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Akin to a tsunami, the Spiritual Energy of the world surged and swept out, while the low and deep sounds seemed to be unbearable for even space, while intense spatial warping and distortions appeared. As the surrounding space warped and distorted, the gigantic mountain that seemed to be contained within an isolated space grew increasingly clear to everyone's eyes.

At the same time, a special pressure that appeared to have remained since the Ancient Antiquity quietly radiated out. This pressure was undetectable and invisible to the absolute majority of the people present. Only people like Dean Tai Cang, existences that have stepped into the realm of the Sovereigns, would be able to feel it, causing their eyes to faintly narrow, while fear and dread surfaced within their hearts.

Although this pressure had been weakened by quite a lot under the passage of time, it still possessed a certain level of suppression to them. That's because it was something left behind by a Heavenly Sovereign, whom had sat on the mountain and passed away.

A Heavenly Sovereign was the Emperor amongst Sovereigns. To Dean Tai Cang, and the other Sovereigns present, it was an existence that was far too strong and powerful. Naturally, even when placed within the Great Thousand Worlds, formed from the convergence of hundreds of thousands of planes, a Heavenly Sovereign was still a top-class existence. There would be countless Sovereigns willing to prostrate themselves in worship towards a Heavenly Sovereign.

That was a great figure that was genuinely able to guard a region of a world to the point of controlling an entire plane.

Mu Chen and the rest were, naturally, unable to detect this pressure, with the only feeling they got being a faint uneasy one. However, it didn't pose much of an effect to them.

At this moment, Mu Chen's only focus was to start at the warping and distorting space, waiting for the opening of the Divine Spiritual Mountain.

As he quietly waited for that moment, a waft of fragrance fluttered past him. Panning his head around, he noticed that Xia Youran had appeared by his side. At this moment, the latter was still dressed in her alluring and seductive fiery-red soft armor. That snow-white exposed skin and her voluptuous and elegant figure attracted quite a few gazes from the surroundings.

"Mu Chen, make sure to be more careful after entering the Divine Spiritual Mountain. Be especially careful about the spatial currents, as well as the spatial gales." Xia Youran sent a reminder to Mu Chen, after showing a bright and beautiful smile towards him.

"Spatial currents? Spatial gales?" Mu Chen was slightly startled as he repeated those two terms. Having completely zero understanding towards the Divine Spiritual Mountain, he clearly didn't know what those two terms meant.

"The location where the Divine Spiritual Mountain is standing is within a fragmented space. Outside of that fragmented space are extremely frightening spatial currents. Once one gets swept into them, one would definitely die, without a doubt," explained Xia Youran with a serious expression on her lovable face. "The spatial gales occupy the surroundings of the Divine Spiritual Mountains. The closer one gets to the centre, the stronger and more frightening the spatial gales get. When one becomes unable to endure their buffeting, one would be swept by them and into the currents, resulting in being instantly turned into ashes."

"These two are the greatest dangers brought about by the Divine Spiritual Mountain, with uncountable numbers of experts having already succumbed to them."

"Thank you very much for your reminder, Senior Sister Xia." Mu Chen expressed his gratitude while nodding his head.

With a soft voice, Xia Youran continued speaking, "In addition, please be careful about other people. I don't know how many experts will be participating in the Divine Spiritual Mountain. However, the fact is that only a fixed number of people can undergo the Divine Spiritual Baptism. Therefore, all the people entering in there would be considered as competitors. Once an opportunity arises, there might be people who will take action directly and launch killing blows at you."

"After entering the Divine Spiritual Mountain range, just follow me. I'll bring you to the place of the baptism. With you by my side, even that Mo Xingtian might feel a bit of fear. At the very least, he wouldn't be too overly rampant. However, as for the matter of you being able to obtain the Divine Spiritual Baptism, that would truly have to depend on your genuine ability and skill." Shooting a look towards Mo Xingtian standing not too far from her, a sliver of dread flashed within her beautiful eyes. However, she still spoke those words out in a soft voice.

Hanging a smile on his face, Mu Chen's favorable impression of Xia Youran had been raised by quite a bit. He was extremely clear of how formidable Mo Xingtian was. Although Xia Youran was one of the elite figures in the top of the younger generations within the Northern Heavens Continent, she would still feel extreme dread if she was to truly face-off against Mo Xingtian. However, at this moment, for his sake, she was able to make such a decision, something that was rather hard to make.

After all, no one in their right mind would love to offend such a frightening opponent for no reason.

"Please be at ease, Senior Sister Xia. If I feel that I can't endure anymore, I'll immediately fall back. I won't hold you back," replied Mu Chen.

Xia Yoran didn't imagine that Mu Chen would reply in such a straightforward manner. Sending a sweet smile to him, she extended her jade-like hands and gave Mu Chen's shoulder a pat while saying, "Relax. Elder Sister Ling Xi has saved me before. Seeing that it's extremely rare for her to show so much care for a male, how could I not protect you?"

Hearing those words, Mu Chen replied with only a smile. Not commenting more about it, he nodded his head to show his gratitude towards her.

As Mu Chen was happily chatting along with Xia Youran, while waiting for the opening of the Divine Spiritual Mountain, both of them didn't realise a slightly cold gaze shooting towards them from a distance far away. The owner of such a gaze was the young leader of the Umbra Chamber of Commerce, Liu Ying.

Looking at the intimate manner Xia Youran was displaying towards Mu Chen, shadows of darkness surfaced within his gaze, while the corner of his mouth started to faintly twitch. Seeing this, the Young Master of the Heavenly Yuan Chamber of Commerce, Dong Yuan, gave a faint smile in response. He knew that Liu Ying was a fellow with extreme lust and full of desires. Although he hadn't made any progress in his pursuit of Xia Youran, he had classified her as a 'forbidden territory' for everyone else. Seeing Xia Youran showing such intimacy to Mu Chen caused him to have an unbearable impulsion to rip the latter into shreds.

