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Chapter 1276 - Three Perfected Earth Sovereigns

On a massive island in the Myriad Island Continent. This was a bustling city with a teleportation array that lit up with countless silhouettes going to and fro.

Mu Chen, Luo Li, and Long Xiang walked out of the teleportation array at this moment. When they walked out, Mu Chen could sense the strong sea breeze that blew over, along with a hint of a fishy smell that covered this entire region. It was so much so that even the Spiritual Energy in this region felt moist.

“So this is the Myriad Island Continent…” Mu Chen was a little astonished at the sight of this bustling city. The popularity here wasn’t any less than the West Heaven Continent. It was said that the sea covered the majority of this region with massive islands dotting this ocean.

There wasn’t a supreme force in the Myriad Island Continent, but the chaos here wasn’t at all inferior to the Greatlaw Continent. Many islands declared war against each other, so conflict was common around here.

“This is the Molar Island, the one that rules this island is a Greater Earth Sovereign with quite a bit of fame in the Myriad Island Continent.” Long Xiang said.

Mu Chen nodded his head and asked, “So, which direction is the Spiritual Jade Island?”

“It’s still some distance away from here, and it should take two days or so.” When Long Xiang spoke, he briefly hesitated, “Young Master, Gu Shihuang is not a pushover, so you have to be cautious.”

Mu Chen smiled. “Rest assured, as long as there isn’t any Heavenly Sovereign, he won’t be able to do anything to me ,even if he is a Perfected Earth Sovereign.”

Although Mu Chen was only a Greater Earth Sovereign, if he wanted to escape, he was confident, even when facing a Perfected Earth Sovereign as an opponent.

Long Xiang did not speak anymore, so he moved. He turned into a streak of light and flew towards the vast ocean.

Mu Chen and Luo Li exchanged a glance before they swiftly followed up.

The Myriad Island Continent was also filled with countless natural disasters in the ocean and the Spiritual Energy and endless chill would gather into a blizzard. Even an Earth Sovereign would be in danger facing that.

But fortunately, with Long Xiang leading the way, their group did not encounter many obstructions, and two days later, they’d gradually approached their destination…

Three silhouettes stood on the waves. Mu Chen was directing his gaze over. His gaze flickered when the view slowly cleared up.

An emerald island sat on the distant ocean, enveloped with dense Spiritual Energy that showed that this was clearly a rare paradise.

Even at such a distance, Mu Chen could still sense the Spiritual Energy on the island, and the density was stronger than any of the islands that Mu Chen had seen in the Myriad Island Continent.

“Truly the Ancient Buddha Clan to control such a paradise with no one coveting after it.” Mu Chen sighed. If it was other forces in control of this land, even with a Perfected Earth Sovereign, they might be bothered by the troubles.

There wasn’t the slightest dispute within a few myriad miles in radius. Evidently, those regions belonged to the Spiritual Jade Island, so other forces wouldn’t  dare to dip their hands in it.

“I will go first and find a chance to save Ling Xi so that she doesn’t get used by Gu Shihuang to threaten you.” Long Xiang looked at Mu Chen.

“Luo Li and I will hide at the bottom of the ocean, be cautious.” Mu Chen nodded his head. If they could rescue her without a fight, then it would definitely be for the best. 

As for Long Xiang, his strength at the Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign Realm couldn’t be underestimated. Even if Gu Shihuang detected him, he wouldn't be able to do anything to Long Xiang.

Long Xiang nodded his head before he took a deep breath and turned into a streak of light, then he flew to the Spiritual Jade Island, while Mu Chen and Luo Li slowly sank into the ocean and retracted their aura, then approached the island from underwater.

Long Xiang swiftly traveled and he soon approached the Spiritual Jade Island. He did not suffer any obstructions before he appeared before a black pagoda.

A grey-robed old man quietly sat beneath the pagoda just like when Long Xiang had left, and opened his eyes when the latter arrived.

With a smile, he looked at Long Xiang. “Your mission is finished?”

