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Chapter 178 Stone Platform

Roar! Roar!

The angry roars of countless Spiritual Beasts echoed throughout the vast mountain range, causing the forests to tremble. Numerous individuals clashed together with Spiritual Beasts within this vast wilderness, and astonishing battles occurred.

And on the peak of the nearby mountains, a few figures observed the many skirmishes that had broken out down below. After a while, some of the gazes shifted toward the majestic mountain at the center of the mountain range.

Exceptionally powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations swept out at this time from the mountain. It appeared that several of the more talented new students had already reached the Northern Spirit Mountain, and were charging up towards its peak, which was hidden in the clouds.

It was clear that the one who could take the lead and charge up to the summit, which represented glory to them, might possibly seize first place, and become the number one student in the freshmen class.

At this moment, Zhu Tian and the other two elders stood high up in the sky. Zhu Tian was beaming as he observed the lofty mountain; his eyes imperceptibly cast a glance at the summit before the corner of his mouth curled up slightly more.

“These kids were a lot faster than what I’d imagined, but things will become interesting once they approach the finale. It’s troublesome even for this old man to put that big guy in check.”

Swish! Swish!

Down below, Mu Chen and Luo Li swiftly made their way through the forest. Dense Spiritual Energy enveloped their bodies, and vigilance and seriousness filled their eyes. They are already very near the summit; almost all of the Spiritual Beasts in this area are Heaven Rank, but fortunately they merely possess the strength of the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. Otherwise, it would be extremely troubling for them…


Mu Chen suddenly narrowed his eyes as they were dashing through the forest and suddenly fired out a punch suffused with Spiritual Energy, directly attacking the ground beneath his feet.


A massive crack propagated from where Mu Chen’s explosive fist had landed, causing a sharp cry to echo out where the earth had ruptured. A giant beast with savage light in his eyes and covered in sharp scale armor quickly crawled out.

“Earthly Demon Beast?” Mu Chen creased his brows when he saw this giant, grotesque beast covered in black scales; yet another Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast of the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase.

Just as Mu Chen was planning to quickly dispose of this Earthly Demon Beast, Luo Li suddenly pulled on his sleeve, her delicate little face somewhat solemn as she pointed at a spot not too far away.

Mu Chen’s gaze followed where she pointed just as the ground split apart and five more Earthly Demon Beasts climbed out, their berserk Spiritual Energy flooding the forest.

Six Earthly Demon Beasts?

Even Mu Chen’s felt numb when he saw this scene; he promptly gave Luo Li a knowing glance before the two simultaneously ran away as fast as they could. Even though the six Earthly Demon Beasts only have the strength of Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase, Mu Chen and Luo Li would have to pay a price if they had engaged in a fight. Also, stalling here would’ve wasted quite a bit of time.

Therefore, escaping was the most sensible option in this situation.


The six Earthly Demon Beasts saw the two humans attempt to escape and issued out ferocious roars before chasing after them with startling speed. Each step caused the earth to quake and the mountains to tremble.

Mu Chen and Luo Li saw the beasts’ relentless pursuit and did not dare to dally, increasing their speed to the utmost and made a beeline toward the summit.

Pressing on at such high speed, it did not even take ten minutes before the thick, lush forest gave way to an open clearing where an incomparably massive platform was seen farther ahead. A trail leading up to the summit was seen just past this platform.

But just when the two of them rushed out of the forest, they heard angry roars coming from another direction. As they turned to look, their expressions became frozen stiff.

In that direction, no small number of massive Spiritual Beasts with astonishing Spiritual Energy had simultaneously burst onto the clearing. In front of them, several figures were fleeing in disarray.

They were headed the same direction as Mu Chen and Luo Li—straight towards the massive stone platform that led to the summit.

When Mu Chen caught sight of the more than thirty Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, the corner of his mouth cannot help but pull into a wry smile. This Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is too vicious; to unleash so many Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts here, how could you defeat all of them?


Mu Chen cried out as he accelerated, dashing towards the massive stone platform. If he was caught by the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts at this moment, he feared that the outcome would be disastrous.

Luo Li gently nodded. Unless one has entered the Heavenly Transformation Stage, no one can escape after being surrounded by more than thirty Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts.

The Freshman Competition organized by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was obviously not fun and games, but a true test of these top freshmen’s capabilities.

Mu Chen and Luo Li swiftly dashed towards the distant platform. At the same time, the other party being chased was also charging towards the same direction, and they were finally able to see each other clearly.

With a glance, Mu Chen recognized the others as Yang Hong, Mu Kui, Bing Qing, and a few other students. They had also decided to take evasive action when they encountered the many Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts.

But it seemed that everyone adopting the same strategy had inadvertently led so many Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts to come together.

At the same time that Mu Chen and the other party saw each other, countless spectators were watching them attentively on the surrounding mountain peaks. Their eyes lit up when they finally saw action at the massive stone platform, but their expressions slightly changed when they saw the trail of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts.

“Why are there so many Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts?”

“These freshmen are really unlucky. This Freshman Competition is much more difficult compared to the past. It’s impossible to force their way through so many Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts.”

