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Chapter 386 – Memories

When Mu Chen had exited from his cultivation state, he could feel that the boundless Spiritual Energy circulating within his body was undeniably much more vigorous and dense than before.

Cultivating for a short span of half a day, in accordance to Mu Chen's feelings, he might have already reached the same benefits as cultivating normally for ten days. Such an efficiency truly made him gasp in amazement.

According to this speed, Mu Chen could tell that it was extremely possible for him to complete his breaththrough and genuinely promote into the Heavenly Completion Stage within a month.

Lifting his hands to do a stretch, sharp and clear cracking sounds seemed to ring out from all the bones within his body. At the same time, a feeling brimming with happiness radiated from his entire body.

Lowering his head to shoot a look at the pond, he noticed that the jet black water had already turned clear and transparent once again. Obviously, the Spiritual Energy within it had already been completely sucked dry by him.

Raising his head, to look towards the other side of the pond, the scene that he saw instantly caused him to feel startled, since he saw Ling Xi currently hugging her knees. At this moment, her beautiful teardrop-shaped face appeared exceeding calm, while her weak and lovable figure seemed to be shivering.

"Elder Sister Ling Xi!" Shock filled Mu Chen as he hastily stood up and rushed over. Hugging Ling Xi up by the waist, he carried her out. The clear water dripped down from her lovable body, while the already translucent dress stuck tightly on her exquisite and voluptuous figure, accentuating those astonishing and soul-stirring curves.

However, at this moment, Mu Chen didn't have the heart or attention left to admire such a beautiful scene. Carrying Ling Xi over the grass patch beside the pond, he retrieved an enormous set of robes and wrapped them around her.

"I'm alright. I've just exhausted all of my Spiritual Energy, that's all," replied Ling Xi as she tightened the robes that were wrapped around her. At this moment, her beautiful eyes were staring unblinkingly at Mu Chen, as if she had wanted to burn the face of the youth in front her into the depths of her mind.

"What's the matter?" Being stared at with such a gaze, Mu Chen felt somewhat unnatural, causing him to ask out.

"Now, after looking at you again…indeed, you're look slightly like Aunt Jing," replied Ling Xi with a gentle smile.

"Aunt Jing?" Mu Chen was immediately startled. In the next moment, after regaining his clarity, he asked out in shock and astonishment, "Are you talking about my mum?"

Gently nodding her head, Ling Xi replied, "In the previous moment, I have faintly remembered some stuff…"

Upon speaking until here, a grin appeared on her face. Looking at Mu Chen, she spoke out, "So you're the little Mu'er that Aunt Jing was talking about…looks like my luck's really good, huh? I'm even able to meet up with you just by waiting at this place."

"Come, call me Elder Sister." Extending her jade-like hand, Ling Xi gently twisted Mu Chen's ears, while happiness brimmed within her beautiful eyes. At this moment, with every word and action, she truly appeared to be exceeding close and intimate to Mu Chen. Furthermore, it also appeared much more naturally and smooth.

Immediately, embarrassment filled Mu Chen. However, he didn't have any rejections towards the natural intimacy Ling Xi was showing towards him. In addition, faint feelings of warmth appeared within his heart. However, feeling helpless, he tilted his head and evaded her incoming hands. Surprise, happiness and an urgent feeling appeared within his eyes as he hastily shot a question out to her. "You've remembered, Elder Sister Ling Xi? Do you remember where my mum is now?"

When he had left the Northern Spirit Realm, he had promised his old man that he would definitely bring his mum back to the Northern Spirit Realm. Being alone by himself in the Northern Spirit Realm, his old man was too lonely.

However, at this moment, he was still extremely weak, and didn't have any way of travelling around the Great Thousand World to seek for the trail of his mum. However, if he was able to get some information beforehand, it would undoubtedly be an extremely heart-inspiring matter for him.

Faintly shaking her head, Ling Xi replied, "It's just some fragments of a memory. Furthermore, it was from an extremely long time ago…However, the place that Aunt Jing was headed to should be extremely dangerous…"

Speaking until this point, her forehead started to knit up before continuing to speak. "I might have gone to that place before…there's even a possibility that my memories were lost in that place. Somebody should have done something to me at that place!"

Speaking until here, her voice had already become exceedingly cold and frosty. Tightly clenching her jade-like hands, hatred and bitterness flooded her eyes.

At this moment, Mu Chen had also started to frown. From the information that he had gotten from his old man, his mum should be from a place that was ancient and extremely powerful. Furthermore, during the time when she had chosen to leave, it seemed as if she was worried that the people at that place would find them.

The extremely dangerous place that Elder Sister Ling Xi had mentioned might be the mysterious place that his mother had come from.

However, what exactly happened? Why would Ling Xi, who was always following his mum, separate from her? Furthermore, why would her memories disappear?

Tightly clenching his hands, Mu Chen thought, Exactly what had happened to my mum?

"There's no need to be worried. Aunt Jing's extremely powerful. Even if she's met with some trouble, it won't be too big of a problem."

Ling Xi's icy jade-like hands covered Mu Chen's hand as she spoke out in a soft voice, "As of now, what you need to do is to work hard and increase your strength. If not, even if you managed to find the location that Aunt Jing is in, you'll be completely helpless to do anything. If you're go there with a hot-headed and reckless approach, you might even bring unnecessary trouble for Aunt Jing."

