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Chapter 1138 - Enmity

The two’s gazes interlocked, causing even space to distort.

Garuda’s gaze was akin to an abyss as he stared at Mu Chen. The light smile that hung on his lips seemed to have retracted at this moment, since he could sense the unusual Spiritual Energy fluctuation in Mu Chen’s body. It was so much so that even the space behind him had slightly fluctuated before a massive silhouette was formed.

The Sovereign Celestial Body that he had cultivation was summoned without his intention.

However, Garuda managed to suppress it. His eyes were fixated on Mu Chen with killing intent flashing in the depths of his eyes.

When the killing intent flashed in Garuda’s eyes, Spiritual Energy akin to a volcanic eruption exploded from his body, which caused the heavens and earth to turn dark and a pressure started to grow from Garuda’s silhouette.

The mountain beneath his feet was also trembling, as if it was trembling from the fear of being destroyed.


When Garuda revealed his killing intent, Mu Chen had also reacted and a golden light blossomed from his body with the roar of a dragon and cry of a phoenix resounding from his body. The True Dragon and Phoenix had also started to wander on his arm, emitting powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

Space distorted behind him and his Sovereign Sea vaguely appeared with boundless Spiritual Energy trembling the horizon.

The two of them only exchanged a look as they both revealed their killing intent. Evidently, both of them had sensed the Great Solar Undying Body of the other party.

As cultivators of the Great Solar Undying Body, if they wanted their Sovereign Celestial Body to evolve, then they would have to defeat their competitors because only one person could obtain the final evolution.

When Nine Nether saw that Mu Chen had released his Spiritual Energy, she also circulated her Spiritual Energy without any hesitation and crystallised flames blazed from her body.

Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing were briefly stunned. For a brief moment, the two of them couldn’t understand what was going on. Why would the two of them look as if they’re going to engage in a battle of life and death without speaking a word? However, they were only briefly puzzled before they fixed their gazes on Garuda with astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuating from their bodies.

Compared to Mu Chen, Garuda was a stranger. Even if the latter seemed like a troublesome opponent, Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing still made their choice to help Mu Chen.

Thus, the three girls had unleashed their Spiritual Energy behind Mu Chen and their momentum constantly suppressed the Spiritual Energy coming from Garuda to the point that it was pushed back to a hundred feet around Garuda.

When Garuda saw this scene, his eyes narrowed before he cast a glance at Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing. He could sense that the Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming from the two girls weren’t any weaker than his own.

If it was just an individual fight, he wouldn’t be fearful of Mu Chen. But the other party had a powerful formation and if they fought, he would definitely be the one to suffer.

At the thought of this, Garuda did not bother to take any unnecessary actions and gradually retracted the killing intent in the depths of his eyes. The powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him had also retracted before he revealed a smile towards Mu Chen. “I never expected that you would have also cultivated the Great Solar Undying Body. It’s truly fate for us to encounter one another today.”

Even if the other party had a powerful formation, Garuda still remained composed without revealing any fear. Just this mentality alone made Mu Chen inwardly praise him. Garuda was truly out of ordinary for being able to cultivate the Great Solar Undying Body.

“Fate indeed.” Mu Chen nodded his head with a warm smile. If it was someone that didn’t know anything, they might think that they were even sworn brothers, but only the two of them knew that the other party was a great enemy that they had to kill.

Therefore, they weren’t sworn brothers but sworn enemies instead.

Although he knew that Garuda was one of his greatest opponents in the competition for the Great Solar Undying Body, Mu Chen did not make use of the ladies to get rid of him at this moment because he knew that even if they joined hands together, Garuda would also have a means to escape. Since that’s the case, then there’s no need to make a move. Right now, the most important factor was to obtain the baptism of the Heavenly Lake to strengthen himself.

Although he didn’t have the intention to make a move at the moment, Mu Chen still cast a deep glance at Garuda with alert in his eyes.

“Haha, I understand.” Seeing Mu Chen’s gaze, Garuda casually smiled before he moved back, signalling his retreat.

“That fellow is extremely troublesome, we cannot be careless. How did you provoke that guy?” Xiao Xiao glanced at Garuda, who had retreated, as her brows twitched. That fellow’s strength was very powerful and could also give and take, definitely not someone easy to deal with. She had seen that fellow in the past and they didn’t fight. But even so, she could still sense the extraordinary ability of the other party.

“Our first encounter, I didn’t provoke him.” Mu Chen shrugged before continuing, “But there can only be one of us that lives.”

As a cultivator of the Great Solar Undying Body, the enmity between Mu Chen and Garuda was even deeper than Xia Yu. So he was clear that even if he wanted to take a step back, Garuda would do all he could to kill him. Thus, only one could live between them.

