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Chapter 285 – Divine Black Thunder Tribulation Appears Again!


As the heaven and earth trembled, the formerly clear sky instantly turned dark. Even the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth sensed the horrifying taste in it and started to escape from this region.

Wuuuu! Wuuu!

Within the mountain range, an endless amount of Spiritual Energy trembled, issuing a mournful shriek. The Divine Black Thunder Tribulation was extremely fearsome for a Spiritual Beast.

The tribulation could allow them to evolve after the long cultivation, but it also made them feel extreme fear…

Mu Chen stood on the mountain peak as his mountain stared gravely at the heavens. The black thunder clouds constantly gathered and took form with a black light flickering within them. The extremely violent lightning energy couldn’t be properly described. Even the Eighth Level of the Lightning Territory wasn’t as frightening as it.

This was the genuine annihilation energy that originated from the heavens and earth.

Under the terrifying thunder clouds, the Nine Netherbird flapped it’s wings as it’s enormous body was ablaze with black flames. Under the heat of the black flames, even the temperature in the nearby surroundings had risen.

Every time the Nine Netherbird flapped it’s wings, it swept out a blazing gale that engulfed the heavens and earth.


The Nine Netherbird issued a clear and bright cry. It’s pupils were blazing with black flames as it looked at the constantly forming black thunder clouds with an unyielding intent. It had already been defeated twice. If it didn’t possess the bloodline of the undying bird, it would have been reduced to ashes by the tribulation.

However, even if it had failed twice, it still refused to admit defeat. It was the prideful Nine Netherbird, possessing the bloodline of the Undying Bird. The Nine Netherbird wanted to become the most powerful Divine Beast between these heavens and earth!

Therefore, it had to succeed in its evolution at all costs!

The Nine Netherbird issued a clear cry, and flapped its huge wings as it issued a challenge to the tribulation, once again, and, this time, it will not be defeated!


The constantly forming tribulation seemed to have sensed the challenge from the Nine Netherbird and, in an instant, the black thunder clouds wiggled along with a formidable might that swept out.

More and more frightening lightning energies were being gathered in the thundercloud.


The thundercloud was abruptly torn apart and the world had gone silent. A huge black lightning bolt struck down with its annihilating power as it aimed at the Nine Netherbird.


The Nine Netherbird issued a cry, flapped its huge wings as the black flames that filled the skies surged out, and turned into a black flaming tornado that clashed with the black thunder.


A huge cry resounded as the lightning and black flames clashed together and abruptly swept out. The surrounding mountain peaks seemed to have been instantly leveled.

Mu Chen landed on the ground as he watched the clash with worry filling his eyes. Back in the Northern Spiritual Realm, he had already witnessed the clash between the Nine Netherbird and the black lightning once before. And now, whether if it’s the Nine Netherbird or the tribulation, both were clearly more powerful compared to back then.

“This Divine Black Thunder Tribulation seems to get stronger along with the strength of the life form that’s undergoing the tribulation.” Mu Chen fell into his thoughts. No wonder it was the necessary step that a Spiritual Beast had to go through in its path of cultivation. Under the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation, who knows how many powerful Spiritual Beasts had been annihilated?

In the first confront, the Nine Netherbird did not fall into a disadvantage. However, Mu Chen was clear that this was just the beginning…

Just when this thought flashed through Mu Chen’s heart, the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation was completely formed up on the horizon. Frightful heavenly might was spreading as it started to show its ferocity.

Boom! Booom!

When the heavens and earth had darkened down, the tribulation wiggled as a huge black lightning bolt shot down. All of the lightning was aiming at the Nine Netherbird with extreme accuracy.

The Nine Netherbird’s eyes flashed with unyielding flames as it watched the endlessly falling lightning. It flapped its wings as the energy within its body was being completely mobilised.

Huuuuuuu! Huuuu!

The black flames that looked like a flaming sea swept out, turning into a tornado as it ripped the horizon apart and was aimed towards the lightning bolts, an in attempt to obstruct them.

Two frightening powers clashed in the horizon. Energy ripples that were roughly ten thousand feet in height fluctuated out that even the space was instantly twisted. Any leakage of that energy was sufficient to instantly level this mountain range.

Mu Chen stood on the ground as he stared at the mad confrontation up in the sky. Both of his fists were tightly clenched and his body was tensed up. He could sense the defense of the Nine Netherbird was starting to weaken as the black lightning shot down even faster.

Mu Chen’s pupils suddenly shrank and saw a huge lightning bolt shoot down from the horizon. It managed to pierce through the black flaming tornado and struck the Nine Netherbird.


A deep groan sounded out. The body of the huge Nine Netherbird was pulled down by a thousand feet with black smoke fuming from the spot that the lightning bolt had struck. Even with the black flames, it was still insufficient to recover the wound at a fast speed.

