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Chapter 220 – Reappearance of the Demonic Lotus


Heavens and earth darkened as the Spiritual Aura gathered. Everyone around stage looked up with shock in their eyes.

Wind and clouds gathered. Between them, a large light array gradually formed, one with an extremely complicated outline, like a masterpiece of nature.

“He can actually set up a Spiritual Array of such a level?!”

Many stared blankly at the complicated light array as their eyes filled with wonder. This Array clearly surpassed a Rank 3 Spiritual Array. Could Mu Chen be a Rank 4 Spiritual Array Master?

Such Spiritual Array Masters were few in number, even amongst all of the students at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Could this Mu Chen really be at that level?

“It’s the Heart Array State!”

Su Xuan’s eyes were dignified. She stared at the figure in the sky as her eyes glowed. “He’s actually controlling the Heart Array State. Furthermore, it looks like this isn’t the Initial Level of the Heart Array State!”

Su Ling’er was overwhelmed with shock. She understood how important the Heart Array State was for Spiritual Array Masters. Generally speaking, only Rank 3 Spiritual Array Masters could comprehend this kind of ‘Controlling everything in his hands and link to his heart’ Heart Array State. Furthermore, the Heart Array State was further divided into three different levels. In the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, those who practiced in the way of Spiritual Arrays and are able to comprehend the Heart Array State were extremely few in number. The amount of people who could comprehend the Middle or High Level Heart Array State wouldn’t exceed the number of fingers on a single hand!

“Just how many cards does this guy have hidden up his sleeve?” Su Ling’er muttered. This gentle-looking youth was like a bottomless pit, unfathomable.

“Looks like there’s finally some fun this time.”

Su Xuan lightly smiled. Even Li Xuantong should get a headache from a Spiritual Array of this level. Mu Chen really had gone all out. However, that boy truly was extraordinary, to be able to force Li Xuantong to such a position, even though he only had an Initial Phase Heavenly Fusion Stage cultivation.

He Yao and Xu Huang wore no expressions on their faces. They’d originally regarded Mu Chen with little significance. They’d only come here to see Li Xuantong. They never thought that this insignificant character would make them feel such danger.

Furthermore, they couldn’t forget that Mu Chen was still a freshman. If he was given a year to train in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, wouldn’t his achievements surpass theirs?

This guy couldn’t be underestimated.

The entire arena was shaking due to the appearance of the enormous array in the sky. Li Xuantong, himself, was also staring upwards. His eyes reflected a dark and unclear gleam.

He said nothing, which made it difficult to guess his thoughts. His hands slipped out of his sleeves as a frightening amount of Spiritual Energy ripples fluctuated around him.

The indifference that he’d worn at the start of the match was clearly gone. Now, Mu Chen had far surpassed his expectations.

“Come, let me take a look at your trump card.” He lightly muttered inwardly. His expression, however, became sharper and sharper, as though he wanted to shoot through the air and straight through Mu Chen’s body.


Under Li Xuantong’s sharp blade-like gaze, Mu Chen breathed out a sigh. His face turned even paler and his hand seals abruptly changed.


Up in the sky, the huge light array exploded with a loud thundering sound. Rays of light filled the sky, then gathered into a colossal black lotus a few hundred feet in diameter.

The black lotus was suspended in the air, slowly revolving. As it turned, the space around it seemed twisted.

This Spiritual Array was the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array, of course. Back when Mu Chen was in the Northern Spiritual Realm, he had relied on this array to kill Liu Jingshan. But back then, he was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage. It was fundamentally difficult for Mu Chen to bring the array to its full potential. Even after borrowing the power of the Nine Nether Bird, he was barely able to execute it. But now that he’d grown stronger, he could comprehend some of the array’s profound intent.

Back then, he lacked foresight and treated the Butchering Demonic Lotus as only a Rank 3 Spiritual Array. It was only after he became a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master did he realize how shallow his understandings were towards this array.
He’d learned from that black scroll that his current ‘Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array’ was only a small portion of the array’s true form. One day, when Mu Chen became strong enough and he learned to fully unleash this Spiritual Array, its might would definitely be world-shaking.

But now, this portion of the ‘Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array’ was already his limit.

Mu Chen’s face turned even whiter as weakness washed over his body. This time, he did not rely on the Nine Nether Bird’s strength, but rather his own, to lay out the ‘Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array’.


He extended his palm and lightly tossed it. The enormous black lotus shook as it shot forth with a black luster. As it flew out, the closed lotus flower slowly bloomed.

The Spiritual Energy ripples between the heavens and earth became even more violent.

Ohmmm. Ohmm.

The black lotus reached full maturity. The heart of the lotus slowly directed itself towards Li Xuantong, who was right underneath it. A strange black liquid dripped from the lotus petals, gathering towards the heart of the lotus.

A black luster gathered towards the heart of the lotus. A surge of scalp-tingling Spiritual Energy violently rippled out.


When the dark glow reached its peak, the black lotus jolted. After that, the crowd watch a ray of black light nearly penetrate through the heavens and pierce the earth, as if the black liquid had formed a black dragon that tore through the sky with its fangs and claws!

Boom! Boom!

