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Chapter 369 – Four-Sided Confrontation

Due to the appearance of the group of people in the sky, the atmosphere within the entire Western Desolated City had flared up and boiled. Curiosity was present within the eyes of countless people, since all of them clearly wanted to know exactly who would be able to achieve the final victory in this head-on confrontation between the two lineups.

This battle would undeniably concern various aspects and faces of the Demonic Dragon Palace, as well as the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Both sides had Sovereigns present within them. Due to various reason, they weren't able to directly intervene and fight, and could only observe this confrontation in the dark. Therefore, the lineups present before everyone's eyes were the sharpest and greatest elite forces that both sides could send out.

As Shen Cangsheng stood haughtily within the sky, his gaze locked onto Mo Longzi, which was akin to the edge of a blade. Shifting slightly up, he noticed the three gigantic metal cages that had the unconscious and heavily injured Lin Zheng, Zhou Qingshan and Gu Tianyan within them.

Upon seeing the three who were caged up, the faces of Mu Chen and the group turned frosty, while killing intent erupted from their eyes.

All of them had respect and even some reverence for Lin Zheng and the other two; after all, they were their Senior Brothers. Currently, they were being humiliated in such a manner, causing them the be rather infuriated.

"Haha. Looks like you all are very furious."

Mo Longzi looked at the expressions filled with killing intent present on the faces of Shen Cangsheng, Mu Chen and the group. Showing an apathetic smile, he said, "You guys should be rejoicing that I've locked them up here. If not, I'd have finished them off long ago."

"I'll return what you did to them a hundred times over." Gripping the long spear tightly in his hand, green veins started to squirm and wriggle on his hand. Speaking out, Shen Cangsheng's low and deep voice was brimming with malevolence.

"I do know that you truly have that capability," replied Mo Longzi with a beaming smile.

"So what the hell are you going to do now? Send out any move you've got, and we'll return all of them back to you!" roared Shen Cangsheng in a cold voice. In any case, Lin Zheng and the other two were in the hands of their enemies. Thus, they were still a little worried about acting against Mo Longzi in fear of him hurting Lin Zheng and the other two. After all, they weren't able to be that merciless and completely show the slightest bit of detachment to their compatriots like Mo Longzi.

"Worthy of being the Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings. You truly have charisma and the guts to say such words."

Mo Longzi laughed while sticking his thumb out. A sinister shadow filled his face as a smile appeared from a split of his mouth, revealing two rows of glistening white teeth, before speaking out, "It's really very simple. We've set up four arenas over here. You just have send four people up to fight and that's it."

"However, there's no such thing as a fair matchup. Once these four people have dealt with their opponents, they have to right to decide to withdraw, or continue cooperating with others…"

"As for the type of fight, it's naturally to the death."

Speaking till the very end, the smile at the corners of Mo Longzi's mouth turned cruel and malevolent.

Mu Chen faintly narrowed his eyes when he heard Mo Longzi words. From what the latter had said, he had made it clear that he wanted solo fights, which allowed him to quickly finish off his opponent before helping the rest. In that way, he wouldn't have to worry about being besieged by Mu Chen's group. After all, he would face against Shen Cangsheng, who had promoted to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. If there was another person attacking him, it would become two against one. In that situation, even he would no longer have an advantage.

Previously, the reason why he could deal with Lin Zheng and the other two was due to breaking them one by one. If not, when the three of them joined hands to fight with him, it would be nigh impossible to completely capture all of them.

As this moment, Mo Longzi was also banking on this same concept. He assumed that in a solo fight, no one from Mu Chen's side would be able to be his match. In that way, he would quickly achieve victory and turn around to deal with the rest.

This truly would help him avoid being besieged. However, that would have to depend on whether Mo Longzi was truly able to achieve victory so quickly and get his hands free to attack other people.

From the looks of it, he possessed extremely great confidence in his own strength.

The eyes of Shen Cangsheng and the group faintly flashed, having clearly seen through Mo Longzi's intention. In the current situation, they had the numerical advantage, and swarming around Mo Longzi and his group had some advantages for them. However, since Lin Zheng and the other two were within the latter's hands, they didn't have much of a say.

"Look's like the confidence you have for yourself is truly quite big."

Taking a step out, the golden long spear within Shen Cangsheng's hands erupted with a bright and resplendent golden light. As the golden light blossomed and filled the skies, Shen Cangsheng appeared akin to a god of war. Chilling intent filled his eyes as he stared at Mo Longzi while saying, "We'll accept this fight!"