"Don't be impatient. Let's wait for us to enter the Divine Spiritual Mountain first. At that time, even if he wants to, that brat won't be able to run away," said Dong Yuan with a grin.

"I don't have the skill to waste time on such a brat," replied Liu Ying. Nevertheless, his gaze remained dark and overcast, while a cold and detached smile hung on his face. He wasn't a person that didn't know how to prioritise. However! He knew that the most important thing for him to do after entering the Divine Spiritual Mountain was to obtain the Divine Spiritual Baptism. How could he waste such precious time on Mu Chen?

"Naturally, if we were to really bump into each other, I truly don't mind conveniently settling him once and for all." Twiddling his fingers, a shadow seemed to appear on the fingertips of Liu Ying, while the smile present at the corner of his mouth appeared cold and cruel.

A radiant smile on the face of Dong Yuan was shown as he heard Liu Ying's words. Although this Mu Chen appeared to possess the strength of a Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, he might not be as simple as he looked. At that time, if Liu Ying had engaged in combat with him, even if Liu Ying did win, he should have to pay some kind of price. This was a situation that he would naturally be extremely satisfied to see.


Just as the dark and overcast shadows appeared within the eyes of Liu Ying, an intense rumbling sound suddenly rang out from the vast and boundless Spiritual Energy ocean. As space started to become increasingly warped and distorted, everyone turned ecstatic as the space around the Divine Spiritual Mountain had actually started to slowly split apart.

As space started to splinter apart, an endless range of lofty and majestic mountains that brought about its gigantic shadows, erupted from within. The enormous body of the mountain extended from the spatial fissure, unveiling itself to the world. Looking from afar, it appeared as if it was a mountain range floating in the sky.

However, such a gigantic mountain range was just an unassuming corner of the Divine Spiritual Mountain.

Hu! Hu!

As a small part of that mountainous body erupted from the spatial fissure, rampaging spatial gales instantly rushed out furiously. As the gales blew out, it brought about rather fierce energies, seemingly causing even the Spiritual Energies of the world to split and shatter apart.

However, not a single person paid attention to this, since everyone had focused their bloodshot-eyes towards the lofty and majestic mountain range present within the spatial fissure. That was the mountain range that was locked in an isolated space. However, from the looks of it, what had appeared before their eyes was only the tip of an iceberg. From this, one could see how frightening the scale of this Divine Spiritual Mountain range was. Perhaps, just from its other appearance, it wasn't any smaller than the gigantic Divine Spiritual City.

The Divine Spiritual Mountain had finally appeared at this moment!

At this moment, the atmosphere of the entire world appeared to freeze and solidify.


However, this solidification lasted for only an instant, before being immediately broken apart, with figures that hid the skies and covered the earth shooting out from the city. Hasty and hurried whooshing sounds resounded, akin to claps of thunder, roaring across the skies.

"Let's go!"

"The Divine Spiritual Mountain's opened!"

"The Divine Spiritual Baptism is mine for sure!"

"Haha! What the hell do you think you are, to dare to take a piece of the Divine Spiritual Baptism?!"

As roars filled with incomparable excitement resounded out, the entire world started to get completely aroused and thrown into disorder.

"Let's make a move too, Mu Chen." Looking at the locust swarm-like mass of figures rushing towards the Divine Spiritual Mountain, Xia Youran wasn't able to contain her impatience at the very end as she spoke out towards Mu Chen.

Nodding his head, Mu Chen turned back to look at Luo Li, Ling Xi and Dean Tai Cang, before speaking out with a smile, "It's time for me to enter."

"Be careful." Luo Li and Ling Xi reminded in response.

"If you're met with an extremely dangerous situation, just break the jade slip I've passed to you, and I'll rescue you from there," said Dean Tai Cang with a solemn expression present on his face. Although he would have to pay some price for forcing his way into the Divine Spiritual Mountain, he truly wasn't able to endure the possibility of Mu Chen dying within. If that happened, it would become an extremely huge blow to their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Mu Chen gently nodded his head in agreement, without replying to anymore words. He knew about the special uniqueness of the Divine Spiritual Mountain; even with Dean Tai Cang's strength, he wouldn't be able to enter that place. And yet, the latter was able to speak those words. This went to show the extreme regard the latter had on Mu Chen in his eyes.

With a move of her charming figure, Xia Youran took the lead, turning into a streak of light. Shooting straight towards the spatial fissure in the sky, she headed straight towards the mountain range that had extended from there. Seeing this, Mu Chen immediately followed suit, rapidly heading out behind her.

Mutually, in tandem, the two streaks of light that hid the skies and covered the earth rushed into the spatial fissure. Slowly turning smaller, they finally disappeared within it.


As more and more people rushed into the Divine Spiritual Mountain range, the space surrounding it started to turn increasingly transparent, akin to glass. Within the glass was a vast and boundless ancient-looking mountain range. At this moment, the fringes of the mountain range was filled with countless shadows, the people at the head of the swarm that had rushed into the spatial fissure.

Those figures that hid the skies and covered the earth instantly broke apart the eternal peace and tranquility within the Divine Spiritual Mountain range.

Various elderly figures stood within the sky outside of the spatial fissure, eyes tightly locked at the ancient mountain range that was faintly discernable within the space before them. At this moment, all of them knew that the extremely brutal and cruel combat would erupt within in the later moments.

All of this, was for the "Divine Spiritual Baptism" that only a number of people could enjoy!

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