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Chapter 284 – Blood Essence is obtained!

Within the Spiritual Value Hall, the bustling hall seemed to have quietened down in an instant. The dumbfounded gazes stared at the silvery current. Tens of thousands of Divine Lightning Beads. They've never seen anyone take such a huge amount out in one go before…

Within the Lightning Territory, condensing Divine Lightning Beads wasn't an easy task. Many people could only harvest around 10 beads a day. Furthermore, they still had to forsake the time that they could use to cultivate. Ten of thousands, if this was a task given to them to accomplish, even if they didn't rest, it would take an endless amount of time.

Furthermore 13,000 Divine Lightning Beads was equivalent to 2,600,000 Spiritual Value Points. It was an enormous sum that could be used to purchase a High Rank Spiritual Artifact or even a Quasi Deity Tier Spiritual Art from the Spiritual Value Hall.

The eyes that were staring at the large sum of Divine Lightning Beads had envy flickering in their eyes. But, fortunately, this was shown in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If he was somewhere else in the Northern Heavens Continent, Mu Chen's way of revealing his wealth would definitely attract a lot of trouble to himself. Clearly, he was well aware of this issue, which was why he revealed it here.

The beautiful lady that was behind the counter recovered herself as she glanced at Mu Chen with amazement in her eyes. She clearly didn't know how he was able to obtain such a lump sum of Divine Lightning Beads. Fortunately, she was intelligent and did not ask that many questions. She took out a Mustard Seed Bracelet and as a light flickered, she stored all of the Divine Lightning Beads within it.

"Indeed, 13,000 beads." she slightly checked and nodded her head. Shortly after, she added as she smiled, "This student, I don't have the authority to process such a huge transaction. I'll go and get the teacher in-charge."

Mu Chen nodded his head. The lady turned around and left. After a short while, she returned with a middle-aged man, whom Mu Chen assumed was the teacher in-charge here.

The teacher in-charge also gave Mu Chen a glance of astonishment. Even for himself, this was the first time that he had seen a student capable of taking out over ten thousand Divine Lightning Beads.

"Pass me your Spiritual Value Card." the teacher in-charge lightly smiled. Although he was amazed, the teacher in-charge did not lose his composure, unlike the other students.

Mu Chen faintly smiled in reply as he handed his Spiritual Value Card over.

The teacher in-charge received it and also retrieved a Spiritual Value Card from his sleeve. A streak of light flashed into Mu Chen's card and he returned it back to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen cast a glance at the Spiritual Value Card and saw 7,100,000 Spiritual Value Points. This made him feel relieved. His hard work, after so long, finally paid off.


He suppressed his impatience as he thanked the teacher in-charge, but he did not accept the Spiritual Value Card. He smiled gently, "I'm afraid that I have to trouble teacher, again. I wish to purchase an item."

"What is it?" the teacher asked with a smile.

"The Northern Sea Dragon's Blood Essence." Mu Chen smiled in return.

The teacher in-charge's hand that was holding onto the Spiritual Value Card trembled as he casted his glance at Mu Chen in astonishment. The Northern Sea Dragon's Blood Essence that cost 7,000,000 Spiritual Value Points? This was the most expensive item among their Spiritual Value Point items and, after all of these years, he had yet to see any student capable of purchasing this item.

"Follow me."

The teacher in-charge waved his hand and moved towards the back. When Mu Chen saw the teacher walking, he immediately followed up. Behind him, many students did not clearly hear what Mu Chen wanted to purchase. But, after looking at the teacher in-charge's expression, they could guess that it wasn't an ordinary item that Mu Chen was buying. This caused curiosity to raise within their hearts.

Mu Chen, however, paid no attention to their curiosity as he followed the teacher into a small chamber. The latter walked into the inner chamber and, after a long time, he swept his sleeve and, as a light flickered, a crystal ball that was roughly the size of a human's head appeared in his hand.

Inside the crystal ball, there was a lump of golden liquid that was wiggling about with life, emitting a bizarre fluctuation.

Even with the isolation of the crystal ball, Mu Chen could detect the fearsome energy contained in that lump of golden blood. This was the genuine strength of the Divine Beasts.

Divine Beasts are existences comparable to Sovereigns.

"This is the Blood Essence of the Northern Sea Dragon, an item belonging to Lord Northern Sea." the teacher in-charge was also amazed as he looked at the golden blood and spoke with revere.

Mu Chen nodded his head. This Lord Northern Sea that the teacher spoke of should be the Northern Sea Dragon itself.

"This Blood Essence is priced at 7,000,000 Spiritual Value Points and I've already deducted it from your Spiritual Value Card." the teacher in-charge returned the card over to Mu Chen and the original 7,100,000 only had 100,000 left, which made Mu Chen helpless. He had turned poor in an instant before he even warmed those 7,000,000 Spiritual Value Points with his hand.

"Now, this Blood Essence of the Northern Sea Dragon belongs to you." the teacher in-charge smiled. Although he was curious about why Mu Chen wanted to purchase the Blood Essence, he clearly knew that he couldn't inquire about such personal matters.

"Thanks, teacher."

Mu Chen took the Spiritual Value Point Card and stored the Blood Essence of the Northern Sea Dragon into the Mustard Seed Bracelet. He made a bow to the teacher and took his leave.

