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Chapter 368 – Western Desolated City

Western Desolated City, the biggest city within the entire Western Desolated Territory. Countless experts from various places that come to the depths of the Western Desolated Territory to cultivate would stop and rest at this place, as well as to prepare various cultivation-related items. Therefore, the vitality and liveliness was the greatest within the entire Western Desolated Territory.

This city was under the jurisdiction of the West Pole Hall. This Western Pole was a peak level influence within the Northern Heavens Continent, and was extremely powerful. Speaking about it, it could be considered an Overlord of a region within the Northern Heavens Continent.

Therefore, although there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons mixed within the Western Desolated City, cases of people causing trouble over here were extremely rare. After all, with such an enormously powerful influence like the West Pole Hall sitting there, it wasn’t an existence that was good to provoke.

However, today, the Western Desolated City had become somewhat more lively due to some external influences, with some perceptive people being able to sense the surge and roars within the darkness.

The origin of all of these was due to Mo Longzi and his group of people.

After arriving at the Western Desolated City, they immediately occupied the most eye-catching location within the city, the Western Desolated Terrace.

The Western Desolated Terrace sat at the highest point within the Western Desolated Territory. Standing tall within the city like a mountain, it overlooked the entire city. In most cases, only when major events happened within the Western Desolated City would the Western Desolate Terrace be opened. However, this time, Mo Longzi and his group of people had directly occupied it.

This group of uninvited guests had undeniably roused the attention of countless people within the entire city.

This was especially true after seeing three gigantic metal cages being hoisted up in the Western Desolated Terrace, which even caused doubt and bewilderment. However, their doubts were quickly erased, before shock and astonishment swept through the entire Western Desolated City.

That’s because the three people locked within those metal cages were, unexpectedly, the three Great Generals of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!

With Mo Longzi’s ties with the Demonic Dragon Palace also being exposed, countless people felt shock erupt within their hearts. This was a gigantic influence that had almost become the Overlord of the Northern Heavens Continent in the past. Even after suffering a decrease in fame and reputation after the astonishing war with the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that year and hiding away for all these years, people knew that this previous Overlord still possessed frightening power that would make people quake in fear.

Facing a previous Overlord like the Demonic Dragon Palace, even those peak influences within the Northern Heavens Continent, like the West Pole Hall, would still have much dread and fear within them, and would not dare to provoke it too much.

From the looks of it, Mo Longzi had actually captured the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall; moreover, he had used such a method to hang them within the Western Desolated Terrace. Was this a demonstration of might towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

Those were the two greatest influences within the Northern Heavens Continent. Were they planning to launch a war again?

This might become a big matter that would rock and shake the entire Northern Heavens Continent.

As the entire Western Desolated City was still reeling in shock, Mo Longzi didn’t show any other signs of movement. He continued sitting within the Western Desolated Terrace, with an indifferent expression within his eyes, as if he was waiting for something.

At his back, Mu Gu, Gui Xiong, Wu Jia and the rest were standing while facing the wind. Baleful auras radiated from them, pervading the air and letting everyone know their viciousness and strength.

Their entire group of seven people all possessed strength at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage. Placed within any influences, they would be classified as elites. Although there were numerous experts within the Western Desolated Territory, the amount of people whose strengths were able to exceed that of Mo Longzi and his group of people were rather small.

“Worthy of being the genius that came from the Demonic Dragon Palace. Being able to reach Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase at such an age…that’s truly frightening.” After sensing the astonishing fluctuations radiating from Mo Longzi, some people within the city couldn’t help sighing in admiration.

“Exactly. Furthermore, it’s said that this Mo Longzi’s not considered the peak within the younger generation in the Demonic Dragon Palace. That Mo Xingtian’s the truly terrifying one. However, that person rarely takes action. Previously, the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was completely suppressed by the fame and reputation of Mo Xingtian.”

