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Chapter 401 – The Trembling of the Mysterious Black Paper

What appeared before them was a desolated, yet extremely endless stretch of a mountain range. At this moment, this ancient and tranquil land had turned into an endless howl of clamoring noises from the locust swarm-like crowd of figures shooting over it.

Swish! Swish!

Countless glowing figures hid the skies and covered the earth as they shoot over the mountain range, before landing on the large stretch of earth. With greedy gazes of insatiable lust, everyone glared at the endless stretch of the mountain range before them. This Divine Spiritual Mountain range was said to be formed by a Heavenly Sovereign passing away in a sitting position on it. Although the "Divine Spiritual Baptism" was undoubtedly the most valuable thing in here, there were many other natural-born treasures and remnants from the ancient times that were left behind. To them, if they were able to obtain those items, it would be a heavenly-gifted matter.

At this moment, Mu Chen and Xia Youran had landed on the ground, with him looking curiously at his surroundings. This endless mountain range was too vast and expansive! Before it, they were just like ants. Gigantic trees that reached to the skies stood planted beside them. Every single one of them was a thousand feet wide, appearing like pillars that supported the heavens, with storms and hurricanes not even being able to shake them one single bit.

Raising his head, Mu Chen discovered that the skies above him were, unexpected, a jet-black colour. That wasn't the night sky, but the shattered space they had passed through to get here. This dark blackness swirled about, like a black hole. Anything that came into contact with it would be devoured by the blackness, causing people to feel terror and dread towards it.

A gigantic clump of light hung in the sky, radiating with brilliance, illuminating the entirely endless mountain range. Rather terrifying fluctuations seemed to radiate from within the clump of light. Clearly, that should be the place where the legendary Heavenly Sovereign had sat and passed away. With their strength, they were simply unable to get close to it.

"That's the Divine Spiritual Mountain range?"

Mu Chen gasped out in shock, since he was able to feel the uniqueness of the Spiritual Aura within this world, which contained a mysterious essence in them. If one was to absorb and refine it, one would have a feeling of thirst radiating from their entire body, as if they couldn't endure absorbing all of the Spiritual Aura of the world.

"The Spiritual Aura of this world is said to be mixed with the blood and flesh of the Heavenly Sovereign who had passed away here, and is extremely beneficial to the refinement of one's fleshly body," said Xia Youran with a smile.

"No wonder," replied Mu Chen, smacking his lips, while shock appeared within his mind. That Heavenly Sovereign had passed away since god-knows forever. However, just some remnants of blood and flesh from him was able to change the Spiritual Energy of the world by this much. Such power truly was heaven-defying.

"However, it's a pity that the time the Divine Spiritual Mountain range opens each time is extremely short, being only a few days of time. If not, remaining here and training would have an enormous benefit to one's cultivation," replied Xia Youran with some pity. Although their Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce had an extremely strong power-base, they weren't able to obtain the Spiritual Energy from the blood and flesh of a Heavenly Sovereign to offer to people for cultivation.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen nodded his head. If he could stay here and train for a period of time, he might be able to achieve quite a huge breakthrough in his Lightning God's Physique.

"The land here also seems different," said Mu Chen after lowering his head to look at the earth below. The earth here appeared to be a faint dark-red colour. Circulating his Spiritual Energy, he gave a hard stomp with his feet. Despite that huge force, only a few unassuming cracks appeared on the ground, causing his eyelids to twitch uncontrollably for a few times. If this was the outside world, with this step, even a mountain peak would tremble by the force of it. However, in this place, he was unexpectedly only able to achieve such a small bit of effect.

"That's due to the Heavenly Sovereign sitting and passing away here. Some of his blood and flesh has fused with the Divine Spiritual Mountain range. Thus, everything here will appear different from the outside," explained Xia Youran with a covered up smile.

"So, that's the reason," replied Mu Chen as a flash of understanding went through him.

"Furthermore, due the the Heavenly Sovereign sitting and passing away here, by relying on his strength, there are some wonderful heaven-born Spiritual Treasures appearing within this Divine Spiritual Mountain range. These Spiritual Treasures are extremely valuable. Due to them absorbing large amounts of Spiritual Energy mixed with the blood and flesh of a Heavenly Sovereign as they grew up, they have an extremely strong benefit towards the tempering of one's fleshly body."

With a smile, Xia Youran continued speaking, "In fact, there are many people who have entered the Divine Spiritual Mountainous range without the aim of obtaining the Divine Spiritual Baptism. Although it truly is the most valuable thing here, the difficulty of obtaining it is too hard, after all. Therefore, why not search for some natural-born Spiritual Treasures, and strengthen one's fleshly body to prepare for one's Fleshly Body Tribulation, right?"

Nodding his head, Mu Chen truly was somewhat enticed by such a prospect. However, he was able to judge the importance between matters. His goal here was the Divine Spiritual Baptism, and he truly didn't have any time left to go out and search for those heaven-born Spiritual Treasures that were hidden in extremely deep places.

"Let's go. We'll head straight towards the baptism area in the centre of the Divine Spiritual Mountain range. At the same time, let's see if we can conveniently chance upon some heaven-born Spiritual Treasures along the way there," said Xia Youran with a smile.

The two of them shot through the skies at a low attitude, not daring to reach the high altitudes due to the increasing danger if they headed higher up. If one's unlucky enough to be swept into the shattered space, one might be instantly smashed into nihility by the incomparably frightening spatial currents.

