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Chapter 291 – Spiritual Light Realm

A bizarre world that seemed like the primal chaos. The sky wasn't lit, but there were frightening Spiritual Energies that fluctuated in this primal chaotic world.

Because of the Spiritual Energy being too massive, spiritual clouds that were floating in the sky could be seen and would occasionally sway with moist spiritual clouds drifting about.

This was the Spiritual Light Realm, a bizarre small realm that was created by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and, at the same time, it was also the field of the Hunting War.

This place was filled with Spiritual Energy, but there was a lack of vitality here. The heavens and earth were quiet, without any sign of people.

However, the desolation in this reasoning was abruptly disrupted today.

There were beams of light that looked like locusts as they fell from the sky. Thereafter, they'd scattered to the outer areas of this realm. Although the Spiritual Light Realm wasn't big, the scale of it still far surpassed the range of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Hence, even if there was a large amount of students entering into this realm, everyone could still disperse throughout the area.

On a small hill, two beams of light flew over and turned into two figures. They were Mu Chen and Luo Li.

When they appeared, they were looking around in curiosity. Shortly after, they exclaimed out, "What nourish Spiritual Energy!"

According to their speculations, the amount of Spiritual Energy in this Spiritual Light Realm could be comparable to the Seventh Rank Convergence Spiritual Array. But, the most fearsome point of it was that although the Seventh Rank Convergence Spiritual Array wasn't small, it paled in comparison to this realm.

"However, this place lacks vitality." Mu Chen quickly sensed the defect in this realm. Although the Spiritual Energy in this region was exceptionally robust, there weren't any fluctuations of vitality.

"This realm was created not long ago and there wasn't any way to give birth to vitality. Henceforth, it is not possible to stay here for a long time." Luo Li swept her eyes around as she commented.

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. No wonder the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy did not open this place for students to cultivate. So, it was because this place wasn't suitable for life forms to stay.

"Let's us start by obtaining as much Spiritual Light as possible." said Mu Chen. The so-called 'Spiritual Light Empowerment' would have to depend on the obtained Spiritual Light for it to be graded. If a person had harvested a low amount of Spiritual Light, it would only waste the benefits of the Spiritual Light Empowerment.

In this Spiritual Light Realm, if someone wanted to obtain Spiritual Lights, the only way would be to kill the Spiritual Spawns.

The so-called Spiritual Spawns were actually humanoid forms of Spiritual Energy. Although those Spiritual Spawns don't possess any intellect, the strength that they possessed wasn't weak.

According to the news that Mu Chen had received, the Spiritual Spawns were divided into three grades in this Spiritual Light Realm. The lowest grade was an ordinary Spiritual Pawn, which possessed strength comparable to a Heavenly Fusion Stage. The next would be Spiritual Knights, which possessed the strength of a Heavenly Transformation Stage and some powerful Spiritual Knights were comparable to Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. Spiritual Knights of this level were highly popular with those students with powerful strength as the Spiritual Lights that they would obtain would be the highest.

As for the strongest Spiritual Spawns, they were known as Spiritual Kings. There weren't that many of them in the entire Spiritual Light Realm and were also the most powerful existences. If they're encountered one, they could only stay far away from it. Not only do the Spiritual Kings possess simple intellect, their strengths were comparable to a Heavenly Completion Stage, which was extremely hard to deal with.

In the history of the Hunting War, there were very few people that would dare to provoke the Spiritual Kings. Although the Spiritual Light in the body of the Spiritual Kings was the best ingredient for Spiritual Light Empowerment, their strength at the Heavenly Completion Stage made everyone hold their step and would be filled with fear.

"Let's go."

Mu Chen identified his location before flying out. He didn't have a clear goal. However, the only thing that he could do was head towards the depths of the Spiritual Light Realm.

Due to the fact that every student participating the Hunting War would be gathered at that region, where the final Guardians stood hold, their final enemy.

Two figures were streaking across the horizon and because of the Spiritual Energy in this region being too dense, the speed of Mu Chen and Luo Li also suffered some restrictions. Pressure that was suppressing them would occasionally cause them to require constant circulation of Spiritual Energy to withstand that pressure.

Mu Chen and Luo Li flew low to the ground and, after roughly ten minutes, Mu Chen's eyes were grave as his speed started to slow down. Before him, there was a dazzling light that he could only see the direction of by narrowing his eyes. That light seemed to be a humanoid figure that was drifting around, along with the majestic Spiritual Energy that was being emitted from it.

When Mu Chen sensed it, he seemed to have perceived a different fluctuation that was coming from it. Shortly after, that humanoid figure flew out and burst towards the direction of Mu Chen and Luo Li like a demon.

"Quite the decent speed."

Mu Chen lightly smiled. The tip of his toes tapped and his figure flew out, crisscrossing with that light figure. However, the moment they crossed, Mu Chen placed his palm on the chest of that light figure. A violent Spiritual Energy surged out and instantly shattered it from the jolt.

As the light figure crumbled, a faint red light shot out from it’s body. However, before that light could escape, Mu Chen had already snatched it with his hand.

