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Chapter 176 – Northern Spirit Mountain

At this moment, the originally peaceful mountain seemed as if it had been attacked by an earthquake. Both the mountain and the earth were trembling. Moreover, the roars of countless Spiritual Beasts resounded from within the mountain.

At the border of the mountains, a dense mass of humans was entering like a pack of ants as they rushed overwhelmingly into the vast mountain range that is covered in towering trees.

But when the mass of humans entered the mountain range, angry roars burst out from within the mountains as the ground split open and numerous Spiritual Beasts lunged out to begin their assault on the humans. From the distance, packs of vicious Spiritual Beasts flapped their wings in the skies as they attempted to banish the sudden intruders.

However, their attempts were futile as the sea of people collided with the approaching Spiritual Beasts. Violent Spiritual Energy surged out and lit up the sky  in bright colors.

Sounds of angry roars and fighting resounded together as a steady stream of Spiritual Beasts descended from the mountains. The freshmen had gradually slowed down and was split into numerous groups as they advanced toward the deepest mountain which symbolized glory for them.

The group with Mu Chen and the others had quickly split apart as well. However, a dozen members of the Goddess Luo Association and Luo Li had managed to remain together with Mu Chen. With Mu Chen and Luo Li leading the group, their pace of advance was quite fast and the dozen Goddess Luo Association’s members closely followed as they fought off the Spiritual Beasts approaching from the sides.

At this moment, Mu Chen had two fingers straighten up and a golden glow emitted from them. It formed a golden spear and would pierce through the approaching Spiritual Beasts whenever it was fired off.

Mu Chen’s gaze swept out in all directions as he quickly cleared away the fearless Spiritual Beasts. At that moment, there were a few groups which had also advanced at an extraordinary speed. It was evident that the ones leading these groups were considerably powerful.

“Let’s speed up.”

Mu Chen lifted his head and stared at the towering mountain in the depths of the mountain range. That mountain extended into the clouds and the peak could not be seen from below. Anyone who managed to reach that place would be able to come out on top.

Mu Chen exhaled gently as he looked towards Luo Li. He let out a quiet battle cry before allowing the Spiritual Energy within his body to explode outwards. The golden light emitting from his two fingers seemed to have turned into two divine spears as they forcibly tore apart the stream of Spiritual Beasts

In response, Luo Li also nodded her head. Her slender hand tightly gripped her black longsword. However, the longsword did not exit its scabbard; instead, a black sword beam swept out. This beam was simply unstoppable. Each time the sword beam flashed by, a Spiritual Beast would be cut into two pieces. Moreover, the wounds were cut so sharply that they were as smooth as a mirror. This sharpness had even slightly shocked Mu Chen.

With their accelerated pace, they had quickly reached the depths of the mountain range. However, the Spiritual Beasts that appeared had also become more and more powerful. Every single Spiritual Beast that appeared would have at least reached the Spirit Stage.

Against these Spiritual Beasts, Mu Chen and Luo Li still managed to remain the same pace. However, the members of the Goddess Luo Association, who were behind them, were gradually unable to keep up and had slowed down.

“Brother Mu, Sister Luo Li. You two should go ahead and attempt to take the Spirit Flag. This will make our Goddess Luo Association become a bit more famous!” Seeing that they could not keep up with Mu Chen and Luo Li, the members of the Goddess Luo Association shouted out and slowed down their pace.


Mu Chen smiled and waved towards them. Then, he exchanged gazes with Luo Li before the two of them turned into figures of light as they surged forward. At this moment, both of them had pushed their Spiritual Energy to their limits. Dense Spiritual Energy swept out and forcibly blasted away the Spiritual Beasts that lunged towards them. Using this gap, they had passed through the pack of Spiritual Beasts at lightning speed.


Just when Mu Chen and Luo Li began to reveal their true power, dense Spiritual Energy fluctuations suddenly erupted from the other directions. Several figures separated from their forces and rushed forth by themselves towards the towering mountain.

At this moment, the ones that dared to leave their groups were all powerful. Among the freshmen, they were considered to be the best of the best. Therefore, they were the main force that would rush towards the towering mountain in the depths of the mountain range.

Seeing this, Mu Chen and Luo Li no longer held back their strength. They began to reveal their powerful techniques and forcibly cut a path through the Spiritual Beasts. Although the Spiritual Beasts had pressured them slightly, they did not manage to slow down their pace.

Thus, ten minutes later, Mu Chen and Luo Li had eventually reached the bottom of the Northern Spirit Mountain.  As they approached, they were able to feel how majestic this mountain was. They felt that they were like ants standing at the base of the mountain. Even if they raised their heads and looked up, they weren’t able to see the peak of this mountain. Furthermore, they detected an extraordinary Spiritual Energy fluctuation from within this massive mountain.