“Yes. Not only do they have to guard against the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, they still need to be vigilant of other freshmen.”

“Haha, this year’s competition is such quality entertainment, isn’t it more amusing like this?”

The gallery of people observing the situation on the summit suddenly broke out into whispers. A growing interest can be seen on their faces at this time.

The action at the summit obviously caught more of their attention compared with the struggles of the average freshmen below.

Li Xuantong stood with his hands behind his back at the side of a cliff, coldly watching the summit; his sharp gaze concentrated on Mu Chen and Luo Li. He knew that ir was almost time for the real trial of this Freshmen Competition.

Under the attentive gaze of countless eyes, ten figures were seen barely keeping their distance from the horde of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts as they neared the platform.

“Hey, Mu Chen!” A gasping voice was heard not far from Mu Chen. He looked only to see Zhou Ling had unexpectedly also arrived here. His face was a little pale, evidence that he hadn’t had it easy evading his pursuers.

Mu Chen nodded at him and felt a little surprised in his heart. The Spiritual Energy propagating out from Zhou Ling’s body indicate that he had reached Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase, but the unstable aura revealed that he had only recently broken through.

But Zhou Ling had been half-a-step away from the Heavenly Fusion Stage for a long time and had been bitterly cultivating for more than a month at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy; it came as no real surprise for him to have this kind of breakthrough.

“Let’s reach the stone platform first.”

Mu Chen made a hand gesture before pulling Luo Li quickly toward the enormous stone platform with the Spiritual Beasts almost upon them.

But when Mu Chen was about to make his move, a silhouette rushed forth in an attempt to gain the lead. He furiously struck out with the back of his hand as a surge of Spiritual Energy coalesced into a giant illusory palm directly at Mu Chen.

“Mu Chen, watch out! Zhou Ling hastily blurted.

When Mu Chen noticed this sneak attack, his expression immediately became ice-cold. Stepping to the side, dark black Spiritual Energy swept out from his body and transform into the indistinct shape of a light pagoda.


The giant palm of Spiritual Energy smashed into the light pagoda, causing Mu Chen’s body to tremble as the light pagoda rippled from the shockwave before slightly dimming. His ice-cold gaze flitted across the familiar figure.

Mu Chen’s expression was extremely cold; this person was vicious. He wanted to strike Mu Chen earlier so that the latter would fall behind into the depths of the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast horde. If that happened, Mu Chen would have suffered grievous injuries even if he manages to escape and subsequently not be in the condition to fight for the position of the number one freshman.

“Yang Hong, you want to fight now? Then let’s fight!”

A cold light flashed across Mu Chen’s eyes as he suddenly rushed forward, bent all but two fingers, and shot a golden light toward Yang Hong with lightning speed.

Yang Hong glanced behind him and sneered. He flicked his finger to fire off a Spiritual Energy beam at the approaching golden light and completely neutralized the attack, all that while maintaining his speed.

“Want to fight? Come and get me!”

Yang Hong’s figure flashed forward, taking the lead and directly stepping on the large stone platform. He turned around to face Mu Chen as exceptionally vigorous Spiritual Energy erupted out from his body.

Mu Chen clenched both hands. The dark black Spiritual Energy surged within his body as the Great Pagoda Art circulating at full strength. A chilling murderous intent condensed in his black pupils.


Mu Chen had also reached the stone platform with Luo Li following closely behind, her glass-like eyes locked onto Yang Hong.

Behind them, Mu Kui, Bing Qing, Zhou Ling, and the other top freshmen also jumped on the platform.

“Be careful Mu Chen, the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts have caught up!” Zhou Ling hastily warned. It is not a good time to fight it out seeing that there is a more pressing problem behind the group.

Mu Chen’s gaze flashed across the Spiritual Beasts before returning to watch Yang Hong with a chilly expression.

During the confrontation between the two, the tens of Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts completely encircled the platform, casting an enormous shadow on everyone.


The beasts faced the sky and gave a long roar and their Spiritual Energy billowed out as they launched a frenzied assault at Mu Chen and the others on the stone platform.

Upon seeing this, Mu Chen can only fall back with Luo Li and temporarily shift his attention to these Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts. But right when he was about to fight, Nine Nether Bird urgently cried out.

“Mu Chen. Get out of here now! There’s something strange!”

Nine Nether Bird’s abrupt warning caused Mu Chen to be alarmed as he acted almost reflexively to pull Luo Li away with him.


Just as Mu Chen made his hasty retreat, the ground where he was originally standing on collapsed as a scorching pillar of magma soared into the sky. A giant hand of surging magma extended out from the midst of the pillar, slamming down on a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast and immediately obliterating the body.

Bang! Bang!

Under the shocked gazes of Mu Chen and the other freshmen, as well as the many spectators on the nearby mountain peaks, the stone platform shook violently as more large pillars of magma were sent violently into the sky. Enormous hands made of magma stretched out from each of these pillars. This scene was an extraordinary sight to behold.

“Why is the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy letting this big guy out?”

Li Xuantong was also slightly surprised at this scene; a grim look immediately flashed through his eyes.

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