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Chapter 251 – Sovereign Appears

Onom onom.

The space between heaven and earth was overshadowed with darkness as the natural Spiritual Aura of the land turned chaotic. A faint mist began curling up from the earth due to all the Spiritual Aura gathering towards this place.

Everyone noticed the sudden changes and took in the details of the scene, quietly preparing for battle. This was the resting place of a Sovereign; it was best to remain cautious. With their strength, they were only qualified to wander around the White Dragon Hillock; if they ever met a genuine Sovereign, they would be weaker than an ant.

Even though there was no longer a Sovereign here, all they needed was some of his legacy treasures to turn it into a life-threatening situation.

Mu Chen and his companions were also on their guard as they stared into the black basin. The colossal black pillars were beginning to give off light, bit by bit.

As the light grew stronger, they could barely make out a pattern on the surface of the black pillars. A light pattern that seemed alive and wiggling.


As the patterns thrashed, the intensity of the light suddenly exploded. The rays raced out from the basin, interweaving and blanketing the basin in thick layers of light.


It sounded like thunder. The natural Spiritual Energy surged and rushed towards the center of the basin in a torrent. Everyone’s expressions turned grim, though none of them rashly charged in; they knew that they’d only be crushed to death by the violent surges of Spiritual Energy.

Su Xuan turned her face towards the basin and frowned. “The black basin has been covered.” Up ahead, the light was slowly spreading out, until it’d become a solid screen several thousand feet in diameter and blocked their view of the basin.

Mu Chen frowned at the frightening Spiritual Energy rippling from the screen. “This must have been left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign to keep prying eyes away from the place where he fell.” This wasn’t something he could break. If he tried to force it, he might incur a counter-strike, and he’d be as good as dead.

Guo Xiong smiled bitterly. “This Sovereign Spirit Treasury really isn’t easy to reach.” They’d already endured so much difficulty to reach this place; they hadn’t imagined this light screen to be yet another obstacle in their path.

“Let’s study the situation first,” said Mu Chen. Su Xuan and the rest nodded in agreement. Right now, the best they could do was observe the changes.

The other experts’ faces also turned ugly when they sensed the light screen. How were they supposed to reach the Sovereign Spirit Treasury with this light screen in place?

Numerous pairs exchanged looks and the area grew extremely silent for a moment.

Suddenly, a courageous bark sounded from a skinny, middle-aged man in the crowd. “Hey, everyone! Let’s work together to destroy this light screen. Even though this probably belongs to the White Dragon Sovereign, it’s still several hundred years old, at least. Plus, there’s no one controlling it. With so many of us here, it’s possible for us to destroy it!”

His announcement attracted quite a few nods and verbal agreements from the others. After all, the light screen wasn’t going to disappear on its own.

The concurring voices increased in volume as more and more people demonstrated their willingness to cooperate.

“Good, we’ll act together!”

Tens of thousands of bodies rose into the sky, creating a surge of Spiritual Energy in a majestic scene.

Su Ling’er was eager, as she asked, “Are we going to help out, too?” She was fond of lively events, and the prospect of tens of thousands of people acting together was getting her excited.

Mu Chen helplessly shook his head. Su Xuan also glared at Su Ling’er and said, “Stop being rash. This light screen was left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign to protect the treasures that he left behind. Destroying it with only this many people is nothing but a dream. Those guys don’t know how powerful a genuine Sovereign is. There are probably a few among them who know, but they’re still just fanning the flames.

Su Ling’er pouted at Su Xuan’s lecture, but she did quiet down. She understood that she shouldn’t be rash in these situations.

Mu Chen nudged them to look in another direction, where Bai Xuan and his soldiers were looking around with frigid expressions. Bai Dong wore a ridiculing smile as he mocked the experts who were clearly overestimating themselves. “Look at those guys from White Dragon City. They’re waiting to watch a good show.”

“Watch out for them. If they’re really from the Demonic Dragon Palace, then they’ve probably already prepared something.” A dark light flashed through Su Xuan’s eyes as she continued, “When he was alive, the White Dragon Sovereign was also from the Demonic Dragon Palace. But for some unknown reason, he betrayed the Demonic Dragon Palace. The Demonic Dragon Palace suffered heavy losses while pursuing him. That was the chance our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was waiting for, so that they could eliminate them with just a single move.”

Mu Chen lightly nodded in understanding. Bai Xuan and his experts weren’t very surprised by the appearance of this light screen; they already expected it.

Shuuuu! Shhhhhu!

As Mu Chen and his allies conversed, the tens of thousands of experts had already finished gathering their Spiritual Energy into one. In the next instant, they fired it with an earth-shattering cry. Even the heavens and earth trembled as the tens of thousands of separate Spiritual Energies streaked across the sky and continuously rained down on the powerful light screen. The sheer volume of their attacks filled the entire black basin with a monumental air.

Mu Chen fixed his eyes on the scene. Even a Heavenly Completion Stage expert would try to avoid having tens of thousands of people bombard them. He wondered whether the White Dragon Sovereign’s light screen would withstand such a bombardment.