It was evident that these Spiritual Beasts were the true obstacles for them.

As Mu Chen punched out, surging Spiritual Energy had erupted out and blown away a massive Spiritual Beast. Just when Mu Chen and Luo Li entered the mountain, Mu Chen’s expression changed and he stared to their right. At that location, a dozen individuals rushed over. It was evident that these individuals weren’t friendly.

On these people’s chests, there was a badge with a wyvern entrenched in it.

Apparently, these individuals were members of the Wyvern Association.

“They were sent by Yang Hong to stop us.”

Luo Li’s gentle voice rang out. It was clear that she also detected these individuals as well.

“Stay right here!”

When these individuals from the Wyvern Association noticed that Mu Chen and Luo Li had already discovered them, the one leading this group had shouted. He rushed out as dense Spiritual Energy gushed out from his body. From the surging Spiritual Energy, it was clear that he had already reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. However, his Spiritual Energy was quite unstable, and it was evident that he had only recently advanced due to external forces.

At the same time, the people behind him had also activated their Spiritual Energy. Every single one of these individuals possessed the strength of a Quasi-Heavenly Fusion Stage.

This formation was quite powerful. It seemed that Yang Hong had used the elites of his Wyvern Association to delay the two of them.

In this area, there were still other individuals. However, they did not take any actions once they noticed this scene. After all, this was a battle between the Wyvern Association and the Goddess Luo Association. There was no need for them to intervene. Instead, they could take advantage of the interference to speed up their pace.

“Leave that guy to me. Let’s end this quickly.”

A hint of coldness flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes. He pushed off from the ground and turned into a beam of light as he lunged straight towards the approaching figure.

Just when Mu Chen rushed over, Luo Li had also slowly clenched her black longsword as she made her way towards the dozen Wyvern Association’s elite.

“Mu Chen. It’s not your turn to obtain the title of the Number One Freshmen!”

The one facing Mu Chen sneered. This boy was also someone who was at the pinnacle of the Spiritual Road. He, too, was assessed as King-Class. Regarding the level of excellence he showed, he had even surpassed Zhou Ling and the others. Since he was quite close with Yang Hong, he naturally did not like Mu Chen.

“Destructive Spirit Fist!”

This person had a prideful tone as he spoke. However, he could back it up as he wasn’t weak at all. As he stood in midair, he unleashed a punch and dense Spiritual Energy surged out. A powerful wind was formed with killing intent from this punch as it bombarded towards Mu Chen.

Against this powerful offensive, Mu Chen’s eyes remained calm. He clenched his hands tightly and blasted out a punch as well. Four Limitless Death Seals were quickly condensed and formed into a beam of black light as it collided against the opposing attack.

At the same time, the Four Limitless Death Seals exploded and the Spiritual Energy shockwave released from each seal overlapped with each other as they released a powerful destructive energy.

Just when these two attacks collided with each other, the Spiritual Energy formed by the Limitless Death Seal had tore apart the opposing attack in an instant. Then, under this boy’s pale expression, it had smashed fiercely against his body.


The boy spat out a mouthful of fresh blood when he was hit and was sent back awkwardly. His face was completely pale and had eyes of disbelief. Although he knew that Mu Chen was powerful, he never imagined that he would be instantly defeated with just one attack.

“Even Yang Hong isn’t qualified to stop me. Just who do you think you are?”

Mu Chen’s eyes were cold as he stared at the boy in the yellow robe and let out a cold laugh. Then, without wasting any time, he rushed towards the towering mountain.

On the other side, Luo Li had also stopped her attack. The Wyvern Association’s elites were all lying down on the ground awkwardly beneath her. At this moment, blood leaked out from their mouth as they stared at Luo Li’s beauty with fear.

These dozen individuals were all half-a-step away from the Heavenly Fusion Stage. However, even if they had such strength, they did not even manage to delay Luo Li a single bit. The latter’s strength was far beyond them.

When the other individuals nearby witnessed this vicious two-man group’s abilities, they were secretly shocked. In order to stop these two individuals, it would require Yang Hong, Mu Kui and Bing Qing to join forces.

However, Mu Chen did not care about the individuals that attempted to stop them. Instead, he charged directly towards the towering Northern Spirit Mountain. As he stared at the mountain, a cold chill flashed through his eyes.

Yang Hong, do you truly believe that you would be able to stop me like this?

I still remember clearly what you’ve done during the Spiritual Road. Since I can’t find Ji Xuan right now, I’ll start my revenge on you first…

As Mu Chen and Luo Li entered the Northern Spirit Mountain, a dozen figures of light had also rushed in from various directions. From the North, Yang Hong had an indifferent expression as he stared in another direction with a cold expression.

Mu Chen, I, Yang Hong, am taking the title of the Number One Freshmen. I will make you understand that you’re not qualified to even struggle in front of me!

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