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Chapter 348 – A Fist Shattering the Armor

The black lightning and the bloody light shattered the air apart, bring along incomparably rampant fluctuations as they violently collided like two meteors above the square.


At the instant of the collision, even the earth seemed to shake intensely for a moment, while the ground within the square immediately collapsed. The black lightning light, as well as the extremely scarlet waves of blood, crazily erupted from within the centre of the square, corroding and trying to obliterate each other.

The ground under the feet of Mu Chen and Xue Shi turned into dust, layer by layer. The hard rock within the ground had seemingly turned into tofu, causing their feet to leave deep gouges within them.

The fist wrapped with a lightning bolt and the fistprint pervaded with blood were deadlocked in the air, while radiating with terrifying fluctuations, causing even the surrounding space to be shaken to the point of forming distortions.

Seeing this, Xue Shi's face turned dark and overcast. The fist that he assumed would end this fight had unexpectedly been completely blocked by Mu Chen with his fleshly body. Furthermore, from the head-on impact of their fists, the latter's black-coloured lightning bolts had actually dissipated some of the bloody aura enveloping his fist.

A considerably frightening power was contained within that black lightning.

"Die for me!"

With a roar, a Bloody Aura torrentially gushed out from within Xue Shi's body. In an instant, his entire arm seemed to be condensed with blood, reeking of blood and was eye-catching, while radiating a thick and intense flavor of blood.

Across him, black lightning seemed to flash within Mu Chen's black pupils. At this moment, destructive fluctuations started to spread out from his body, while the clothing around his upper body seemed to tear and disintegrate.

Following the disintegration of some of his clothing, one could see a black lightning rune surfacing on his chest.

At this moment, the black lightning rune was sparkling with bits of lightning light, before suddenly lighting up completely.

Thunder God Physique, Mono Rune Lightning Physique!

Relying on his month-plus training, while adding the supplementary effects of the Lightning God's Lotus, Mu Chen's Thunder God Physique had finally reached the true realm of the First Rune!

At the instant when the Lightning Rune lit up completely, Mu Chen's body seemed to become thick and sturdy. Encased in black lightning, he appeared to be a god of lightning that had descended onto the world.


As the rumble of thunder intensely shook the air, a lightning bolt erupted from within Mu Chen's eyes as he sent his fist rumbling out.


Accompanied by a clap of thunder, his explosive roar resounded out. In the next instant, churning with black lightning and radiating within unblockable grandeur, Mu Chen's fist violently rumbled towards the blood-armored fist of Xue Shi.

At the instant of contact, Xue Shi's face finally contorted as he became overwhelmed with shock. He was finally able to sense a frightening amount of power pouring out akin to an avalanche from Mu Chen's fist.

Under that absolute power, his boundless blood-filled Spiritual Energy was smashed back in an instant.

This is bad!

Those words rang out involuntarily within Xue Shi's heart. However, before he was able to even try to think about how Mu Chen's sudden attack became so frightening, with a move, he had already explosively retreated.

However, why would Mu Chen, having a similarly rich combat experience, give him such a chance? Having endured for quite a long time, and having even activated his Thunder God Physique, he condensed his strongest power and sent blow after blow smashing down on Xue Shi!


Therefore, at the instant when Xue Shi had just started to retreat, the power coming from Mu Chen had already smashed against him without any restraint.


In the next instant, everyone was able to see black lightning rapidly spreading out all of a sudden at an astonishing speed. At this moment, the Spiritual Energy permeated by the bloody light was completely suppressed by it.

As a fist went rumbling across, black lightning surged forth.


The armor covering Xue Shi's fist seemingly shattered in an instant. Those malevolent spikes on it were also completely destroyed by the impact of the black lightning.

The black lightning was akin to a furious dragon that was planning to destroy the heavens and earth, brandishing its claws and opening its mouth, rampaging about without an ounce of fear.


The blood armor covering Xue Shi's entire arm was completely shattered, while a mouthful of blood was crazily spurted out by him. Like a stone that was being slapped, he shot backwards, before finally gouging a deep hundred metre long track on the ground.

At this moment, the sudden clap of thunder ringing in the square rapidly disappeared.

Following that, the black lightning and the bloody light had also started to slowly vanish, bit by bit. Nevertheless, the surroundings of the northern square were unexpectedly still in absolute silence, since everyone one was staring blankly at the square, eyes brimming with shock and terror.

In the square, Mu Chen was still maintaining his position with his fist extended out. The ground in front of him had a fissure running hundreds of metres long, with a stretch of ruins present at its end.

He had actually managed to send Xue Shi flying with a single fist!

Not only were the people from the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy dumbfounded, even those students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, whom had faith and confidence in Mu Chen, had their jaws hanging wide open. The previous scene where Mu Chen had sent Xue Shi flying with his fist truly possessed too much of a shock to their eyes…

"How could that fist be that formidable?!" Su Xuan and the rest had shock similarly present within their eyes. That fist Mu Chen had sent out was absolutely enough to cause serious injuries to even a person of Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase.

"That fellow's strength has increased again…" The faces of the people who had some disputed with Mu Chen, Zhao Qingshan and He Yao, appeared slightly pale. As of now, the gazes they sent towards the former were now filled with a sliver of dread. The current Mu Chen had become even stronger than a month ago.