“Looks like the ability of the Demonic Dragon Palace to nurture people isn’t weaker than the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

“You can’t say words like that. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is, after all, an academy, and doesn’t have the cruelty imbued in it like the Demonic Dragon Palace. Furthermore, students have a limited amount of time to cultivate within an academy. Compared to the Demonic Dragon Palace, which has unlimited amounts of resources under its belt, and had geniuses nurtured painstakingly from birth, there will always be a slight disparity. Therefore, if you look from afar, the Demonic Dragon Palace isn’t comparable to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After all, after so many years, there are quite a few graduates from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that had already stepped into the Sovereign Stage, and had spread their great names within the Great Thousand World.”

“That’s true. Every peak influence would concentrate and pool their resources together, thus allowing for outstanding people to continuously appear. Not only Mo Xingtian from the Demonic Dragon Palace, Xi Qinghai from the West Pole Hall, Xia Yingran from the Nine Summers Merchant Group, Su Buxiu from the Heavenly Furnace Saint Sect. These people are the truly outstanding ones within the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent.”

The entire city was rifled with whispers of discussion, causing an extreme surge of liveliness within the city. Furthermore, everyone also felt curious towards Mo Longzi’s appearance, which clearly portrayed him waiting for something…

Although they were not too clear of the exact situation, those perceptive ones were faintly able to discern the feeling of the calm before a storm. A storm was about to brew within this Western Desolated City.

Uproars and some unrest were felt due to the actions of Mo Longzi and his group. Within a large hall in the centre of the Western Desolated City, a male in green robes stood with his hands behind his back. Raising his head, he looked towards the scene present within the Western Desolated Terrance as a faint smile surfaced on his face.

“Ah, Mo Longzi… you’ve actually come to the place of our West Pole Hall to raise a storm.”

A figure respectfully spoke out behind the male in green robes, “ Young Hallmaster, do we have to do anything? I’ve already investigated that the three people Mo Longzi had caught were the three Great Generals of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Punishment Hall. Furthermore, Mo Longzi should be planning to wait for the reinforcements coming from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, before completely killing all of them. In that way, his reputation and prestige within the Demonic Dragon Palace would greatly increase, with the possibly of even getting rewards for his actions.”

“This Mo Longzi looks like he has already promoted into Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. If not, he wouldn’t be able to deal with the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall.”

The male in green robes gave a faint smile, before gesturing with his hand and saying, “The matter between the Demonic Dragon Palace and the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy doesn’t concern nor involve us. Just treat it as if we can’t see it. If they want to fight it out, let them be.”


The gaze of the green-robed male condensed on the figure within the Western Desolated Terrace that was radiating a baleful aura. This Mo Longzi truly was formidable. However, compared to Mo Xingtian, he was still weaker by a sliver.

“Mo Xingtian…”

Thinking about that person, the eyes of the green-robed male couldn’t help faintly narrowing as he started to count the dates. Isn’t the “Holy Spiritual Mountain” that will cause extreme waves of shock to propagate throughout the Northern Heavens Continent about to open? This time, that Mo Xingtian might become one of my enemies.

The atmosphere within the Western Desolated City had grown increasingly scorching hot as time went by. As news of this matter continued to spread out, anyone that had heard of it had all rushed over the Western Desolated City.

The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Demonic Dragon Palace were, after all, too famous within the Northern Heavens Continent. Any small matter involving them would be able to shake the entire continent.

Sitting within the Western Desolated Terrace, Mo Longzi looked at the gigantic city flourishing with vitality below him, while an apathetic smile surfaced on his face. If he defeated all of the elite students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy under the attention of this many people, wouldn’t the face of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy be completely squashed to the ground?

At that time, his status within the Demonic Dragon Palace would greatly rise as a result, with the possibility of even threatening that Mo Xingtian. At that time, the regards he would get wouldn’t be weaker than that of the latter.

