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Chapter 262 – Reinforcements

Mo Longzi.

This name was known to them just a few days ago, when Su Xuan mentioned the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Bounty Board. As for those students that were training themselves in the vast Northern Heavens Continent, this name was as frightening as a fiend.

It’s said that this person possessed excellent cultivation talent and was extremely ruthless. He was fully nurtured by the Demonic Dragon Palace. After all these years, nearly every student that has encountered him, when they’re training outside, lost their lives. Furthermore, his methods were extremely cruel. Everyone that was killed by him were decapitated and their heads were placed on top of the corpse. On the top of every head, there were three joss sticks that were covered in fresh blood.

Even the higher-ups of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were furious at the cruelty of this person. They had once sent the Punishment Squad to get rid of him. However, although they were able to heavily wound him, they’d also paid a great price. But the crucial part was that he managed to escape every single time. Whenever he reappeared, he would become even harder to handle.

If someone asked who was the most fearsome person that a Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s student could encounter, it would be Mo Longzi.

The face of Su Xuan and the rest turned pale as they directed their lines-of-sight towards the top of the pine tree, towards that black-robed youth with a longsword behind him. The latter had a light smile on his face, but they could feel the chill that was coming from their bones.

Who could have imagined that they would encounter that unlucky star here?

This was definitely an existence even more fearsome than Bai Xuan.

Su Xuan tightly clenched her teeth as she felt helpless. When they encountered Bai Xuan, they could still put up a fight. But now that they’ve encountered Mo Longzi, it’d be difficult for them to have any chance of escaping.

“It seems like this calamity won’t be easy to escape.” Guo Xiong bitterly smiled as the despair was seen within his eyes.

Mu Chen wiped the fresh blood off the corner of his mouth with great difficulty as he endured the intense pain that coursed throughout his body. He tightly stared at that figure and also felt helpless in his heart. His state was too terrible. If he fought again, he would probably have to pay a huge price.

But, at this point of time, the baleful energy within his body was already exhausted. If he fought again, he could only depend on Nine Netherbird’s power.

But if that’s the case, then the injuries on his body would worsen.

If he is unable to see any other choice, then he could only take that course of action. Even if the consequences are dire, it’s still better then throwing his life away.

“Haha, what’s with all your expressions? To kill Bai Xuan, you guys are still pretty formidable. Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, I believe that none of you are nameless people, right? I wonder, what’s your ranking in the Heavenly Ranking?” Mo Longzi said gently with a smile at everyone from far away.

“None of your business!” Guo Xiong’s expression turned dark. Towards this executioner, whose hands were drenched with god knows how much blood from the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he was naturally disgusted with him.

“What great bravery, I’m impressed.” Mo Longzi smiled as he gave Guo Xiong a big thumbs up. Shortly after, he abruptly raised his thumb and thrust it out.


Su Xuan’s face changed as her jade-like hand rose. The Dense Water Spiritual Pearl burst out with a dazzling light as the azure tidal wave swept out and formed a heavy line of defense.


The fine sound of a gale was heard as a black light tore the heavy waves of water apart. Thereafter, it heavily hit onto Guo Xiong’s arm and a bloody hole appeared with fresh blood flowing from it.

Guo Xiong’s face turned pale, but was unyielding. He clenched his teeth and didn’t issue a sound. His ferocious gaze stared towards Mo Longzi.

Mu Chen covered his mouth as he heavily coughed. His eyes turned a little cold at this moment as he stared at Mo Longzi and softly said, “Friend, if you push us too much and if there isn’t any path for us, even if I die, I’ll drag you along.”

Su Xuan and the rest were startled as they blankly looked at Mu Chen. If anyone else said that to Mo Longzi, perhaps they would find it funny. But towards Mu Chen, who had just managed to kill Bai Xuan, they didn’t have that kind of mood.

Along the way, they’ve seen too much of this youth, who doesn’t possess the powerful strength, but the means that he was able to exert could shock others.

Far away, Mo Longzi’s eyes slightly narrowed as he looked at Mu Chen indifferently. Thereafter, his voice sounded out, “Bai Xuan was killed by you, right? Indeed, you’re formidable, since you’re actually able to achieve this step with only Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase strength. It’s simply unimaginable.”

“However, did you really think that you’re qualified to threaten me?” He smiled as the demonic dragon mark slowly stretched out, displaying its ferocity.

“Then, you can give me a try.”

Mu Chen’s eyes slightly closed as he lightly broke free from Su Ling’er’s support. He slowly stepped out and at the depth of his black pupils, black flames surged out, little by little. As for the surface of his body, black flames began to surge.

The temperature in this heaven and earth was raised.

“Mu Chen!”

Su Xuan and the rest said in alarmed tones. They were a little anxious and worried. No matter what method Mu Chen possessed, the current him was already heavily injured. If they were to encounter another battle, it would naturally be a huge burden for him.

