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Chapter 384 – Idea

Freshman Area

Mu Chen lazily laid on the small building with his hands resting behind his head. Looking blanking at the fluttering clouds in the sky, an expression of helplessness was present on his handsome face.

At this moment, Mu Chen was having a headache. The reason was naturally due to the goal of reaching Heavenly Completion Stage within a month given to him by Dean Tai Cang.

As of now, his strength was at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. Although it seemed as if he was only one step away from it, he was extremely clear how hard it was to take that step forward. According to his estimates, even if he were to do his utmost and cultivate, while using all of the methods he could use, it would take him three months or even longer time before being able to take this step.

As for one month, it was clearly too short.

Sitting up, Mu Chen grabbed at his hair in frustration. He knew that Dean Tai Cang was doing this for his safety in mind. After all, those people with the qualifications to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain were seemingly all peak-level existences of the younger generation within the Northern Heavens Continent. There were some people that were even stronger than Mo Longzi. If he were to participate with his strength at Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, even with all the various methods he possessed, it would still lead to disaster for him.

I’ve no other way but to find someone to help me. thought Mu Chen as he shrugged his shoulders in helplessness. Raising his head, he looked towards a quiet and secluded mountain peak within the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. That was the place where Ling Xi lived.

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the number of Elders Mu Chen were on familiar terms with weren’t many, with Ling Xi being one of them. The time they knew about each other wasn’t considered too long. However, for some unknown reason, Mu Chen always had an extremely indescribable feeling of trust towards Ling Xi. It was as if Ling Xi would never ever do anything that would harm him, no matter what.

This feeling made Mu Chen even feel at a loss during certain times. However, faintly, he had a certain feeling that this was seemingly related to his mother.

Ling Xi had a painting of his mother with her. This was sufficient proof that she should have some relationship with his mother. However, he was still unable to guess exactly what kind of relationship that was.

Although Mu Chen didn’t know if Ling Xi had any way of helping him. In such desperate times, the only thing he could do was to try everything possible.

Thinking till this point, Mu Chen no longer continued to hesitate. Shooting towards the sky, he headed straight towards the quiet and secluded mountain peak in the depths of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. For the past few days, Luo Li had started her dedicated cultivation regimen once again, giving the cold shoulder to Mu Chen, causing him to harbour a hidden bitterness for her.

Mu Chen’s figure descended on the quiet and secluded mountain peak. Upon him landing down, the tightly shut the clean doors of the courtyard that had already started to quietly open, no longer being tightly shut as they were before.

With a smile, Mu Chen walked into the courtyard, before seeing a beautiful lady in a snow-white dress sitting on the platform before the bamboo house At this time, Ling Xi’s jade-like hand was resting on her cheek, while a slender finger was playing with a lock of black hair. Upon Mu Chen entering, those pair of quick-witted eyes rested on his body.

At this moment, there wasn’t any of the cold and detached chilling aura radiating from her lustrous and white face. Her beautiful face that displayed a gentler expression had undoubtedly possessed much more allure and soul-stirring emotions to be born upon seeing her.

“You’ve not come here for many days since your return to the academy. Suddenly coming here to find me, is there a problem?” Ling Xi said out softly. Her voice was clear and melodious, akin to the voice coming from the deep valley, sounding extremely pleasing to one’s ears.

With an awkward smile, Mu Chen walked forward and replied, “I was injured during the mission; therefore, I’ve spent all this time recovering and recuperating…”

With a gentle nod, Ling Xi didn’t continue speaking again.

Not too used to such silence, Mu Chen gave a laugh to break the quiet atmosphere before saying, “ Oh, yes. I’ve to thank you for giving me that array drawing the previous time. It had really helped me a lot this time.”


Ling Xi nodded her head, while her slender fingers were still twirling with a lock of her black hair. After allowing it to fall down and cover her voluptuous chest, she quietly cast her beautiful eyes towards Mu Chen.

The latter obviously had some matters in his mind to be seeking for her this time.

Being stared at by her, Mu Chen was a little too unused to such an action from her. Tilting his head from side-to-side, he spoke out after drumming his courage up, “Would you be able to help me on something?”

“Speak,” replied Ling Xi with a blink of her long and slender eyelashes.

“Is there any way that can allow me to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month?” Mu Chen spoke out the trouble he faced while shrugging his shoulder, before continuing, “Naturally, I’m talking about ways that don’t have any after effects or repercussions.”

“Breaking through to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month?”

Ling Xi was startled by his words, before slightly knitting her eyebrows together. “Other people are unable to step into this stage even after cultivating for one or even two years. And here you are, wanting to accomplish that within a month. Aren’t you too naive?”

Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh. This wasn’t him demanding for instant success. However, Dean Tai Cang had only given him this amount of time. Regardless of whether he could accomplish it or not, he wanted to give it a try. Furthermore, it wasn’t him trying to arrogant about his capabilities. He truly had the confidence in himself that he would be able to handle the power requirement of promoting into Heavenly Completion Stage.

Ling Xi stared at Mu Chen with her beautiful eyes. If anyone else were to beg her in such a way, she might not even care and think about it. However, faced with the current Mu Chen, she was unable to have any thoughts of rejecting him.

These feelings caused Ling Xi to feel somewhat inconceivable. After all, she had only know Mu Chen for no more than two months. However could she treat him so differently?

Could it be due to him having cultivated the Great Pagoda Art? Or perhaps that the lady within the painting that was extremely important to her, was actually his mother?

Ling Xi’s beautiful eyes faintly sparkled, as confusion and disorder was momentarily present within her heart and mind.

