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Chapter 179 – Summit

At this moment, the massive stone platform was crumbling away as numerous pillars of lava soared up into the sky. Giant hands formed from lava extended out from these pillars and indiscriminately slammed down on the Heaven Ranked Spiritual Beasts and humans on the platform.

This scene had not only shocked Mu Chen and the others on the mountain, but even the people observing outside of the Northern Spirit Mountain were completely astonished. It was evident that this sudden development was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Due to the Nine Nether Bird’s warning, Mu Chen had reacted quicker than the others and had pulled Luo Li away. In the instant that he had fallen back, the lava hand had crushed a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast with the strength of a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. The attack brought forth an intense heat as it struck down furiously at where Mu Chen and Luo Li were previously.

The lava hand smashed into the stone platform,  causing the massive stone platform to quake as scalding lava began to flow outwards. The attack had completely melted away the stone platform.

Since the lava hand had missed, the lava trembled slightly before it quickly gathered together again and swung towards Mu Chen and Luo Li.

Mu Chen’s eyes were completely serious after witnessing the terrifying might of the lava hand. He was able to sense that the strength of violent Spiritual Energy emitted from the lava hand far exceeded the Heavenly Fusion Stage.

He didn’t dare to come into contact with it.


Mu Chen instantly made up his mind. The situation had changed. If they were to remain here any longer, it was highly likely that they would turn to ashes once the lava hand hit them. The have to leave this instant.

Luo Li gently nodded her head in agreement. Her slender hand firmly grasped onto the black longsword. As a black glow circulated the length of the blade, an extremely sharp aura could be felt emitting from it.

Mu Chen’s eyes quickly swept around his surroundings as he withdrew. At this moment, there were almost a dozen lava hands in the sky slamming down relentlessly one after the other. Even the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts that had surrounded them before began to issue out fearful cries as they fell back. The Spiritual Beasts that had been too slow in their retreat were forcibly disintegrated by the lava hands, filling the sky with ashes.

Elsewhere on the mountain, Yang Hong, Mu Kui and Bing Qing were continuously performing evasive actions with serious expressions. They clearly understood just how powerful these lava hands were. If they take the attack head on, it was likely that they would’ve had to pay a great price.

“What should we do?” Luo Li whispered. The situation was too chaotic right now. She simply didn’t know in which direction she should escape.

Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly flashed. He detected that the lava hands had stopped chasing after the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts once the latter had escaped the range of the Stone Platform.

“There must be a range to these attacks.”

Mu Chen thought for a moment. Then, his gaze turned towards the place above the Stone Platform, the summit of the mountain. It didn’t seem that the lava hands had extended out towards that location.

“Head to the summit!”

Mu Chen cried out and immediately accelerated towards the peak of the mountain. Seeing this, Luo Li quickly followed behind.

From nearby, Yang Hong and the others also noticed Mu Chen’s actions. Their eyes also flashed as they immediately circulated their Spiritual Energy and pushed their speed to their limits. They, too, were heading towards the summit.

Based on the current situation, there were only two paths that they could take to leave the Stone Platform. One option was to rush straight towards the peak of the mountain, and the other was to head back down the mountain. However, choosing the second option would also mean giving up the opportunity to compete for the title of the number 1 freshman. It was apparent that Yang Hong and the others, who were incredibly prideful, would not make such a selection.

Zhou Ling and the others in the rear had also noticed Mu Chen’s actions and wanted to follow, but were forced back by the violent attacks of the lava hands. He cut a sorry figure as his skin turned fiery red. Thus, he could only sigh helplessly as he hastily backed away.

As expected, not everybody was qualified to head to the summit of the mountain.

Outside of the mountain range, countless gazes were gathered at the summit of the mountain. Even the freshmen who had begun to descend stared in the direction of the summit, observing the battle between the most outstanding students within the freshmen.

Under numerous gazes, Mu Chen, Luo Li, Yang Hong, Mu Kui and Bing Qing rushed forward and gradually revealed their movement techniques. They skillfully avoided the lava hands that contained an extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuation and continued forward.

These five individuals all possess a strength that far surpassed ordinary freshmen. As they completely focused their attention on evasion, they managed to see through the lava hands’ movements and managed to break through, following which they quickly headed towards the summit.

Sensing the five individuals breaking through, the massive body within the Northern Spirit Mountain had slowly closed its fiery eyes. All of a sudden, it issued out a deep roar.

This roar echoed throughout the mountain and even caused the other mountains to quake. A large crack suddenly extended out from the peak of the mountain and fiery red lava covered the sky, forming into a curtain of magma that completely sealed off Mu Chen and the other’s path.

As the lava rained down from the sky, the entire world suddenly turned exceptionally hot. This boiling atmosphere had even caused the Spiritual Aura of the world to tremble slightly.

