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Chapter 366 – Gathering

This was a gigantic basin, whose air was filled with dense spiritual mist. Within it, one could seemingly not be able to see the sky and the horizon. At this moment, extremely erratic Spiritual Energy fluctuations swept out from the centre of this basin, causing the spiritual mist in the surrounding air to be shakened to the point of being unable to spread closer.

Bang! Bang!

Spiritual Energy gushed out from the centre of the basin, while a Sword Aura howled about. Under this confrontation, the ground below started to collapse as gigantic fissures continued to endlessly form and extend out.

If one were to turn their gaze towards the origin of this spectacle, one would see two figures flashing about like lightning as they crossed hands with each other. Every single exchange would cause astonishingly loud sounds to ring out.

If one looked closely, one would notice that one of the figures was slim and graceful, with a set of black clothes wrapped around her slender and exquisite figure. A long black sword carried along an exceptionally swift and sharp Sword Aura that swept out.

This familiar figure was, naturally, Luo Li.

However, at this moment, her current opponent wasn’t Wu Jia, whom she had fought against previously. The figure opposite of her was a skinny male that appeared akin to a bag of bones. This person, was Mu Gu, the 3rd Rank on the Bounty Board’s rankings.

The surface of that Mu Gu’s body sparkled in a lustrous white awe as if it was radiating from his bones. At this moment, his seemingly thin and withered body appear to contain an extremely tyrannical power.

A bone knife was wielded in his hands as he fought against Luo Li. The two would erupt with rather astonishing attacks as they clashed, causing even the surrounding air to get split apart by them.

A number of figures were present behind Mu Gu as they stood on a mountain peak. Observing the battle taking place before them, astonishment was present in their eyes. Obviously, they never expected that Mu Gu would actually be obstructed by such a beautiful young girl.

“Haha. I never imagined that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would produce yet another outstanding student. This youth is able to possess such strength at such an age. She truly isn’t simple,” said a male carrying a long spear with a smile as he looked in astonishment at the battle before him.

“Teng Long, I’m afraid that even you will not be able to deal with this girl,” said Wu Jia with a faint smile. From his previous exchange with Luo Li, he could determine that the latter truly was extremely formidable. He had arranged numerous Spiritual Arrays against her, which were dealt with by the latter in a single slash.

Although his words didn’t sound nice, the male by the name of Teng Long shrugged his shoulders in indifference. Although Wu Jia was only rank fifth on the Bounty Board’s rankings, he was, after all, a Fifth grade Spiritual Array Master. If one were to truly talk about the degree of difficulty to be subdued, from a certain perspective, he was even more formidable than those two vicious people of Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase, Mu Gu and Gui Xiong.

“I’ve heard that Mao Jiang and Chi Yu were defeated?”

Wu Jia nodding his head, replying, “They were defeated by a student named Mu Chen. Furthermore, that person should have gone to save Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong.”

“What’s the use of saving them? The two were poisoned by the Demonic Dragon Poison. If they were rescued now, they would only be a burden for them.” On the other side, a male covered in tiger-head marks spoke out while curling his lip.

This person was Wang Hu, 9th Rank on the Bounty Board’s rankings.

“Mo Longzi isn’t back yet? Looks like defeating Lin Zheng and the other two should consume quite a bit of his time.” Teng Long spoke out while looking at his surroundings.

“The three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall are also exceptional characters. Even Mo Longzi would have to consume some time in taking them down one by one.”

With a faint smile, Wu Jia replied, “However, that’s alright. Regardless of how they struggle, the result would still be the same. The only thing we have to do is stare at those people from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. When Mo Longzi appears, be prepared to keep all of them here.”

As his spoke those words, his sinister gaze stared towards the distance like a venomous snake. At a mountain peak situated there, there were similarly a few standing figures, which were He Yao, Su Xuan and the rest of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy members.

