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Chapter 343 – The Might of One Sword


A clear sword ringing sound accompanied the boundless Sword Aura as it shot directly through the clouds. The swift and fierce Sword Aura undulated in the skies, causing the skies to seemingly turn dark and gloomy.

The originally clamoring sounds that pervaded the air in the square had stopped upon this happening.

Regardless of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy or the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy, the faces on all of the student had a shadow of graveness. No one would have imagined that this young lady that seemed outstanding in both her temperament and beauty would actually be able to display such an astonishing and imposing manner.

However, with such strength, how was she still ranked as the number ten on the Heavenly Rankings?

This was absolutely enough to target the top three rankings!

Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest were all in shock with amazement displayed on their faces. This was especially true for He Yao, he had a vexatious expression on his face. Amongst the students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there were merely two people who could be said to have truly stepped into the Heavenly Completion Stage.

Those two were Shen Changsheng and Li Xuantong. Even Mu Chen, who had various methods and exceedingly strong combat prowess, was too far away from the Heavenly Completion Stage with regards to his true power.

Originally, He Yao had assumed that Mu Chen would be the third person to step into the Heavenly Completion Stage. However, who could have thought that Luo Li, someone who had extremely little occasions to cross hands with people and someone that revealed her true strength in extremely few occasions, would actually possess such frightening strength?

This pair of lovers were simply abnormal!

Were they not afraid of their diaphragms feeling unbearable by hiding like that? There were a few people who were secretly clenching their teeth, because this was obviously quite a big blow to them.

However, other than those few depressed people, the absolute majority of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students had joy and happiness rushing out of their eyes. Luo Li’s strength was this strong, in that case, that Liu Zhen could no longer continue to be that insolent anymore!

“Hmph, a single sword? You’re too arrogant!”

Under the innumerable attentive gazes from the surroundings, the startled expression of Liu Zhen disappeared as he snorted with a cold laugh. This Luo Li’s strength had truly far exceeded his expectations; however, it was still at the Initial level of the Heavenly Completion Stage. If she wanted to defeat him by using a single sword, that was simply an enormous joke!

However, Luo Li seemed to have not heard his cold laughter. Clenching the Luo Shen Sword in her jade-like hands, her slender fingers ran across the sword sheath. In the next instant, a cold light blossomed as the Luo Shen Sword left its sheath once again.

Upon its appearance, the entire world seemed to have turned cold and frosty.

A Sword Aura blotted the skies as a 300 metre long gargantuan light blade shot into the skies. The boundless and majestic Sword Aura started to condense at an astonishing speed. In a short few breaths, the 300 metre long gargantuan light sword started to condense and form a river of Sword Aura.

With its appearance, a frightening Sword Aura started to radiate from it.

As he looked at the river of Sword Aura, there was a faint change in the expression on Liu Zhen’s face. A chilling intent arose from his skin as an extremely dangerous fluctuation started to erupt from his heart.

Seeing that, Luo Li gently strutted forward. With a light tremble of her jade-like hands, the longsword in her hand was gently thrusted out.


The longsword buzzed and screamed as if something was resonating with the sword. In the sky, the river of Sword Aura started to surge downwards, turning into an eye-catching light beam. Carrying along an indescribably swift and fierce Sword Aura, it swept fiercely towards Liu Zhen.

A single sword turned into the Luo River.


Ten thousand strands of Sword Aura surged forward, and before the river of Sword Aura descended towards the ground, the earth was already sliced to a disastrous state. At this time Luo Li had displayed all of her strength and put everything into this move. Therefore, this time, it was much stronger than the previous time in the Hunting War!

Liu Zhen raised his head, the image of the river of Sword Aura reflecting off his pupils. At this time, his gaze had turned extremely grave as he thought, This single sword truly is astonishing.

However, wanting to make him, Liu Zhen admit defeat was not that easy to do!

A cold glint surged out from within his eyes and with a grasp of his hand, a scarlet spear suddenly appeared within it. From the spear in his hand, an erratic Spiritual Energy fluctuation swept out, like flames.

“Fire God’s War Spear!”

All of the Spiritual Energy exploded from within his body without a trace of restraint as scarlet-coloured Spiritual Energy shot up towards the sky. With a frontal thrust of his spear, the air within the region seemed to have been pierced through and was ruptured by it.


Everyone present could see the dreadful flames erupting explosively from within Liu Zhen’s body as a scarlet light engulf the heavens and earth like the rage of the fire god. Carrying along torrential amounts of angry flames, it violently collided against the river of Sword Aura.


At the instant of the collision, the Sword Aura and the scarlet light exploded. The Sword Aura wrecked havoc across the area, causing the earth to instantaneous shatter and crumble as a gigantic fissure rapidly extended on the ground.

At this moment, the Scarlet light suddenly shattered.

As the Sword Aura swept across, it actually managed to thoroughly slice and break down the scarlet-coloured Spiritual Energy that was akin to flames.

A dumbstruck look appeared within Liu Zhen’s eyes as he thought, Her Sword Aura is so swift and fierce and it has far exceeded my expectations.

His hand started to tremble as he explosively retreated, not daring to have the resolve to face that sharp edge again.


However, just as he started to retreat, and his imposing manner had weakened, a beautiful, graceful figure shot towards him with. The Sword Aura that blotted the skies seemed to follow the beautiful figure as it started to surge towards her.

Akin to lightning, the Sword Aura tore space apart and headed directly towards Liu Zhen as he stared at it with an aghast look.

That speed was too quick, and he could only watch helplessly as the sharp edge rapidly grew larger in his view; however, he did not have a single trace of energy left to evade it.

