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Chapter 349 – Untitled

As though carrying the prestige of the heavens and earth, Dean Tai Cang’s firm and forceful voice spread out across the entire northern square. Every other sound was being suppressed at this moment. Even the Spiritual Energy fluttering about the world was churning and flaring up.

Out of fear, countless students maintained their silence, while shock and terror filled their faces. At this moment, they were able to feel as though they had lost the control of their bodies, while the Spiritual Energy within their bodies had traces that seemed as though they would rebel at any moment.

If Dean Tai Cang was to slightly release his killing intent, the Spiritual Energy within their bodies might instantly rebel. At that time, without even needing him to take action, they would be tossed around and killed by their own Spiritual Energy.

Therefore, as the students looked at one another, they were able to see the unconcealable shock present in each other’s eyes. Was this the strength of Dean Tai Cang? Indeed, it was frightening…

Across from him, a faint change was also present on Fei Qingsong’s face. The majority of the strength of Dean Tai Cang’s roar had headed straight towards him. While others viewed it as a roar, within his eyes, it was akin to a roar from a furious dragon, brimming within frightening fluctuations.

This sound wave attack that was unable to be detected by others caused even him to feel a heart full of graveness.

The fatty flesh on Fei Qingsong’s face shook, before his gaze turned sharp and fierce. With a wave of his sleeve, the space fluctuations caused the sound waves coming from the roar to be completely blocked. Lowering his head, he shot a look at Xue Shi, whom he had grabbed in his hand. At this moment, the latter had already fainted from his serious injuries. Those injuries were serious to the point of sending a shiver across his face. Obviously, the injuries that Xue Shi had received were extremely serious. That Mu Chen had clearly wanted to take his life.

“Dean Tai Cang, we’ve come from afar to your place. However, this student of your academy is so vicious. Won’t he lose the face of your great academy?” Fei Qingsong questioned in a deep voice. All in all, he did not dare to shed all pretense of cordiality with Dean Tai Cang at this place. Firstly, this was the territory of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Secondly, being able to become one of the Deans of the Five Great Academies, how could Dean Tai Cang have an undeserved reputation?

Although their Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy could be considered to have some hidden cards up their sleeves, it was obvious that they were incomparable to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Regardless of the question, Dean Tai Cang’s face still maintained his previous calm, gentle and indifferent expression. With a faint smile, he replied, “The previous Exchange should have already ended. However, that Xue Shi had still continued to break the rules and attacked. Mu Chen attacking in self defense is a reasonable reaction.”

“If you really want to discuss this matter, you’d have to start from Xue Shi breaking the rules. Mu Chen isn’t to blame.”

Hearing his reply, the face of Fei Qingsong twitched uncontrollably for a few times. From the looks of it, this Dean Tai Cang did not plan to let Mu Chen give him an account… this showed that he wanted to shelter Mu Chen.

Although this Dean Tai Cang appeared good-natured and gentle, he was, in fact, extremely overbearing.

This ignited the flames within Fei Qingsong’s heart, causing his face to instantly appear somewhat dark and overcast.

“Dean Fei, this Exchange can be considered to have already ended. Both sides have their victories, and we’re unable to differentiate a final victor. However, your Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy truly has numerous talents. In the next Great Academy Competition, your academy should have a pretty good performance.” Clearly ignoring the dark expression on Fei Qingsong’s face, Dean Tai Cang’s voice and his faint smile already indicated his intent of wanting to send them off.

Fei Qingsong’s face instantly turned ugly. Nevertheless, there would be no face to gain, even if he was to stay behind. With a wave of his sleeve, he coldly snorted, “Since that’s the case, I’ll have to thank the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for the reception. After the Great Academy Competition, our Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy would seek guidance again for this matter.”

In response, Dean Tai Cang gave a faint smile.

In the next instant, Fei Qingsong shot a fierce glare towards Mu Chen, who was standing behind Dean Tai Cang. However, the latter shot a smile back towards him in response, causing his anger to reach a level where his fat started to shake.