At this moment, however, their faces were brimming with graveness. They were similarly able to sense that Wu Jia and his group were currently staring at them. Having already crossed hands with that group of people, He Yao and the rest knew that every one of them in that group was vicious and cruel. If Lin Zheng and the other two Great Generals were around, they would not feel afraid. However, as of now, everyone had already gathered, but Lin Zheng and the other two had yet to appear. Causing them to feel some unease.

Previously, their enemies had already decided to capture all of them. The only thing that prevented them from doing so was Luo Li’s arrival and her subsequent obstruction of the extremely strong Mu Gu, causing their enemies to quietly restrain their actions. However, they knew that this non-aggression couldn’t last for too long, as they couldn’t rely on a sole person, Luo Li, to obstruct the group of vicious people staring down at them.

“Exactly where did that fellow Mu Chen go?”

In the current situation, they urgently needed people of strength comparable to Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase to shock and intimidate their opponents. Within their group of people, other than Lin Zheng and the other two Great Generals, the only people at that level would be Mu Chen and Luo Li.

However, Luo Li was now being tangled up by Mu Gu, and Mu Chen had yet to show himself since the start…

Thinking about that, Su Xuan and the rest all shook their heads in helplessness. Upon entering the Western Desolate Territory, they’d been immediately separated. Therefore, they were unclear as to where, exactly, Mu Chen had gone off to.

“There’s a possibility that something might have happened to Senior Brother Lin Zheng and the other two Great Generals,” said an expert from the Punishment Hall with a slightly dark expression. Clenching his teeth, he continued, “That Mo Longzi has yet to show himself since the beginning. I suspect that he’s gone off to deal with them.”

Hearing his words, Su Xuan and the rest turned silent. Naturally, they had also thought about this. However, their current situation was already far from good. As of now, the only thing they could do was to hope that Senior Brother Lin Zheng and the other two Great Generals would be able to deal with Mo Longzi. In that way, the current situation would be completely reversed by them.

That was what they were clearly waiting for now.


While both side were quietly waiting for the results between Mo Longzi and Lin Zheng and the other two, the confrontation happening in the sky became increasingly intense. Boundless Sword Aura howled, appearing akin to a river of Sword Aura, forcing Mu Gu to retreat.

As the Sword Aura swept across his body, it brought along bloodied wounds. Nevertheless, Mu Gu didn’t seem to care the slightest bit. The skin that was slashed apart revealed dense white bones beneath. Sparking with luster and light, they appeared to be as strong and resilient as steel.

This Mu Gu had clearly cultivated some Body Refining Divine Art that was exceedingly strong; therefore, being able to endure the engulfment of Luo Li’s Sword Aura.

“Truly a troublesome girl to deal with…” Looking at his blood-covered body, Mu Gu started to laugh out. His laughing sounds were withered and hoarse, sounding exceedingly ear-piercing.

“Anyways, why are you enduring so persistently? I know that you guys are waiting for the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall. However, they would definitely be dealt with by Mo Longzi. When he arrives, your ends would already be guaranteed.”

Facing his cawing, Luo Li didn’t gave the slightest bit of care. Instead, her attacks grew increasingly cruel and vicious as boundless Sword Aura hid the skies and covered the earth while sweeping towards Mu Gu.


Just as Luo Li had increased the ferocity of her attacks, whooshing sounds seemed to ring over from the distance.

A shiver instantly shook through everyone’s minds, before instantly turning their gazes towards the origin of the sound. There, layers of dense spiritual mist were being scattered apart, before a figure swiftly shot out from within. Like a fiend, he appeared in the sky of the basin.

That figure was covered in black robes, with a black sword on his back. An apathetic expression hung on his face, while a malevolent black dragon mark surfaced on the centre of his forehead, causing a baleful and tyrannical aura to appear around his body.

That’s Mo Longzi!

Upon spotting the demon god-like figure, the bodies of Su Xuan and the rest turned cold and clammy, and when they looked behind Mo Longzi, their faces instantly turned deathly pale.

Three figures covered in blood floated at the back of Mo Longzi. Their auras were depressed, while appearing to be in an injury-induced coma.

“It’s Senior Lin Zheng and the other two!”

