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Chapter 292 – Gathering Point

"Mu Chen?"

When the group that was surrounding Su Ran and her group heard a name that wasn't unfamiliar to them, their gazes changed as deep fear rose within their eyes.

Although Mu Chen had just entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for only a few months, his reputation within the academy could be comparable to, or even more superior than some of the outstanding Seniors.

The guy that was named Liu Chen's face slightly changed as he glanced at Mu Chen and Luo Li, "This matter isn't related to the both of you, why are you casually meddling in? If it's possible, once I obtain the information, I can share it with the both of you. At that time, we might even be able to join hands together."

Likewise, he feared Mu Chen. However, he wasn't willing to let An Ran off. In the Hunting War, because of the time restraint, information was the most important. If they could not find the gathering points of the Spiritual Spawns fast enough, then they wouldn't be able to gather sufficient Spiritual Lights. If that's the case, then the effects of the Spiritual Light Empowerment would not be effective.

He possessed a Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage cultivation as well. If everyone else was included, then it wouldn't be easy for Mu Chen and Luo Li to deal with them, if they were to confront each other.

When An Ran heard the conversation, she clenched her teeth and added, "Mu Chen, lend us a hand and we'll give you the information!"

At this moment, she was full of loathe for Liu Chen. She would rather give the information to Mu Chen then to let these fellows benefit from it.

Mu Chen lightly smiled as he looked at Liu Chen, "Senior Apprentice Sister An Ran is my friend. Take your people and leave."

Although his relationship with An Ran wasn't too deep, he didn't like Liu Chen too much. Furthermore, the latter's strength had still not reach to the point that it would make Mu Chen fear him. Since that's the case, then he would naturally act on his own preferences.


When Liu Chen heard what Mu Chen had said, his eyes instantly flickered with ferocity. His face turned dull and, shortly after, he gave a signal with his eyes to his companions. The latter immediately pulled themselves away from the encirclement of An Ran and her two companions as they looked at Mu Chen with bad intentions.

"Leave him to me, you can deal with the rest." Mu Chen lightly said to Luo Li.

"Okay." Luo Li nodded. The highest cultivation among that group was only a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase and posed no pressure to her.

"Just the two of you want to deal with so many of us…?" Liu Chen grounded his teeth as he sneered. However, before he finished his speech, Mu Chen already burst towards his direction.

"Stop him!" Liu Chen barked when he saw the situation, the Spiritual Energy within his body surged forth.

That group of a dozen also burst forth with Spiritual Energy. However, before they could act, they saw Mu Chen's figure turn into a streak of light, and the sound of a solemn roar of a dragon sounded out.


The light figure passed through their obstruction with an indescribable speed. Thereafter, before Liu Chen could react, a slender palm had already softly landed on the latter's chest.

Liu Chen looked at Mu Chen who had mysteriously appeared before him. His pupils immediately shrank and his face was filled with horror. The latter's speed was simply too fearsome.


A violent Spiritual Energy surged out from Mu Chen's palm and Liu Chen felt as though he was hit by a huge hammer and instantly flew away. After he created a long mark on the ground and clashed against a huge rock, the rock instantly crumbled and that unlucky fellow fainted.

He thought that he could confront Mu Chen with his strength at the Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage. But who would have expected that although the both of them had cultivated to the Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage, the distance between the two of them was as different as the heavens and earth.

"Bang! Bang!"

Just as Mu Chen easily dealt with Liu Chen, an urgent Spiritual Energy ripple came from his rear. When Mu Chen turned his head over, he saw a dozen unlucky fellows falling to the ground, one after another, as they wailed in pain. Among them, was a young girl wearing black clothes as she lightly patted her hands before blinking her big eyes towards Mu Chen.

"Formidable." Mu Chen gave her a big thumbs-up before looking at An Ran's group and smiled, "Senior Apprentice Sister An Ran, are you alright?"

An Ran shook her head as she looked at Mu Chen, as well as Luo Li, with a complicated gaze. A few months ago, Mu Chen's strength was just at the Spirit Realm, and who could have expect that in just a few short months, this newcomer had already far surpassed her?

Those two ladies beside An Ran were also beautiful, as they stealthily looked at Mu Chen. Clearly, they were curious towards this newcomer who had soaring fame in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

"What is the so-called gathering point?" Mu Chen did not say anything unnecessary and said the main subject. Right now, what they needed the most was information regarding the Spiritual Light Realm.

"Within the Spiritual Light Realm, although the Spiritual Energy is vast in this region, it isn't easy for Spiritual Pawns to gather in one place. At ordinary places, it wasn't easy to search for places with huge amounts of Spiritual Pawns and Spiritual Knights."

An Ran was also straightforward. She knew that half of the reason why Mu Chen gave her a helping hand was because of the information that she held. Therefore, she restrained her sigh as she spoke, "However, due to the terrain, some places have large amounts of Spiritual Spawns, which we call, the gathering point."

"As long as we find those gathering points, we will be able to obtain a large amount of Spiritual Lights. Otherwise, even if we searched the entire Spiritual Light Realm, we wouldn't be able to obtain enough Spiritual Lights."

