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Chapter 175 Freshman Competition

As the following day approached, the freshman area positively boiled over with anticipation. All of the freshmen were eager to get into action as their eyes burned red-hot with passion.

To them, the Northern Heavens World was just a test, however, the Freshmen Competition was where they could truly prove themselves. Only those who distinguished themselves on this stage would be qualified to establish their own legacy at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

And the Freshman Competition will be especially fierce since it will be the first tournament for the freshmen after arriving at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!

The mood was no different in the freshmen area where Mu Chen resided. Approximately one thousand freshmen had converged at the public square wearing a “Goddess Luo Association” badge. Clearly, they were members of the association.

As they stood in the middle of the public square, both Mu Chen and Luo Li could sense a palpable feeling of excitement pervading the world. Embers glowed in the eyes of the former as if it was on the verge of burning.

“Mu Chen. We will be aiming for first place as well, so you better not lose to us! We don’t care if you can’t keep up with us!” Zhou Ling and company laughed loudly and jested. They had also prepared for a long time for today.

Mu Chen smiled and said. “Bring it on.”

“Big Sister Luo Li. Brother Mu is too arrogant. You have to crush his ego and take first place away from him!” Several freshmen jeered mischievously, attracting others who echoed their sentiment. Clearly, Luo Li’s opinion is paramount in the Goddess Luo Association.

Luo Li looked at the scene in front of her as a very faint smile appeared on her delicate and charming face. Her beautiful eyes glanced at Mu Chen and she quipped. “You have to be careful.”

Mu Chen couldn’t help but smile upon seeing this and replied. “In that case, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Gales of laughter erupted in the public square. The people present knew the relationship between Mu Chen and Luo Li. The usually quiet and demure Luo Li will only show that beautiful smile that would cause one’s heartbeat to quicken in front of Mu Chen.

“Good. If all of you are ready then let’s set off, follow me.” A beam of light came towards them, Teacher Mu Ling appeared in mid-air, looking down at the many students with a charming smile.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Chen took the initiative to charge out as he waved his hands signaling the others to follow. Figures in all direction immediately rushed forward under Mu Ling’s lead, blotting out the sky and covering the earth as they rushed forth, through the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, to the northwest.

A similar scene was being played out at the same time in the other freshmen areas as multitudes of students moved out like a locust swarm, casting a huge shadow across the land.

This was a sight to behold.

Many seniors were also on the move elsewhere in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The academy attached considerable importance to the Freshman Competition since the individuals who stand out in this tournament will inevitably become important figures within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, these seniors wanted to use this opportunity to identify freshmen that could threaten them in the future.

Mu Chen and the rest continued to follow Mu Ling westward for more than ten minutes before slowing down. Then, they stopped under a large shadow.

Mu Chen and the others were currently staring ahead at an enormous mountain range. One mountain in particular stood at ten thousand zhang in height and towered above the rest. At a glance, this colossal mountain had even obscured the sky.

The air looked slightly hazy in the skies above this mountain, vaguely forming into a thunderstorm as waves of astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations propagated out.

Located inside these mountains was a vast open field that is currently filling up with figures. All of the freshmen had been gathered here, leading to their chatter clamoring until it resounded into the skies.


A beam of light slowly approached from the distant sky when the last of the freshmen had arrived, but the slow looking beam appeared in the sky overhead only a moment later, as if it had teleported.

The light dissipated to reveal three figures; the two to the sides were elderly men dressed in green gowns, with white beards, solemn expressions, and mysterious eyes that seem to flicker with lightning.

A figure in a white gown was standing between these two elders. His appearance was peculiar; he had a head full of white hair yet he had a handsome and youthful face. His skin was fair, his bearing did not befit that of the elderly, and his beaming smile gave people an exceedingly good-natured impression.

Mu Chen and the others simultaneously turned to look at the three imposing figures suspended in midair. They were able to sense that the appearance of the three men had caused all the Spiritual Aura in the world to continuously rush toward them as if they had control of all the Spiritual Aura in the area.

“These three are elders of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The one standing in the middle is particularly distinguished; he is ranked as one of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heaven Class Elders.” Mu Ling explained to Mu Chen and company as she gazed respectfully at the three in the sky.

