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Chapter 365 – Curing Poison

Within the quiet mountain cave, Mu Chen tightly shut his eyes as his mind continued to call out. Nine Nether had entered a dormant state during her transformation, making him totally unable to communicate with her. Thus, he could only attempt this kind of summoning to see if he could get just a little bit of a result from it.

Although this method was slightly stupid, as of now, this was the only thing that Mu Chen could do. If not, by the time he had used the Nine Netherflame to refine the Demonic Dragon Poison within the bodies of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, Mo Longzi might have long dealt with Lin Zheng and the rest.

Seeing Mu Chen sinking deep into his consciousness, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong didn’t dare to make a single noise in fear of disturbing the former. Although the expressions displayed on their faces were still alright, due to the Demonic Dragon Poison within their bodies, they were feeling somewhat fretful and impatient within their hearts. If Mu Chen could really find a way to quickly refine and eradicate the Demonic Dragon Poison within their bodies, that would be truly good news to the two of them.

Although they didn’t dare to raise their hopes too much over the success rate of this, having hope was still better than none…

As time slowly went by, cold sweat started to surface on Mu Chen’s forehead, since his emotions started to turn impatient and irritated. From the start till now, his summons were still not getting any replies.

“At this time, you can’t let go of this connection, Nine Nether!” shouted Mu Chen impatiently within his heart.

Within the Universe Bracelet, the giant black egg started to faintly tremble at this moment, before the golden purplish runic patterns started to appear on its surface.

Discovering this activity happening to the giant egg, Mu Chen instantly felt elated.

As the golden purplish runic patterns grew increasingly dense, slivers of flames seemingly fluttered out from them. Those flames weren’t of the colour black, but appeared purplish in colour.

Gently floating and fluttering around, they appeared to be weak and easily extinguishable. Nevertheless, they gave people a mysterious sensation of being eternal, and immortal.

Undying Flames!

Unconcealable ecstasy erupted within Mu Chen’s heart as his eyes abruptly snapped open. With a slight clench of his hand, a clump of purplish flames appeared within his palm.

Creak! Creak!

As the clump of purplish flames appeared, the space around it started to distort. Indescribable fluctuations started to radiate from it, causing the Spiritual Energy in the surroundings to turn scorching hot, making the entire mountain cave seem like an oven.

As Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong stared at this tiny clump of purplish flames, a shiver went up both of their spines. They were able to sense the frightening power contained within that tiny and small clump of flames.

“What flame is this?” Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong looked at each other, with shock and astonishment erupting in both of their eyes.


As if a heavy weight had been lifted off his shoulders, Mu Chen breathed out a sigh in relief. Although this clump of flame was extremely small, it was much, much more powerful than the Nine Netherflames. After all, these two were simply not on the same level.

With the Undying Flames, wanting to refine and eradicate the Demonic Dragon Poison within the bodies of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong should be very simple now.

“I’m beginning. There shouldn’t be a problem now,” said Mu Chen as he turned to look and smile at Shen Cangsheng.

Shen Cangsheng firmly nodded his head, his gaze turning solemn.

Mu Chen took a deep breath of air. With a point of his finger, the clump of purplish flames fluttered out, before starting to slowly spread out. Transforming into something like a fiery membrane, it enveloped Shen Cangsheng within it.


Just as the fiery membrane took shape, Shen Cangsheng’s skin instantly turned boiling hot. As beads of perspiration flowed continuously out, they instantly transformed into nothingness. Shen Cangsheng soon started to clench his teeth, obviously enduring the immense amount of pain caused towards him.

“Endure a bit,” said Mu Chen. Although this Undying Flame wasn’t that strong, he was completely unable to control it. Therefore, he didn’t dare to let it enter Shen Chansheng’s body. If not, once it lost control, Shen Cangsheng might end up turning into a pile of ash.

Clenching his teeth, Shen Cangsheng nodded his head. As his body trembled, green veins squirmed about on his skin akin to snakes, appearing extremely frightening when seen.

Faint flames fluttered around the surface of the fiery membrane. Under the scorchingly-high temperature, the black blotches on the surface of Shen Cangsheng’s skin appeared to start boiling. In the next moment, to Mu Chen’s surprise and elation, a black poisonous aura was starting to slowly be forced out from Shen Cangsheng’s body by the scorchingly-high heat.


As Shen Cangsheng furiously clenched his teeth, a low beastial roar escaped from his throat. At this moment, his eyes had already turned scarlet red. As more and more of the black poisonous aura permeated out of him, the poisonous blotches on his skin started to slowly shrink.

This torture continued for approximately ten minutes, before the poisonous blotches on his skin were completely forced out.

With a move of Mu Chen’s palm, the purplish fiery membrane instantly withdrew, transforming back into the tiny clump of flames fluttering on his finger. Merely, it appeared somewhat dimmer, with some of it obviously being consumed earlier.

As the fiery membrane returned, Shen Cangsheng’s originally dim eyes seemingly turned brilliant in an instant. The Spiritual Energy of the surroundings churned and surged, gushing into his body like an endless stream, causing the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from his body to grow rapidly stronger.

After losing the inhibition of the Demonic Dragon Poison, his strength had started to quickly recover.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen breathed another sigh of relief, before turning his gaze towards Li Xuantong, who was feeling slightly emotional as of now. With a smile, he said, “It’s your turn.”

Li Xuantong nodded his head, before closing his eyes shut, in preparation for the incoming pain and torture.

As Li Xuantong’s poisoned state was worse off than Shen Cangsheng, the time needed to eradicate all of the poison from him took nearly 20 minutes, before finally forcing the last bit of poisonous aura from his body.