Unknowingly, this former Freshman, had already gradually surpassed them, and was even leaving them far, far behind.

Within the silence-filled square, gaze after gaze started to turn to the opposite direction of Mu Chen. The ground there had already collapsed. Within the giant pit, a figure was present. Staggering and stumbling, it appeared somewhat miserable as it stood up.

That was Xue Shi. As of now, his body was covered in blood, while his right arm hung lifelessly down, as though its bones were shattered by Mu Chen's fist.

More than half of the Blood God's Armor on Xue Shi's body had already shattered, appearing extremely dim, as though it could dissipate at any time.

Obviously, the frightening attack from Mu Chen had caused considerably serious injuries to him.

"How's this possible…?"

Xue Shi looked in disbelief at his lifeless right arm. His Blood God's Armor was actually destroyed by Mu Chen…that was the Blood God's Armor that was capable of enduring the furious attacks of a Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase expert…This Mu Chen was only at Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase! How could the latter break apart his Blood God's Armor?

"You've lost."

An indifferent expression filled Mu Chen's eyes as he stared at Xue Shi. At this moment, the latter had already landed outside of the square. According to the rules, he had already lost this fight.

Hearing Mu Chen's words, Xue Shi's face instantly contorted, while fury erupted from his eyes. He was a member of the majestic Blood God's Royal Clan! How could he lose to such a youth of no status and reputation?

"I'll kill you, bastard!"

With a furious clench of his hand, a long spear that appeared to be condensed from blood appeared within his hand. In the next instant, he had unexpectedly shot it out. A cold glint slightly appeared as the long spear within his hand was thrusted straight at Mu Chen's throat.


Upon seeing that Xue Shi, who had already lost the right to continue battling, had unexpectedly attacked without abiding to the rules, everyone in the surroundings of the square instantly started clamoring, before furiously shouting and cursing out.

Indifference remained in Mu Chen's eyes as he looked at Xue Shi shooting over to him. With his Blood God's Armor broken, the latter's speed had become slower. Added with his serious injuries, he was not insufficient to be a threat.


As Mu Chen slightly moved his body, the eyes of Xue Shi contracted abruptly, as the former's figure had already appeared right beside him.

"I've said that since you've hurt her, you'll have to pay the price…now that you've broken the rules first, you can't blame me…"

Now being very close to him, a swift and fierce expression akin to a blade erupted from Mu Chen's handsome face, while a cold and sinister arc rising from the corner of his mouth. Obviously, the intent to kill had surfaced towards the fellow that had injured Luo Li with such despicable methods.

Furthermore, he wasn't person of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, Mu Chen would not show a shred of mercy.

Feeling the deep killing intent harbored in Mu Chen's words, Xue Shi finally regained his clarity. Shock and terror instantly flashed within his eyes as he thought, This Mu Chen was actually deliberately waiting for me to break the rules?

Only when he broke the rules would Mu Chen be able to unscrupulously attack. Even if the latter truly killed him, Mu Chen would still have an excuse.

"This bastard!"

Chilling intent erupted for Xue Shi's heart as he involuntarily cursed out. In the next moment, he saw Mu Chen's palm print, encased in black lightning, violently descend towards his chest.

The ferocity of that attack was extreme.


However, just as Mu Chen was about to land his palm on Xue Shi's chest, an explosive roar abruptly resounded across the horizon. In the next instant, Mu Chen felt an indescribable pressure sweeping out. Under this pressure, his body started to become sluggish.

"Haha, Dean Fei. You've broken the rules by interfering in an exchange between students." However, just as the pressure had enveloped him, a calm and faint sound of laughter rang out, causing the pressure on Mu Chen's body to dissipate completely.

Mu Chen's body had recovered to his usual condition.

As a cold glint flashed within his eyes, his palm landed without any hesitation on Xue Shi's chest. As a clap of thunder resounded out, a slender finger of his suddenly turned into a deep jet-black colour as it silently stabbed out.

Successfully landing his strike, a sensation of danger suddenly erupted out from Mu Chen's heart, causing him to react immediately and shot back out. At that instant, he was able to see a fat figure appearing beside Xue Shi, before grabbing the latter within his hand.

"Such a vicious brat!"

The figure was naturally the Dean of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy, Fei Qingsong. Looking at Xue Shi, whose aura was faint, his chest collapsed and close to death, his face instantly contorted, before fiercely glaring at Mu Chen.

The Spiritual Energy of the world seemingly condensed into something substantial at this moment, before pressing towards Mu Chen in an attempt to crush him.

Mu Chen instantly felt as though his body had entered into a swamp, while being unable to move. This caused a huge change to his expression. This force was something that he absolutely couldn't offer any resistance against.

However, just as the Spiritual Energy of the world was pressing down on Mu Chen, a majestic and imposing figure appeared before him. With a wave of his sleeve, the pressure that blotted the skies instantly dissipated like smoke in thin air.

Dean Tai Cang appeared before Mu Chen, while looking calmly at Fei Qingsong in front of him. At this moment, akin to the rumbling of heavenly lightning, his indifferent voice rang out across this stretch of the world, immediately causing even the Spiritual Energy of the world to churn and boil erratically.

"Dean Fei, just because our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would treat people with respect, do you truly assume that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is easily bullied?"

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