With a calm expression, Long Xiang responded, “Mu Chen is now the West Heaven Continent’s Seed of the Continent. In the Lesser Earth Sovereign Realm, he could already defeat a Greater Earth Sovereign. Now that he has entered the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, even I can’t do anything to him.

“If you want to catch him, I’m afraid that you might have to do it yourself.”

Hearing Long Xiang’s words, Gu Shihuang showed no rage, but nodded his head with a narrowed smile. He did not say much about it but spoke with a peculiar smile, “Since that’s the case, then leave this to me. You don’t have to care about this anymore.

“Oh right, someone from the clan came to the Spiritual Jade Island as well, let me introduce you.”

Hearing Gu Shihuang’s words, Long Xiang instantly narrowed his pupils.

“Haha, it has been a while, Long Xiang.” A silhouette walked over from the right wearing red robes. His hair had turned white with a blackfish on his robe that looked especially unusual.

Seeing that person, Long Xiang’s face uncontrollably changed before he exclaimed, “Liang Xiesha? Why are you here?!”

This Liang Xiesha was someone from the Ancient Buddha Clan, and also a Perfected Earth Sovereign that wasn’t any weaker than Gu Shihuang. Long Xiang never imagined that Gu Shihuang would actually invite him over.

“Haha, looks like you’re pretty surprised?” Gu Shihuang chuckled with his gaze flickered and looked towards the left with a smile. “My old friends aren’t only limited to one.”

Long Xiang’s heart trembled before he turned to look at the left. He saw a green-robed old man who appeared without him knowing. This old man looked like a dried-up mummy with a cold gaze and patterns of a serpent embroidered on his robes.

He also emanated a powerful Spiritual Energy, this was another genuine Perfected Earth Sovereign!

“Emerald Serpent Ancestor?!” Long Xiang took a deep breath. Although this person wasn’t from the Ancient Buddha Clan, his name was well-known in the Myriad Island Continent. He belonged to the strongest level of the Myriad Island Continent. Long Xiang did not expect for him to be here, as well.

A total of three Perfected Earth Sovereigns!

Gu Shihuang smiled. “*Sigh* One gets more cautious as he grows older. I have set a trap for that sinful child, so I’m naturally worried that I might mess it up. So I’ve invited some old friends of mine over to help as well.”

“Long Xiang, what do you think?” Gu Shihuang looked at Long Xiang.

Long Xiang had a dark expression before he nodded his head without any emotion. This old man was truly cunning and was actually willing to pay such a price just to deal with Mu Chen. It looked like the matter today wouldn’t be that easy to resolve.

Gu Shihuang responded with a gentle smile. “Since that’s the case, why don’t you invite the two of them over?”

Long Xiang’s gaze flickered as he coldly looked at Gu Shihuang. So this old man has already sensed the existence of Mu Chen and Luo Li.

Long Xiang unleash a roar that sounded like a dragon and elephant, resonating throughout this space.

His roar was filled with a warning with three bellows that hinted Mu Chen of the three Perfected Earth Sovereigns’ existences.

When Emerald Serpent Ancestor saw this, he knitted his brows and waved his hand. A sharp hissing resounded that vaguely covered Long Xiang’s roar.

Gu Shihuang had also stood up and looked over the Spiritual Jade Island and his voice resounded between the heavens and earth, “Sinful child Mu Chen! Since you are here, why don’t you show yourself? Otherwise, this old man will hand both Long Xiang and Ling Xi to the clan for them to deal with!”

His voice rumbled in this space, lifting huge waves in the surroundings.

When his voice rang out, waves suddenly gathered into a myriad foot-high tidal wave that swept in the direction of the Spiritual Jade Island, along with a huge shadow.

Gu Shihuang and the two other Perfected Earth Sovereigns also directed their gazes towards the massive wave and saw two silhouettes standing on it. One of them was a youth with a sharp gaze that emanated a piercing aura, as if he was a peerless sword that struck fear in the hearts of others.

Standing on the wave, Mu Chen looked down at the three Perfected Earth Sovereigns before stopping at Gu Shihuang and his calm voice resounded, “I’m here, so what can a geezer like you do?”

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