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Chapter 1137: Nine Nether's Opportunity

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“A troublesome character?”

Mu Chen heard the voice emitted from the jade shard, and his face could not help but change a little. Lin Jing’s trump cards emerged one after another. With the help of the Ice Spiritual Doll, he thought that even if she encountered people like Zhu Yan, she should be able to fight on par with them. However, Zhu Yan was currently still trapped in the Wind Hall, so who else would Lin Jing feel was difficult to deal with?

Could it be Garuda?

Mu Chen’s gaze turned solemn. Although Garuda was only ranked third on the List of Powerhouses, Mu Chen didn’t believe that this character’s true strength would be any weaker than Zhu Yan and Su Qingyin’s.

It looked like he had to rush there to see for himself.

Mu Chen looked ahead as spiritual energy flames burned. The Divine Wind Fan hovered silently amid the flames. In the fan’s center there was a trace of Blood Essence that was thoroughly imprinted into the Astral Wind, forming a dark red mark.

As the mark took shape, Mu Chen immediately felt a wonderful connection between him and the Divine Wind Fan. Now, even if the Divine Wind Fan was forcibly taken away, as long as his thoughts moved, the Divine Wind Fan would automatically resist the enemy, and any kind of attempt to seize the fan and use it against him would simply not work.

Mu Chen stretched out his hand as the spiritual energy flames dissipated, and the Divine Wind Fan fell into his palm. It was cool as jade to the touch. He held the green feather fan as a satisfied smile emerged on his face.

After he had refined the Divine Wind Fan, he could vaguely feel the power it contained, but if he wanted to really activate it, it would take a great deal of spiritual energy. At this point, it was not yet possible for Mu Chen to do it.

However, even if it was impossible to activate the Divine Wind Fan, it was a Sacred Artifact, with which Mu Chen’s combat power was bound to rise a level. Now, if he encountered that Zhu Yan again, even without the suppression of that large array, he could still rely on the power of the Divine Wind Fan to fight on par with him.

As Mu Chen held the Divine Wind Fan, he appeared elegant and refined. He fanned it slightly, then put it away. He appeared on the other side of the pagoda, where Nine Nether stood in the sky, and there seemed to be a gale of strong wind converging around her.

Mu Chen stared at Nine Nether with a glint of surprise in his eyes. In his perception, although he could clearly lock onto Nine Nether, somehow he had a sense of premonition. If he were to launch an attack at this point, he would not be able to hit her. It was as if she had become a wisp of wind and was utterly unfathomable.

While Mu Chen was watching Nine Nether, she opened her eyes and glanced down at him. A smile bloomed on her face, warming her previously cold expression. However, as Nine Nether smiled at him, Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed, and he turned abruptly as he saw a slender silhouette behind him.

“What a fast reaction.” Nine Nether saw Mu Chen turn and couldn’t help but smile.

Mu Chen was shocked as he stared at Nine Nether and exclaimed in disbelief, “Your speed…”

Nine Nether’s speed was so fast that it had escaped his perception, and if it had not been for his familiarity with her aura, it would not have been possible to discover her. Such a speed was as swift as a specter, which was formidable, indeed.

“This Summoning the Wind Technique is not simple.” Mu Chen’s expression was grave, although Nine Nether’s speed in the past had also been extremely fast, it had not exceeded Mu Chen’s speed by much. However, now her speed had completely surpassed his. Thus, this Summoning the Wind Technique was absolutely not simple. It was impossible for an ordinary minor Super Power to have this ability.

“This Summoning the Wind Technique is not simple, indeed. To be more precise, the complete form of it is not simple.” Nine Nether nodded gently in agreement.

“Complete form?” Mu Chen was stunned.

“The complete form of the Summoning the Wind Technique is also known as the Major Summoning the Wind Technique. You should not think of it as just one more word. It is said that it is among the 36 volumes of Rare Super Powers of the world.” Nine Nether’s face was indescribably excited. She had learned this only after she had cultivated the technique, and the impact of this discovery on her was obviously enormous. After all, the 36 volumes of Rare Super Powers were immensely reputable in this Great Thousand World.

Never in Nine Nether’s wildest dreams would she have thought that the minor Super Power she had obtained would be the pre-evolution of a Rare Super Power.

“The Major Summoning the Wind Technique is one of the 36 volumes of Rare Super Powers?” Mu Chen gasped, clearly shocked by the revelation. He had not thought that the minor Super Power scroll that they had obtained from the Wind Mansion’s palace would have such terrifying origins.

That was one of the 36 volumes of Rare Super Powers, a supreme Super Power that even a terrifying existence like the Heavenly Sovereign would covet. Although the Summoning the Wind Technique was not the real Major Summoning the Wind Technique, if given the chance to refine it in future, its value would be indescribable.

