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Chapter 342 – Liu Zheng

Northern Square.

As of now, this square, which was devoid of people after the end of the Hunting War, had once again become the focal point of countless people, due to the arrival of the Exchange.

The attention it gained seemed even more fervent and passionate that the Hunting War.

This was due to the whole Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy unanimously gathering together to face a foreign opponent.

The Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy was already pressing the top of their heads. If they were not able to return the expression that filled their faces back to their opponents, they might truly become the laughingstock of the Five Great Academies, and would receive the ridicule of everyone.

This was absolutely not something that the arrogant Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy could endure.

A sea of humans pervaded the vast and expansive square. Over 90% of the people there were students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Only within the northwest corner was a small group of people that were inharmoniously present.

They were the students from the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy.

Those students wore green-coloured robes, with males and females present. However, the majority of them had their arms folded in front of their chests, while a cold smirk appeared on their faces as they looked towards the large and imposing number of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. So what if you have more people? You’re still unable to defeat Senior Brother Liu Zheng! In this Exchange, our Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy will step on your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!

If they were able to step on the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and have a prominent and outstanding performance in the Great Academy Competition half a year later, then, maybe their Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy might be able to take over the place of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!

“Senior Brother Liu Zheng, you just have to defend us for one more day for our Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy to achieve victory! At that time, let’s see if they have anything else to say!”

“Hmph, all of these Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students are just reluctant to admit their mistakes, like saying that their strongest students aren’t around. Senior Brother Liu Zheng had been fighting since yesterday till now. So those so-called ‘Top Ten” of your Heavenly Rankings, aren’t they just completely useless?”

“Exactly, even if the top three of your Heavenly Ranking came today, Senior Liu Zheng will make them scram with their tails between their legs like usual!”


The mockery and loud laughter coming from those Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy students rang out with restraint, which immediately incurred the wrath and fury of the student masses of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Ever since the appearance of that Liu Zheng, their attitudes had appeared extremely rampant. However, due to the drop in results, although the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students had bellies full of fire, they were unable to let it out, with the only thing they could do was let their eyes sprout with flames.

On the square before them stood a man in green robes, whose his arms were crossed before him. With his back ramrod straight, he stared indifferently at the furious Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students, while a cold smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth.

This is the spiritual academy that I’ve dreamt of entering? From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem as awesome as in my dreams.

He wanted to let the people of the Northerns Heavens Spiritual Academy know that losing him, Liu Zheng, showed how blind they were!

Within the very front of the student masses of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was the current gathering spot for the most elite people within the student body. He Yao, Su Xuan, Xu Huang and the rest of the veteran elite students, as well as those new elites like Zhao Qingshan, had all crowded around there. However, at this time, the expressions of their faces weren’t a pretty sight to behold.

“Su Xuan, have you already sent people to inform Luo Li? Will she come?” asked Xu Huang in a low voice as he looked at Su Xuan. As of now, other than Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, as well Mu Chen, who had mysteriously disappeared for over a month, of the top ten within the Heavenly Rankings, there was only Luo Li, whom hadn’t taken action, left.

“I’ve already sent the message out. Although Luo Li usually doesn’t like to fight with people, this matter concerns the face of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. She should come.” Su Xuan replied while nodding her small head.

“Is there any use for her to come? This Liu Zheng’s strength should be at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase. He’s not weaker than Li Xuantong. Without speaking about Luo Li, even if Mu Chen comes, I’m afraid that he might not even be able to achieve a victory. After all, this isn’t a friendly comparison.” After all that had happened, He Yao had maintained some distance from Mu Chen. With Luo Li having that kind of relationship with the latter, although he knew that the situation before him was suitable, he still could not resist to mention it.

Su Xuan shot an indifferent glare at him and said, “If you think you’re capable, all of us will let you continue.”

Hearing her words, He Yao turned sluggish. Clenching his teeth, he turned his head around. Although he was exceedingly close to the Heavenly Completion Stage, he was still unable to take that step forward. If not, he would have already defeated Liu Zheng.

Silence filled the crowd as everyone felt slightly sullen. These people from the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy truly knew when to pick a challenge. Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had just left the academy, while that Mu Chen had mysteriously disappeared. They had chosen such a time to send their attack, causing them to be caught unprepared and simply unable to muster any defenses.

While provocative and furious gazes were exchanged between the students from both academies, their higher-ups were both similarly seated on the chief podium within the northern square. Although the atmosphere there wasn’t as incisive and competitive compared the atmosphere between the students, it was clear that there wasn’t any friendliness, either.

“Haha, Headmaster Tai Cang, looks like our Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy has come at an unfortunate time for you guys. The talent of that brat, Liu Zheng is extremely high. However, he’s too arrogant. I’ve originally wanted him to meet up with the most elite students within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and rely on them to file down his haughtiness,” said a rather fleshly man with a grin as he sat on the chief podium.

“You must be joking, Dean Fei. Exchanges are only small competitions to compare notes. When mutually comparing notes, finding one’s weaknesses would be enough. Why bother about filing down other’s haughtiness, right?” Dean Tai Cang replied with a faint smile.

The fatty who appeared to be a merchant was the Dean of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy, and was named Fei Qingsong. Although his appearance wasn’t awe-raising, he was a figure at the extreme peak within the Ancient Cauldron Continent. If not, he wouldn’t be able to become a Dean of an academy. Therefore, anyone who underestimated him due to his appearance might get killed with a single strike from him, without knowing exactly what had happened.