"Haha, that's some courage!"

Mo Longzi roared with laughter that had endless chilling intent present in his voice. With a wave of his hand, he fluttered as he retreated back. Shooting across the sky, three other people from his group followed suit and shot out into the sky. In all, they occupied four separate regions within the sky.

The three people that shot out was Mu Gu, 3rd rank on the Bounty Board, Gui Xiong, 4th rank and the 5th rank Wu Jia.

Of these three people, two of them possessed strength at the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, while the remaining one was a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master, an even more mysterious and hard person to deal with. All fourth of them weren't people that Mu Chen and his group could easily deal with.

Haha! Who dares to fight with me?!"

Gui Xiong flung his head up, roaring with laughter as astonishingly baleful aura pervaded his entire body. Looking malevolently towards Mu Chen and his group , the giant axe within his hand appeared as if he wanted to split up and shatter the heavens and earth.

Mu Gu also had an apathetic smile on his face, while his skinny and withered body sparkled. The bones underneath his skin became faintly discernable under his skin. Locking his gaze onto Luo Li, it appeared as if the fight that occurred yesterday had yet to reach a desirable level of satisfaction.

Compared to the other three, Wu Jia was the most quiet and solemn. Calmly sitting in the sky, the air around his body faintly rippled, while mysterious fluctuations radiated from him.

This person appeared akin to a venomous snake. He made no noise and no detectable movements, but was able to give a death-inducing attack within the silence.

Within the largest hall in the Western Desolated City, the green-robed male was also looking with interest at the confrontation happening in the skies above the city.

"Haha. Young Hallmaster. Looks like that Mo Longzi's truly crafty. His strength should be considered the strongest amongst the individual people on the two sides. In a solo fight, the only person that can put up a fight against him might only be Shen Cangsheng. However, the latter will not be able to last for long. Therefore, once he finishes his fight, this entire situation can be considered to be over," explained a figure standing behind the green-robed male.

Hearing those words, the green-robed male smiled and nodded his head while saying, "However, if the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy achieves victory in the other three fights before that happens, things would be different…"

"That Mu Gu and Gui Xiong are both at the Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase. Within the group of people from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, only Li Xuantong can cope with one of them, with him even being able to obtain the superiority. However, even though that's the case, he doesn't have any way to quickly finish off either one of the formers."

"Other than Li Xuantong and Shen Cangsheng, the other people from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy are on the weaker side. Of those remaining, the strongest is that He Yao. However, he's only at Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase… There's a beautiful girl, and she is someone that is slightly unable to be seen through by me. Perhaps, she might become the variable in this confrontation…"

Sweeping his gaze across Mu Chen and his group in the distance, the gaze of the green-robed male finally landed on Mu Chen's body for an instant, while a mysterious shadow flashed within his eyes. Faintly wrinkling his forehead, he proceeded to say, "Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase…could it be that the current batch of students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy are that useless?"


Turning his gaze towards Wu Jia, who was still being exceptionally quiet in another region of the sky, the green-robed male spoke out in a soft voice, "Of these four people, other than Mo Longzi, Wu Jia, who's the lowest rank amongst them, is the person that'll be the most difficult to deal with…"

Hearing his words, the figure standing behind him nodded his head. Although he didn't have widespread fame, when a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master truly takes action, he might even be harder to deal with than Mu Gu and Gui Xiong.

Mo Longzi and the three people were all dreadful opponents. Although the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy held a minute advantage in numerical superiority, they were deprived of that in this fight…

From the looks of it, they were truly forced to the end of their roads.

"Haha, what's the matter? Have you decided already?" asked Mo Longzi with a grin as he looked towards Shen Cangsheng and his group.

All the eyes within the Western Desolated City had also looked towards Shen Cangsheng and this group. Everyone was very curiously as to how Shen Cangsheng and his group would split up in this present situation.

"I'll deal with Mo Longzi." Shen Cangsheng said in a low and deep voice. Within their group, his strength was considered the strongest. The duty of stalling and obstructing Mo Longzi could only be accomplished by him.

With regards to this point, there was no one that objected to this.

"Let me deal with that Mu Gu. I'll finish him off as fast as possible." Luo Li said as her jade-like hand tightly gripped her scabbard, while a coldness erupted from within her glass-like eyes.