Hearing her words, Mu Chen's expression turned solemn, If his mum was truly trapped in that mysterious place, the current him truly would not be one bit useful. After all, if what Ling Xi said was correct, that even her memories of that place were wiped clean…his current strength was really too miniscule.

"Elder Sister Ling Xi, how strong are you?" asked Mu Chen cautiously.

"I should have no problem dealing with the Heavenly Seated Elders of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy," replied Ling Xi in a played-down manner.

"So strong…" Mu Chen was shocked. Look's like she's a true genius with monstrous talent! Even within younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent, compared to her, none of them could be worth a single look.

"The five Heavenly Seated Elders of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy should be at the level of First grade Sovereign, and are not particularly strong. Compared to them, Dean Tai Cang is much more formidable, and should be around Fifth grade Sovereign…"

Sweeping the lock of black hair that had fallen in front of her forehead, Ling Xi pursed her lips before continuing her words, "The Divine Beast Protector of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the Northern Sea Dragon truly is extremely formidable. As of now, he should be a Ninth grade Sovereign, and might be attempting to break through to the realm of an Earth Sovereign…"

"However, even with that strength, he's still far from being able to compare to Aunt Jing."

Mu Chen's mouth twitched as he heard her words. Although he had guessed that his mum wasn't simple, he never imagined that she would actually be that strong, to the point where even the Northern Sea Dragon was unable to compare to her. This truly was hard to imagine.

"Therefore, there's no need for you to feel shocked or amazed. After all, I was personally taught by Aunt Jing." Ling Xi said with a sweet smile on her face. "If you were brought up by Aunt Jing from young, you'd be even stronger than me."

Letting a bitter laugh out, Mu Chen replied, "I didn't have such luck. From birth till now, I've never seen my mum before, let alone getting any pointers…"

Extending her jade like-hand to pinch Mu Chen's cheek, Ling Xi's beautiful eyes stared straight at Mu Chen, before speaking out in a stern look, "Aunt Jing left you behind to protect you. I can feel that she cares a lot about you…therefore, you can't throw childish tantrums about her not always being by your side."

With a smile, Mu Chen nodded his head. Just as he was about to say something, his senses picked up on something, causing him to turn his gaze towards his back. Turning around, he noticed Su'er hugging a broom the size of her staring in shock at them with wide open eyes.


Upon seeing this, Mu Chen made a dry cough, while hastily removing Ling Xi's hands from his cheeks. Standing up, he walked straight towards Su'er.

"Ah, Big Brother Mu Chen! I didn't see anything! I won't tell Elder Sister Luo Li! Please don't kill me!" Upon seeing Mu Chen walking over to her, Su'er immediately spoke out in panic.

Feeling amused by her, Mu Chen flicked the little girl's bright forehead before replying, "What are you talking about? Elder Sister Ling Xi's helping me cultivate."

Opening her eyes wide, Su'er stared at Mu Chen, before turning to look at Ling Xi, whose entire body was wet, with Mu Chen's robes even draped over her. Instantly, her small mouth twitched. Is this called cultivation? Are they still treating me like a kid?

With a faint smile, Ling Xi removed the robes that were draped over her, before folding them in two. However, she didn't return them to Mu Chen, instead she held onto them. Spiritual Energy sparkled across her entire body, evaporating all the water present on her into steam. Clearly, Ling Xi had recovered some of her spiritual energy.

Standing up, she walked over to Mu Chen, before saying, "Our training ends here for today. Come again tomorrow to continue. This should allow you to breakthrough within a month."

"We're continuing this tomorrow?" Feeling startled, Mu Chen hesitated before replying, "Would that be too rushed? Just take a rest for tomorrow."

This method of dispersing one's Spiritual Energy would result in quite a bit of injury towards the person doing it. Although Ling Xi's Spiritual Energy was strong and intrepid, Mu Chen didn't want to see anything happen to her by helping him.

"You truly are gentle. Nevertheless, don't worry. I can endure this little bit," replied Ling Xi with a smile. This was an extremely natural smile, causing Su'er to stare at her with slight inconceivability. In her memory, the previous Ling Xi was extremely cold and indifferent, let alone doing something extremely extravagant like revealing a smile.

"Okay then."

Upon seeing and hearing her reply, Mu Chen could only tilt his head. After waving to the two, he didn't continue saying anything else, before turning around and walking out of the courtyard.

Looking at the back figure in the distance, Ling Xi gave a gentle smile. Aunt Jing, I've finally found him. Relax, before finding you, I'll protect him, and not let him suffer one bit of pain…

"This is over."

Noticing the smiling Ling Xi as she stared at the back figure of Mu Chen, Su'er seemed to understand something. Unable to hold it in, the little girl started to cry out, "Elder Sister Ling Xi, could it be that you like Big Brother Mu Chen?"

Tilting her head over, Ling Xi replied with some amusement, "What's the matter? Is there a problem?"

Summoning her courage, Su'er replied, "This isn't good. Big Brother Mu Chen and Big Sis Luo Li are a pair."

"You sneaky little brat. Are you actually not on my side?" Extending her jade-like hands, she gave a pitch on Su'er's little cheeks while speaking out with a grin.

"Wu…Elder Sister Ling Xi, forcing the issue will not lead to happiness."

"Su'er, do you want to clean up the Spiritual Array House today?"

"Ah, no, I don't want to! I'm sorry! Elder Sister Ling Xi and Big Brother Mu Chen are the best match possible!"

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