of now, what he needed was more information!

Mu Chen sank once again into his aurasea, sensing the ancient message contained within the mysterious black paper floating there. This time, there was yet another cryptic and complicated message that appeared within his mind.

“Immortal Catalog…”

“Divine Law of the Ancient Antiquity…”

Faintly closing his eyes, some comprehension of the earlier message rose within his mind. Indeed, with his expectations, the mysterious black paper within his aurasea was an incomplete thing. According to some of the ancient messages recorded on its surface, the mysterious black paper should be part of the so-called “Immortal Catalog”. That was one of the true Divine Laws of the Ancient Antiquity.

“So, the mysterious black paper was one part of the Immortal Catalog…that means to say that there should be a total of four similar mysterious black papers like the one within my body…” muttered Mu Chen as he pondered about it. That also meant that there were still three more volumes of the “Immortal Pages” circulating within all the worlds and realms.

The other three Immortal Pages should also contain cultivation methods for Sovereign Celestial Bodies that were similar to the “Great Solar Undying Body”.

If he could successfully cultivate all four Sovereign Celestial Bodies, the “Primordial Immortal Body” of legend would appear once again in the world!

It’s said that a Sovereign’s Celestial Body of this degree would be immortal for eternity, unkillable and undying. Even ghosts and gods would dread such strength.

“Unkillable and undying…” Mu Chen muttered. This truly was too frightening. Were there truly heaven-defying existences in this world?

“However…wanting to search and obtain the other three Immortal Pages…what degree of difficulty would that be, huh?” Mu Chen muttered while a hopeless smile appeared on his face. From the previous messages he had gotten from the mysterious black paper, he already knew that there was something else other than the cultivation method for the “Primordial Immortal Body” recorded in the Immortal Catalog. Other than that, there was also other ancient sacred objects of world-shaking proportions that possessed the terrifying power of being able to destroy an entire realm contained within.

As of now, the Immortal Catalog had already been split into four volumes, forming four Immortal Pages. However, these four Immortal Pages weren’t simple, as they inherited part of the power of the Immortal Catalog, possessing their own unique, yet strong, powers. Even some Divine Weapons weren’t able to compare to them.

As for what special powers the other three Immortal Pages possessed, that was something that was not yet known to Mu Chen. However, the Immortal Page within his body was seemingly named the “Sealing Volume”, and possessed the powers of sealing. This was why, regardless of Nine Nether in the past, or the Great Meru Demonic Pillar as of now, were able to be suppressed and sealed within his body.

This also meant that if Mu Chen was truly able to obtain all four of the Immortal Pages, he would not only possess the cultivation technique for the “Primordial Immortal Body”, he would also possess the sacred object that came from the ancient antiquity!

Although, at this moment, Mu Chen wasn’t able to get too clear of a mental concept of what an item of this degree would do and be like, he was faintly able to perceive the world-shaking proportions of this so-called “Sacred Object”.

“If this volume of the Immortal Catalog’s been activated by the blood essence of the Heavenly Sovereign, wouldn’t that mean that I might be able to activate some of its power in the future?”

Thinking about that, Mu Chen licked his lips. After so many years, he had finally uncovered the secret behind that mysterious black paper. However, he never imagined that this activated Immortal Page would have such a severe requirement to the point of actually needing the blood essence of a Heavenly Sovereign. Such a figure was a super existence that ruled over a region of the world. How would ordinary people dare to even think about obtaining the blood essence of such a person?

If not for his stroke of luck and hitting the jackpot, it would be extremely difficult for him to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious black paper, even after many years.

As his thoughts headed down this path, Mu Chen was unable to control a silly smile from appearing on his face. He never imagined that he would obtain such heaven-defying luck before even reaching the area of the baptism in his trip to the Divine Spiritual Mountain. Looks like it truly was the right decision to head over here.

Feeling free and relaxed, Mu Chen stood up. The cultivation technique for a Sovereign’s Celestial Body like the “Great Solar Undying Body” required one to be a genuine Sovereign, before it could be cultivated. As of now, what he needed to do was to guard this treasure and quietly wait for that time to come. There was no need for him to get impatient, since no one could take it away from within his body.