"So, that Wu Jia's left for me?" Li Xuantong suddenly asked.

Although Wu Jia was ranked the lowest amongst the four, everyone knew how much frightening capability a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master possessed. Once he was able to arrange his Spiritual Arrays, even people at the Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase would end up in extremely miserable states in front of him.

Li Xuantong knew about this point, and, therefore, chose to take responsibility and deal with Wu Jia.

Shen Cangsheng looked towards Mu Chen. At this moment, the latter's eyes appeared to slightly narrow as he started at Wu Jia, who was sitting quietly in the sky. Gently shaking his head, Mu Chen said, "Let me deal with him. I'm also a Spiritual Array Master."

Mu Chen didn't doubt Li Xuantong's strength. However, that Wu Jia's actions and methods were strange and bizarre. Even if the latter was unable to finish off Li Xuantong in an instant, once he completed the arrangements of his Spiritual Arrays, wanting to tie Li Xuantong down would become an extremely easy task to accomplish.

The goal of their enemies was to buy enough time for Mo Longzi. Therefore, the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy could absolutely not be tied down by the other three, and needed to finish the other three fights as fast as possible.

Therefore, on the aspect of dealing with him, Mu Chen, who was also a Spiritual Array Master, was the most ideal choice.

Hearing Mu Chen's words, Li Xuantong remained silent for a short period of time, before gently nodding his head while replying, "You be careful."

"Since we've already decided, let's move out!"

Tightly clenching the Golden Lotus War God Spear within his hands, with a low roar, Shen Cangsheng suddenly shot out, appearing right in front of Mo Longzi.

Facing this matchup, everyone had clearly guessed it happening. Thus, everyone didn't feel surprised about this.

Li Xuantong had also shot out, and appeared before Gu Xiong.

Clenching her longsword with her jade-like hand, Luo Li spoke towards Mu Chen in a soft voice, " Be careful. I'll finish him off as fast as possible and come help you."

As she spoke those words, she shot out, her goal being the distant Mu Gu.

Her actions instant caused some clamoring noises to erupt within the Western Desolated City. The beautiful young girl that appeared as if she was a Freshman had actually become the opponent of Mu Gu, ranked third on the Bounty Board.

Across the horizon, only Wu Jia was left being unselected. At this moment, his face still had the same indifferent expression on it as his eyes sparkled, akin to a venomous snake tasting the air with its tongue.

Everyone stared at the remaining group of people from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Faced against that lowest rank, yet being harder to deal with than Mu Gu and Gui Xiong, Wu Jia, exactly who amongst them would take action?

Within the great hall, the green-robed male was similarly filled with interest as he stared towards the sky.

Under the countless guessing gazes within the Western Desolated City, Mu Chen slowly exhaled a clump of white air, before walking out of the group.


Countless gazes immediately converged together. After identifying Mu Chen's strength, incredulous expressions immediately erupted on each and every one of their faces.

This youth, whose strength had only reached Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, actually dared to take action?

Within the great hall, the green-robed male had also faintly gawked, before he faintly narrowed his eyes. Gently tapping his finger, he muttered to himself, "A Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase against a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master…Haha. This truly is interesting…I don't know if he's looking to die, or if he truly has some astonishing abilities or methods…"

Chapter 370 – Spiritual Array Competition with Wu Jia

As Mu Chen walked out, not only did it cause countless clamoring noises to ring out within the Western Desolated City, it also caused the expression of the indifferent-looking Wu Jia to faintly tremble as his dark and cold gaze locked onto the former.

Nevertheless, Mu Chen cast a blind eye towards all those gazes. Shooting out, he slowly came to a stop a couple hundred metres away from Wu Jia. Cupping his fists, he spoke out with a faint smile. "Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Freshman Mu Chen, came forward to seek guidance."

"This fellow…truly is only a Freshman…" Mu Chen's words instantly caused shocked and astonished cries to ring out, before everyone turned and looked at each other. This batch of Freshmen from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was actually that tyrannical? Having just arrived in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they actually dared to act so rampant in the Northern Heavens Continent?

Wu Jia stared straight at Mu Chen, while not much of the so-called disdain and contempt was present. He knew that the so-called "Freshman" before him was, in fact, not a simple character. If not, Chi Yu and Mao Jiong wouldn't have lost their lives in his hands.

