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Chapter 187 Conversation

The Freshmen Competition eventually came to a rather comical conclusion. The one to take the title of the number one freshman was neither Yang Hong nor Mu Chen, who had fought in a life-or-death battle, but Luo Li, who hadn’t even fought at all.

Many of the freshmen and seniors had been somewhat disappointed with this turn of events. They couldn’t help but smile wryly, but there wasn’t much to complain about. They had already witnessed the spectacular showdown earlier between Mu Chen and Yang Hong during this Freshmen Competition. It was likely that any further fight would not have been able to eclipse that performance so the desire to watch them was not high.

The so-called Number One Freshman was just a title. Luo Li, Mu Kui, and Bing Qing may not have fought, but their abilities were unquestionable. The ease with which they had reached the summit had already confirmed their strength.

In addition, there had been occasions where the strongest freshman hadn’t been the one to seize the Spiritual Flag. However, everybody naturally knew how to assess the strongest freshman deep within their hearts.

The battle they had just witnessed earlier had left them completely shaken. Even the proud seniors of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy couldn’t help but admire Mu Chen for achieving this level as only a freshman. They obviously felt in their hearts that Mu Chen is fully deserving of being first among this year’s freshmen class.

Of course, whether Mu Chen had any thoughts about what the others were thinking was another question.

The cultivation fervor among the freshmen had died down somewhat following the end of the Freshmen Competition. During this transition period in Northern Spiritual Heavens Academy, they were currently familiarizing themselves to the new surroundings and truly becoming a part of this massive spiritual academy.

In Mu Chen’s case, he also took three days off for rest and recuperation to fully recover from his fight against Yang Hong. Although Mu Chen viewed the latter unfavorably, he had to admit that Yang Hong was quite capable. Based on his talent alone, he would be able to carve out a place for himself at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

However, Mu Chen did not fear him; he had already beaten him once before, and naturally there will be a second time and a third. If Yang Hong is unable to live with it and want to cause problems for Mu Chen, he would not mind letting him experience the taste of defeat again.

On top of a very small house, Mu Chen motionlessly sat cross-legged, looking up at the vast blue sky. A long time passed before he exhaled a mouthful of white air and stretched his body which had become somewhat stiff from inactivity.

He had been quietly residing here to recover from his injuries these last few days. As for the commotions that he had caused due to his duel with Yang Hong the other day, he was hardly concerned about it.

Mu Chen swept a glance around the outskirts of the freshman area; bustling conversations could be heard coming from there and the mood seemed exceedingly exuberant. Ever since the Freshmen Competition, their residential area had undoubtedly become the most dazzling of all the freshman areas. Plenty of freshmen made their way here wanting to join the Goddess Luo Association and follow Mu Chen and Luo Li.

However, Mu Chen and Luo Li clearly didn’t give much thought to this kind of thing. On the other hand, Zhou Ling had shown an intense enthusiasm. Moving back and forth all day long, he worked hard to expand the Goddess Luo Association’s prestige and influence.

“This guy…”

Mu Chen gave a resigned smile. He couldn’t relate to Zhou Ling’s passion, but he had a favorable impression of Zhou Ling and therefore supported his undertaking.


Mu Chen was looking into the distance, but his expression abruptly changed as he turned his head, only to see a streak of light approach from the distant sky. Within a few breaths of time, it had already appeared above his small house.

The figure turned out to be a man with a handsome face and a pair of indifferent eyes. It was precisely Li Xuantong.

Li Xuantong emerged and glanced lazily at Mu Chen. His eyebrows could not help but crease as he said. “Looking like this, could it be that you believe that your victory over Yang Hong and becoming the number one freshman is enough for you to be complacent?”

Mu Chen frowned, but did not bother to argue with him and replied. “The number one freshman is Luo Li and not me. Besides, I had just recovered; a small break doesn’t seem too excessive, right?”

Mu Chen did not hold a particularly good opinion of Li Xuantong. He seemed to be familiar with Luo Li, but Mu Chen did not appreciate him interfering in the affairs between Luo Li and himself. He might have his reasons, but he definitely did not have any respect or consideration for them.

However, since Li Xuantong did not have any bad intentions toward Luo Li, Mu Chen had tolerated the uncomfortable feeling in his heart, not wanting to fall out with him.

I also witnessed the battle during the Freshman Competition a few days earlier.” Li Xuantong said indifferently. “I have to admit that you do have a bit of ability, but like I’ve said before, you still do not have the qualification to be in a relationship with Luo Li.”

Mu Chen’s eyes slightly narrowed as a trace of anger flit across his eyes, his voice becoming flat. “Senior Li Xuantong, don’t you think you are sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong?”