Thinking about that person, a dark shadow flashed within Mo Longzi’s eyes. He possessed absolutely shocking talent. Originally, he should’ve been the most outstanding person within the Demonic Dragon Palace. However, who would have thought that Mo Xingtian had firmly sat on top of his head for the last couple of years? Within the Demonic Dragon Palace, anyone who talked about him would place him behind Mo Xingtian. This was, in reality, quite a blow towards Mo Longzi, whose inner arrogance had reached an an incomparable level.

“Hmph! When this matter’s over, my reputation will greatly increase. At that time, there will definitely be my quota for the upcoming opening of the ‘Holy Spiritual Mountain’. During that time, if I obtained the ‘Holy Spiritual Baptism’, I’ll be able to obtain a good foundation in my path to promoting into Sovereign Stage. Then, Mo Xingtian will be squashed beneath my feet!”

“At that moment, only I, Mo Longzi, will truly become the strongest within the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent!”

A sinister expression surfaced on Mo Longzi’s face as his ambitiousness erupted within his eyes. Raising his head, he looked towards the far distance out of the Western Desolated City, while a cold smirk rose from the corner of his mouth.

“Shen Cangsheng, you guys must definitely come. If not, all of my plans will be for naught…My reputation still needs you people to become stepping stones for me!”

Time quickly elapsed within the Western Desolated City, whose atmosphere had turned scorching hot. Whooshing sounds continuously resounded outside of the city as people descended within the city, akin to a swarm of locusts.

Countless gazes endlessly swept towards the Western Desolated Terrance, while simultaneously looking out of the city. All of them really wanted to know; facing this solemn waiting by Mo Longzi and his lineup, exactly which of younger generations within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would dare to come here and save their people?

As countless people raised their heads and looked around, the scorching sun across the horizon inched slowly up, before finally reaching its peak in the sky.

At this moment, a faint movement was seen within Mo Longzi’s indifferent expression, before slowly raising his head. A sneer surfaced within his eyes as he looked towards to horizon, where hurried whooshing sounds suddenly rang out from there.

Those sounds appeared extremely rapid and furious, causing everyone’s gaze to immediately turn their way. As they looked over, ten figures shot over akin to lightning bolts, before transforming into rainbow-like streaks, appearing in the air above the city.

As the glow around them faded, their figures surfaced for everyone to see.

A youth stood stanch and straight at the front-most position of the group. A gold-coloured long spear grasped within his hand, boundless Spiritual Energy radiated out. A disdainful look was present within his eyes, while everyone could sense the exceptionally imposing aura radiating from him.

“That’s the First Rank on the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heavenly Rankings, Shen Cangsheng!”

Similar to Mo Longzi, Shen Cangsheng possessed quite a bit of reputation within the Northern Heavens Continent. Upon his arrival, he was immediately recognised, causing waves of outcry to ring out within the city.

“The person beside him should be the Second Rank on the Heavenly Rankings, Li Xuantong…”

“Tsk. Tsk. He Yao, Su Xuan, Xu Huang…they’re all in the top ten ranks within the Heavenly Rankings. Their lineup is quite strong.”

“Who are those two people? Why do they look younger than Shen Cangsheng and the rest of their group? Their age, seems to be Freshmen, right? They actually dared to come to this place? Could it be that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy doesn’t have anymore people that it could be sent here?”

“Oh, a very interesting show is coming. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heavenly Rankings against their Bounty Board’s Rankings…”

As the group of people in the sky had just revealed themselves, waves of clamoring noises instantly sprung up within the entire city as countless whispers of discussion erupted out.

However, not the slightest bit of care was given by the people in the sky as they cast their sinister gazes towards Mo Longzi and his group of people within the Western Desolated Terrace.

“Haha…you’ve finally arrived.”

Under their sinister gazes, Mo Longzi gave a faint smile. Standing up, he gave an apathetic look towards Shen Cangsheng, Mu Chen and their group.

“Congratulations for being punctual. If you guys want to rescue those three from my hands today, that would have to depend on how much ability you guys exactly have!”

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