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Chapter 408 – Sovereign Celestial Body


Frantic peals of lightning erratically resounded within Mu Chen’s body, while a golden-coloured splendor was seemingly present throughout his internals. Even his flesh, blood and even bones were stained by this golden colour, appearing as if they were casted from gold.

This golden colour continued to crazily corrode away Mu Chen’s internals. Within the golden colour was minute spots of golden-coloured lightning sparks. Those golden-coloured lightning sparks were extremely minute; however, they contained extremely frightening energies within them. Any place that they travelled past would cause a state of destruction within Mu Chen’s body, as if that area would explode apart.

Intense pain continued to crazily wrack throughout his body.

For his Thunder God’s Physique to grow stronger, Mu Chen would need to endure extremely intense pain and suffering for it to progress. However, upon every successful progression, he would possess a strength that would cause people to feel drunk. This was something that would cause countless people to love and envy him, since other people would be unable to abandon anything just for the sake of the pursuit of power.

Similarly, Mu Chen was unable to abandon his pursuit of strength. Therefore, he could only go all-out and crazily activate his Thunder God’s Physique. Within his body, black lightning sparks surfaced within his flesh and blood, continuously enveloping the golden light in an attempt to refine it.

However, although the black lightning contained a portion of the Divine Black Lightning’s strength, the golden lightning sparks were clearly more frightening. Even with something as strong as the Divine Black Lightning appeared somewhat weak in front of them. Thinking about it, the Divine Black Lightning was, after all, the Lightning Tribulation that Spiritual Beasts would have to pass when they break through to become Divine Beasts. That kind of tribulation was somewhat similar to the “Three Sovereign Disasters” that the humans would have to pass through to breakthrough into the Sovereign realm. Contrary to that, those golden lightning sparks had originated from a Heavenly Sovereign. In front of an existence like that, the Black Divine Lightning would appear akin to ordinary lightning with a slight increase in power.

Fortunately, what was corroding Mu Chen’s flesh and blood was, after all, the remnant blood essence of the Heavenly Sovereign. Although it was strong, its followup wasn’t strong, which allowed him to endure, before slowly refining and absorbing it at the end!

Therefore, Mu Chen furiously activated his Thunder God’s Physique to its utmost limit, and slivers of black lightning sparks pierced through his flesh and blood, rushing forth towards the golden sparks wave after wave. Although they had surged forth time and time again, they were corroded and assimilated by the golden lightning sparks. However, during that process, there would also be minute bits of the golden light breaking apart and dissipate away, before being greedily absorbed by Mu Chen’s flesh and blood.

As they absorbed those broken up flecks of golden light, a pale golden colour started to faintly appear on Mu Chen’s flesh and blood, while an indescribable tyrannical and overpowering feeling started to faintly radiate from him.

After enduring the bout of intense pain and suffering, Mu Chen started to gradually adapt to it, before proceeding to focus his mind and spirit. Using this long drawn-out method, he slowly continued to break the incomparably golden lightning sparks apart, bit by bit. After absorbing the outer parts, the lightning liquid, which formed the Lightning God’s Lotus Mu Chen was sitting on, started to crackle with black lightning sparks as strands of Divine Black Lighting continued to unceasingly pour into Mu Chen’s body, helping him consume the energies of the golden lightning sparks.

Under this attack from the inside and outside, the painful expression present on Mu Chen’s face started to gradually fade away, while the intense battle raging within his body started to shift towards his control.

Time quickly elapsed, with a day’s worth of time gradually ticking past.

Within this day, Mu Chen sat within the Lightning God’s Lotus, not moving a single inch. As the sparks of black lightning continued to radiate from the lotus, it seemingly engulfed the entirety of Mu Chen’s body. As the rays of brilliance radiated from the lightning sparks slowly squirmed about, astonishing energy fluctuations radiated from them.


All of a sudden, faint golden rays of brilliance slowly shone from the black lightning sparks surrounding Mu Chen’s body. Under the golden glow, those black rays of brilliance appeared to be like snow that had clashed against lava, rapidly melting into it.

As this happened, Mu Chen’s body surfaced from under the black lightning sparks. However, at this moment, a faint golden glow covered the entirety of his body, appearing akin to a layer of gold from afar, looking similar to the golden bodies of those buddhas. Furthermore, Mu Chen’s body had become much stronger than the day before!

After persisting awhile, the golden glow started to gradually disperse away, revealing the black rays of brilliance radiating from the lightning arcs that had condensed on Mu Chen’s chest. As the lightning arcs extended out, they started to transform into a lightning rune!

Diplo Rune Lightning Physique!

After refining and absorbing that remnant blood essence, Mu Chen’s Thunder God’s Physique had finally progressed, reaching the level of Diplo Rune Lightning Physique!

Mu Chen’s tightly shut eyes started to slowly open at this moment. As he did so, golden brilliance seemed to flash within those black pupils of his, appearing extremely sharp and penetrative.

Lowering his head, he took a look at the lightning rune imprinted on his chest that was gradually dissipating away, while a look of satisfaction surfaced within his eyes. It was already hard to cultivate a Body Refining Divine Art, with the Thunder God’s Physique adding another notch of difficulty on top of that. After starting to cultivate the complete version of the Thunder God’s Physique, Mu Chen had not once stopped in cultivating and training it. However, as of now, just by relying on that sliver of blood essence from the Heavenly Sovereign, he had genuinely reach the level of Diplo Rune Lightning Physique.

