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Chapter 1165 - First Battle with an Earth Sovereign

The Spirit-Slaughtering Army roared with crimson Battle Will rising from their heads, forming into a massive crimson cloud within the hall. 

The scale of the Battle Will had exceeded the troops that Mu Chen had commanded in the past. Not even a Lesser Earth Sovereign would dare to underestimate it.

Space collapsed with cracks spreading out akin to a cobweb from the domineering roar of Battle Will.

Elder Zuo stood before the gate and the aloof attitude he had from before was completely wiped from the shock at this scene.

He alternated his gaze with disbelief between the crimson cloud of Battle Will and Mu Chen, who was guarded behind the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

Clearly, he still couldn’t believe that Mu Chen would really have the ability to command such an elite troop.

“How is that possible?!” Elder Zuo spoke in a hoarse and shaking voice.

Everything happened too fast. Before he knew it, the lowly being that he thought he could easily crush had suddenly exploded with a frightening power.

“Looks like I have left you disappointed. Fortunately, I can fully command this army.” Mu Chen looked at Elder Zuo, whose expression was constantly changing, as excitement rang in Mu Chen’s heart.

In the past, his only option was to flee upon encountering a Lesser Earth Sovereign. But today, he could instil terror on the face of a Lesser Earth Sovereign with his cards revealed.

Mu Chen tightly held onto the Army Seal. Despite relying on the Spirit-Slaughtering Army to face a Lesser Earth Sovereign, he was confident that in the near future, he would be able to do it by himself.

“Elder, are you still going to obstruct me?” Mu Chen smiled with his eyes narrowed.

“Brat, cut your arrogance. I have seen many things and it’s still too childish to intimidate me with an army. Furthermore, who knows whether a cunning brat like you is putting up a strong front?” Elder Zuo’s eyes turned grave.

He was shocked by Mu Chen’s actions, but regardless of anything, as a Lesser Earth Sovereign, how could he be intimidated by Mu Chen’s words?

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll have to ask you to try the power of my Spirit-Slaughtering Army.” Mu Chen smiled.

Mu Chen took a step forth and in the next moment, he teleported into the Spirit-Slaughtering Army before sitting down with his eyes closed. He unleashed his intent and it fused with the boundless crimson cloud.

Roars resounded within his mind when his intent fused with the Battle Will. Similarly, he could sense a horrifying Battle Will under his control.

Crimson waves swept out, shattering space and pressed towards Elder Zuo.

Although the attack might seem simple, only those standing before it knew how impossible it was to withstand that attack. According to his estimations, even if Garuda and Zhu Yan were standing before him at this moment, they wouldn’t even have a corpse to leave behind.

The attack was condensed with the terrifying Battle Will of the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

Crimson waves filled his pupils as Elder Zuo’s face turned solemn. He could sense the terrifying power contained in the crimson wave and even he couldn’t underestimate it.

“Brat!” Elder Zuo clenched her teeth. This easy task had suddenly become a burning pot, so how could he not be enraged?

A thousand-foot high hand appeared when he stretched his hand out and pressed down, shattering space and slammed it against the crimson wave that surged over.

The two opposing forces clashed with stone pillars breaking apart and visible ripples spreading out, distorting and shattering space.

The destructive forces of this simple clash had even exceeded a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign executing a Divine Ability.

Elder Zuo’s body trembled from the Spiritual Energy shock wave before he took half a step back with a dark expression.

Evidently, he was on the lower hand in the previous clash.

He would definitely not fear this Spirit-Slaughtering Army in the past, engaging and retreat at ease. But due to the price he had to pay for the Ancient Haven Palace, his strength wasn’t even half of his pinnacle state.

Thus, he wasn’t able to completely resist the terrifying Battle Will.

Mu Chen was still intoxicated by the terrifying power of the Battle Will that he had been yearning for. He waved his sleeve and the torrential crimson cloud rolled and condensed into countless crimson spears.

The spears were covered with Battle Runes. There were at least dozens of thousands, every single one contained a power that could even intimidate a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign.

“Go!” Mu Chen curved his finger and the storm of spears flew out.

“Heaven and Earth Phase!” Elder Zuo did not dare to relax. He stomped his feet with a roar. The Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth swiftly gathered over, turning into a towering mountain before him.

The mountain was glittering with five colours, formed from pure Spiritual Energy that was between the heavens and earth with an actual form. It’s as if he had created a Spiritual Energy mountain out of nothing, a means of restriction to Earth Sovereigns.

The mountain was akin to a shield, completely blocking all of the spears. However, the mountain was also riddled with holes from the attack and crumbled.

“Arrogant brat, did you think that you can deal with me?” After being attacked by Mu Chen, Elder Zuo’s face turned dark as he snorted.

He flipped his hand and Mu Chen could sense the heavens and earth shrinking with a colossal pillar descending from the sky towards him, who was protected by the Spirit-Slaughtering Army.

The strength of that attack was unimaginable and if Mu Chen didn’t have the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, then it would be impossible for him to escape from that attack.

“Heh, if you’re in your pinnacle state, it might really be difficult for me to beat you. But at your current state, what can you do?” Mu Chen raised his head. He knew that the pillar was formed by Elder Zuo with a finger of his.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and in the next moment, his eyes turned red with a roar, “Spirit-Slaughtering Army, kill!”

The Spirit-Slaughtering Army opened their eyes and raised their heads to look at the massive pillar with crimson Battle Will gushing from their eyes.

Crimson Battle Will roared and the pillar exploded.

The darkness swiftly faded and Mu Chen discovered that the surrounding darkness was akin to an illusion. He saw Elder Zuo’s finger shaking with blood dripping from it.

Controlling the heavens and earth with a single finger that couldn’t be avoided, truly an Earth Sovereign indeed.

Mu Chen’s eyes flashed with admiration. If it wasn’t for the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, then he would have been instantly killed with no chance to escape.

In just a short clash, he had experienced the power of an Earth Sovereign for himself. It wasn’t something that a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign could face.

But it’s about time he ended it. Mu Chen licked his lips as he gently smiled. “Although I wish to experience the power of a Lesser Earth Sovereign, my time is precious, so it’s time to end this.”

Mu Chen bit on his finger and swiped across space, forming an ancient rune.

“Spirit-Slaughtering Battle Formation!” Blood Runes fell into the crimson cloud with a lustre gushing out, vaguely forming into a massive Battle Formation.

When Elder Zuo saw this Battle Formation, his face had turned unsightly. He felt the aura of death from it.

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