As the sword light swept forward, the body of the sword, which rippled like water, patted Liu Zhen’s chest before the Sword Aura erupted out.


Liu Zheng flew across the sky, before landing disastrously on the outside of the arena. A mouthful of fresh blood violent spurted out as his face turned deathly pale, while his eyes became filled with terror and relief that he had survived.

He had previously tasted the feeling of death when the Sword Aura struck him. If Luo Li wanted to kill him, he would have absolutely no way to live.

The victor had appeared too quickly.

The grace of that single sword was only felt by a minority of people. However when Liu Zhen disastrously landed on the ground, everyone present already knew who the victor was. Therefore, cheers of joy that shook the world instantly rang out from the location of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest wore expressions of astonishment as they stared at the beautiful figure in the arena with somewhat peculiar gazes. Who would have thought that this young lady, who had only followed quietly behind Mu Chen, would actually hide such strength?

All of them had underestimated her.

She did not only possess a beauty and temperament that stole people’s breaths away, her strength was equally breathtaking.

“She truly is formidable,” exclaimed Xu Huang with a sigh. This batch of Freshmen were truly outstanding. Having one Mu Chen was already enough, and now, who would have thought that this girl, who was usually quiet, would actually be that terrifying?

It looked like she had purposefully restrained her sharp edge when standing beside Mu Chen and acted introvertly. Yet, just like the uncommon sword in her hand, there would be a day that she would reveal her sharp edge.

And that was today.

While the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were cheering, the students of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy wore indeterminate and downcast expressions. At the beginning, they were still feeling excited; however, who could have imagined that after a short moment, there would be such a thorough reversal in the situation?

Liu Zhen of the Heavenly Completion Stage had actually been defeated in such a short amount of time.

On the podium, the smiling face of the Dean of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy, Fei Qingsong, slightly twitched, before saying with a smile, “Undoubtedly one of the five great academies. Who would have thought that there was actually such a formidable person, other than the Top Ten on the Heavenly Ranking that had yet to reveal themselves?”

Dean Tai Cang smiled as he looked towards the young lady standing in the arena and replied, “You’re overpraising, Dean Fei. Luo Li dislikes fighting, and if not for her emotions being different from other days, she would not have taken action.”

Fei Qingsong also smiled. Narrowing his eyes, he said, “She is called Luo Li? Hmm… That sword that she had executed. It made me recall the Luo Shen Sword Technique of the Luo Shen Clan… Could it be that she is a member of the Luo Shen Clan?”

Dean Tai Cang refused to comment and replied, “Since Liu Zhen was defeated, this Exchange should end here. Both parties had their wins, and Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy sure is strong and robust.”

“Haha, wait a moment,” said Fei Qingsong with a grin, “Dean Tai Cang, we, the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy, still have people that have yet to fight… I didn’t say that Liu Zhen was the strongest student of our Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy… Furthermore, although you all have a member of the Luo Shen Clan… Haha… We also have a student with a special background.”

Upon hearing his words, Dean Tai Cang could not resist wrinkling his forehead.

This Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy had surely come prepared.

On the arena, Luo Li slowly started to restrain the Sword Aura that surrounded her body as she quietly looked towards Liu Zhen, who looked like a sorry figure and said, “Your Spiritual Energy is superficial. It seems that there was someone who had forcefully risen your strength. With your original capabilities, you don’t have the qualifications to challenge the Top Three of the Heavenly Rankings within our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

An ugly expression appeared on Liu Zhen’s face as he wanted to curse out. However, due to that previous fierce and swift sword of hers appearing in his mind, he was unable to speak at that moment. That faintly trembling appearance had lost all of its previous awe.

The students of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy clenched their teeth; however, there was still no one who dared to open their mouths and speak. Even Liu Zhen was defeated, and it was obvious that they were not able to achieve victory against Luo Li.

Luo Li looked towards the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy students, who were suppressing their rage and anger, before graceful turning and walking away with the longsword in her jade-like hands. Although she did not like to fight with people in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she was still a student here and would naturally not stand at a corner and watch the people from the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy come there and humiliate the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, since she had already achieved her objective, she would not continue to stay in the arena.

Looking at Luo Li, who had turned her body and walked away, Liu Zhen clenched his fists, before finally calming down. A disappointed look appeared within his eyes as he understood that he truly was not a match for Luo Li.


However, just as Luo Li had taken two steps, a soft laughing voice slowly rang out from within the group of students of the Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy.

Upon hearing that laughter, a slight pause occurred in Luo Li’s footsteps.

After hearing the laughter, unexpectedly, those few Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy students had a cold shiver run up their bodies as the expressions on their faces changed.

Innumerable gazes shot towards the direction of the laughing voice.

At the rearmost position within the group of Ancient Cauldron Spiritual Academy students, a figure slowly stood up and walked through the group. Finally standing in front of Liu Zhen, he casually said, “Useless.”

A faint tremor ran through Liu Zhen; however, he could only unwillingly lower his head.

The figure strode passed Liu Zhen and slowly walked onto the arena. Raising his head, a handsome face was revealed. On his face was a pair of scarlet pupils that looked akin to blood, which made them particularly eye-catching.

“Haha, Luo Li… the next Empress of the Luo God Clan. I never imagined that you would actually be at this place…”

Luo Li turned around. When she spotted the scarlet pupils of the man in front of her that were akin to blood, an endless chilling intent erupted from within her clear and limpid eyes.

Her jade-like hand slowly gripped her longsword tightly as a cold voice filled with chilling intent spilled out from those red lips.

“Blood God Clan…”

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