The Nine Netherbird issued out a painful cry as its eyes looked as though they had turned scarlet red.

Boom! Boooom!

And before the Nine Netherbird was enraged, the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation had entered into a frenzied state. The thunder clouds shrank and a black lightning bolt struck down. In that instant, even the heavens and earth were trembling at the frenzied tribulation.

The Nine Netherbird’s wings retracted together as it guarded its body. Black flames surged and it had actually formed layers of black crystals. On the crystal layers, there were black flames surging, looking extremely solid.

Bang! Baaang!

The lightning pierced through the heavens and earth and struck the black crystal that surrounded the Nine Netherbird. As every lightning bolt fell, it would shatter layers of crystal. The body of the Nine Netherbird trembled, as though it had suffered a huge pain.

The lightning wreaked havoc for a few minutes. When the crystal layers that surrounded the Nine Netherbird had been shattered, its slender and huge body was in a bad state to the point that there was fresh blood dripping from the Nine Netherbird’s wings.

Mu Chen saw the sorry state of the Nine Netherbird and both of his fists were clenched even tighter. The Divine Black Thunder Tribulation was strong to the extend that every single lightning bolt was capable of reducing Heavenly Fusion Stage experts into ashes.

But looking at the current situation, if this continued, it was definitely impossible for the Nine Netherbird to endure it.

Under Mu Chen’s nervous gaze, up in the sky, the Nine Netherbird paid no attention to its gravely injured body. It raised it’s head, issuing a prideful cry. Even if it was fated to die today, it won’t yield to the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation.


The lightning was simply merciless as the annihilating lightning bolts continued to strike down without any mercy.


However, just when the lightning was about to land onto the body of the Nine Netherbird, something suddenly shot out, leaving a fine streak of light. The streak of light hovered above the Nine Netherbird, and formed a huge pair of wings that were spread out.

The feather had a dark azure colour with an endless light flowing from it. It stretched its wings that seemed to have covered the heavens and earth.

The lightning mercilessly struck the feather, causing the light that flowed in it to dissipate by a lot. However, it still managed to endure and wasn’t destroyed.

“What is that?” Mu Chen was slightly startled. The feather wasn’t something that belonged to the Nine Netherbird. But it contained huge power that was capable of enduring several blows from the lightning bolts.

When the Nine Netherbird saw the situation, it was was shocked. However, it immediately started to recover from its wounds. It was well aware that although the feather was formidable, it could only withstand the lightning bolts for a small while. In the end, the Nine Netherbird still had to rely on itself to pass through this tribulation.

The Divine Black Thunder Tribulation suddenly became furious as it sensed that this item wasn’t something that belonged to the Nine Netherbird. And it was extremely hateful towards external interference.

Boom! Booom!

Because of that, the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation started to wiggle and huge lightning bolts constantly hacked down. Faced with the enraged hacking of the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation, the feather started to dulled down and, in the end, it was reduced to dust by the divine lightning.


When the feather was reduced to dust, the Nine Netherbird issued a cry towards the sky. Its boiling blood was dripping from its body, but it’s eyes still remained clear.

When it issued its cry, Mu Chen could see the wound son the Nine Netherbird’s body flashed across with a faint purple luster. It seemed to be a strand of weak purple flames.

Those purple flames were hidden within the black flames and were naturally hard to be detected. However, Mu Chen still saw that as the purple flames appeared, the wounds on the body of the Nine Netherbird were rapidly being healed to the point that even the remnant lightning energy that was on its wounds could not obstruct it.

“Those are the… Undying Flames?!” Mu Chen stared at the fine purple flames as his pupils shrank. With his current understanding towards the Nine Netherbird, it natural that he knew that only the Undying Flames that were born within the body of the Primordial Undying Bird could disregard the injury of the Thunder Tribulation and recover its body. However, the Undying Flames were the speciality of the Undying Bird. Although the Nine Netherbird possessed a little of the Undying Bird’s bloodline, it was, after all, too thin to be sufficient to awaken the Undying Flames…

But, right now, the Undying Flames had actually appeared from the body of the Nine Netherbird. This meant that the Undying Bird’s blood that was contained within its body far surpassed an ordinary Nine Netherbird!

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered. It seemed like the Nine Netherbird wasn’t an ordinary kind in its clan.

Having its wounds being rapidly healed, the Nine Netherbird’s unyielding flames that were blazing within its eyes became even richer. It raised it’s head, looked at the thundercloud that were shrinking and the destructive energy that was in the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation becoming even more fearsome.

The Nine Netherbird knew that the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation was gathering its strongest energy, preparing to wipe it out from the face of this world!

Even when it faced the power that could destroy itself, the Nine Netherbird still raised it’s prideful head. It’s huge pair of wings lightly flapped and, among the black flames, faint traces of purple flames appeared.


The cry was directed towards the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation, issuing its final challenge!

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