With a quiet snort, Fei Qingshong grabbed the heavily injured Xue Shi and descended towards the location of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy students, before waving his sleeve.

“Let’s go!”

Boundless Spiritual Energy light swept out from Fei Qingsong’s sleeve, before completely enveloping all of those students. In the next instant, they transformed into a streak of light, and shot out of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy at lightning speed.


Following the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy’s crestfallen departure, the northern square instantly erupted with astonishing and earth shaking cheers. Countless scorching gazes were focused on the slender youth in the middle of the square. Compared to before, a trace of genuine worship and respect was present within them.

The absolutely breathtaking scene of the latter sending Xue Shi flying off the square, was still imprinted in their minds.

Hearing the deafening cheers and roars from the students, Mu Chen started to smile, before staring at the direction where Fei Qingsong and the rest of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy people had left with slightly narrowed eyes. That Xue Shi was quite a problematic guy. However, it was a pity he wasn’t able to kill the latter.

Regardless of being unable to kill him, that Xue Shi was still in deep shit. Previously, when Mu Chen had landed his palm on him, he had activated his “Divine Black Lightning Poison Finger”, sending a trace of lightning poison into the latter’s body. Although it wasn’t lethal, it might lead to sufferings when the latter trained and cultivated in the future.

“Although they’re not big, you’re methods are quite vicious.” Suddenly turning around, Dean Tai Cang spoke towards Mu Chen in a faint tone.

Mu Chen’s heart immediately gave a slight jump. Although his poison finger was veiled by his pat, with Dean Tai Cang’s strength, he might not be able to mask it from the latter…

Looking at Dean Tai Cang’s face, which was unable to show whether he was happy or angry, Mu Chen was also unable to know what this great Dean was thinking, with the only option he had being to remain silent.

“However…at times, when you’re not vicious, you’ll get eaten by others.”

Seeing Mu chen’s nervous and tense state, Dean Tai Cang finally let out a laugh. Sounding a little delightful, he said, “Not bad. Facing a fellow that dared to ridicule the honor and dignity of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it’s best to either kill or waste him. If anything happens, I’ll always be able to handle it for you.”

Hearing Dean Tai Cang’s words, Mu Chen became dumbfounded. Unexpectedly, this Dean that had always appeared to be an exceedingly capable and outstanding person had spoken such words. However, while feeling stunned, he had also quietly sighed in relief. From the looks of it, Dean Tai Cang didn’t mind the methods that he had used.

“In reality, this kind of Exchange didn’t have any benefit to us. If they won, they would proclaim their success wantonly without restraint, and use this to smear the name of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

With a smile, Dean Tai Cang continued speaking, “In the past, we didn’t really care much about it. However, these fellows had come just at the moment when Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had left the academy. If not for you, we might have truly let them escape with it. Therefore, you can be considered to have made a contribution to our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Don’t worry about me thinking about punishing you.”

“Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong have left the academy?” Mu Chen asked in shock.

“Yes. They’ve teamed up and taken the Bounty Mission to kill Mo Longzi,” replied Dean Tai Cang as he faintly nodded his head.

“Mo Longzi…” muttered Mu Chen as his eyes faintly contracted. Previously, he had also met up with that fellow. If not for Shen Cangsheng managing to rush over in time, he might have been in considerable danger. However, as of now, his strength was much more intrepid compared to a few months ago. If he met with Mo Longzi now, it’s also not necessary for the latter to be able to take his life.

“As of now, your experience is, after all, still shallow. In the future, if you wish, you can take this level of a Bounty Mission,” said Dean Tai Cang with a smile. Although Mu Chen’s current strength was already at a considerably intrepid level, he did not plan to allow the latter to undergo an overly dangerous mission. If anything were to happen to him by any chance, it would be quite a big loss for their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After all, compared to Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, Mu Chen was still just a youth.