Mu Chen waved his hand, as his black pupils blazed with black flames, staring at Mo Longzi. At this time, there wasn’t any other path for them left. This person before them wasn’t someone easy to deal with.

Mo Longzi slightly narrowed his eyes as he looked at Mu Chen, whose body was blazing with a peculiar black flame at this point in time. His brows were slightly raised as the smile that he had on his face lessened. From the latter, he could vaguely sense the danger.

“What an interesting kid. But if that’s the case, then I want to see more of your methods.” Mo Longzi smiled. His character was too ferocious. Mu Chen’s speech was clearly not sufficient to scare him.

Mu Chen sighed in his heart. It seems like this was inevitable.

The black flames blazed on the surface of Mu Chen’s body. The intense pain that came from his body made a cold sweat appear on Mu Chen’s forehead. However, he did not say a word and took a step out.

Faraway, Mo Longzi also smiled as he stretched his hand out and slowly grab onto the longsword that was behind him. He lightly trembled as the screeching of the sword resounded throughout the heavens. A frightening sword aura soared up into the clouds.

Mo Longzi was just holding onto the longsword and did not take any action. An earth-shattering amount of sword aura gathered around him. Slicing the pine tree beneath him, as well as the cliff into pieces.

“There aren’t that many students in your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that can make me use this Dragon Scaled Sword. Today, you’ve forced me to use it, pretty good.”

The longsword in Mo Longzi’s hand was slowly raised as he pointed towards Mu Chen. The sword aura was spreading and, vaguely, the roar of a dragon could be heard.

The face of Su Xuan and the rest turned even more pale. This Mo Longzi obviously wanted to kill Mu Chen, as he was immediately using his Dragon Scaled Sword.

“You guys, retreat first.” Mu Chen said softly.

Su Xuan and the rest clenched their teeth, then nodded their heads, before retreating at fast speeds.

Mo Longzi’s figure gradually started to float as he stared at Mu Chen. He lightly smiled and tightened his grasp on the longsword that was held by him, as though it was made from dragon scales and gently slashed out.

“Dragon Scaled Sword Art, Beheading Dragon!”

A sword slashed out without any sound. Thereafter, Mu Chen could see that the entire space looked like it was shattered by Mo Longzi’s sword. A frightening sword aura was roaring as it took the form of a dragon and flew over with a frightening speed and demeanor.

That sword was impossible to dodge.

Mu Chen deeply inhaled a mouthful of air. His eyes turned solemn as both of his fists were clenched tight, and he was ready to borrow Nine Netherbird’s strength to confront his enemy.


However, just when Mu Chen was about to take action, the sky behind him was ripped apart. A dark gold long spear shot out like a golden comet, bringing along an unrivaled gale, and heavily clashed with that dragon-imaged sword aura.


A shocking, clashing sound was heard as the sword aura and spear light swept up, causing even the space to turn twisted.

Mu Chen, who was about to take action, was stunned by the scene before him. Who was it that helped them?

That golden long spear dispersed the sword image. With a whirl, it landed on the sky above, creating a towering image. An extremely shocking might rippled and engulfed everything between the heavens and earth.

The golden long spear was roughly ten feet in length, with a ferocious exterior appearance. The tip of the spear was like a golden lotus. The lotus petal was closed and formed an extremely sharp spear tip. A golden light circulated, while looking as though it could rip the space apart.


Su Xuan and the rest was stunned at the sight of the golden long spear. Shortly after, joy flushed out of their eyes, “Heavenly War God’s Lotus Spear!”

“Shen Cangsheng?!”

Hearing that name, Mu Chen’s heart trembled. That belonged to the legendary figure in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, ranked 1 in the Heavenly Ranking, Shen Cangsheng?


There was a violent gale that burst from the sky from far away. A golden light that looked similar to a meteorite was flying over. With several flickering lights, it crossed a distance of over ten feet and appeared in before them.

The moment that golden light figure took action, the golden war spear emitted a buzzing sound as it flew back and was held firmly by a huge hand.

Mu Chen also turned his head around at this moment, and looked towards that direction. The golden light slowly dissipated and a black-clothed youth appeared in his line-of-sight. His black hair was draped over his shoulders. His face was resolute, his eyes looked quiet, like a deep pond. An appearance that looked as though he wouldn’t be shaken, even if the sky fell.

He held onto the golden war spear as he stood on the sky. A disdainful aura was spreading out that caused others unable to neglect it.

“It really is the upperclassman, Shen Cangsheng.”

The moment Guo Xiong saw that figure, a flame blazed in his eyes. He spoke with joy, and was ignoring the pain that was inflicted on his body.

Su Xuan and the rest were slightly relieved with a feeling that they had just escaped a calamity. Who could have thought that Shen Cangsheng, who was rarely seen, would appear here?

The youth that was holding onto the golden war spear raised his head and a faint smile appeared on his firm face.

“Mo Longzi, if you want to fight, then I’ll accompany you. Why trouble my underclassmen?”

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