“It’s alright if there isn’t any way to go about this…I’ll head back first.” Looking at the silent Ling Xi in front of him and assuming that she didn’t have any way to help him, Mu Chen could only speak and say such words.

After speaking out, he planned to turn around and leave. Ling Xi was the only person staying here. Him remaining here seemed to not be too good of an idea.

“Wait.” Ling Xi’s clear and melodious voice suddenly rang out.

Turning around, Mu Chen immediately noticed Ling Xi extending her slender and jade-like hand towards him. Under the illumination of the sunlight, it appeared as if her hand was sparkling with a white luster.

“Show me your hand,” said Ling Xi as she slightly curled her lips.

Immediately, Mu Chen gawked, hesitating for a moment, before walking over. Extending his hand, he placed it on Ling Xi’s jade-like palm. The extremely wonderful feeling he felt on contact was as if he had touched a piece of top-quality white jade, causing people to not want to part with it.

However, Mu Chen didn’t have too many other thoughts at this moment as he stared with a strange gaze at Ling Xi. With the latter’s disposition, she seemed to be the type of person that wouldn’t do such senseless actions.

“Export one strand of your Spiritual Energy,” said Ling Xi in a soft voice.

Mu Chen had some doubts present in his mind. Nevertheless, he had followed her words and pressed a strand of Spiritual Energy out. As the jet-black Spiritual Energy erupted from his palm, black flames were present, burning around it.

Shooting a look at it, a strand of Spiritual Energy erupted from her palm. Her Spiritual Energy was also, unexpectedly, a jet-black colour, with the only thing different being the absence of black flames burning on it.

Mu Chen was startled and astonished. It was exceedingly similar to the Spiritual Energy that he had built up after cultivating the Great Pagoda Art. It looked like Ling Xi had truly cultivated in the Great Pagoda Art before.

As the Spiritual Energies erupted from their palms and came into contact, the two different energies unexpectedly started to slowly fuse, bit by bit.


With the fusion of the two Spiritual Energies, the two of them could clearly feel that their Spiritual Energies had started to miraculously expand by many times. Furthermore, this fused Spiritual Energy had become exceedingly stronger than each the previously combined strength of the Spiritual Energy strands.

Looking at the fused Spiritual Energy, Ling Xi didn’t retract her portion back. With a light tap of her slender finger, the clump of Spiritual Energy was flicked straight into Mu Chen’s body.

A faint shudder shook through Mu Chen’s body as the greatly expanded Spiritual Energy started to automatically revolve along the same pathways he used when cultivating the Great Pagoda Art. Finally, drilling into his aurasea, it was devoured by his Divine Spirit in a single breath.

However, when his Divine Spirit absorbed this clump of Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen immediately felt that the Spiritual Energy within his body had instantly increased by a portion.

“This…” Shock and astonishment filled Mu Chen’s face as he immediately turned to look at Ling Xi with a weird expression in his eyes. Why would such a change happen to their Spiritual Energy when they came into contact with each other? It was able to treat his wounds, and was also able to act like a sacrificial offering, letting his Spiritual Energy expand and become much more dense and strong.

“I, too, don’t know what enables this.” Seemingly able to understand his doubts, Ling Xi learnt from him and shrugged her little shoulders.

“Looks like there truly is something special between the two of us.”

As Ling Xi stood up, her snow-white dress made her beautiful figure appear slender and full, showing off her alluring curves. With a sudden smile, she spoke out, “If the lady in the painting that’s extremely important to me is truly your mother, do you think that I’m the child bride that she has found for you?”

Overwhelmed by shock and horror, Mu Chen retreated a step back. He had almost been scared to death by Ling Xi’s words. Only after quite a long while did he manage to regain his clarity, replying her with his forehead dripping with sweat, “That joke’s not one bit funny.”

“I hope so.”

Ling Xi replied while nodding her head. Turning around and walking towards the depths of her courtyard, she spoke out, “Follow me. Due to the unique situation between us, it seems that you promoting to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month isn’t absolutely impossible.”

Looking at the alluring and beautiful figure of Ling Xi, Mu Chen exhaled a long breath of air, before following her in quick steps. Ling Xi’s previous words had given him quite a heavy freight.

As they headed into the depths of the courtyard, layers of cloth and mist obscured their vision.

Stopping in her tracks, Ling Xi panned her head over, looking towards Mu Chen before saying, “You’ll come in when I call for you.”

Mu Chen didn’t know exactly what she was doing. Thus, he could only nod his head in doubt.

After walking through the hanging cloths, a clear pond was present before Ling Xi. Biting her lip, she lowered her head to look at the beautiful snow-white reflection present on the water’s surface. In the next instant, she gave a smile, appearing exceedingly soul-stirring.

Slowly walking into the pond, the pond water turned her white dress wet, causing it to tightly adhere against her proud and lovable body, extending her astonishingly heart-stopping curves.

After entering the pond, Ling Xi sat within it. Boundless Spiritual Energy proceeded to erupt from her, assimilating within the water at that point. Instantly, the water started to gradually turn jet-black, while sparkling with a beautiful luster.

“Come in.”

Mu Chen, who was waiting behind the layers of cloth, finally heard Ling Xi’s voice. Extending his head over, he walked pass them, before finally seeing Ling Xi, who was sitting in the water.

Although the majority of her lovable figure was covered by the jet-black water, her upper body was still above the water line. Being drenched by the water, her slender and fair neck was shown through her white dress, before showing the voluptuous curves present below.

Upon seeing such an alluring and erotic scene, Mu Chen was completely dumbstruck and stupefied.

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