Now, Mu Chen held great anticipation for the day he would breakthrough into the Sovereign Realm. Although this “Great Solar Undying Body” didn’t appear within the top 99 rankings of Sovereign Celestial Bodies, being the prerequisite Sovereign Celestial Body before the cultivation of the “Primordial Immortal Body”, if anyone were to say it was weak, even if he was beaten to death, Mu Chen would still not believe it.

“I should head out now.”

Muttered Mu Chen with a smile. It had been a day since he started cultivating at this location. Thinking about it, the majority of the people would have already rushed and reached the area of the baptism; therefore, he should hurry up. The current journey had already been rewarding for him. Even if he wasn’t able to obtain the Divine Spiritual Baptism, it was something that he could endure. However, he was, after all, representing the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If he was to give no show within this place, it wouldn’t be good for the face of the academy.

Thinking about this point, Mu Chen didn’t continue hesitating. After arranging himself for a bit, he shot out from the mountain’s crevice. Stopping in midair, he surveyed his surroundings. After finding his bearings, he turned and shot of towards the deepest region of the Divine Spiritual Mountain range.

After carrying on his journey, Mu Chen didn’t make anymore detours along the way, regardless of the appearance of Spiritual Treasures, since they weren’t able to cause any stir within his heart. Increasing his speed, he rushed towards the area of the baptism. After the day of cultivation in the mountain’s crevice, there might already be quite a few experts at the area of the baptism, since there’s only one area for the baptism within this entire Divine Spiritual Mountain range. Within the eyes of the participants, this was the true and genuine treasure here.

Due to quite a few people having the same destination as him, he was able to obtain some news as he travelled along the way. Although it had only been a day since the opening of the Divine Spiritual Mountain range, the overall situation within this place had already turned into a hotpot of fiery explosiveness, with people and experts from various places having fought for god-know’s how many times. At this moment, one could only imagine the sky-high number of experts that had been buried within this endless mountain range.

From the reports he had obtained, Mu Chen managed to hear about some news with regards to himself. They were actually related to him obtaining the treasure the day before, due to him causing Wu Dong to lose an arm in the process of obtaining the treasure. This had made his name resound across the entire Divine Spiritual Mountain range, causing quite a few people to restrain their initial disdain and contempt towards himself. Regardless of what methods Mu Chen had used, his strength was only at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. Compared to him, that Wu Dong was a famous person that had experienced a Human Body Disaster. Although the latter had failed to pass through his tribulation, ordinary people at the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase would absolutely not have the guts to boast around in front of him.

Despite that, even Wu Dong had lost an arm to Mu Chen. Other than the handful of top figures within the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent, who would dare to belittle him anymore?

Nevertheless, Mu Chen couldn’t care less about this new fame and reputation that was attached to him. On the contrary, he would rather have people look down and underestimate him more. That way, if he was to truly take action, his victim would naturally have to pay an extremely high price then.

Other than the news related to him, Mu Chen managed to obtain news that all of the experts within the Divine Spiritual Mountain range had already gathered towards the area of the baptism. For the sake of climbing up the “Nine Heavenly Steps” within the area of the baptism, countless experts had unleashed wave after wave of blood-filled slaughter and massacre.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked towards the far distance in front of him, a frown appeared on his forehead. He wondered, How’s Senior Sister Xia fairing? With her strength, there shouldn’t be anything that could happen to her, right?

Mu Chen clearly had extremely favorable views towards his Senior Sister Xia Youran, due the latter offering her help time and time again. Thus, he naturally hoped that nothing would happen to her.


Taking a deep breath of air, an illusionary dragon shadow surfaced below Mu Chen’s feet. With a long roar, his speed rapidly increased, reaching an astonishing level. Shooting across the horizon, he quickly flew towards the deepest region of the Divine Spiritual Mountain range.

Since he had already entered this place, he would absolutely not give up the Divine Spiritual Baptism!

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