The reason why the current situation would progress to such a stage was all due to the youth in front of him that had appeared out of thin air… If not for him suddenly breaking through their blockade to find Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, and even dispelling the Demonic Dragon Poison within their bodies, the people locked within those metal cages might not only be Lin Zheng and the other two.

If not for this youth, this four-on-four battle would not exist, and the only thing they needed to do was to carefreely enjoy the process of stomping on the face of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Shooting a deep look at Mu Chen, Spiritual Energy started to ripple around Wu Jia's body, appearing as if he was standing within a surging lake.


In the far distance, boundless Spiritual Energy erupted akin to a storm from Shen Cangsheng. Hoisting his Golden Lotus War God Spear, a chilling glow erupted from his eyes as he shot forward. Shadow spears blotted the skies, bringing forth frightening Spiritual Energy as they surrounded Mo Longzi.

"Haha, Shen Cangsheng! Since you truly want to have a fight with me, I'll grant your wish today!"

Mo Longzi raised his head with a long arrogant roar filled with laughter. Greyish-black Spiritual Energy erupted from him, before transforming into demonic dragons, twisting and twining around him. At this moment, the sky started to turn dark and gloomy.

"This time, I'll let you know, the true disparity between us!"

With a clench of his fist, two demonic dragons condensed within his hand. Grabbing them, he shot out, clashing head-on against the incoming Shen Cangsheng without a hint of retreat.

Bang! Bang!

Incomparably erratic Spiritual Energy swept out as the two men confronted each other in the air. Under the shock waves produced by their attacks, even the cloud layers in the sky were completely separated.

Their fight was astonishing and soul-stirring.

After seeing Shen Cangsheng commencing the fight, Luo Li and Li Xuantong didn't continue hesitating and swiftly rushed out towards their respective enemies. Upon launching their attacks, they didn't do any such thing as warming up, since what they needed the most now was time.

They needed to defeat their enemies before Shen Cangsheng fell!

Only when that happened would they be able to reverse the situation before them around.


Within the endless confines of the horizon, three fights instantly took place. Boundless Spiritual Energy rippled and swept out, seemingly filling the entire sky above the Western Desolated City, causing shocked expressions to fill the faces of countless people.

Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. People of this strength could already be considered as top ranking within the entire Northern Heavens Continent. There were even some powers and influences who were completely led by characters of this level of strength. Therefore, the confrontation happening in the sky was clearly extremely spectacular to the people in the city.

Feeling the Spiritual Energy storms sweeping out within the horizon, Mu Chen took a deep breath of air, before his black eyes gradually turned frosty. Locking his gaze on Wu Jia, Spiritual Energy burning with black flames rose from his body.


An apathetic expression still remained on Wu Jia's face and not a single word was spoken from him. With a formation of a hand seal, the air around his body started to churn and flare up. As rays of brilliance radiated out, two gigantic Spiritual Arrays immediately surfaced behind his back.

Obviously, he had long-made his preparations.

Those two gigantic Spiritual Arrays started to rapidly revolve as they radiated with overbearing Spiritual Energy fluctuations. Those were two Rank 4 Spiritual Arrays. However, they were arranged by Wu Jia with a casual move of his hands. Him being a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master was not an unjustified reputation.


As the two Spiritual Arrays revolved, boundless Spiritual Energy condensed forth, before transforming into two large Spiritual Energy-made hands. Shooting out explosively, they immediately patted furiously down towards Mu Chen's location.

Mu Chen raised his head, his black pupils reflecting the image of the large Spiritual Energy-made hands head towards him. With the formation of a hand seal, rays of brilliance erupted out from the air behind him, before two gigantic Spiritual Arrays surfaced.

As the two Spiritual Arrays appeared behind Mu Chen, clamoring noises seemed to ring out within the entire city.

"That Mu Chen's actually a Spiritual Array Master?!"

"No wonder why he was so confident. However, he can't possibly have greater attainments than Wu Jia on the aspect of Spiritual Arrays, right?"

"That's hard to say. Since this time, it's a battle between Spiritual Array Masters, there'll be quite a good show to watch…"

Mu Chen didn't give the slightest care towards those countless whispers of discussions floating in the air. With a flick of his finger, golden lights erupted from the two Spiritual Arrays at his back. In the next instant, two gigantic golden teeth wheels explosively shot out. Carving two lines across the horizon, they smashed head-on against the descending giant Spiritual Energy-made hands.