Mu Chen stared at Li Xuantong and continued. “Please remember that you aren’t anybody to Luo Li, so you have no business interfering in her choice. If you despise me, don’t hesitate to come at me; whatever you want to do, I’ll accompany you.”

“Are you angry?” Li Xuantong smiled faintly as his expression slowly became frosty. He looked at Mu Chen with a sharp gaze similar to cutting edge of a sword and said: “It’s not that I want to interfere in her choice; rather, it’s you who is preventing her from making the right decision. You’re not like what she thinks and, at the same time, you also can’t imagine her burden. You like her, but do not know that you staying by her side is a grave hindrance to her.”

“That is why leaving her is the best thing you can do for the both of you. I also wish that you are able to do this very much.” Li Xuantong said with a deep voice.

Mu Chen’s eyes slowly gained a fierce light. He stood up, looking coldly at Li Xuantong and said. “And if I say no?”

“In order to lessen her suffering in the future, I’ll have no choice but to make my move.” Li Xuantong said indifferently.

“You can try!”

Mu Chen’s eyes turned cold as he stared at Li Xuantong. Dark black Spiritual Energy rapidly surged out from his body.

Li Xuantong remained expressionless as he took a step forward. The Spiritual Aura of the world immediately converged, causing the sky above the small house to become somewhat distorted. An extremely terrifying pressure exploded out and came crashing down on Mu Chen.

This frightening pressure enveloped Mu Chen’s body, but his tall and lean frame remained perfectly straight like a spear. His eyes fixated on Li Xuantong and did not show any sign of fear, even if the person before him is the Heaven Ranking Rank 2 powerhouse.


Mu Chen sunk into the ground, causing the ground to split open and cracks to appear. The dark black Spiritual Energy that covered his body also became somewhat muted, but his expression remained unwavering as he stared at Li Xuantong.

Such a confrontation continued for half a minute before Li Xuantong took a step back, causing the oppressive feeling to immediately dissipate. He gazed at Mu Chen and said coldly. “I’ll give you two months. If you still do not leave Luo Li within two months, I will take action.”

“You are an awfully arrogant person. I believe if you are repeatedly beaten at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it will be a severe psychological shock for you.”

Li Xuantong continued apathetically. “Don’t question my ability to keep my word. And believe me when I say the hardships you may encounter in the future will seem mild in comparison to what I’ll do to you. So I hope you are smart enough to know when to cut your losses and back down.

Mu Chen’s eyes became icy-cold and his five fingers slowly clenched into a fist at this moment. This self-righteous prick really rubs people the wrong way.

“You should carefully consider your next move during these two months.”

Li Xuantong suddenly turned his head and look into the distance. A streak of light flew over from that direction before revealing a familiar silhouette of a beautiful woman. It was precisely Luo Li. She had obviously sensed the confrontation between the two. A trace of anger could be detected from the Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

“I hope you don’t reveal what was said between us to Luo Li to get her to stop me. I will be thoroughly disappointed if that happens.” Li Xuantong said indifferently. Without further delay, his figure moved and disappeared into the distance.


Once Li Xuantong left, Luo Li rushed to the top of the small house, her beautiful face turned to look coldly at the direction Li Xuantong had left. Afterwards, she looked at Mu Chen with her glass-like eyes and said. “He didn’t do anything to you, right?”

Mu Chen looked back and smiled; his eyes were somewhat hazy. “No.”

Luo Li stared at Mu Chen, and then said after a slight hesitation. “He didn’t say anything, right?”

Mu Chen stared into Luo Li’s clear and lovely glass-like eyes and then suddenly reached out to take the young girl into his arms. Caught by surprise, the young girl was too slow to react as her delicate cheeks flushed red, but she did not try to push him away. She was able to sense that there was something bothering Mu Chen.

“Luo Li.”

Mu Chen lowered his head, lightly breathing in the delicate fragrance of the young girl’s hair, before he said softly. “No matter what, regardless of what price I need to pay or effort I need to put in, I will absolutely not let you go.”

The young girl’s white arm wrapped lightly around Mu Chen’s waist as her face rested upon Mu Chen’s chest. Softness flit across her clear eyes as her small head gently nodded.

Mu Chen slowly raised his head and looked in the direction that Li Xuantong had disappeared to. A penetrating light gathered in his dark pupils.

Li Xuantong, I don’t care what reasons you may have, but if you really want to get involved I will not let you get what you want so easily.

Mu Chen knew that Li Xuantong was difficult to deal with, much more difficult than Yang Hong, but he also clearly understood that there are some things that he simply cannot give up, no matter the consequence.

The girl in his arms, for example.

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