“Then, kill him.” Lin Jing patted Mu Chen’s shoulders as she encouraged, “That fellow isn’t simple, but you will definitely be the one to remain smiling till the end.”

“You have so much belief in me…” Even Mu Chen was a little startled.

Lin Jing’s lips rose as she answered, “My Mother gave you such a high evaluation back then and if you couldn’t even deal with that fellow, then it would be too embarrassing.”

Mu Chen could only roll his eyes at her words, while Nine Nether pulsed her lips and smiled with the intention of teasing, “But with that being the case, it looks like the top four of the Elite Ranking in the Greatlaw Continent aren’t friendly with you.”

Mu Chen was also not bothered by that. He glanced at Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing, “Don’t I have friends to back me up?”

With the four of them teamed together, their formation was so powerful that even if Zhu Yan faced the four of them, he could only retreat.

When the three ladies heard his words, they rolled their eyes at him.

“What shall we do now? The Heavenly Lake is just before our eyes, but we can’t seem to enter it.” Xiao Xiao quickly shifted the topic and glanced at the massive Heavenly Lake.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he briefly looked around before nodding his head, “This Heavenly Lake should have been sealed, which was most likely set up by the Heavenly Emperor. So it’s impossible for us to enter through force.”

“Then, what shall we do?” Lin Jing asked. With the objective just before their eyes, it was something that made them feel anxious by the fact that they couldn’t enter.

Mu Chen, however, was calm as he answered, “No need to rush. We’ll wait till the owners of the tokens from the Nine Mansion Lords gets here. The seal should be undone by then. At that time, it will be our chance to enter.”

Before entering the Ancient Haven Palace, he already obtained some information from Mandala.

When the ladies heard his words, they felt relieved before they sat down on the peak and started to converse, awaiting the arrival of others.

They did not wait too long as screeching sounds of wind started to resound from the distance and a fiery streak appeared after a few breaths.

“Mhm, that fellow came out? So quickly?” Lin Jing glanced at the fiery beam as she exclaimed.

Mu Chen’s brows twitched as he realised that the one that was arriving was Zhu Yan, who was previously trapped by them.

Up in the sky, Zhu Yan stood in the sky with magma flowing over his body. He had first sensed the gaze from Mu Chen’s party before casting his gaze over. “I never expected that you’re someone that keeps your promise.”

He was naturally referring to Mu Chen trapping him. He never expected that the latter would really keep his promise to have the trap disperse over time.

Although he also had the means to escape, even if Mu Chen didn’t undo it, it still left him somewhat unexpected.

Mu Chen smiled towards Zhu Yan. “You came here faster than I have expected.”

Zhu Yan faintly smiled. “Although I’m a little surprised that you kept your promise, I have no intention of letting that matter go.”

“You’re welcome anytime.” Mu Chen nodded his head. Since he had made his choice to make a move back then, then he had never expected for this matter to rest.

“You’re someone from the Fire Spirit Clan?” Behind Mu Chen, Xiao Xiao looked at Zhu Yan with interest and a flavourful smile appeared on her face.

Zhu Yan cast a glance at Xiao Xiao and furrowed his brows upon sensing a dangerous aura coming from the latter. Where did that mysterious girl come from? He hadn’t seen her with Mu Chen back then.

Xiao Xiao smiled before the seven-coloured snake crawled out onto her shoulder, flicking its tongue at Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan looked at the seven-coloured snake and his pupils narrowed with a change in his expression. “The Heaven Swallowing Python? You’re from the Endless Fire Territory? Who is the Flame Emperor to you?!”

Back then, the bet between the Flame Emperor and Fire Spirit Clan had resulted in their Divine Fire being seized. Even though their Ancestor woke up, their Ancestor also couldn’t make the Flame Emperor stay. It was practically the humiliation for the Fire Spirit Clan. The Fire Spirit Clan and Endless Fire Territory hadn’t been in a good relationship, since they would be suppressed every time. After all these years, countless experts from the Fire Spirit Clan have tried to seize the Divine Fire back.

Because of this reason, the Fire Spirit Clan also understood the Endless Fire Territory well and knew that the Heaven Swallowing Python was the possession of the Mistress of the Endless Fire Territory.

Since Xiao Xiao had the Heaven Swallowing Python, then she must have a close relationship with that Mistress.

“Naturally, he’s my father.” Xiao Xiao lightly smiled without concealing the fact.

Flames gushed from Zhu Yan’s body as magma flowed. He took a deep breath and fixated his eyes on Xiao Xiao. At this moment, he had forgotten his grudges with Mu Chen and only had Xiao Xiao in his eyes.

“Since that’s the case, then please make a trip with me to the Fire Spirit Clan and have your father bring back the Divine Fire to exchange for you.” Torrential flames burst out from Zhu Yan’s body that even incinerated the sky.

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