As the poisonous aura left his body, Li Xuantong quickly recovered the sharpness of his expression. Completely turning a blind eye towards the intense pain radiating out from his skin, he immediately proceeded to enter a training state, wanting to recover his Spiritual Energy at the shortest time possible.

Seeing the Demonic Dragon Poison being completely eradicated from the bodies of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, Mu Chen could finally feel completely relaxed. Wiping away the cold sweat present of his forehead, the Undying Flame on his fingertip appeared exceedingly weak.

Staring at that Undying Flame, a thought faintly shook his heart. This flame was exceedingly formidable. Although it was just a tiny wisp, it was undeniably a divine tool to him.

“Let’s try to see if it can be kept in my body.”

Mu Chen muttered to himself. Although other people would definitely not dare to attempt what he was about to do, he was different from the others. His Spiritual Energy had fused with the Nine Netherflame. Although there was a disparity between the Nine NetherFlame to the Undying Flame, it was, after all, the next evolution of the Nine NetherFlame. Thinking along that line, this wisp of Undying Flame shouldn’t start rejecting him.

After thinking until this point, Mu Chen didn’t continue hesitating anymore. With a thought, black flaming Spiritual Energy encased the wisp of Undying Flame, before absorbing it into his body.

Just as Mu Chen had thought, upon entering his body, this wisp of Undying Flame didn’t show any signs of rebelling, making him feel extremely elated. With extreme care, he slowly kept it within his Spiritual Sea.

Within his Spiritual Sea, his Divine Soul’s little mouth took in a deep breath, sucking the Spiritual Energy within its body. As the tiny wisp of Undying Flame fluttered in, it descended on the little hand of the Divine Soul. Not a single rejection appeared between the two.

Upon seeing this, unable to hold it in, Mu Chen started to laugh with happiness. He never thought that he would actually be able to pick up a benefit here…

As his eyes sprung open, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were still in the process of recovering. With a move of his gaze, he looked towards the air in front of him, where a clump of black liquid was present, squirming and wriggling about.

That was the Demonic Dragon Poison forced out from Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong’s body.

Mu Chen stared at the Demonic Dragon Poison. A faint flash appeared in his gaze as he extended his palm. At this moment, his index finger started slowly to turn jet black, before black lightning started to faintly surface on it.

The Divine Black Lightning Poison was sealed within this middle finger. That was a poisonous aura that was even more overbearing than the Demonic Dragon Poison.

“If I seal that Demonic Dragon Poison within here, it should become even more terrifying, right?” Mu Chen’s eyes faintly narrowed. In the next moment, without much hesitation, he summoned that clump of Demonic Dragon Poison over, before extending his slim finger towards it.

Although the Demonic Dragon Poison had caused extreme misery to Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, Mu Chen truly didn’t have the slightest bit of dread towards it. Not to mention the Undying Flame within his body, even this Divine Black Lightning Poison would be able to suppress it. This Demonic Dragon Poison truly wouldn’t be able to flip the sky within his body.

Black rays of brilliance sparkled on Mu Chen’s finger, before proceeding to directly absorb the Demonic Dragon Poison within it. Instantly, the jet black colour of his finger become an even deep and abstruse colour, causing even a shiver to travel through his body when he looked at it.

Mu Chen took a closer look, before gently tapping forward with that finger. At this moment, he was able to see an extremely faint black brilliance flashing out. After that, he noticed a hole that wasn’t large, but whose end was unable to been seen, appearing on the hard and sturdy mountain cliff in front of him. The fringes of that hole were covered in corrosive fluctuations.

A rather astonishing corrosive effect.

Shock flashed past Mu Chen’s eyes, before causing the colour of that finger to regain normalcy after a thought. It’s fortunate that the Northern Sea Dragon had arranged a seal on his finger. If not, he truly wouldn’t be able to subdue such a frightening poison.


As Mu Chen’s finger regained its normalcy, boundless Spiritual Energy abruptly erupted from within the mountain cave. The entire mountain peak seemed to intensely shudder at this moment, causing gigantic cracks to spread out and extend.

Mu Chen cast his gaze over, only to see Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong opening their eyes within the centre of the boundless Spiritual Energy. Brilliant rays of vitality that seemed substantial flashed and sparkled within their eyes.

At this moment, they had finally recovered their strength completely. Furthermore, they seemed to have even some improvement. Looked like this event had become yet another training experience for the two of them.

“Congratulations,” said Mu Chen with a smile.

As Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong stood up in succession, boundless Spiritual Energy erupted from them. The vigor within their eyes was once again present. The 1st and 2nd rank of the Heavenly Rankings that showed disdain towards the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had clearly returned.

As the two felt the boundless energy within their bodies, elation and ecstasy erupted within their eyes, before proceeding to look at Mu Chen.

“Thanks for this matter.”

With a smile, both of them said their thanks to Mu Chen. Although their tones appeared casual, with one being unable to detect much gratitude in them, Mu Chen knew that if he were meet with any difficulty in the future, the two of them would definitely come and help him, even if it meant risking their lives.

Mu Chen sent a smile back in return, without saying any type of courteous words. After all, there wasn’t any point in saying those, since that would, in turn, make him appear unreasonable and arrogant.

“Since you two have recovered, we should make a move, right?” said Mu Chen as he looked out of the mountain cave. At this time, he didn’t know exactly what Lin Zheng and the rest were doing.

Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong firmly nodded their heads in reply, while chilling intent erupted from their eyes.

Mo Longzi, this time, let us continue fighting for another round!

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