“Therefore, what you should do now is strive hard and train. I know about some of your matters in the Spiritual Road. That opponent of yours isn’t simple…” said Dean Tai Cang with a faint smile.

Hearing those words, Mu Chen’s eyes instantly contracted. That opponent of his…was he talking about Ji Xuan?

“That Ji Xuan was personally received by the Dean of the Saint Spiritual Academy. Therefore, the Saint Spiritual Academy would naturally put in great effort to nurture him. Added with his absolutely peak talent, with his Heaven Grade Spiritual Pulse, his future achievements would be quite high. The most outstanding student from the Saint Spiritual Academy in the coming Great Academy Competition might even be him,” replied Dean Tai Cang.

Mu Chen gently nodded his head. He naturally didn’t doubt Ji Xuan’s talent. At that time, people like Jie Ao and Yang Hong were all his loyal followers. This was sufficient to prove the capability and methods of the latter.

In the year within the Spiritual Road, other than Luo Li, who had previously caused a headache for Mu Chen, the only one who was of quite a high threat to him as Ji Xuan. In the end, he had even schemed to have Mu Chen forced out of the Spiritual Road. Those methods and schemes utilised by him were extremely deep and concealed.

As of now, Ji Xuan had already entered the Saint Spiritual Academy, one of the five Great Academies. As of now, compared to his achievements in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, exactly who among the two of them had the upper hand?

Although Mu Chen wasn’t a person that would seek revenge for the smallest grievances, grudges and gratitude were things that he remembered very clearly. That Ji Xuan was his true enemy, and was even the kind that would send his enemy to death once a chance presented itself to him. Therefore, once they met during the Great Academy Competition, it would definitely be a life-or-death fight.

Once he had the chance, Ji Xuan would definitely not show any mercy. Similarly, Mu Chen would not have the slightest bit of hesitation.

“I know.” Mu Chen replied and nodded his head. He was very clear on how formidable Ji Xuan was. Therefore, he would naturally not relax his vigilance. Against this enemy of his, no one understood him better than Mu Chen.

“The Saint Spiritual Academy would give huge support to Ji Xuan. Since you’re a student of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, we’ll naturally not do nothing about it.”

With a beaming smile, Dean Tai Cang continued speaking, “I know that you’ve gotten quite a few benefits from Northern Sea, and have a substantial increase in strength. However, it seems that you’re also a Spiritual Array Master, am I right? As of now, you should still be hovering and stagnating at this aspect, right?”

Dean Tai Cang’s eyes were that sharp and acute. With a single look, he could tell that it was seemingly hard for Mu Chen to advance further in this aspect. After all, he was lacking guidance from people.

A faint light flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as he hastily nodded his head.

“Northern Sea doesn’t even understand a bit about Spiritual Arrays. Therefore, he’s unable to offer any help to you.”

Dean Tai Cang retrieved a jade slip from within his robes, with the words “Tai Cang” seemingly etched onto it. Handing it to Mu Chen, he said, “Tomorrow, you’ll take this jade slip and find Elder Ling Xi. She’s the person with the highest attainments in Spiritual Arrays within our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and should be able to provide some help to you.”

Hearing those words, Mu Chen was filled with joy. As of now, what he needed most was the guidance of a great Spiritual Array Master. This move by Dean Tai Cang was simply assistance at a timely moment.

“Dean, thank you very much.”

Mu Chen hastily took the jade slip over and voiced his gratitude.

Waving his hand, Dean Tai Cang replied, “There’s no need for thanks. What I need isn’t that, but a Freshman of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy by the name of Mu Chen that is able to suppress the most monstrous talent of the Saint Spiritual Academy during the Great Academy Competition.”

Faintly smiling while looking at Mu Chen, he asked, “So, what do you think? Can you achieve that?”

Clenching the jade slip and giving it a soft rub, an unruly arrogance and the sharpness of a youth rose from the corner of his mouth.

“Please feel relaxed, Dean. During the Great Academy Competition, just leave that Ji Xuan to me.”

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