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Chapter 385 – Aunt Jing

Faint puffs of steam rose from the pond. However, they were unable to mask the alluring and erotic scene before Mu Chen.


Discovering the gaze coming straight from Mu Chen, a crimson shadow surfaced on her white, lustrous face. With a wave of her jade-like hand, a pillar of water rushed out, spraying towards Mu Chen.

As the icy-cold water drenched his body, Mu Chen finally regained his clarity. Hastily turning his gaze away, he felt awkward and embarrassed, while not knowing what Ling Xi was planning to do.

“Enter the pond and absorb all the Spiritual Energy within.”

Ling Xi tried her best to submerge all of her body within the pond. However, due to the water level being quite shallow, it was unable to cover the entirety of her body. Puffs of steam rose into the air, causing her cold and indifferent-looking face to appear a pinkish-red. Gently biting her lip, she said, “Also, please mind your eyes. If you dare to look at me, I’ll expel you from here.”

Immediately, Mu Chen nodded his head in succession, before proceeding to jump straight into the water. Upon feeling the water in the pond, amazement erupted within his eyes. He clearly felt the pure Spiritual Energy contained within the water.

These fluctuations were clearly the Spiritual Energy from Ling Xi. She had actually assimilated her Spiritual Energy into the pond for me to cultivate!

Mu Chen was baffled for a moment, while a slightly complicated expression appeared within his eyes. Looking at the beautiful figure that still appeared exquisite and lovable within the thick clouds of mist, the rather spectacular curves on her body continued to extend out.

“Why did you do this?” asked Mu Chen in a soft voice. What Ling Xi had done was simply using her Spiritual Energy and giving it to him. Although it would increase his cultivation speed, her cultivation would temporarily come to a standstill. Although it was just for a short period of time, was there anyone in the world that would do such a thing for a stranger?

Sitting within the pond, upon hearing Mu Chen’s words, a blank expression appeared within Ling Xi’s eyes. That’s right. Why would I help Mu Chen to such a degree? And yet, why wasn’t there the slightest bit of rejection to such a thought within the depths of her heart…?

“I also don’t know… Perhaps, this is something that I ought to do.”

In a soft voice, Ling Xi replied, “Although I’ve lost my memories, the feelings within the depths of my heart didn’t disappear. With them, I can feel that it’s quite good for me to do such a thing.”

After remaining silent awhile, Mu Chen started to sit down within the pond, while mist sprayed across his face. After quite a while later, a faint smile appeared on his face as he said, “Elder…Sister Ling Xi. Can I address you this way?”

A tremble shook through Ling Xi’s lovable body. Raising her beautiful eyes, she looked towards the handsome youth smiling radiantly across the pond. For a while, she was unable to say anything. Within her heart, surging feelings seemed to impact her spirit. This caused a warm and gentle feeling to surface within her quiet and cold heart.

Therefore, a faint smile surfaced on her beautiful face as she gave a gentle nod.

“Relax, Elder Sister Ling Xi. Although I don’t know exactly what relation you have with my mum, you have to believe in me that I’ll definitely help you regain your lost memories! Regardless of who it was who did that to you, I’ll definitely help you!” Mu Chen spoke out resolutely and decisively, while a firm and bright light flashed within his eyes.

Looking blankly at the firm and resolute eyes of the youth in front of her, the warmness Ling Xi felt in her heart caused a sliver of warmth to appear within that frost-covered heart of hers. That was a feeling that had seemingly not appeared for a very, very long time, causing even her eyes to turn slightly red. Slightly tilting her head around and wiping her eyes with her hand, a gentle smile appeared on her face as she said, “That’s good. I’ve now have a little brother. However, just firing off words isn’t useful. As of now, you’re too weak.”

With a cheeky laugh, Mu Chen replied, “I’ll try my best.”

“Okay. You should start cultivating first,” said Ling Xi with a faint smile.

Although he didn’t know what this pond was, Mu Chen wasn’t one bit affected. There were times when knowing such feelings within one’s heart was enough. Speaking from one’s mouth would instead make one appear hypocritical.

Therefore, gently nodding his head, he started to slowly close his eyes. The Great Pagoda Art within his body started to revolve, while black rays of brilliance extended from the surface of his body.


The water in the pond surged as if it possessed a conscious, and was rapidly gushing towards Mu Chen. As this happened, the black colour within the water endlessly continued to drill into Mu Chen’s body.

All of this was the Spiritual Energy coming from Ling Xi.

This Spiritual Energy drilled straight into Mu Chen’s body, instantly fusing within the Spiritual Energy within his body. At the instant when they fused together, abstruse black rays of brilliance erupted within his body. These black rays of brilliance irrigated throughout his body, flooding through every corner within.

The Spiritual Energy within his body started to increase at a furious rate!

Boundless Spiritual Energy rapidly revolved within his meridians. Continuing to pour endlessly into his aurasea, it was completely devoured by his Divine Soul sitting within with a single gulp. Black rays of light radiated from its entire body, appearing exceedingly abnormal and mysterious.

A feeling of his Spiritual Energy gradually growing more tyrannical rippled through Mu Chen’s limbs and bones.

As Mu Chen sunk into the miraculous feeling of his Spiritual Energy growing stronger, the revolving speed of the Great Pagoda Art seemed to grow increasingly faster, greedily devouring the endless Spiritual Energy gushing into his body.

Within the pond, Ling Xi looked towards Mu Chen, who had entered a state of cultivation. Faintly curling up her slender legs and resting her snow-white chin on her knees, Spiritual Energy continued to erupt from her body. After assimilating into the water, it replenished that which had already been absorbed by Mu Chen.