Spiritual Energy instantly exploded outwards as both attacks gradually dissolved in mutual destruction.

"So, you're a Spiritual Array Master."

Traces of emotion finally appeared within Wu Jia's eyes.

In response, Mu Chen sent a smile back at him, brimming with chilling intent. In the next instant, he shot out, boundless Spiritual Energy was condensing on his fists. Being a Spiritual Array Master, he naturally knew that one should never give too much time for a Spiritual Array Master to prepare when faced against one.

Seeing Mu Chen rushing straight towards him, Wu Jia had similarly sensed the intent of the former. Displaying a faint smile, he spoke out, "If you're thinking you're able to impede a Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master just like that, you're truly looking down on me."

With a wave of his sleeve, more Spiritual Arrays started taking form behind him, with all of them being Rank 4 Spiritual Arrays. However, they were all arranged by a casual flick of his hand.

Bang! Bang!

Erratic Spiritual Energy erupted from each of the Rank 4 Spiritual Arrays, before violently rumbling towards Mu Chen. However, facing against attacks of such degrees, not the slightest change was present on his expression before black lightning arcs appeared on his body, completely eradicating the incoming attacks.

Bang! Bang!

Wu Jia's attacks exploded on Mu Chen's body as he pierced through the barrage of erratic Spiritual Energy without a single scratch appearing on his body. Within the toughness of his fleshly body, those Rank 4 Spiritual Arrays simply weren’t a threat to him.

"You've actually refined your physique…"

Looking at Mu Chen, who had shot through all the attacks he had launched, Wu Jia's eyes slightly narrowed, before shaking his head. Looks like Rank 4 Spiritual Arrays simply weren't able to obstruct that Mu Chen the slightest bit.

With a clench of his hand, a golden metallic ball covered in abstruse runic patterns appeared within. With a flick, it shot out, before a thousand rays of brilliance blossomed from it.

Unexpectedly, that was a Spiritual Array Seed!

As the golden light erupted, it instantly transformed into an incomparably gigantic Spiritual Array. Spiritual Energy crazily condensed within the centre of the Spiritual Array, before finally transforming into a gigantic golden clock. Upon its complete formation, humming sounds instantly enveloped Mu Chen within it.

Radiating with powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations, this golden clock was much more tyrannical that those Rank 4 Spiritual Arrays that were arranged earlier by him. Obviously, this golden clock had already encroached on the boundary of a Rank 5 Spiritual Array.

Just as the golden clock had enveloped Mu Chen, intense vibrations started to spread through it. Clear and melodious ringing sounds continued to spread from it, while getting more hurried one after the other. Obviously, Mu Chen, who was within it, was rapidly breaking the array that had surrounded him.

An indifferent expression still filled Wu Jia's face as his figure fluttered back. His hands came together to form a seal, and Spiritual Seals started to sparkle akin to stars in a night sky as they condensed at an astonishing speed.

This number had already arrived in the hundreds. Obviously, this Wu Jia had finally prepared to use his true killing move.


Hundreds of Spiritual Seals explosively shot out, before fusing together in the air. In the next instant, everyone within the city was able to something akin to a storm taking shape within this stretch of the sky.

Grave expressions filled the faces of countless people within the entire city as they were able to feel how formidable the Spiritual Array being arranged by Wu Jia this time was. This was definitely considered to be a rather strong one within all the Rank 5 Spiritual Arrays.

Boom! Boom!

Crack after crack started to appear and extend over the surface of the giant golden clock. With a finally bang, an arm encased in black lightning shot out from within. In the next instant, the entire giant clock completely exploded apart, transforming into glowing dots that blotted sky, before dissipating into thin air.

After smashing the giant golden clock apart, Mu Chen raised his head to look at the sky, which had already turned dim and dark. A gigantic Spiritual Array, approximately a few hundred feet wide, was spread across the sky, enveloping around him.

"This Spiritual Array…"

As Mu Chen looked at the gigantic Spiritual Array, his eyes faintly contracted, since he could discover some dangerous fluctuations emanating from it.

As boundless Spiritual Energy howled from it, the stretch of the sky that Mu Chen was in appeared as if it had been disconnected from the world. At the same time, all of the gazes within the entire city were blocked from seeing it. In everyone's eyes, they could only see an incomparably gigantic Spiritual Array, while being unable to see the two people that were confronting each other within it.

