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Chapter 1275 - Tenderness

In the back mountains of the Luo God Palace

Rumbling sounds of thunder echoed throughout this mountain range with clouds spreading out and the earth trembled. Two silhouettes clashed together. They were akin to meteorites in every clash, unleashing destructive ripples.

As the two of them fought, this mountain had already significantly been destroyed.

Another ferocious clash took place before the two silhouettes flew out with their feet dragging across the ground, causing the mountain to be reduced to ashes in batches.

“Haha, good!” Mu Chen stood still as he rubbed his reddened fist with a delightful smile on his face. That clash earlier was fulfilling.

Long Xiang appeared opposite of him, but compared to Mu Chen’s delight, Long Xiang’s gaze was filled with dense shock.

That’s because, with his Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign strength, he had become Mu Chen’s sparring partner, since Mu Chen had just stepped into the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, so he needed to get use to the increase of his strength, and Long Xiang was the best choice available.

Naturally, Long Xiang did not refuse this since he wanted to know the limits of Mu Chen’s power.

But gradually, he was shocked. In the beginning, he could still sense that the circulation of Mu Chen’s power was a little sluggish, since he had not gotten used to the strengthened Spiritual Energy.

At that time, if they clashed in terms of Spiritual Energy, Long Xiang might still be able to obtain a slight advantage.

But as time passed, Mu Chen gradually got used to the strength of a Greater Earth Sovereign. Thus, his fighting strength also started to increase at a shocking rate.

In just a few days, Long Xiang had realised that in terms of pure strength, he could no longer obtain any advantage when he clashed with Mu Chen.

That left him extremely shocked, since he was still a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign and the cultivation technique that he practiced leaned towards physical strength.

So amongst opponents of the same level, he was definitely not weak. However, he was currently being suppressed by a Greater Earth Sovereign, so how could he not be in shock?

Furthermore, Mu Chen had not executed any means… and Long Xiang had a feeling that if he really engaged a life and death fight with Mu Chen, he might be the one to end up dead.

“Young Master is truly deep and unfathomable. This subordinate is full of admiration.” Long Xiang sighed. Mu Chen could achieve this with the strength of a Greater Earth Sovereign, so even he was convinced of Mu Chen’s strength.

Looking at Mu Chen’s face, there was a trace of confidence in Long Xiang’s heart. Perhaps with Mu Chen’s strength, he might really be able to rescue Ling Xi from the Spiritual Jade Island.

Facing Long Xiang’s admiration, Mu Chen only smiled. The reason why he could obtain a tie with Long Xiang wasn’t only because of his powerful physical body, but the True Dragon and Phoenix Spirits. With the two of them combined together, the power unleashed wasn’t a simple equation of one plus one.

According to his estimation, even if he didn’t use any Spiritual Energy, he could stand at the top of the pyramid amongst the Greater Earth Sovereigns. It was so much so that if he encountered a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign like Long Xiang, he would still be able to hold his ground.

Naturally, this alone wasn’t enough to deal with a Quasi-Perfected Earth Sovereign.

With these thoughts in his mind, Mu Chen suddenly raised his head and saw a silhouette standing on a hill far away that directed his attention over.

“Young Master, this subordinate will take his leave first.” Long Xiang smiled after seeing Luo Li.

Mu Chen nodded his head. “We will move out in three days to the Spiritual Jade Island.”

“Yes!” Long Xiang replied respectfully before turning around and left.

Looking at Long Xiang’s departure, Mu Chen’s silhouette flashed and he appeared before Luo Li.

At this moment, Luo Li seemed to have participated in a meeting, since she was wearing a gorgeous purple dress that looked noble and elegant.

She had a slim waist and her dress outlined her impressive curves. Her exquisite appearance would cause others to linger their gazes on her. A breeze blew over and her long silvery hair fluttered. At this moment, she looked exceptionally stunning.

A gentle smile rose on Mu Chen’s face when he saw this girl. It was so much so that even his tensed up body had relaxed.

Before her, he could always let go of his responsibilities and obtain a rare serenity.

It’s just that his gaze started to heat up, staring at Luo Li.

Sensing his blazing gaze, Luo Li blushed before she glared at him with annoyance. But before she could say anything, Mu Chen suddenly took a step forth.

As Mu Chen’s scent blew over, Luo Li took a step back from reflex, but she soon stopped when she felt an arm around her waist and she pounced into Mu Chen’s embrace.