“Heaven Class Elder.” Mu Chen and the others were stunned when they heard this. They have now gained a better understanding of the academy. For example, the Elders’ positions are divided into Heaven Class Elders and Earth Class Elders. Heaven Class Elders are rarely seen at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy so the students did not expect that the youthful-looking, white-gowned man to be one.

“Haha, it seems that this Freshman Competition is livelier than ever.”

In the sky, the youthful-faced man in the white gown beamed at the endless sea of students on the field below. When he waved his sleeves, the deafening clamor around the field immediately quieted down.

“New kids. This old man is Zhu Tian. I’m here to welcome you all as new members of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. I will be in charge of this year’s Freshman Competition.” The white gowned man said smilingly. His appearance did not change as he stared at the freshmen above and below. However, this old man, whose head was filled with white hair, felt particularly strange to the them.

But they did not dare to laugh when faced with this strange feeling. This is because even a fool can tell that the person before their eyes held frightening ability and status.

“Oh yes. This Freshman Competition will be slightly different; it will no longer be simple arena matches.”

Zhu Tian pointed his finger toward the towering mountain in the stood out in the center of the mountain range behind him and laughed. “The Freshman Competition this time around is very straightforward. There is a Spiritual Flag at the peak of the Northern Spirit Mountain. Whoever gets to the summit the mountain first and captures the Spiritual Flag will become the champion of the Freshman Competition.”

Sounds of shock and astonishment immediately were heard around the field; was it really that simple?

“Of course, there are a lot of Spiritual Beasts in the mountains and even Heaven Ranked Spiritual Beasts on the Northern Spirit Mountain.” Zhu Tian continued smilingly.

“Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts?” Many freshmen stared blankly before bitterly sighing. This Freshman Competition really is not that simple.

For the first five students to reach the summit of the mountain: first place will be rewarded 500,000 Spiritual Value points, second place will be rewarded 400,000 points, and so on.” Zhu Tian beamed and said. “Of course, the most important point is that the top five will gain permission to enter into the Spiritual Arts Temple, where you may even be able to obtain the Deity Tier Spiritual Arts, if you are lucky.”

“Deity Tier Spiritual Arts?”

The countless freshmen inadvertently inhaled in a breath of cold air before a fire ignited in their eyes. A Deity Tier Spiritual Art is worth countless incredibly strong treasures and possessed a fatal attraction to many of the students.

“That’s quite generous of them.”

Mu Chen involuntarily smacked his lips. Deity Tier Spiritual Art. His heartbeat quickened as he turned his gaze toward the peak that towered over the layers and layers of mountains. But he suddenly wrinkled his brows. He didn’t know why but he had a feeling that the situation was not as simple as it seemed.

“Oh. I think this is obvious so I won’t elaborate. There will not be many rules—everything will be fair game.” Zhu Tian smiled before waving his sleeves; a sharp and crisp ring resonated throughout the heavens and earth.

“I announce the start of this year’s Freshmen Competition!”


When Zhu Tian’s jocular voice reverberated through the world, the field instantly began to quake as countless pillars of Spiritual Energy soared up into the sky. Many students moved out like a plague of locusts and directly surged towards the endless mountains.

At this moment, the entire world seemed to tremble.

Standing up in the sky, Zhu Tian couldn’t help but smile when he witnessed this tumultuous scene; but the corners of his mouth lifted in a somewhat playful smirk.

“What about that powerful guy at the peak of the Northern Spiritual Mountain? You did not warn them about him.” The two old men behind Zhu Tian informed.

Eh?” Zhu Tian appeared to be stumped for words before he hit his head in annoyance and replied. “How could I forget? It’s regrettable but youngsters always need a little motivation to arouse their potential.

The two white-haired elders glanced at each other and shook their heads helplessly. This person is intentionally making things difficult for the freshmen this time.

As the masses of freshmen surged into the mountain range, a figure flashed in the distance as he swept out in the northern sky. Li Xuantong held his hands behind his back as his expressionless eyes were looking in that direction.

If that person called Mu Chen can’t even compete with these freshmen, then Luo Li will need to break up with him. He will have no choice but to show himself out.

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