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Chapter 1164 - Elder Zuo

“So it’s a half-crippled Lesser Earth Sovereign?” Mu Chen’s gentle laughter was soft but it had resounded throughout the quiet hall.

The ridiculing expression on Garuda’s face slightly froze before he raised his head to look at Mu Chen and saw a mocking smile hanging on the corner of Mu Chen’s lips.

“You’re terrified to utter nonsense?” Garuda slightly smiled as he looked at Mu Chen with pity. Evidently, he had treated Mu Chen’s reaction as if he was too terrified.

After all, no matter what, he couldn’t imagine that in just half a day, Mu Chen would have a trump card in his hand that could deal with a Lesser Earth Sovereign.

The black and white robed man beside Garuda raised his eyes and looked at Mu Chen.

With his keen eyes, he could see through Mu Chen’s Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign Realm strength with a glance without any ripples in his eyes. After all, even Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns were ant-like existences to him.

A Lesser Earth Sovereign killing a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign was as simple as a flip of his hand, even if he’s not at his full strength.

That’s because there was a massive gulf between the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign and the Earth Sovereign Realm.

“Garuda, you go first. Since the Palace Master has already issued his order, this old man will not allow any flies to enter.” Elder Zuo glanced at Mu Chen before turning towards Garuda and spoke.

Garuda slightly smiled with his nodding head and respectfully answered, “If that’s the case, this Junior will be making a trip first. Haha, I can also grasp the opportunity to look for the Saint Artifact left by the First Hall Master.”

As he spoke, he had quickly strode towards the gate that Mu Chen was in and in a few steps, he was already standing beside him.

He turned his head and smiled towards Mu Chen. “What a pity, indeed. I initially wanted a fight with you, but I never expected for you to fall into our trap.”

“Rest assured, after your death, your Great Havenlaw Domain will be destroyed by our Saint Demonic Palace. At that time, they will go down to accompany you.” Garuda grinned, revealing his white teeth.

But facing his cold killing intent, Mu Chen merely turned his head and glanced at Garuda. “Perhaps, then we will meet again.”

Meet again?

Garuda was stunned before the ridiculing smile that hung on the corner of his lips grew denser, then he shook his head in pity. This fellow still intends for us to meet again, how naïve.

It looked like this desperate situation had not only caused Mu Chen to lose his calm, but also lose his mind.

Garuda felt even more happy at this thought and no longer bothered with Mu Chen. He had quickly walked past Mu Chen, into the tattered hall, and started his search for the Saint Artifact left by the First Hall Master.

Mu Chen posed no obstruction towards his departure. His opponent was Elder Zuo of the Saint Demonic Palace. He would have another meeting with Garuda in the future.

When Garuda left, the hall’s calmness was restored before the Elder Zuo slowly raised his head and looked at Mu Chen without any expression. “This old man is in charge of punishment in the Saint Demonic Palace. All those that have died in my hands have tasted torture beyond death and life. So if you suicide now, I can let you go easier.”

His voice was hoarse, but the coldness in his tone still made him sound eerie.

One could tell that the emotion of this Elder Zuo wasn’t good. After all, no one would feel good after paying such a price to enter the Ancient Haven Palace.

But facing Elder Zuo, Mu Chen lightly smiled. “Looks like my luck is pretty good this time.”

If Mu Chen had encountered this situation half a day ago, then he would definitely be dead. Even if he executed all his means, he wouldn’t have the qualifications to confront this Elder Zuo.

But fortunately, he had obtained the Spirit-Slaughtering Army a few hours ago, thus changing this outcome.

But facing Mu Chen’s words, Elder Zuo nodded his head. “It can be considered you being lucky that you can have an easy death facing me.”

He evidently thought that Mu Chen was rejoicing that he was giving Mu Chen an easy death. Under normal circumstances, that was truly the case, since death could be considered as being free for the Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereigns that had fallen in his hand.

Mu Chen was stunned before smiling. A brief moment later, after laughing, he gradually calmed his mind and coldly said, “If a half-crippled old man like you gets out of my way, perhaps I can spare your life.”

Standing before the gate, Elder Zuo’s expression froze, then a brief moment later, he slowly recovered and looked at Mu Chen with disbelief in his eyes.

An ant was using this tone when speaking to him?

Elder Zuo’s face twitched and Mu Chen could see that Elder Zuo’s hands were shaking. At the same time, a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation burst out from his body.

Black cracks appeared in the space, as if it was bearing a terrifying Spiritual Energy shock wave.

Under that terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation, Mu Chen was akin to a sparkle of fire, as if he could be blown away with a gentle blow.

Mu Chen’s face turned stern and under that terrifying pressure, he felt a stinging pain all over his body, which left him inwardly shocked. The power of an Earth Sovereign was truly terrifying. Comparing a Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign and an Earth Sovereign was akin to comparing a firefly and a moon.

When the boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, Elder Zuo looked at Mu Chen with a sinister gaze. “This old man will let you experience all sorts of torture. At that time, you will know how extravagant death is!”

Evidently, he had been angered by Mu Chen. He initially wanted Mu Chen to suicide, which could be considered his grace to him. But, who could have expected that the foolish brat would be so stubborn?

“Really?” Facing the powerful Spiritual Energy pressure coming from Elder Zuo, Mu Chen grinned as he took out an ancient Army Seal.

“Haha. I have long sought after the power of the Earth Sovereign Realm. I never thought that I would get to experience it today.”

He smiled towards Elder Zuo before the Army Seal in his hand emitted a lustre and countless streaks of light flew out.

When those streaks of light landed on the ground, the slabs in the hall cracked where the heavy armoured silhouettes were quietly standing.

When those silhouettes appeared, a crimson Battle Will surged from them that countered and erased the terrifying Spiritual Energy pressure coming from Elder Zuo.

When Elder Zuo saw this scene, he was first stunned before his face drastically changed.

“This… this is an army?!” Elder Zuo looked at the heavily-armoured silhouettes in the hall with shock before he exclaimed.

It was truly an army and an elite army at that. Judging from the terrifying Battle Will coming from them, they could definitely be comparable to an Earth Sovereign!

“You… how did you obtain such an elite army?!” Elder Zuo roared with disbelief. Such an elite army was rare even in the Greatlaw Continent. Even their Saint Demonic Palace didn’t possess one. So, how could this Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign possess one?

Mu Chen stood behind the Spirit-Slaughtering Army, sensing the massive and terrifying Battle Will with his fists trembled with excitement. How long had he been yearning for this power?

But now, he finally possessed it!

“What? Surprised?” Mu Chen raised his head, indifferently looking at Elder Zuo with a mocking smile.

Elder Zuo’s face changed, then a brief moment later, he sneered, “What a great opportunity for a brat like you to actually obtain such an elite troop. It’s no wonder why you’re to gutsy. But are you stupid enough to think that you can unleash their power upon obtaining them?”

Even a powerful army required a similarly powerful Battle Formation Master. With the two paired together, only then could their true power be unleashed.

In the entire Greatlaw Continent, there were only a few that could command such a powerful army, and that brat was definitely not one of them.

“Really?” Mu Chen gently smiled before he slowly raised his hand.

Looking at his smile, Elder Zuo suddenly squinted his eyes with unease in the depths of his heart, which was completely shown a brief moment later.

That’s because when he watch Mu Chen slowly raise his hand, the terrifying army heavily stomped their halberds onto the ground and a crimson Battle Will condensed into a crimson cloud above the army.

A shiver went down from Elder Zuo’s head to his feet as astonishment and disbelief covered his face.

That’s because at this moment, he realised that this brat actually managed to command such a fearsome army!

This… how… is that possible?!

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