Stepping off from the Lightning God’s Lotus, Mu Chen waved his sleeve, keeping the lotus back. Clenching his fingers, he could feel the tyrannical power surging to near the point of eruption within his body, causing him to grin uncontrollably in happiness. Compared the Mono Rune Lightning Physique, the Diplo Rune Lightning Physique was truly more much tyrannical. According to his estimates, even an expert who had pass through their Human Body Disaster would truly not be able to compete with him on the aspect of brute strength! The Thunder God’s Physique still possessed its formidable aspects.

After adapting to the surging energy within his body, Mu Chen turned his gaze towards the jade bone that was still floating before him. At this moment, the blood essence within it had already been completely absorbed by the mysterious black paper, leaving it empty. However, even after losing the blood essence, this jade bone still possessed immense energies within it.

Staring at the jade bone, Mu Chen scratched his head; after all, this jade bone was something that came from the Heavenly Sovereign, and contained immense energies. However, at his current cultivation realm, he was clearly unable to refine those energies. Therefore, the only thing he could do was to store it away, since such a treasure would definitely have some use in the future.

Carefully holding the jade bone, Mu Chen proceeded to properly store it away.

“That’s right! The mysterious black paper!”

Only at this moment did Mu Chen remember the thing that was most important, causing him to hastily sink his consciousness into his aurasea. In there, he spotted the mysterious black paper once again, quietly floating within. However, at this moment, there was a gigantic transformation compared to its previous appearance. There was no longer a deep, black darkness on its surface; there were golden-coloured runic patterns extended across it. Those runic patterns gave Mu Chen a feeling of the ancient antiquity from an extremely old age, while appearing to have recorded the mysteries of the heavens and earth.

With a thought, Mu Chen’s Divine Soul that was sitting within his aurasea stood up, before approaching the black paper with golden runic patterns with caution. After slightly hesitating, it extended its small hand to gently touch the surface of the black paper.


At the instant when Mu Chen’s Divine Soul made contact with the mysterious black paper, the latter immediately erupted with rays of golden light. Transforming into a glowing screen, with ancient texts appearing to slowly flow and move about on its surface. As Mu Chen’s Divine Soul blankly stared at those incomparably profound and abstruse ancient texts, a drunk and stupefied feeling washed over Mu Chen, even though he was clearly unable to read or understand those texts.

A ancient voice started to ring and reverberate within his mind, causing his blank and vacant state to feel a sensation of comprehension, while a cryptic message from the ancient antiquity started to flow through his mind.

“The Great Solar Undying Body…”

A tremor shook through Mu Chen’s mind, causing him to abruptly sober up, before fiercely sucking in a breath of cold air. His eyes trembling, Mu Chen stared at the ancient golden text before him. The Great Solar Undying Body! This was actually a Divine Art to cultivate one’s Sovereign Celestial Body!

Furthermore, it was a rather terrifying Sovereign Celestial Body!

One’s Sovereign Celestial Body was a mark of recognition to one’s promotion into the Sovereign realm. Only a genuine Sovereign would be able to congeal a Sovereign’s Celestial Body, and control the heavens and earth. Any single wave of its arm possessed power that could decimate the heavens and sunder the earth. Mu Chen had seen the Sovereign’s Celestial Body belonging to the Black Dragon Sovereign and Dean Tai Cang before. Those were powers that could cause the whole world to shake and tremble.

That kind of power couldn’t be substituted by any kind of method!

However, in the Great Thousand World, being the mark of recognition of a Sovereign level existence, the Sovereign Celestial Body could also be classified into different rankings. According to what Mu Chen knew, as of now, there were a total of 99 different Sovereign’s Celestial Bodies that could be ranked!

Every single one of those 99 Sovereign’s Celestial Bodies were extremely frightening. Furthermore, their methods of cultivation were all secrets that were withheld and not circulated by the various powers and clans. Only their core members would possess the criteria to cultivate them. Naturally, there were Sovereign Celestial Bodies that were not ranked within those 99. However, compared to those 99, the others all appeared rather normal and ordinary in face of them. Most of them were created from the condensation of one’s own Spiritual Energy without any special capabilities. Therefore, they didn’t possess the qualifications to enter the top 99 rankings.

If one were to ask what was the most attractive thing to Sovereign realm experts, it would most likely be the cultivation techniques for the Sovereign’s Celestial Bodies within the top 99 rankings.

For the sake of those cultivation techniques, there would be some Sovereign realm experts willing to offer their services to powerful clans and influences. From this, one could tell the importance of those cultivation techniques to them!

At this moment, a rather frightening Sovereign’s Celestial Body cultivation technique had appeared before Mu Chen’s eyes.

The Great Solar Undying Body.

According to the knowledge privy to Mu Chen, there seemed to not be such a Celestial Body within the top 99 Sovereign’s Celestial Bodies. However, he had gotten a piece of soul shuddering news from the mysterious black paper…

This Great Solar Undying Body was, unexpectedly, just an incomplete part of a cultivation technique.

The complete version of this cultivation method would lead to a Sovereign’s Celestial Body known as the The Primordial Immortal Body!

Mu Chen’s eyes snapped wide open, while a blank expression hung on his face. He could faintly remember that among the top 99 Sovereign’s Celestial Bodies that shook the Great Thousand World, the Sovereign’s Celestial Body that was ranked 4th was The Primordial Immortal Body!

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