“No wonder your speed after cultivating the Summoning the Wind Technique became so terrifying.” Realization then dawned on Mu Chen, and he couldn’t help but gasp. Nine Nether’s opportunity was truly breathtaking. They originally thought that it was a mere minor Super Power scroll. Who would have thought that it had originated from the supposed Major Summoning the Wind Technique.

According to his estimate, if Nine Nether summoned the Summoning the Wind Technique with all her power, as long as she did not meet a true Earthly Sovereign, she would be able to come and go as she pleased.

“Although the owner of the Wind Mansion’s ability is not ranked in the first few of the Nine Mansions, his speed is most likely the fastest out of the Nine Mansions.” Nine Nether smiled. She could not conceal her excitement after acquiring such a precious treasure.

Mu Chen smiled and nodded and said, “Since you have cultivated the Summoning the Wind Technique for now, let’s make a move. Lin Jing has met with some trouble.” He then shared what Lin Jing had told him.

“Even Lin Jing cannot handle it?” Upon hearing this, Nine Nether’s gaze grew solemn as she said, “Let’s hurry over then.”

Someone whom Lin Jing found hard to deal with must be an extraordinary character. They had to rush over to prevent Lin Jing from suffering.

Mu Chen nodded, and without any hesitation, soared into the sky and transformed into a stream of light, charging into the distance.

When Mu Chen transformed into light, Nine Nether placed her hands behind her back, and it seemed as if there was a strong wind under her feet. She soared together with the wind and easily appeared behind Mu Chen. No matter how much Mu Chen quickened his speed, Nine Nether was always half a step behind him.

The two went at full speed, and the rocky islands at their feet quickly drifted backward. They gradually approached Dragon Island only a few minutes later.

There were still many strong characters surrounding Dragon Island. However, they seemed to have no way to deal with the Poisonous Dragon’s Breath that pervaded the island. They did not dare to break into it easily, but they were also reluctant to give up, so they could only keep swaying around.

“Poisonous Dragon’s Breath?” Mu Chen also recognized the overbearing poisonous mist at a glance but was not too surprised. He pondered it, then rushed into the island with Nine Nether.

The moment they entered the island, their bodies emitted transparent flames. They were the Undying Flames, but in terms of attainment, Nine Nether was obviously better, and her Undying Flames were more refined and pure. However, Mu Chen only wanted to borrow the Undying Flame’s powers as a barrier against the poisonous mist, thus they just needed to be effective.

As soon as the two entered the island, they headed straight to the depths, and soon after, they sensed the violent spiritual energy waves coming from a certain area where Lin Jing was supposed to be. Judging from the spiritual energy waves, it seemed that the fight was very intense.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether quickly approached the place where the spiritual energy waves radiated from, and as they were approaching, the two also had spiritual energy waves surging around them, apparently ready to fight with all their might.


The two shot out, and the thick poisonous mist in front of them suddenly thinned out due to the spiritual power that had broken out from the fierce battle ahead.

At a glance, Mu Chen could see that two figures were entangled in a fierce confrontation in the ruins. The two figures were shrouded in strong and unmatched spiritual energy, and the spiritual light pillars soaring towards the sky were tens of thousands of feet tall.


Mu Chen clenched his fist as he looked at the two figures locked in a fierce fight. The Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear appeared in his hands as the mighty spirit poured in. With a shake of his arms, the spear shot through the sky like a giant dragon with its teeth and claws poised to attack, unleashing immense destructive power. The battle spear shot out, emerging between the two silhouettes. The terrifying spiritual energy suddenly burst out, forcibly separating the two figures.

The two figures retreated quickly, but after seeing the Scarlet Dragon Battle Spear, delight bloomed on Lin Jing’s face, and she cried out, “Help me catch her! Don’t let her escape!”

Mu Chen appeared beside Lin Jing, saw that she did not seem injured, and breathed a sigh of relief. He then looked at the beautiful figure nearby, as he wanted to see who it was that was able to push Lin Jing to this point.

Mu Chen glanced over, only to see that a lady wearing a colorful dress proudly stood on a shattered rock. That feminine charm impressed even him. His gaze then shifted up. The veil concealing the girl’s face had been mostly torn during the battle, so her face could clearly be seen with just one glance.

Hmm? How beautiful, was Mu Chen’s first thought.

Why does she seem so familiar? was Mu Chen’s second thought.

Mu Chen froze as he stared at the beautiful girl in the colorful dress, and his mind stopped working. A moment later, he finally reacted, and his eyes widened in recognition!

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