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Chapter 1164: Collaboration

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A violent spiritual energy raged out in the large hall, as spiritual energy light runes appeared in the void, then took the form of a dragon. The deep cries of the dragon resounded, shaking the entire hall.

“Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array…” Mu Chen murmured to himself. He was shocked to see the familiar and powerful spiritual array. He had never expected that the second hall would be protected by this particular array.

Moreover, it was a complete Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array! Mu Chen was amazed that the array had engulfed almost the entire hall. As compared to the defective array that he had set up, this array was so powerful, he was dumbfounded by it! Even after so many thousands of years, the spiritual light runes in the spiritual array had remained clear and bright, and the array still exuded a terrifying fluctuation.

If an Upper Earthly Sovereign got trapped in this Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array, he would not be able to get out of it, Mu Chen thought as he licked his lips.

From the looks of it, this complete Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array would be ranked among the middle or top grades. Generally speaking, the middle grade Ancestral Master’s Spiritual Array was powerful enough to deal with any Upper Earthly Sovereign.

The second hall master was standing at the center of the Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array. Given his strength, and with help from the spiritual array, even if a Complete Earthly Sovereign stepped into the hall, he would be easily suppressed by the second hall master.

However, it was a pity that, when Demon Emperor had arrived, all of Mu Chen’s preparations had come to naught. Mu Chen sighed, as he looked at the Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array.

When Su Qingyin, who was beside him, saw his discouragement, she asked anxiously, “What now?”

Mu Chen looked at her and asked, “What do you mean? Do you think I can destroy this grade of spiritual array?”

“Of course not,” Su Qingyin said. As she did not in a dreamworld, so she knew that even an Upper Earthly Sovereign would not have the audacity to barge into this type of spiritual array.

She then added, “Although the spiritual array is powerful, no one is controlling it. Since you are a Spiritual Array Master, I hope that you can try to find a way to create a hole for us to get in, so that we can get the Phoenix Bug out of it.”

Mu Chen flicked his fingers and thought for a while. He then said, “It is possible to do that.” After all, he had attained a few things in the Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array, so it was possible for him to find a way out with the help of such things.

“Oh, really?” Su Qingyin was elated when she heard this good news.

“I can try.” Mu Chen nodded. He then looked at Su Qingyin and asked with a smile, “But, why should I trust you?”

Even if they had obtained the Phoenix Bug, he would not be able to bring the Spirit-slaughtering Troop together again. If Su Qingyin went back on her word after getting ahold of the Phoenix Bug, Mu Chen’s efforts would be in vain. After all, Su Qingyin was not Xiao Xiao or Lin Jing, so he did not trust her.

Su Qingyin was not upset that Mu Chen doubted her. She simply smiled and said, “My teacher is a disciple in an ancient sect. During the Primordial Age, the second hall master obtained the Phoenix Bug from our sect, which is why I know so much about it.”

She then added, “Moreover, what I have said is true. If you want to bring the Spirit-slaughtering Troop together again, you will need to tap into the power of the Phoenix Bug. In order for you to force out the power that is within the Phoenix Bug, you will have to depend on my black magic. So, I don’t see any reason for you to reject this collaboration.”

As Su Qingyin and Mu Chen looked at each other, time seemed to stand still. After a long while, Mu Chen nodded and said, “Alright.”

What Su Qingyin had said was true. If he wanted to put the Spirit-slaughtering Troop together again, he would have to collaborate with her. If things got out of hand later, he would deal with any issues as they arose.

“I hope that we will have an enjoyable collaboration,” Su Qingyin said with a smile, feeling confident that Mu Chen would not reject her.

“I need some time.” Mu Chen said, then immediately turned to walk toward the spiritual array.

He shut his eyes, and a spiritual light glittered on his fingertips, while spiritual seals flew out and merged into the Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array. With Mu Chen’s new understanding and attainments, which he had received from the Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array, it was not difficult for him to create a hole in this spiritual array.

However, he would not be so silly as to reveal it to others. Thus, he was cautious about it.

“I will guard you,” Su Qingyin said, then moved back a few steps to stand in front of the door to prevent anyone from barging in and disturbing Mu Chen.

She was not discouraged by Mu Chen’s low efficiency. After all, this was an Ancestral Master’s Spiritual Array. If he was able to master it without any problem, she would have become suspicious.