As they headed deeper into the vast and expansive Divine Spiritual Mountain range, an endless number of figures shot pass them in their surroundings. They rushed towards the mountain range like a swarm of locusts, before leaving no stone unturned in their search for heaven-born Spiritual Treasures hidden within this world. This method of carpet bombing-style of searching truly had some results, since within a short span of time, that was less than half an hour, Mu Chen and Xia Youran had discovered some Spiritual Lights shooting towards the skies. Clearly, some heaven-born Spiritual Treasures have already been discovered.

Standing on the top of a hillside, Mu Chen and Xia Youran looked towards those Spiritual Lights shooting towards the skies in the far distance. Turning to shoot a look at each other, both of them had unexpectedly shook their heads.

Although those Spiritual Lights should have come from heaven-born Spiritual Treasures, from the strength and intensity of those Spiritual Lights, both of them could tell that the Spiritual Aura contained within those Spiritual Treasures weren't especially strong. Furthermore, the number of people attracted by them were truly too many. Therefore, Mu Chen and Xia Youran didn't want to waste their time and effort on them.

Giving up decisively against getting part of the action and share of those Spiritual Treasures, Mu Chen and Xia Youran increased their speed to the maximum, shooting towards their goal with explosive speed.

As Mu Chen and Xia Youran rushed towards the baptism area, they bumped into quite a few people with similar goals along the way. As their gazes intersected, the expressions on the faces of those people turned into ones of ill-intents. However, in the end, there was no one that took action towards the two of them. From the looks of it, they might have recognised Xia Youran, and knew that the big Young Mistress of the Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce wasn't a good target to provoke.

Relying on the reputation of Xia Youran, there was no one that dared to take action against Mu Chen too, even though his strength at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase appeared extremely average in a place like this.

"Careful." while shooting swiftly in the air, Xia Youran suddenly extended her jade-like hand and grabbed Mu Chen. Looking solemnly at their forward direction with her beautiful eyes, she said, "The spatial gales are coming."

Raising his head, Mu Chen noticed that the land in the far distance had seemingly turned somewhat dark and dim. Hurricanes could be faintly discerned, hiding the skies and covering the earth as they swept over. Furthermore, one could seemingly observe black ripples surfacing within those hurricanes. Clearly, those were wind blades formed by the rampaging spatial fluctuations.

Chi. Chi.

As those spatial gales howled over, those thousand foot tall giant trees that were akin to pillars that supported the heavens were chopped and mowed down, while the sliced areas appeared as smooth as a mirror. This caused shock and astonishment to quietly surface within Mu Chen's heart. Looks like those spatial gales truly are formidable.

"Let's hide for a while."

Grabbing onto Mu Chen, Xia Youran quickly descended, landing into a depression within the mountain. With a wave of her jade-like hand, boundless Spiritual Energy howled out, transforming into a glowing Spiritual Energy film, covering this small depression.

Hu! Hu!

As Xia Youran completed her preparation with familiarity, the sky had already turned completely dim and dark. As the black gales that hid the skies and covered the earth swept over, the deep grooves were sliced into the ground by the spatial blades mixed within the gale, displaying their rather frightening destructive capabilities.

Creak. Groan.

They were able to feel the effects from the spatial gale within the small depression they were holed in. The glowing Spiritual Energy film continuously shook about, while the black spatial blades caused the glowing film to titter on the brink of collapse.

Seeing this, Mu Chen's expression turned solemn as he circulated his Spiritual Energy, getting ready to take action at any moment.

However, it was fortunate that the matter that made him worry the most didn't happen in the end. Although the glowing Spiritual Energy film continuously shook about, it didn't break in the end, causing Mu Chen to quietly breathe a sigh of relief.


As Mu Chen started to relax, a miserable shriek suddenly rang out from the distance. Turning his gaze over, he noticed the Spiritual Energy defenses of a dozen people being ripped apart by the spatial gales. Before they could take action, the black-coloured spatial blades had already shot over without the slightest bit of mercy, slicing their bodies into bits that blotted the skies.

Looking at the blood and flesh blotting the skies, scattering about in the wind, Mu Chen's eyelids started twitching uncontrollably. From the looks of it, those fellows appeared to possess an outward strength similar to his own, at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. However, under those spatial gales, they were unable to put up the slightest bit of resistance.

"Don't know how many unlucky fellas are out there in this wave of spatial gales," said Xia Youran as she smacked her lips. Nevertheless, no pity was shown on her face. Since those people wanted to come to a place like this, they would naturally need to have the preparation to pay the worse price that could happen to them in here.

"We'll head along after this wave of spatial gales have past."

Hearing her words, Mu Chen nodded his head, before planning to take a rest. However, just as he had taken a seat, something tingled his senses. He turned his head to look towards the mountain range in the far distance, only to notice that the spatial gales were also howling at that place. Furthermore, they appeared to be more erratic than the situation Mu Chen was facing. At that, there was even a gigantic tornado wreaking havoc. Spatial blades that hid the skies and covered the earth howled out from it, slashing apart everything that came into contact with them.

As Mu Chen stared at the tornado, his eyes uncontrollably narrowed. That's because he seemed to notice a clump of dazzlingly bright Spiritual Light within the tornado.


Furthermore, upon noticing that clump of dazzlingly bright Spiritual Light, the latter erupted with intense brilliance. This brilliance caused even the dimly lit world to light up.

Relying on that brief instant of illumination, Mu Chen seemed to notice a lustrous white thing within the clump of brilliance that appeared slightly like a bone…

"What is that…?"

Mu Chen mumbled, before his expression suddenly changed, while he placed his palms uncontrollably on his chest. He could feel a tremor suddenly radiating from his aurasea. As he traced back to the origin of the tremor, his heart started to intensively beat.

That's because, the origin was, unexpectedly, the piece of incomparably mysterious black paper within his aurasea!

Furthermore, this tremor was much more intense than any of the times before!

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