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Chapter 252 – Black Dragon, White Dragon

When the figure of black light appeared, the natural Spiritual Aura roared and turned violent. A pressure weighed down on them so heavily that even the heavens would tremble at it.

Everyone felt as if their very skin was being peeled away; they could no longer access the natural Spiritual Aura of this place.

It seemed as though the natural Spiritual Aura was being taken over by this black spirit.

“That’s…a Sovereign Clone?”

Countless experts were frightened into despair and their legs turned to jelly as they watched the black spirit. The sudden appearance of this being, who was on par with the White Dragon Sovereign, had made them lose their composure.

Astonished emotion took over their rationality.

None of them had ever imagined that Bai Xuan could summon forth a Sovereign Clone. Didn’t that mean that there was a Sovereign standing behind White Dragon City?

Was that really possible? If White Dragon City possessed such strength, why would they hole themselves up in the tiny White Dragon Hillock?

Shock overtook those from the Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction and Earthen Way Sect. This was news to them as well — White Dragon City’s position as one of the three major forces of this hillock wasn’t truly what they thought it was.

“Didn’t the White Dragon Sovereign’s remnant image mention the Demonic Dragon Palace, earlier?”

“Could he be talking about that the powerful force that was only a step away from becoming the Overlord of the Northern Heaven Continent a few hundred years ago? That Demonic Dragon Palace?”

“White Dragon City…was a chess piece set up by the Demonic Dragon Palace?”


Emotions rose like tidal waves in their hearts as their faces glazed over with shock. Once this news spread, there’d be major shifts on the Northern Heavens Continent.

Bai Xuan couldn’t care less about the shocked gazes coming from all over the place. He only raised his head towards the black spirit with reverence in his eyes. As long as he completed this task, he’d be able to return to the Demonic Dragon Palace. It wouldn’t matter anymore whether his identity was revealed or not.

“That’s a Sovereign Clone…”

With an unconcealable expression of shock, Su Xuan’s charming eyes solemnly turned to the sky. “I never thought that Bai Xuan would actually have such a trump card. It seems like they’re determined to win the White Dragon Sovereign’s Spirit Treasury.”

Mu Chen, Li Qing and the rest also nodded their heads in shock. Bai Xuan’s trump card was too powerful. However, it’s fortunate for them that’d he’d only revealed it to deal with the Spiritual Energy image left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign.

“Black Dragon…”

The White Dragon Sovereign’s white pupils stared at the black spirit as ripples finally appeared on his face. “I never thought that you’d actually dare to appear. Aren’t you afraid of the ones from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?”

“Haha, this is just a clone. I doubt they’ll be able to detect it.” The spirit called Black Dragon lightly smiled as he looked at the White Dragon Sovereign. “White Dragon, you’ve hidden the supreme treasure of my palace for so long. It should be about time for you to return it.”

“After so many years…you’re still concerned about it.” the White Dragon Sovereign lightly sighed.

The Black Dragon Sovereign lowered his eyes as his voice slowly sounded out, “White Dragon, we were once the greatest of friends. However, you betrayed me. The pain of our clan perishing, have you forgotten it?”

“You were already deceived by hatred.” The White Dragon Sovereign said with another sigh.

“Who cares about the methods on the road of revenge?” The Black Dragon Sovereign smiled and sighed in regret. “I never thought that you’d refuse to wake up, even after your death. Forget it. Today, I’ll get rid of your remnant image. After getting the supreme treasure back, we’ll once again, rule over even the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. When we have truly grown strong, we’ll begin our true revenge.”

His words landed with a clear finality. Then, he took a step forward. The earth trembled as a boundless Spiritual Energy surged and gathered behind him, as endless as the seas.


Within the sea of Spiritual Energy came tyrannical dragon roars. One massive dragon clad in cold black scales charged out. Its large body was slender and powerful, with the power to destroy the heavens and annihilate the earth.

The Black Dragon Sovereign’s figure trembled as he turned into a ray of black light and became one with the colossal black dragon. As one, they charged towards the White Dragon Sovereign on the light screen.


It was like a frightening tornado had torn through the heavens and earth. Even the ground began showing cracks.


The White Dragon Sovereign sighed again as his boundless Spiritual Energy rippled out. His body trembled and started to glow with a white light, and a massive white dragon appeared, one no smaller than his opponent’s black one. The white scales flickered with a dazzling glow as the creature breathed out, turned into a cloud, and drifted to meet the threat.

A frightening Spiritual Energy swept through the entire heavens and earth.