However, although they were unable to see within it, everyone one knew that it would be the determining moment for the victor and loser when either one of the two walked out from the Spiritual Array.

As the Spiritual Energy light screen surrounded him, Mu Chen looked into the distance, to the place where Wu Jia was seated in the air. The latter's chest was faintly heaving, while a grave expression filled his eyes. Obviously, arranging such a large array had led to quite a large consumption of his strength.

"Till this point in time, my Nine Layered Mountain and River Array has already trapped thirteen Heavenly Completion Stage experts within it to death…"

With malevolent and chilling intent like a venomous snake, Wu Jia stared at Mu Chen, while the smile present at the corner of his mouth appeared exceptionally eerie and sinister. Speaking out, he said, "You can be sufficiently proud of yourself for being able to force me to bring it out with your Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase…"

"However… your outcome will be no different from those thirteen people."

As his voice rang out, his hands abruptly came together to form a seal. In the next instant, the incomparably gigantic Spiritual Array erupted with dazzling brightness, transforming this place into something akin to a small world. Within the small world of the Spiritual Array were nine mountains glowing with golden light, appearing akin to nine divine mountains. Bright and resplendent golden brilliance slowly appeared as they radiated from the nine mountains.

At the same time, frightening Spiritual Energy pressure started to pervade out.

Seeing the nine mountains and feeling the incoming pressure, Mu Chen's expression started to slowly turn solemn.

Chapter 371 – Nine Heavy Mountain Array

Bang! Rumble!

Nine gold-coloured divine mountains towered within this Spiritual Light world. Golden light gushed and flowed out of them, causing them to appear akin to the residences of gods, while radiating with Spiritual Energy pressure that caused people's hearts to tremble.

Mu Chen's expression turned grave, since the Spiritual Array that Wu Jia had arranged might be no weaker than the double lotus formation of his Demonic Butchering Lotus Spiritual Array. This Wu Jia really had some ability.

Far across the horizon, Wu Jia continued sending an indifferent gaze out towards Mu Chen. Within saying anymore words, he waved his sleeves, causing the nine gold-coloured divine mountains to instantly vibrate as a gold-coloured wave of air swept out from them.


A gold-coloured divine mountain rushed to the skies. Carrying along a shadow that hid the skies and covered the earth, with an indescribably overbearing attitude, it brought along its golden glow as it pressed straight down towards Mu Chen.

The air under the gold-coloured divine mountain instantly exploded, while distortions appeared in the surrounding space.

Facing such an attack, even people whose strength had reached Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase might not dare to show to slightest bit of contempt.

As the gold-coloured divine mountain grew larger within Mu Chen's eyes, he exhaled a long breath of air. In the next instant, his gaze turned sharp and fierce. Tightly clenching his hands into fists, he sent a fist rumbling out.

Boundless Spiritual Energy transformed into a starry sky behind him as a white tiger condensed together, roaring towards the sky. Transforming into a streak of light, it accompanied Mu Chen's fist, howling through the sky as they violently slammed against the descending divine mountain.


Incomparably erratic Spiritual Energy storms were instantly whipped up as they expanded out. Although the gold-coloured divine mountain was sent flying back, the white tiger was shattered apart by the its frightening power, transforming into glowing dots that blotted the sky.

Upon seeing this, a sneer appeared at the corner of Wu Jia's mouth. With a change of his hand seal, the divine mountains came howling out, radiating with astonishing pressure.

A frosty expression filled Mu Chen's eyes as three gigantic figures condensed once again in the starry sky behind him. However, this time, the imposing aura radiating from them had become much, much stronger. Shooting out, the three figures immediately proceeded to obstruct and resist the three incoming divine mountains.


After blocking the divine mountains, Mu Chen shot out. Black lightning started to arc and dance around his body, while a black lightning mark started to surface on his chest.

Mono Rune Lightning Physique!

Mu Chen's speed dramatically increased, shooting straight under a divine mountain. Spiritual Energy burning with black flames explosively shot out from his body in the form of a streak of light. Tightly clenching his hand, his veins squirmed and wriggled on the top of his fist. In the next instant, his fist with lightning arcing and dancing around it, rumbled out, slamming head-on against the bottom of the divine mountain.


As his fist made contact, the sky within this stretch of the world seemed to intensely vibrate. Gigantic cracks started to suddenly extend rapidly from the point of impact of his fist. In a short span of a few breaths, they had completely covered the divine mountain!