Their entire bodies turned cold and clammy, while uncontrollable shivers shook through their spines. With eyes overwhelmed with shock and horror, they stared at the three people behind Mo Longzi.

Mo Longzi was actually that frightening? Even Lin Zheng and the other two were unable to defeat him?

“Haha. You’ve finally dealt with them?” On the other mountain peak, upon spotting the three figures behind Mo Longzi’s back, the corner of Gui Xiong’s eyes jumped and twitched, before speaking out with a hearty laugh.

Mo Longzi nodded his head with indifference. With a wave of his hands, he flung the heavily-injured Lin Zheng and the other two towards the mountain peak, before replying in an apathetic voice, “They’re worthy of being the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall. Even I had to waste some time to deal with them one by one.”

Turning his gaze towards the battle between Luo Li and Mu Gu, Mo Longzi faintly narrowed his eyes, while a sliver of shock flashed within them. “Other than Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, as well as the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall, I neer thought that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would produce yet another outstanding student.”

“There’s one more brat that has some ability. He broke through my obstruction and blocked off my Spiritual Array sensors that I’ve arranged within the spiritual mist. He should have headed off to save Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong,” replied Wu Jia with a faint smile.

“He’s gone to save them?” muttered Mo Longzi with faint jump of his eyebrows, before proceeding to laugh apathetically out loud, “Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong are close to becoming handicapped by my Demonic Dragon Poison. Even if they’re saved, they’ll turn into burdens. Let him do what he wants. We just have to capture him later, and that’s about it.”

While giving his reply, he shot a look at Su Xuan and their group standing in the distance. After judging their relative strength, he withdrew his gaze without giving the slightest care about them. Till this stage, the entire situation was basically within the palm of his hands.

“Gui Xiong, help Mu Gu finish her off. Don’t waste any more time,” said Mo Longzi with a wave of his hand.

“Haha, using a numerical advantage to bully others doesn’t seem too good, right?”

Gui Xiong spoke out with a beaming smile. However, regardless of what words he said, he had already pulled his giant axe out. With a stomp, his figure shot out. In the next instant, with strength that could cleave a mountain, and the incomparably overbearing awe of an axe, roared crazily as it cleaved towards Luo Li.


Seeing this, the bone blade in Mu Gu’s hand furiously slashed out, sending a gigantic hundred foot long glowing arced blade violently chopping down towards Luo Li.

Two Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase were attacking simultaneously, causing the resulting attack to drastically rise in might.

As their attacks headed towards Luo Li, her beautiful face turned grave. Grasping her longsword tightly with her jade-like hand, the river of Sword Aura swept out, protecting her entire body.


As the attacks collided, the sky appeared to instantaneously split apart. With a shutter, Luo Li’s delicate figure shot back, descending on a mountain peak. A flushed shadow flashed across her beautiful face while the blood and Spiritual Energy within her body churned and rolled over.

Seeing the spectacle before them, the faces of Su Xuan and the group changed. Their enemies had decided to start finishing them off?

With their strength, how could they contend against their enemies? After all, even the three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall had been captured…

Ice cold intent erupted from Luo Li’s exquisite and beautiful face. As her cheeks extended out to form seemingly perfect contours, her jade-like hand tightly grasped the Luo Shen Sword. As it lightly trembled, ripples started to fluctuate on its surface, while an obscure fluctuation rippled on the surface, as if something frightening was able to break its seal.

However, just as the ripples on the body of her sword increased in frequency, swift and sharp whooshing sounds rang out from within the spiritual mist from a distance.

The sudden whooshing sounds caused a shiver through everyone’s minds.

As the spiritual mist scattered apart, three glowing figures shot out from within like lightning, before descending on a mountain peak. Boundless Spiritual Energy rushed to the skies, even a sneer resounded across the basin.

“The people on the Bounty Board’s rankings truly are shameless maggots. Don’t you guys feel ashamed of yourselves for besieging a girl?”

Instantly, upon hearing that voice, elation erupted from the faces of Su Xuan and the group.

Mu Chen!

That fellow had finally arrived!

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