The stage, which was already filled with ravines, finally couldn’t endure any longer and started to crumble down in layers. Li Xuantong, however, made no movements. He raised his head towards the black light that penetrated the sky. His slender hands came together as his deep and low voice resounded.

“Profound Sky Divine Technique, Profound Sky Compass!”


A brilliant green light filled the area in front of Li Xuantong. As the light gathered, it turned into a huge compass made of green light, roughly a hundred feet in diameter. As the compass materialized, even the air seemed to become frozen.

“Li Xuantong’s strongest defence… the Profound Sky Compass…” Su Xuan, He Yao, Xu Huang and the rest all watched that green compass with great focus. To think Li Xuantong had actually been forced to take such measures.

Once the green compass fully formed under the watchful eyes of the crowd, it flew out and collided with the black light falling from the sky!


In the instant of collision, brilliant rays of light exploded like fireworks. They outshone any other source of light that one could possibly imagine, forcing everyone to shut their eyes. Even after that, they could all feel a stinging pain from behind their eyelids.


The brilliant rays of light shot forth, followed by a storm of Spiritual Energy that changed the expressions on Su Xuan and everyone else’s faces. As if they had been materialized, wreaking havoc. The shockwaves instantly collapsed the battle stage, even though it was several thousand feet wide. The Spiritual Energy barrier surrounding the stage was instantly torn apart, creaking as it went. The sheer destructive force of the impact forced a fear into everyone’s hearts. Several even jumped at the collision. Even a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase would be torn to shreds by such an impact.

The Spiritual Energy tornado on the stage wreaked havoc for several minutes, before it slowly started to disperse.

As the Spiritual Energy tornado dissipated, everyone directed their eyes back to the stage.

The stage itself was already gone, only leaving several huge craters. Two figures towered over them, in the sky.

Mu Chen’s face had paled again as the Spiritual Energy ripples around him weakened even further. However, his black pupils were still eye-catchingly bright. He looked at Li Xuantong with a smile. Even his voice had become a little hoarse. “Senior Brother Li Xuantong, I suppose we can say that I’ve taken the third move, is that right?”

Li Xuantong looked to his right hand with a blank expression, then slowly opened his palm towards Mu Chen. There was a streak of scarlet-red blood. He’d suffered some injuries.

People began whispering around the stage with shock in their hearts. Mu Chen had actually managed to injure Li Xuantong.

“You… you’re pretty good.” Li Xuantong said as he sighed, glancing at the pale, yet bright-eyed youth.

“You won the pact of three moves. Luo Li’s judgement is as good as ever.”

Li Xuantong lightly smiled. With his personality, it was beneath his dignity to admit the fact. But the answer was already obvious, especially with so many people looking on.

Mu Chen’s performance today was more than enough to shake the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“I no longer have any strength left. If this had been a real fight, I definitely would’ve lost.” Mu Chen announced in a light voice. One could say that he’d already exhausted his strength. He’d already spent all his cards to withstand Li Xuantong’s three moves.

“That’s why we had those rules. If the two of us had been on the same level, then perhaps I would’ve been the one to lose.” Li Xuantong smiled, then cupped his hands towards the crowd as he continued, “In this battle, I, Li Xuantong, have lost.”

His voice echoed over the crowd. Everyone opened their mouths with complicated expressions written all over their faces. This outcome had clearly been far beyond their expectations.

Who could’ve expected a mere Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase to win against Li Xuantong?


Su Xuan lightly smiled as she made a pertinent comment, then began clapping her slender jade-like hands. The crisp sound echoed throughout the arena.

Clap! Clap!

The sounds of one person clapping turned into a thunderous roar, until it rumbled over the Spirit Battle Stage with an earth-shattering intensity. One could even hear it outside the arena.

Even the most narrow-minded person would sigh in admiration at the outcome of this battle.

Somewhere among the spectator seats, Yang Hong’s face was ashen. He clenched his fist until he was shaking. The fears buried deep in his heart slowly began to spread. The current Mu Chen had already surpassed him. He felt powerless.

He looked at the youth’s pale face and felt helpless. Maybe only Ji Xuan could suppress him.

Mu Kui and Bing Qing also sighed, but there was also admiration in those sighs. Even Mu Kui, who was fond of fighting, had no intentions of fighting Mu Chen. He knew from watching those three moves that he wouldn’t be able to take even one of them.

“How can this be?” Xu Qingqing’s face changed irregularly. She slouched back with a face paler than before. Fear rose in her eyes.

Mu Chen, who was still up in the sky, only felt exhaustion at hearing the thundering applause. He lightly trembled, then blacked out and fell from the sky.


A beautiful woman’s image flashed through the spectator zone. With a move of her slender waist, she reached out her jade arms and wrapped them around Mu Chen’s waist. She wore a black dress. It was Luo Li.

She hugged Mu Chen and peered into his handsome, yet pale face. A surge of heartache overwhelmed her. She coldly glared at Li Xuantong with glass-like pupils. “I’ll settle this with you later.”

Li Xuantong bitterly smiled and shrugged.

However, Luo Li was done paying attention to him. She tightly held Mu Chen as she turned into a streak of light. Under numerous pairs of surprised eyes, she flashed out of the Spirit Battle Stage arena and flew away.

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