Under this single punch by Mu Chen, this lofty mountain that towered in the sky had completely shattered into pieces.

After shattering the divine mountain with a single punch, a shadow of a dragon surfaced on his body. In a flash, he retreated a couple hundred feet away, where a divine mountain had violently pressed down on the location he was previously at.

"You've some ability."

Seeing Mu Chen destroying a divine mountain with a single punch, a cold glint flashed within Wu Jia's eyes. This fellow seems to have cultivated a rather strong body-refinement Deity Tier Spiritual Art. If not, he wouldn't have been able to destroy my divine mountain with his Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase strength.

"However, do you truly think that my Nine Heavy Mountain Array would be that simple?"

With a sneer, Wu Jia changed his hand seal. In the next instant, Mu Chen saw the golden divine mountain, which he had shattered into glowing bits that blotted the sky, started to condense together once again. Within a short span of a few breaths, a majestic divine mountain reappeared in his sight.

"My nine divine mountains will endlessly form. No matter how many of them you shatter, they'll condense back again, all till you've exhausted your strength and emptied all of your Spiritual Energy!" Bringing along ridiculement and contempt, Wu Jia's cold voice resounded within this world.

Hearing his words, Mu Chen shot out once again. Transforming into a bolt of black lightning, he violent smashed against a divine mountain.


Yet another divine mountain was forcibly destroyed by Mu Chen.

However, the glowing dots that filled the sky quickly converged together, before transforming back into the divine mountain, completely void of damage.

Seeing Mu Chen's futile attempts, Wu Jia gave a soft smile, containing his ridiculement and contempt towards the former. This Mu Chen truly wasn't going to give up. After being trapped within his Nine Heavy Mountain Array, regardless of how many methods the former possessed, regardless of how remarkable he was, Mu Chen would never be able to escape from here.

After destroying three divine mountains in rapid succession and saw them recondense, Mu Chen stopped continuing to waste his energy in doing pointless actions. With a sneer, he replied, "Although you have some ability, this is, after all, only a Rank 5 Spiritual Array. Furthermore, do you truly think that you're Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master?"

The Nine Heavy Mountain Array truly was somewhat formidable. However, Mu Chen didn't believe in what Wu Jia had said. A Spiritual Array of that degree was simply not something that Wu Jia, with his qualifications, could successfully arrange.

Furthermore, if what he said was true, it would have exceeded the boundaries of a Rank 5 Spiritual Array.

Raising his head, he looked towards the nine divine mountains that had encircled him. Golden light gushed and radiated out, causing them to appear as if they were cast from gold.

As his black pupils reflected the images of the divine mountains, his eyes sparkled with brilliance. After a moment, he muttered out in a soft voice, "Is it real, or is it fake?"

Hearing those soft words, Wu Jia's eyes furiously contracted, before sending a dark stare towards Mu Chen. At this moment, dense killing intent erupted from his heart as he thought, This fellow truly isn't easy.

"Of the nine divine mountains, only one should be real, right? After breaking that, your Spiritual Array shouldn't have any more points worth commending, right?" Locking his gaze onto the dark-faced Wu Jia, Mu Chen spoke out with a faint smile.

"That'll have to depend on whether you have the ability to do so."

A faint shiver shook through Wu Jia's heart, while his expression grew increasingly dark. Changing his hand seal, the nine divine mountains instantly revolved, causing golden light to blossom across the entire sky. The golden light concealed the nine divine mountains within, causing Mu Chen to be unable to see their tracks.

Bang! Bang!

Under the golden light, divine mountains came pressuring down one after another, attempting to squash Mu Chen to death.

Activating the Dragon Soaring Art, Mu Chen's figure appeared akin to a dragon's shadow, evading the divine mountains that were attempting to suppress him from above. For those attacks that weren't dodgeable, a fist would fiercely rumble, causing anything that was in its path to smash and shatter apart.

"I have to find the real divine mountain."

Looking at the bright and eye-blinding sea of golden light, this thought ran through Mu Chen's mind. After faintly pondering about it, he started to slowly close his eyes.

Looking at Mu Chen, who had closed his eyes all of a sudden, a feeling of unease sprouted from Wu Jia's heart for some unknown reason.


Across the horizon far away from the Western Desolated Territory, two figures with the most tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuations, were currently exchanging furious blows with one another. Wave after wave of Spiritual Energy shock waves swept out akin to hundred foot large waves, causing the countless gazes from the entire city to be tightly lock onto them.