As Spiritual Energy continued to flow out of her, Ling Xi could feel a faint feeling of weakness starting to erupt from the depths of her body. However, instead of stopping, wrapping her jade-like arms around her knees, a slightly vacant expression appeared within her beautiful eyes as she started to slowly close them.

A feeling of dizziness started to spread within Ling Xi’s mind, Unknowingly, her consciousness started to gradually grow dark and dim.

Ling Xi’s consciousness fluttered within the darkness, the feelings of helplessness caused her to feel afraid and frightened.

Within the darkness, there seemed to be fluctuations present, rippling out as they undulated. Faintly, there seemed to be some blurry pictures surfacing within her mind.

It was a stretch of bloody ruins, filled with the flames of war. A little girl, completely covered in dirt and grime, shivering as she curled up within the rubble within. Trembling and shivering, the neverending rain continued to pour down, causing her already weak and frail body to appear even more pitiful.

A stretch of dull-gray was already present within her eyes, while she was able to feel the encroachment of death. However, there wasn’t much fear or dread within her. Although she was young, she had seen too much of the cruelty and indifference within the secular world. There was no one that cared, no one that liked her. Even if she was to disappear, it would not attract anyone’s attention.

Ever since her birth till now, she had seemingly not felt a single sliver of warmth.

Her consciousness started to grow increasingly blurry. It seems that I’m about to die like this…

Unknowingly, the rain drops falling on her body had stopped. A figure seemed to appear before their eyes. Raising her head, she could faintly discern a gentle figure right in front of her.

The gentle figure extended her palms, rubbing Ling Xi’s head. Under this gentle caressing, her originally cold and icy body unexpectedly started to warm up.

Within her blurry eyesight, she could feel this gentle figure giving her incomparable warmth, something that she had never felt before.

In the next moment, the gentle figure before her gently placed some food beside her. After rubbing her head once more, the figure rose up and walked off.

Looking at the figure gradually disappearing in the distance, a breath of courage that sprouted out from an unknown place erupted forth. Grabbing the food left for her, she stumbled and staggered, walking towards the direction the figure had walked to.

She continued walking, and walking. Time was not a concept to her now, continuing till all the energy within her body was drained. In the end, finally seeing the gentle figure that she couldn’t seem to catch up to, her petite body finally collapsed.

Nevertheless, her body didn’t hit the hard ground below, instead she landed within a warm and gentle embrace.

“Planning to follow me, little thing?” The gentle figure rubbed her head, while the voice ringing out was similarly warm and gentle.

“Em.” Within her weakness, she tightly grabbed the sleeve of the lady, wanting to grab onto the last remnant of warm within her life.

“However, the place I’m going to is extremely dangerous. It’s hard to predict whether it’ll be fortunate or disastrous if you follow me…” After giving a gentle sigh, the gentle lady spoke out.

She drilled herself into the lady’s bosom, greedily seeking the warmth within. For the sake of that warmth, she was willing to pay any price.

In the end, she followed the gentle lady and left.

“What’s your name?”

“Ling…Ling Xi…”

“A really nice-sounding name.”

“Really?…How should I call you…?”

“Okay, call me Aunt Jing.” The gentle lady replied with a faint smile.

“Okay…Aunt Jing…”

“Come Ling Xi, I’ll teach you how to cultivate… Firstly, you’ll have to chose a Spiritual Art. Come, take a pick. These few are very formidable…”

“Okay. Let me see…is this alright?” Looking at the glowing scrolls before her eyes, radiating with astonishing brilliance, Ling Xi hesitated for quite a while. In the end, she looked towards the unassuming black scroll that was floating at a corner.


“Is there a problem? I can’t choose it, Aunt Jing?”

“No…This martial art is split into two scrolls, Yin and Yang. The scroll before you is the Yin Scroll. I’ve left the Yang Scroll for my Little Mu’er. If you cultivate it, you’ll suffer a lot in the future.”

“Little Mu’er? Is that Aunt Jing’s child?”

“Haha. That’s right. He’s a very cute little fellow, and is a little smaller than Ling Xi…”

Looking at the happy smile that had radiated from Aunt Jing’s heart, a sour feeling erupted within her heart as she spoke out, “Then, why did Aunt Jing split up with him?”

Rubbing Ling Xi’s head, Aunt Jing’s expression turned into one of grief and dejection as she replied, “That’s because I want to protect him…therefore, I can only leave him…”

Half-understanding Aunt Jing’s words, Ling Xi nodded her head, and said, “Then, I’ll cultivate in it.”

“If you cultivate it, it’ll bring a lot of trouble and danger for you…”

“I’m not afraid. Since Aunt Jing misses Little Mu’er that much, I’ll cultivate in the same martial art. In the future, if I manage to find him, I’ll bring him to see you.” Ling Xi replied. As long as Aunt Jing became happy, she was willing to do anything.

Looking at the young and childish face of the little girl before her, the gentle lady gave a faint sigh. Raising her head to look towards a distant place in the endless horizon, that was a place she needed to returned to. A place that possessed strong power, and yet was extremely cold and heartless. Compared to that, she truly prefered staying in the small Northern Spiritual Realm. Her husband was there, with a little fellow that she was willing to give her all to…

Therefore, there were times that she had to make a choice. Due to that, for the sake of protecting that little fellow, even though she couldn’t bear it, the only thing she could do was to leave.

Within the pond, Ling Xi’s long eyelashes faintly trembled, Her eyes started to open, bit by bit, revealing the sparkling gem-like tears brimming within them. Gently wiping away the slashes of water on her face, she started muttering.

“Aunt Jing…”

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