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Chapter 261 – Bitter Blood Battle


The white tiger hovered in the starry sky, its scarlet eyes contained a bloodlust that could murder the world. Its terrible animosity and killing intent soared into the clouds. All of the beasts within a hundred miles trembled with fear.

Su Xuan and the others stood on a faraway mountain peak with astonishment plastered all over their faces. It wasn’t because they’d never seen Mu Chen execute the Divine Seal of the White Tiger — it was the same one he’d used back at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, when he’d withstood Li Xuantong’s sharp attacks.

But this Divine Seal of the White Tiger, was far from what it’d been before.

The white tiger in the sky looked like a living, breathing animal. Its limitless bloodlust blanketed the entire region.


The white tiger roared towards the sky and lept forward, treading over the starry sky. Its glowing killing intent overflowed from its body and began twisting the space around it, as it charged towards the bloody sea that was rushing to meet it.


The white tiger and bloody sea clashed and created a powerful gale that leveled the forest and crumbled the mountain peaks around them.

Chhhhhiiii. Chhiiiii.

The tiger’s stripes glowed with bloodlust. Every time the two forces met, it was as if a river of lava had met an avalanche — freezing and melting in repeated cycles.

Mu Chen’s Divine Seal of the White Tiger was renowned for its murderous intents — adding the baleful aura made it even more powerful. Words could not describe the terrifying power it now contained

“How is this possible?!”

Bai Xuan’s face twisted when he saw what’d happened. His finishing move was completely ineffective against Mu Chen!

“That damned brat is still conscious?” Bai Xuan snarled through his teeth. Just what kind of monster was he? How could he still maintain his consciousness, with that baleful energy corroding his body?

“Withstand it!”

The bloody spear in his hand trembled in response to his order. A torrent of Spiritual Energy swept out with his bloody sea in a tireless effort to divert Mu Chen’s attack.


The tiger snarled furiously in the face of the obstacle, and its red eyes grew even brighter. Then, without warning, its body began shrinking; however, its murderous stripes stayed as bright as ever.

The glowing stripes charged onward, dispelling Bai Xuan’s bloody sea wherever its paws landed. The bloody fight filled the sky, as if the entire space had turned into an Asura’s battlefield.

Bang! Bang!

The bloody sea continued to crumble under the assault of the Divine Seal of the White Tiger. The beast was an unstoppable fiend as it charged towards Bai Xuan.

“I refuse to believe that you’re not dying today!”

Bai Xuan’s eyes reddened as he watched the ferocious Divine Seal of the White Tiger bear down on him. He was a Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase; however, h’d been beaten into such a sorry state by the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase Mu Chen. How can he bear such shame?

“Octa Desolate Blood Battle Art, Blood Soul War Spear!”

Bai Xuan shouted as he formed several hand seals. Surges of Spiritual Energy gathered around him and turned into a blood-red war spear, roughly a hundred feet long. It was the color of freshly-spilled blood and emitted a savage aura.

It was clearly an offensive Spiritual Art of great power.


It pierced through the sky with its dense, desolate aura and clashed with the Divine Seal of the White Tiger!


Heaven and earth trembled as the Spiritual Energies exploded. Both Mu Chen and Bai Xuan suffered heavily and flew back, smashing into the peaks of separate mountains. Massive cracks appeared on the cliff walls behind their backs.


Bai Xuan coughed up red blood as his eyes became filled with anger and anticipation. He looked towards Mu Chen, who was presently picking himself out of his own crater on a mountain not far away. His body was also covered in blood, making him look like a creature with red skin. His scarlet eyes still glowed with a limitless anger.

However, Mu Chen acted as if he’d suffered no wounds at all; he ignored the intense pain he must have felt, as if he were only a mere tireless doll, made only to fight.

“That bastard!”

Bai Xuan’s eyes were dark as his heart let out a roaring wail. Even he couldn’t help the tinge of fear in his heart as he faced against this new Mu Chen.

Mu Chen couldn’t care less about his state — he simply allowed the blood to flow from his wounds. However, his scarlet eyes were fixed on Bai Xuan as he licked the drop of blood at the corner of the lips and flashed him a savage and bloodthirsty smile.


His scarlet eyes stared at Bai Xuan. Then, he burst out again.

“I’ll kill you, brat!” Bai Xuan roared as a boundless Spiritual Energy whistled. A vigorous fist of wind heavily smashed head-on into Mu Chen.

Both of them used their fiercest moves as they struggled for another dozen exchanges. Both suffered more injuries. The layer of blood on Mu Chen’s body grew thicker, and more blood rained off as he moved.

Bai Xuan wasn’t in a very good state, either. His clothes were shredded as he, too, became covered in blood. Among his wounds was one finger mark that’d nearly penetrated his chest and reached his heart.

Su Xuan and the others felt their skin crawl as they watched the two blood-dripping men battle. Those two must be insane.

Between the two of them, Mu Chen had been infected by the baleful energy; therefore, his consciousness was faint. Meanwhile, Bai Xuan had been driven into such a state purely by Mu Chen’s fierce and persistent offence.

Because he’s facing Mu Chen’s suicidal-like attacks, if he was a little less ruthless, he would have collapsed long ago.

But even so, there was no way he could endure for much longer.

No matter how ruthlessly Bai Xuan fought back, he was still made of flesh and blood; he could still feel fear. However, the Mu Chen before him didn’t even know of this emotion called fear…


Up in the sky, the two man clashed again and coughed up more mouthfuls of blood out and flew in opposite directions. Bai Xuan trembled as he ground his teeth. “Crazy little brat…”

He looked at his own body, which was covered with wounds. The intense pain made him tremble and the ruthlessness that’d been in his eyes was beginning to be replaced with fear.