“Dean Tai Cang’s bearing is better,” said Fei Qingsong while still beaming at both corners. Patting his big and coarse palm onto the table, he said, “Looks like our Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy has an unfair advantage in this Exchange. Please feel relaxed, Dean Tai Cang. When I go back, I’ll reprimand those little fellows, and make them tightly seal their mouths up. Haha.”

A faint smile still lingered on Dean Tai Cang’s face without any warmness or rage. Only the Elder sitting beside him started to frown and wrinkle his brows. That was the Hall Master of the Punishment Hall, Mo You. Faintly moving his lips, a sliver of a sound rang within Dean Tai Cang’s ears.

“Dean, I’ve already passed this news to Lord Northern Sea. However, as of now, there hasn’t been any reply…and I don’t know exactly whether Mu Chen will appear…”

Hearing those words, Dean Tai Cang faintly nodded his head without being detected.

“Dean Tai Cang, are there any other students that want to make a move from your North Heavens Spiritual Academy? If not…”Fei Qingsong said with a face beaming with smiles. However, before he could finish his statement, his eyes started to faintly narrow. Turning his head towards the skies in the northern direction, he saw a streak of light shooting over. Like a graceful swan, it landed within the northern square under the countless gazes from the surroundings.

As the light dissipated, it revealed the slender physique of a young girl. Wearing an outfit that was black as ink, with silvery hair flowing down from her head, and a delicate and exquisite face, she brought along an extremely unique aura that made her seem to be independent of the world around her as she appeared within everyone line-of-sight.

The originally clamoring northern square seemingly turned much quieter at this instant. Regardless of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy or the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy, astonishment and shock flashed within the eyes of the students from both sides.

“She’s arrived!”

Upon seeing this, a tremor went through the minds of Su Xuan and the rest.

“What? There truly isn’t any other student left from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that has yet to make a move? I’ve waited for so long just for a girl?” Liu Zheng was also faintly stunned by Luo Li’s appearance. However, in the next moment, bring along cold laughter, his voice rang out.

Luo Li’s clear and limpid eyes quietly stared at Liu Zheng. However, she did not respond with any words, with only her jade-like hand slowly covering her Luo Shen Sword.

“10th Rank on the Heavenly Rankings, Luo Li, seeks your guidance.” Luo Li’s gentle and clear voice slowly fluttered throughout the square.

“10th Rank on the Heavenly Rankings? Even your 4th Rank, He Yao, had lost under the hands of Senior Brother Liu Zheng. What can she, the 10th Rank, do?” At this time, some of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy students managed to regain their clarity, before tugging their mouths. Discussions rang out in succession as they thought, Could it really be the honey trap of the legends?

While the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy students were undergoing their discussions, a gaze quietly shot out from within their ranks. Finally, it converged on the lovable body of the absolutely beautiful girl with an outstanding character within the square.

There seemed to be a peculiar and ruminating smile contained within that gaze.

Luo Li, you really are here…

Within the square, Liu Zheng coldly stared at Luo Li, whom was elegantly standing not too far way, before slowly saying, “I’m a person that doesn’t know how to show mercy. Don’t assume that I’ll let you off just because you’re pretty. Therefore, if you don’t wish to damage your face, it’s best that you step down, now.”

Luo Li’s eyebrows faintly bunched up before replying in a gentle voice, “Please.”

Hearing her reply, Liu Zheng’s expression gradually grew cold. With a cold snort, he took a furious step forward. Instantly, boundless Spiritual Energy shot to the sky as overbearing Spiritual Energy pressure came enveloping over.

Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase.

The expressions of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students turned solemn and grave. This Liu Zheng was truly fierce and vicious. However, his strength was also extremely tyrannical.

Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest were also staring at the square. Even they had never seen Luo Li truly take action before. However, she was able to collaborate with Mu Chen to kill a Spirit King. Thinking about that, her true strength shouldn’t be just that little bit that was revealed. Naturally, they were also unable to fully determine exactly how strong Luo Li was. Only when she truly took action would they be able to tell.

I hope she has also concealed her strength.

Su Xuan thought as she gave a soft sigh in her heart. That Liu Zheng’s moves were extremely heavy. If he hurts Luo Li, at that time, when Mu Chen arrives, no one knows how mad and furious he would be. As of now, she can only hope that Luo Li’s strength would be able to give all of them a surprise.

Standing arrogantly in the square, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from Liu Zheng. Staring at Luo Li, a cold and sinister light erupted from his eyes. As long as he was able to defeat this final opponent, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy should have no words left to say, right?

“The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is nothing more than this.”

A ridiculing smile appeared at the corner of Liu Zheng’s mouth as he said in a soft voice, “Since I’m unable to meet up with your top three of your so-called ‘Heavenly Rankings’, I’ll just have to step on them one by one during the Great Academy Competition half a year later.”

Hearing his words, a chilling intent flashed within Luo Li’s clear and limpid eyes. Staring at Liu Zheng, her jade-like hand slowly grasped the Luo Shen Sword tightly. In the next moment, everyone could feel a similarly boundless Spiritual Energy sweeping out from her body, akin to a storm.

The density and strength of the Spiritual Energy had similarly reached the Heavenly Completion Stage!

The eyes of countless Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students instantly grew wide open. No one would have guessed that other than Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, the 10th Rank on the Heavenly Rankings, Luo Li, would actually have such astonishing strength!

She’s simply even better than Mu Chen at concealment!

However, Luo Li treated the countless shocked gazes that were converged on her as nothing. Staring at Liu Zheng, whose face had similarly changed, her clear and cold voice, followed by the the melodious and sharp ring of a sword, resounded across the horizon.

“To deal with you, I only need…”

“One sword!”

Boundless Sword Qi rushed through the skies.

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