Sensing the beauty in his arms and looking at her blushed face along with the traces of shyness in her eyes, Mu Chen couldn’t bear the emotions in his heart and kissed her.

Luo Li’s body froze in that instant, but she soon reacted from it and her arms crossed around Mu Chen’s neck with her eyes closed.

A gentle breeze blew over as the couple hugged each other tightly, unleashing the passion that had been suppressed for a long time.

Time flowed as they were intertwined together, and Luo Li’s face finally collapsed from the bashfulness, hiding in Mu Chen’s embrace like an ostrich. The bashful appearance looked nothing like the Empress of the Luo God Clan.

This sight made Mu Chen’s eyes blaze even further as his breathing turned rough and pressed that girl on the ground.

But before he could make a further move, a pair of slender hands pushed against his chest. When he lowered his head, he could see two shy eyes.

“Don't.” Luo Li bit on her rosy lips.

Mu Chen immediately woke up and the fire in his eyes receded. He awkwardly smiled. He knew that the emotions had been suppressed for all these years, thus, it went out of control.

This was the back mountain of the Luo God Palace, and there would be people patrolling occasionally. If they saw their Empress being bullied by Mu Chen, they might disregard the difference in cultivation and launch suicidal attacks.

See that Mu Chen had stopped, her hands dropped from his chest with her face reddened. Earlier, she was startled by Mu Chen’s passion and wanted to refuse out of reflex. But if they’re in another secluded location, then she really might not have the courage to stop Mu Chen.

Just thinking about this made her face become even redder. Looking at her appearance, Mu Chen sighed, “I allowed the meat in my mouth to escape.”

Hearing his words, Luo Li couldn’t help clenching her fist and hammered Mu Chen’s shoulder with her teeth gritted before she said with a low voice, “Wait… wait till you’re a Heavenly Sovereign and saved your mother. I… I… will let you do as you wish.”

When she finished her words, even her voice was trembling from the shyness.

Mu Chen widened his eyes. He never thought that Luo Li would use this method to tempt him. Thus, he straightened his face and said, “Do I seem to be that sort of person?”

However, his boiling blood and reddened skin proved that he’s lying.

With her wits, Luo Li could naturally tell that he’s faking it, so she cast her lips aside. She pushed him away and curled her lips together while she pulled back the strands of hair that got on her face. “Okay, then pretend that I’ve never said it.”

Mu Chen was stunned before he said with great difficulty, “You’re the Empress of the Luo God Clan, your words hold enormous weight, so how can you change them so easily?”

As he said that, he noticed the ridiculing smile on her lips, so he pounced over immediately. “You dare to trick me!”


On the grass patch, the couple fooled around along with their laughter. They had been too tensed up in the past few years, and this was a rare moment for them.

This mess lasted for quite sometime before they stood up and they sat on the hill, looking down at the sunset.

“You intend to go to Spiritual Jade Island?” Luo Li’s head leaned onto Mu Chen’s shoulder.

Mu Chen nodded his head. “Big Sister Ling Xi is there, so I have to save her.”

Although the Spiritual Jade Island might be a tiger’s den, Mu Chen had no choice but to go, since Ling Xi had given him a lot of help back then, not to mention the deep relationship between the two of them.

“You’re not going to inform Mandala about it?” If Mandala went with them, it should make this trip safer. However, Mu Chen shook his head. “The Mu Abode has just been established. Although we have ruled the entire Northern Region, there are still many top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent that have eyes on us. So Mandala has to stay in the Mu Abode. Otherwise, there might be a possibility of the newly sorted Northern Region being split apart.”

Luo Li nodded her head and smiled. “Then, let me follow you this time.”

Mu Chen was stunned before he looked at Luo Li. He initially thought that Luo Li wouldn’t be able to leave the Luo God Clan. After all, the Luo God Clan needed her.

The two of them were separated for so many years, so he naturally wanted to be together with her. However, he knew that he had to bear the loneliness to protect those he cared about.

Since Luo Li wanted to go with him this time, then she had treated him with utmost importance.

Seeing Mu Chen’s astonished gazes, Luo Li smiled charmingly. “The Luo God Clan is stable now, nothing will occur. Furthermore… you have always been alone in the past, so let me follow you this time.”

Mu Chen felt touched at her words, but he did not refuse with the reason of it being dangerous as it’s not effective with this girl.

Thus, he stretched his hand out and embraced her waist along with his laughter that echoed out, “Alright, let us go and see what tiger’s den can trap us!”

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