This was the fighting ground between Shen Cangsheng and Mo Longzi.


Bringing along overbearing intent, a golden stream shattered apart the horizon as it pierced out.


As a dragon roar seemed to resound out, a demonic dragon howled as it appeared, its baleful aura pervading throughout the sky. Baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, it collided head-on against the golden stream.

A violent shudder seemed to spread across the sky as Spiritual Energy storms immediately followed suit.

The golden glowing figure was sent flying back as the golden long spear within Shen Cangsheng's hand heavily smashed the space below him, stabilising his body. At this moment, a few wounds had already appeared on his body. Obviously, the intense battle with Mo Longzi had resulted in him getting some light injuries.

In the front of him, greyish-black Spiritual Energy pervaded with a baleful aura expanded out. At this moment, the Spiritual Energy appeared akin to a gigantic demonic dragon, with Mo Longzi floating in the air above it.

Looking apathetically at Shen Cangsheng, Mo Longzi slowly pulled out the black sword hoisted on his back. This sword was somewhat broad, while bloody patterns covered the entirety of its surface. With its dark and sinister colour, it appeared akin to being formed from countless amounts of blood.

"This ends here."

Mo Longzi spoke out, his voice sounding exceptionally cold and detached. Shen Cangsheng's tenacity and toughness had exceeded his expectations. Although he knew that the latter had already touched the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, if they had an opportunity to meet again, the latter would have already broken through. Furthermore, at that time, Mo Longzi would truly not have any assurance that he could grasp victory within his hands.

Against the Overlord of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Heavenly Rankings, dread was similarly present within Mo Longzi's heart. This kind of opponent would become a big cancerous tumor within his heart if he were to let him go.

Humm! Humm!

As Mo Longzi grasped the black heavy sword within his hands, a bloodthirsty humm seemed to ring out from the body of the sword. As this continued, one could seemingly hear a demonic dragon roaring across the heavens and earth.

Within the large hall in the city, upon seeing the black heavy sword in Mo Longzi's hands, the eyes of the green-robed male slightly contracted as he muttered, "That's the Dragon Breaking Sword of the Demonic Dragon Palace…"

Shen Cangsheng had similarly felt the extremely dangerous fluctuations radiating from it as his expression turned grave. Clenching the Golden Lotus War God Spear tightly within his hands, Spiritual Energy gushed out of his body without the slightest restraint.

He knew that Mo Longzi had already planned to forsake everything to get rid of him.


The black heavy sword rushed towards the sky as black rays of brilliance blossomed from it. Appearing akin to a demonic dragon that had broken the fetters of mortality, it proceeded to plant itself in the middle of the sky.

Mo Longzi's hands suddenly came together to form a seal as Spiritual Energy swelled and burst forth from his body. Like a thousand foot wide waterfall, it hid the skies and covered the earth as it rushed towards to sky, before completely being absorbed by the black heavy sword.


As the heavy black sword continued absorbing Mo Longzi's Spiritual Energy, the greyish-black Spiritual Energy quickly condensed together, while layer after layer of dragon scales started surfacing on it. After a short span of a few breaths, the black heavy sword unexpectedly transformed into a genuine demonic dragon approximately a thousand feet long.

At this moment, Mo Longzi opened his gigantic blood-red eyes, with endless bloodthirsty intent pervaded within them. A baleful aura pervaded throughout the world, causing the surrounding temperature to drastically drop.

The demonic dragon sat in the sky, its gigantic body appeared icy-cold, as if it was cast in metal. Power and vigor radiated from it, appearing as if it could shatter the world apart. A ferocious beast of this level was enough to cause fear and terror in people on first sight.

That seemed like a genuine demonic dragon!

Looking at the exceptionally ferocious beast sitting in the sky, Shen Cangsheng's face turned slightly pale. Taking a deep breath, he tightly clenched his Golden Lotus War God Spear. At this moment, he absolutely could not retreat!

If he did, the other three battles would get implicated as a result.

"I'll have to risk it for this fight!"

Golden light burst forth and swept out from his body, pervading throughout the world.

At this moment, under the gigantic Spiritual Array that had replaced the sky, a shiver suddenly shook through Mu Chen, who was trapped within the Nine Heavy Mountain Array. Within the depths of his spirit, a single eye seemed to slowly open at this moment.

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