That lump of faint red light started to shrink into Mu Chen's hands, little by little, before turning into a sphere of light that was roughly the size of a dragon's eye, except the fact that it contained a rather pure Spiritual Energy.

There wasn't any intent mixed in this Spiritual Aura and was exceptionally pure.

"This is the Spiritual Light?" Mu Chen fiddled with it in curiosity as he became astonished. He never expected that such a small volume would contain such pure Spiritual Energy. This realm was, indeed, bizarre.

"It's just an ordinary Spiritual Pawn." said Luo Li. The Spiritual Light was too weak and could only be compared to a drop in the ocean for their Spiritual Light Empowerment.

"Let's search slowly." Mu Chen was also a little helpless. After all, this was their first time participating in the Hunting War and, hence, they weren't familiar with this area. Clearly, no one would be so kind as to share the precious information with them.

Luo Li lightly smiled as she nodded. She wasn't worried at all. As long as she was with him, she wouldn't mind, even if she did not get any harvests.

But, even if she doesn't mind, Mu Chen had to. He knew how important this period of time was for Luo Li. Now that he can be with her, he would naturally do everything he could to make her stronger. This way, she won't have to suffer too much when she returned to the Luoshen Clan.

"Let's go take a look." Mu Chen looked ahead as he flew out, holding onto Luo Li.

But in the next hour, Mu Chen and Luo Li duo didn't have much harvests as they would only, occasionally, encounter dozens of ordinary Spiritual Pawns and the Spiritual Light that they obtained could not be considered as robust. This made Mu Chen a little helpless. Was the Spiritual Spawns in the Spiritual Light Realm so little? Then, how could they engage the Spiritual Light Empowerment?

Mu Chen made a flick with his finger and a Spiritual Pawn that was charging at his direction was reduced to dust. Thereafter, he grabbed the faint red light that flew out of it and curled his lips in helplessness, "Tsk, another ordinary Spiritual Pawn."

He felt speechless. Their harvests for the next two to three hours wasn't too joyful, either.

Luo Li smiled as she followed him. She appeared rather relaxed as she left all the troublesome matters to Mu Chen.

"The Spiritual Energy ripples up ahead aren't from Spiritual Pawns. It should be students that are participating in the Hunting War like us." Luo Li said with a little astonishment as she suddenly glanced far ahead.

Mu Chen wasn't very interested in that as he had been racking his brains on how to obtain more Spiritual Lights. This was the first time that he brought Luo Li along in cultivation. If they were to return empty-handed, then he would be too useless.

"There must be some rules in the Spiritual Light Realm and our first time here made us totally unfamiliar with the information. Therefore, solving the problem of information is the priority right now." Luo Li smiled.

Mu Chen was startled and, shortly after, his face was replaced with a smile, "We have some Spiritual Lights in our hands. At worst, we could make an exchange for information with the Spiritual Lights. If they refuse to agree to the terms, then they can't blame us for being unreasonable, right?"

Hearing his last words, Luo Li couldn't help rolling her eyes at him as she appeared extremely charming.

Mu Chen, on the other hand, was excited as he flew out with Luo Li. In about ten minutes, they saw that there was a battle on a hill up ahead.

But, to their astonishment, it wasn't a battle between students and spiritual spawns, but a battle between students.

There seemed to be over a dozen students circling three students. Those three students were clearly no match for them. Under that encirclement, they were heading further and further into a disadvantage and would lose at anytime.

"An Ran, we don't want to make things hard for you. Tell us about all the Spiritual Spawns gathering points that you know and we'll let you leave!" Outside the battle, a lean and slender youth was chuckling as he looked at those three that were gradually losing.

Among those three who were being ganged up on, there was the figure of An Ran, who Mu Chen had met before when he had just entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

"Liu Chen, you can dream on!"

An Ran's face flushed red as her eyes became filled with wrath. She tightly clenched her teeth as she added, "You disgusting bastard. Even if I was to be kicked out of the Hunting War, I won't let you guys know the gathering points. I don't believe that you would dare to kill me here!"

The youth who was named as Liu Chen coldly smiled in reply as his gaze swept over An Ran's well-developed figure as he gave a weird smile, "Indeed, I don't dare to kill you. However, all of us here are males, and if we were to have a slip and accidentally touch or grab you, don't take it personally. I believe that you won't be able to report me about this matter, right?"

When An Ran heard his threats, her face instantly turned pale as she trembled.

"Therefore, An Ran, don't make things unpleasant. As long as you tell us about those locations, we can even bring you along and you can have a share of the Spiritual Lights. What do you think of my suggestion?" Liu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed.

An Ran tightly clenched her teeth. Her two companions were also female. Faced with the delinquent threats from Liu Chen and his group, their faces flushed red from anger, but they could not do anything.

"Haha, I think that there's nothing great about this suggestion."

However, when she was about to speak, a laughter sounded out from far away. Shortly after, two light figures flew over and appeared before An Ran and her group.

"Mu Chen?!"

An Ran looked at the handsome youth before her as she exclaimed in surprise.

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