The teacher in-charge looked at Mu Chen's leaving silhouette and went into silence, turned around and left. This matter with the Northern Sea Dragon's Blood Essence wasn't small; therefore, he had to report this matter to the higher-ups of the academy.

After coming out of the Spiritual Value Hall, Mu Chen looked at the flow of people and enquired in his head, while looking up at the sky, "You'll be able to evolve now that we've obtained the Blood Essence of the Northern Sea Dragon."

"How can it be that easy? I still have to undergo the tribulation."

"That black heavenly lightning tribulation?" Mu Chen's eyelids could not help twitching. Back then, when he first saw the Nine Netherbird, the latter was undergoing this tribulation. However, the latter had failed and, henceforth, Mu Chen knew how frightening this tribulation was.

"Shredding the spiritual and turning divine, this has always been the most important step of our Spiritual Beast's cultivation route. Therefore, it won't be so easy. I have already failed this step twice and, this time, by borrowing the power of this Northern Sea Dragon's Blood Essence, I have a great amount of confidence this time round." the Nine Netherbird said solemnly.

Mu Chen quietly nodded his head. Now that he had established a Bloodline Bond with the Nine Netherbird, they're simple of one body. If they thrive, they'd thrive together and if they failed, they'd failed together. If anything went wrong with the Nine Netherbird, he would also suffer a grave blow. Therefore, he naturally wished for the Nine Netherbird to succeed in the tribulation.

"Adjust yourself to your best during these next two days. You can also draw my Spiritual Energy. Thereafter, we'll look for a place and start the tribulation." said Mu Chen.

In the aura sea, the Nine Netherbird nodded it’s head as a look of gentleness flashed through it’s eyes. It could sense the concern that was coming from Mu Chen's heart.

Mu Chen spoke nothing else as he headed back to the freshman area. By the time he returned, he had undoubtedly attracted the excitement of the Goddess Luo Association's members. In this period of time, the news of Mu Chen entering into the Eighth Level of the Lightning Territory had spread throughout the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy since long ago. This made many students startled. This freshman seemed to be able to accomplish an unexpected feat in several intervals at a time.

Mu Chen spoke and laughed with everyone for a brief moment, before returning to his small building. However, he did not see Luo Li. The latter had probably left to cultivate, which made him smile bitterly. That girl was still working so hard with her cultivation. However, when he thought of the responsibility that Luo Li had to bear, Mu Chen's mind was also heavy. He could sense that Luo Li might not be able to remain by his side for much longer. She was the next Empress of the Luoshen Clan, and she had too much to prepare…

But, right now, his strength was still too weak, so he could not provide her with any help.

Standing on the small building, Mu Chen looked at the vast starry sky and lightly breathed out a mouthful of air. He still had a long way to go, but, fortunately, he should still have some time left.

During the next couple of days, Mu Chen did not go out but remained in the building to cultivate, and made preparations for the Nine Netherbird's tribulation. Although the Nine Netherbird could only depend on itself for the tribulation, Mu Chen also wished to provide the Nine Netherbird with strength as well.

And during these two days, the Nine Netherbird did not make any movements as it was quietly condensing its strength, preparing to challenge the tribulation that it had failed twice now.

Due to their preparations, the two days rapidly flew by.

After two days, Mu Chen flew out of the freshman's area and flew out of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. At the outside range, there was an endless range of mountains. This place was far from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and having the tribulation here should keep anyone from interfering.

Mu Chen flew out for nearly half an hour, until he was far away from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, before his speed slowed down. Thereafter, he landed on a mountain. Although there were Spiritual Beasts around this mountain range, there were many powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations. Henceforth, this was a pretty good place for the tribulation.

Mu Chen landed on a mountain peak. Before he could speak, black flames surged on his shoulder and a small sparrow flickered out. It looked at the sky, full of determination and pride in it’s eyes.

Mu Chen's hand clenched and the crystal ball containing the Blood Essence of the Northern Sea Dragon appeared. The golden blood was slowly wiggling inside, emitting a powerful energy.

"Shall we start?" Mu Chen looked at the Nine Netherbird.

The Nine Netherbird nodded and, shortly after, it breathed black flames from it’s mouth, shrouding the crystal ball and swallowed it into its body.


Its figure flashed out as it soared into the horizon. Thereafter, the black flames swept out, as a clear and resonant cry resounded between the heavens and earth. As the black flames spread throughout the horizon, the Nine Netherbird's small body also started to expand. In just several breath's of time, a pair of blazing black-flamed wings had spread out to the point that they could almost cover the mountain.

Mu Chen raised his head, this was the second time that he had witnessed the Nine Netherbird reveal it’s real body. Under the influence of the Northern Sea Dragon's Blood Essence, all of the injuries that the Nine Netherbird had suffered were completely healed, and, in addition, it even made the Nine Netherbird more powerful.


The Nine Netherbird issued a cry towards the horizon as frightening Spiritual Energy ripples swept out. That powerful pressure filled everything between the heavens and earth.


When the Nine Netherbird unleashed it’s energy without any restraints, frightening ripples started to gather into the nine heavens. There were lumps after lumps of black thunder clouds being formed that contained enough power to annihilate anything.

Mu Chen's gaze turned grave.

The tribulation had finally started.

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