Tens of thousands of attacks hammered down, and the light screen suddenly fluctuated and rippled. Rays of light began gathering at the screen’s middle, before they slowly took on the fuzzy shape of a human figure.

The light slowly died as the figure appeared — a handsome youth, white-robed and slender with his long hair draped around his shoulders. However, there was no black in his milky-white eyes. An extremely odd detail.

The white-robed figure was quietly seated over his screen of light. A few stray lines of light circled around him, like a roaring white dragon.

With the appearance of this white-robed spirit came an indescribable movement in the natural Spiritual Energy. One filled with palatial might.

Even the heavens and earth seemed to tremble under the pressure of his aura.

The natural Spiritual Energy coiled around him, allowing him free reign over it.


His white pupil-less eyes stared at the Spiritual Energy barrage raining down on him. Then, he lightly waved his palm, as if he was only sighing in dismissal.

Onom! Onom!

A hundred feet away from where he sat, the overflowing Spiritual Energy froze in an instant. The next instant, it seemed as if the space around it had frozen as well.


Everyone instantly drew in a breath of cold air.

The white-robed figure lightly flicked his fingers and the silent Spiritual Energy suddenly became unstuck. Even as they watched, the energies suddenly reversed their paths and turned on the ones who’d launched them.


A cloud of blood rose up in the sky as half of the ten thousand experts coughed blood and fell back. The remaining half turned pale and retreated of their own will, with shock in their eyes.


Someone cried out in a frightened voice as he indicated the white-robed spirit seated before the light screen. Fear filled his eyes as his voice trembled. “That’s the White Dragon Sovereign?!!”

The White Dragon Sovereign!

It seemed as if the entire sky had fallen silent just to hear those words. Countless faces turned pale and filled with fear, their owners regretting their rash actions.

“That’s the White Dragon Sovereign?” Su Ling’er said in surprise as she looked at the figure.

“That’s indeed the White Dragon Sovereign. However, I’m afraid that’s only a remnant Spiritual Energy image.” Su Xuan sighed. “Just a remnant Spiritual Energy image and yet it possesses such power. Sovereigns are fearsome, indeed.”

Mu Chen also nodded his head slowly. This was the strength of a Sovereign? It was power truly worthy of ruling a territory of this large continent.

Around the black basin, many bodies were paralysed with fear, too afraid to even move. They knew this figure wasn’t the real White Dragon Sovereign, but also knew that it’d be all too easy for them to be slain.

As everyone was feeling terrified by the light spirit, a low mocking laugh sounded out. “Haha! It’s just a Spiritual Energy image that’ll soon disperse. White Dragon Sovereign. How impressive.”

In their stupor, everyone turned their eyes towards the source of the laughter — the City Lord of White Dragon City. Bai Xuan slowly walked forward as he coldly regarded the spirit.

“Is he crazy?” A confused expression crossed everyone’s faces. Even though Bai Xuan was considered powerful among them, he was still nothing more than an ant to this remnant Spiritual Energy image of the White Dragon Sovereign. Yet he actually dared to provoke the White Dragon Sovereign?

The white-robed spirit directed his pupils towards Bia Xuan and everyone sensed the natural Spiritual Energy churn violently in response.

His voice rang in the air. “The Demonic Dragon Palace really has sent someone.”

“White Dragon Sovereign, since you’ve already betrayed the Demonic Dragon Palace, then I don’t need to pay my respects you. What a pity that the Sovereign of a generation fell here. What a pity.” Bai Xuan coldly smiled.

“Return the treasure that you stole from the Palace. Your actions back then caused our Demonic Dragon Palace to lose to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. With the Overlord position lost, you’ve practically become the sinner of our Demonic Dragon Palace!”

The white-robed figure casually looked over Bai Xuan. From his posture, one could tell that he disliked the argument; even still, as a Spiritual Energy image left behind by a Sovereign, he still possessed part of the original’s pride and might.


The corner of Bai Xuan’s mouth rose into a strange smile at the White Dragon Sovereign’s aversive expression.

“It looks like the White Dragon Sovereign isn’t very interested in me. In that case, allow me to invite someone you’d be more interested in speaking to.”

Bai Xuan tightened his fingers and a black light spread from the center of his palm. The light gathered and condensed, until it became a dark pearl the size of a dragon’s eye, emanating a frightening Spiritual Energy.


Bai Xuan chuckled as he shattered it.


The moment Bai Xuan destroyed the black pearl, a towering black pillar soared into the air. An indescribable pressure shrouded them.

A dark misty figure materialised from within the black pillar and strolled out. Everything trembled beneath his feet.

He flashed a casual smile as he spoke to the white-robed figure in a voice that echoed through all the space between the heavens and earth.

“Haha. White Dragon, it’s been few hundred years since we last met. I trust you’ve been well since then.”

Mu Chen, Su Xuan, and their party dropped their jaws. This figure of dark light was actually a Sovereign too?!!

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