Su Qingyin sat cross-legged near the bronze door and looked at Mu Chen. She then turned to look at the gigantic second hall master, who was standing in the center of the hall.

“Phoenix Bug…” She mumbled, while her eyes glittered and she put on a smile.

She was excited. Once she had obtained the Phoenix Bug and refined it with her black magic, she would be able to advance to Earthly Sovereign-level!

Time passed, the hall remaining in a dead silence. After about an hour, Mu Chen opened his eyes.

At that time, Su Qingyin went up to him and asked anxiously, “How is it going?” If Mu Chen had failed to master the array, she would not be able to get ahold of the Phoenix Bug!

Mu Chen smiled and flicked his fingers, sending spiritual energy ripples raging out into the spiritual array. This caused a hole that was about five feet high to slowly appear.

“It is as I have promised,” Mu Chen said with a smile.

When Su Qingyin saw it, she was overjoyed.

“I need to take care of the hole, so I will leave the Phoenix Bug to you,” Mu Chen said to Su Qingyin with a smile.

He did not know if there were traps in the main hall, and he had no intention of taking any risks. Thus, he decided to leave the task to Su Qingyin.

Although Su Qingyin knew what he was thinking, she did not object to his plan. Since Mu Chen had handled the most important task, it would be her duty to get ahold of the Phoenix Bug.

Su Qingyin nodded decisively, then stepped into the Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array. Although there was a slight friction when she stepped into the array, she was not being attacked.

Su Qingyin treaded carefully. She was glad to find that there were no obstructions in the spiritual array. Soon, she had arrived safely before the throne.

As she went nearer to the gigantic figure, she heaved a sigh of relief. Then, with a solemn look, she formed a seal.


She bit her tongue and spewed out a mouthful of blood essence, which froze to form red elixir pills that exuded a strange scent. As the strange scent spread, a red dot appeared on the second hall master’s forehead. The red dot traveled then traveled a ways across his face, then came out from the black hole at his brows.

The red dot was actually a red light beam, and a pretty bug was within it! The bug had a pair of delicate wings, which looked like those of a mini phoenix.

The bug had its eyes shut, as it was clearly in a deep sleep. However, its instincts had brought it to the red elixir pills, and it subconsciously opened its mouth to swallow them up.

Su Qingyin opened her palms, and the red light beam landed on them. She looked excitedly at the pretty bug.

She had gotten ahold of the Phoenix Bug effortlessly! Although the Phoenix Bug was in a deep sleep, Su Qingyin could feel the powerful energy in its tiny body.

She took a deep breath, while she carefully held the Phoenix Bug. She then got ready to leave.

“Miss Su, please hold on.” As she was about to leave the spiritual array, Mu Chen suddenly spoke to her from outside the spiritual array.

Su Qingyin lifted her head and looked at Mu Chen. She smiled and said, “Brother Mu, when I am out, I will definitely force out the energy from the Phoenix Bug with my black magic, then help you reform the Spirit-slaughtering Troop.”

She was talking and walking at the same time. She looked more relaxed now, as she had the Phoenix Bug with her. Although it was in a deep sleep, as long as she activated it, she would have no problem dealing with the top powers, who were all below the Earthly Sovereign-level.

Before this, she had been afraid of Mu Chen, but now, she no longer was. As Mu Chen looked at Su Qingyin, who looked confident, he smiled. He then waved his sleeve, and the hole in the spiritual array immediately disappeared.

A horrifying spiritual energy windstorm immediately whizzed out and formed spiritual energy dragons in the air. They looked intensely at Su Qingyin, who suddenly froze in amazement.

“How did you manage to control the spiritual array?” Su Qinqyin stammered. Her expression changed, and she was filled with disbelief. The Nine Dragon’s Deicide Array had been brought to life!

Apparently, Mu Chen had activated it. Su Qingyin finally realized that Mu Chen had pretended to find the spiritual array to difficult at first. However, when Mu Chen had opened the hole in the spiritual array, he might have already obtained the control of it without her knowledge!

Mu Chen did not reply directly to her question, but simply smiled at her. He then asked gently, “Miss Su, can you help me put together the Spirit-slaughtering Troop now?”

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