“I can’t carry on like this. This madman’s conscious has long been corroded away by the baleful energy. He’s doomed already, so I can’t risk my life with him!” Something in Bai Xuan’s eyes flickered. He’d lost control of current situation a long time ago. How could he have expected that he’d be forced to such a state by Mu Chen?

Bai Xuan ground his teeth as his figure flew out. As he retreated, he called out a piece of black jade and shattered it with a twitch of his fingers.

A black cloud quietly dispersed.


But as Bai Xuan made his retreat, the blood-soaked Mu Chen quickly caught up to him. His attacks were ruthlessly aimed at Bai Xuan’s vitals.

Bai Xuan didn’t want to risk his life, so he began slowly retreating; but he soon realised that it was an ineffective strategy. Mu Chen was already running amok, right before his eyes.

“Brat, I’ll kill you!”

Bai Xuan was enraged.At first, he thought that he was in control of the situation. But, right now, it had turned into an awkward situation that he couldn’t retreat, even though he wanted to. The knowledge drove him mad. He picked a good opportunity and stabbed the bloody spear in his hand towards Mu Chen’s chest with lightning speed.

But Mu Chen didn’t even try to evade the ferocious attack. He shifted slightly and simply allowed the spear to run through his shoulder. Then he moved forward, and closed the gap between himself and Bai Xuan in only an instant.

After Bai Xuan’s spear pierced through Mu Chen’s shoulder, he directed his line-of-sight towards Mu Chen’s face, which was filled with a bloodthirsty and savage look. Bai Xuan’s lips shivered, “Madman!”

Mu Chen’s way of fighting without any regard for his life had completely shattered Bai Xuan’s confidence.


Mu Chen’s bent two of his fingers as a bloody light surged. He took the opportunity to attack whileBai Xuan was shocked. The attack carried the baleful energy with it as it stabbed towards the latter’s throat at lightning speed.

Bai Xuan’s heart turned cold as both of his palms immediately moved to defend his throat.

Mu Chen’s scarlet eyes flickered as all the baleful energy within his body was forced into his two fingers. His fingers then turned blood-red, to the point that even bloody crystals started to form at the tips of his fingers.

In that instant, Bai Xuan felt that something wasn’t right. However, before he could retreat, Mu Chen’s fingers pierced his palms.

An intense pain coursed through him as Mu Chen’s fingers, which looked as though they were molded from fresh blood, pierced through his palms. Furthermore, his ferocious might didn’t decline in the slightest. After piercing his palms, Mu Chen aimed for Bai Xuan’s throat once more.


A fine sound was heard as a bloody light pierced through the back of Bai Xuan’s head.

Bai Xuan’s body turned stiff as he widened his eyes. His face was filled with disbelief. His lips trembled, and he looked like he wanted to speak, but not a single word came from his mouth.

Mu Chen’s fingers penetrated through his throat. He slowly raised his scarlet pupils and the redness in his eyes washed away, like a tide pulling back. His pitch-black pupils and spirit were restored as well.

“Who told you…that my conscious was corroded away? I was only making use of the baleful energy.” Mu Chen said with a hoarse voice. His face was covered in blood as he gave Bai Xuan a smear of smile. Meanwhile, Bai Xuan still had blood flowing out of his mouth.

“If you want to kill me, then there’ll be a price to pay…”

Mu Chen gently patted Bai Xuan’s face and gave it a gentle push. The latter tottered for a moment, then fell onto a mountain peak.

Bang! Bang!

Both of them landed on the mountain peak. Mu Chen, who’d suffered heavy injuries to begin with, spurted out a mouthful of blood. He looked to the side at Bai Xuan, whose eyes were wide open as fresh blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. The latter was trembling as he stared viciously back at him. A faint and hoarse voice sounded out, little by little.

“You…you guys, not a single one of you will be able to escape!”

Mu Chen looked at Bai Xuan, who slowly took his last breath. His brows frowned. Even on his deathbed, this guy still made others uneasy. Not a single one could escape? What could Bai Xuan in his current state do to them anyways?

Mu Chen shook his head. Although he felt uneasy, he could only lie down on his stomach. He couldn’t even move as the intense pain coursed through his body and made him understand that his injuries were extremely serious.

The current him no longer had any fighting ability left.

Shhhhuu! Shhuu!

A gale sounded out as Su Xuan and the other three came towards him at a fast speed. When they landed on the mountain peak, they saw Bai Xuan, who had already taken his last breath, and Mu Chen, who couldn’t move. They were shocked, but after a long moment, they exchanged complicated glances.

This guy really managed to kill Bai Xuan…

That was a Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase expert!

“Are you alright?” Su Ling’er immediately moved forward and carefully lifted Mu Chen, who was covered with blood.

“Quick, let’s leave this place.”

Mu Chen said in a hoarse voice with the last of his energy.

When Su Xuan the rest heard what he said, they were stunned for a brief moment. They didn’t question Mu Chen as they lifted him and rapidly moved away.

However, just when they were about to leave, a faint laugh abruptly sounded from the sky, causing their bodies to turn stuff.

“Haha, how formidable. You actually managed to kill Bai Xuan. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s reputation is truly justified…”

Su Xuan and the rest immediately raised their heads and saw a black-robed youth standing on top of a pine tree, looking at them with a smile.

That youth’s appearance wasn’t very outstanding. But at the center of his brows was a black mark of a coiling demonic dragon. As he smiled, the demonic dragon grew savager, little by little.

When Su Xuan and the rest saw the black-robed youth carrying a longsword on his back, their faces couldn’t help drastically changing.

“Mo Longzi?!”

When Mu Chen heard that name, his heart trembled.

Mo Longzi, ranked 2 on the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s bounty board.

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