The roars of dragons resonated through the skies as the black and white dragon flew in unison, colliding again and again in ferocious strikes. Thunder roared and the heavens and earth trembled as though wrought under a violent gale.

Mu Chen and the rest watched the frightening confrontation occurring up in the skies. Even from such a distance, the Spiritual Energy impact still made them tremble a little.

Furthermore, the two of them were only wisps of the two Sovereigns. If they’d been fighting with their main vessels, the entire sky would probably shatter.

“The light screen has weakened a little.” Su Xuan suddenly said.

Mu Chen and the few others immediately looked over and confirmed that as the battle in the sky intensified, the originally powerful light screen that covered the black basin was starting to ripple. Its originally brilliant glow had also dulled a little.

“The White Dragon Sovereign has died, after all. His strength is limited. Furthermore, he’s fighting the Black Dragon Sovereign’s Clone, so he’s definitely exhausting a lot of energy. That’s why the light screen is rapidly weakening,” Mu Chen clarified.

Su Xuan also nodded. “It might not be long before the light screen becomes weak enough for us to pass through.”

“Everyone must be cautious while collecting treasures. White Dragon City is extremely well-prepared and they’re glaring like tigers. They’re definitely the strongest contestor out there.”

Mu Chen smiled when he heard that and swept his eyes around the basin. “Even still, their very strength may get in their own way; some of the other forces are likely to take precautions by allying to deal with them. Who knows if we could take that chance to collect the treasures?”

“We’ll see how it goes. If we can’t get any treasures, then we’ll retreat first. Our lives are the priority.” Su Xuan said lightly.

Mu Chen and the others nodded. Treasures were great, but lives were still more important.

The other forces had also sensed the changes to the light screen and their expressions immediately heated up. The terrifying White Dragon Sovereign was currently occupied. From here, the only thing that mattered in winning treasures was their personal abilities.

Even though many were still shocked by the secret nature of White Dragon City, Bai Xuan and his experts weren’t actually enough to make them fear. And even though the Demonic Dragon Palace was powerful, they and the Northern Heavens Academy were like fire and water; the Demonic Dragon Palace wouldn’t do anything rash.

“Get ready to act.”

Bai Xuan closely scrutinised the powerful light screen fluctuating with ripples and said with a low voice, “We’ll kill all those who dare to get in our way.”


A ferocity flashed through the greyed-robed elder when he heard Bai Xuan’s orders.

Bai Dong’s cold eyes glanced in Mu Chen’s direction. He’d wait until they entered the black basin. If there was an opportunity, he definitely wasn’t going to let that kid go!

Countless numbers of experts quietly waited around the black basin, barely restraining the excitement in their hearts. The skies above them rolled with clouds as the black and white dragons tore at each other. Frightening Spiritual Energies rippled through the heavens and earth.

This wait lasted for more than ten minutes before the powerful light screen lost the stability it once possessed and took on an illusionary quality, as though it was on the verge of collapsing.

Everyone’s eyes boiled at the same instant. It was about time.


Bai Xuan took the lead with a wave of his hand. With his White Dragon City experts in tow, he flashed out like lightning towards the screen. While they were still some distance away, Bia Xuan threw out his fist.


Spiritual Energy surged. The White Dragon City experts towards the back barked lowly as the black spears in their hands shot forward like gusts of strong wind, bombarding the light screen until it was on the verge of collapsing.


Even more ripples moved over the light screen as it turned even more translucent. Several breaths later, a series of cracks began spreading over its surface.


When Bai Xuan and his group saw the crack, they moved and charged in.

Every other force followed when they saw White Dragon City’s group charge in. A gale broke out as everyone tore a hole in a different place of the light screen. Together, they charged endlessly into the black basin.

“Let’s go!”

Su Xuan raised her jade hands and took the initiative. Mu Chen and the rest quickly followed.

When they reached before the light screen, they joined powers to tear their own crack in its surface, revealing the pitch-black basin on the other side. The darkness there gaped like a massive, hungry maw, devouring the endless river of people.

“Be cautious,” Su Xuan reminded as she charged into the crack. Li Qing, Guo Xiong, and Su Ling’er quietly circulated their Spiritual Energies to protect their bodies before following.

Mu Chen peered into the darkness behind the crack and a smear of curiosity flashed through his pupils. The supreme treasure that the two Sovereigns had been speaking of should be in here. Except he didn’t know…

What sort of treasure was it?

An intense curiosity rose in Mu Chen’s heart. Then, he smiled and stepped into the darkness on the other side of the rift.

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