Witnessing the sudden change in the situation from outside the mountain, these people’s mouths started to twitch. Such a terrifying existence was hidden within the Northern Spirit Mountain. Not only was it impossible for the freshmen to pass through this obstacle, but even the seniors within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would also be helpless against it.


At this moment, the lava erupted and spread throughout the sky before it descended like a waterfall. Below the lava, Mu Chen and the others were helpless like ants.

All five of them had serious expressions. If they weren’t careful, this attack would definitely be a disaster for them.

However, if they were to retreat right now, it would mean that they would give up on seizing first place. Therefore, they had no choice but to move forward!

Mu Chen bit his lips gently as an unswerving determination appeared on his handsome face. As he took a deep breath, dark black Spiritual Energy gushed out from his body. Then, under the bustling commotion, he charged straight into the lava.

An uproar immediately erupted in the surrounding mountains as the countless individuals witnessed this scene. In their opinion, this action was the same as committing suicide.

Li Xuantong’s gaze turned serious for a moment as he narrowed his eyes. Mu Chen’s actions were slightly beyond his imagination.

Just when Mu Chen charged straight into the waterfall-like lava, Yang Hong and the others’ expressions changed. They immediately gritted their teeth as they charged forth as well. Extraordinary Spiritual Energy erupted out from their bodies one after another.


Mu Chen was the fastest out of them all. His entire body was surrounded by dark black Spiritual Energy and was like a trail of thick black smoke. He had directly rushed into the lava and disappeared from sight.

Following Mu Chen was Yang Hong. His gaze was cold as dense Spiritual Energy erupted out from his body. A giant python had vaguely formed from his Spiritual Energy as he charged straight into the lava.

On the other hand, Mu Kui blasted out a punch as the rumbling Spiritual Energy formed into a gigantic golden fist. This fist smashed into the curtain of lava directly in front of him.

At the same time, Bing Qing’s icy-blue hair had turned deep blue. An extraordinary chill emanated out from her as layers of ice covered her slender body. In the end, she rushed into the lava as well.

And last of all was Luo Li. She glanced at the place where Mu Chen had disappeared and gripped onto her black longsword with her slender hand. In an instant, the sword had twitched and a crisp sound echoed out. A peerless black sword beam tore through the sky as it was unleashed.

It was apparent that all five of these individuals had shown their true abilities at this moment!

Countless individuals watched this scene seriously. Their attention was completely focused on the other side of the curtain of lava. From there on out, they would be able to reach the summit of the mountain. Thus, as long as they were able to pass through this dangerous curtain of lava, they would be qualified to reach the summit.

However, the true question was; just how many out of these five individuals would be able to pass through?

The bustling and noisy surroundings had become completely silent at this moment. Their gazes gathered at the opposite side of the curtain of lava.

As everybody’s gazes gathered at that location, changes soon appeared as well. With an oppressive power, a black light burst out of the curtain of lava.

This black light seemed to be in a shape of a black tower. However, before everybody could clearly recognize it, the black light had faded away and revealed a slender figure. This slender figure had reached the summit of the mountain.

“Someone reached the summit!”

When this cry resounded out, numerous gazes stared at the slender figure. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and astonishment.

“It’s the freshmen that defeated Mo Lun!”

The audience had quickly identified the person that reached the summit. A commotion rang out; who would have thought the one that first reached the summit would be a freshman at the Spirit Stage Late Phase.

However, just where their astonished cries faded away, cracks suddenly appeared in the curtain of lava and another figure rushed out and entered the summit.

At this moment, Luo Li held onto the slightly hot black longsword as she smiled at Mu Chen.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Just when Luo Li landed outside of the curtain of lava, extraordinary Spiritual Energy erupted out from behind her again. Three holes subsequently burst open within the lava and three other figures rushed out. However, their bodies, too, had smoke emitting out from it. Even the armor of ice on Bing Qing’s body had completely melted and evaporated away.

Bursts of commotion resounded out in the nearby mountains. Many of the seniors had serious expressions on their face. They never thought that there would be so many powerful individuals within this year’s freshman class. These five individuals had actually passed through such a terrifying obstacle.

As the five individuals reaching the summit, the lava behind them had suddenly flowed down and ignited the entire mountain. The crimson lava spread out and dyed the mountain with a beautiful shade of red.

However, nobody had paid attention to this scene. Their eyes were all focused on the five individuals that had reached the summit. Even the freshmen below had cast their sights over due to their curiosity.

They all knew that the competition between the strongest freshmen this year had only just begun!

One after another, their gazes gathered at the center of the summit. At that location, a stone tablet was erected there. And on that stone tablet, was an enormous golden Spirit Flag that swayed due to the wind.

That Spirit Flag represented the honour of the Number One Freshmen.

The one that managed to obtain it would undisputedly become the Number One freshmen!

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