Mu Chen and Luo Li suddenly understood in a flash. No wonder they only encountered sparse amounts of Spiritual Spawns along their way here. So it turned out that there were some rules to the Spiritual Light Realm.

"Where did Senior Apprentice Sister An Ran obtain the information about the gathering points from?" Mu Chen enquired along with a little astonishment.

"This kind of information can be purchased from the Spiritual Value Hall. Except, the price is expensive. Furthermore, there would be some changes to the gathering points every single year. Therefore, no one dares to be certain that the information would be useful. And the information that we purchased was collected by the three of us." An Ran bitterly smiled, "Who could have expected that this news was known to Liu Chen, which caused this matter to break out?"

It could be purchased from the Spiritual Value Hall? Mu Chen was stunned and shortly after, he inhaled a mouthful of air. They were, indeed, newcomers and, hence, weren't familiar with important information like this and could only charge into the Spiritual Light Realm without any plans.

"I'll tell the both of you the location of the gathering points." An Ran's face was a little dull. However, she did not forget her earlier promise towards Mu Chen and could only admit to have bad luck.

An Ran, as well as the two girls beside her, lightly sighed. Their strengths were still a little too weak. In the Hunting War, with more and more black horses emerging, it would be hard for them to obtain any achievements.

Looking at the three beautiful ladies that dispiritedly hung their heads, Mu Chen couldn't help smiling helplessly. Why did it feel like he's committing a crime.

"Senior Apprentice Sister An Ran, we're newcomers, after all. Therefore, we are not familiar with the Spiritual Light Realm. Why don't we trouble you to bring us along? We don't have any thoughts of monopolising everything and the Spiritual Lights that we get could be split equally between us."

An Ran and the two other girls were startled. Shortly after, they raised their heads and stared at Mu Chen with surprise filling their eyes, "Can we really?"

Generally speaking, no one believed that they could find enough Spiritual Lights. The more Spiritual Lights they obtained, the greater the benefits they could obtain from the Spiritual Light Empowerment. And, right now, Mu Chen was actually willing to split the Spiritual Lights equally with them. With his absolute strength, he clearly didn't have the need to give them such treatment.

Mu Chen gently smiled at them. He also knew the importance of the Spiritual Lights. However, there was also something called proper exchange. Otherwise, his actions wouldn't have much difference form Liu Chen and his group.

"What protective feelings for the fairer sex." Luo Li lightly turned her head as she said softly with a smile yet, at the same time, not a smile.

Mu Chen could only awkwardly smile helplessly.

"Senior Apprentice Sister An Ran, lead the way. We have to get there as fast as possible." Mu Chen looked at the trio, who were still joyful, and smiled.

"Okay." An Ran immediately nodded her head. After distinguishing some directions, she flew out first with Mu Chen and the rest followed right after her.

"Mu Chen, the gathering points that we know about were purchased from the Spiritual Value Hall. Therefore, at the same time when we purchased them, there should also be other students that did the same as us." As they were quickly flying to the so-called 'gathering point', An Ran also seized the moment to inform Mu Chen of the possible troubles that they could encounter.

"What you mean is that there are other students that have their eyes on the gathering points as well?" Mu Chen's brows slightly frowned. It seemed like it won't be easy to obtain the Spiritual Lights in the Hunting War.

"There's a possibility." An Ran wasn't especially certain, but it was certainly better if there weren't any people and they could monopolise everything at the gathering point. However, if they were to encounter other people, it won't be too peaceful. If the other party possessed sufficient strength, they could banish them from the raid.

"We'll think about it again at that time." Mu Chen said after some pondering. With his current strength, along with Luo Li, even if they were to encounter some troubles, he wasn't afraid. If there was anyone that tried to threaten them through strength, then he wouldn't mind giving them a taste of their own medicine.

When An Ran saw Mu Chen's calm expression without any worries, she felt relieved. It seemed that the current Mu Chen was no longer that freshman Mu Chen from back then.

Their route was rather peaceful. Although they had encountered quite a bit of students along their way, they were all looking at them passing by with their guards up. Clearly, they did not have any intention to fight them.

After about half an hour,, Mu Chen could feel An Ran's speed gradually slowing down.

"We will soon reach it." An Ran's voice caused Mu Chen's spirit to shake. Glancing far away, he was, indeed, able to sense abnormal Spiritual Energy fluctuations from far away.

A few minutes later, Mu Chen and his group landed on a mountain peak. Their lines-of-sight were directed ahead of them. There was a crater surrounded by several mountain peaks fluctuating with brilliant lights as a light figure hovered above with astonishing Spiritual Energy ripples that were spreading from it. There was at least a thousand of them.

"What a great amount of Spiritual Spawns."

Mu Chen looked at the astonishing amount of Spiritual Spawns and his face started to turn grave, little by little.

"There seemed to be a stronger existence at the center of the group." Luo Li said with a soft voice as she directed her sight towards the center.

When Mu Chen heard her words, he also directed his gaze over. Indeed, he saw a huge light figure at the center of the group as a tyrannical Spiritual Energy pressure was being emitted from it’s body.

The ripples far surpassed the other Spiritual Spawns.

Mu Chen concentrated his gaze.

That's a Spiritual Knight!

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