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Chapter 1132: Zhu Yan

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When the big hand with magma pierced through the space and grabbed hold of the green feather fan, Mu Chen’s face instantly turned cold. He had never expected someone to steal his reward…

“Sneaky fella. Where did this thief come from? Show yourself!” Nine Nether’s face turned cold. She was angry that someone had snatched the green feather fan away from Mu Chen after he had put in so much effort. She struck, and a purple feather appeared before her. A clear flame was burning on the purple feather, and a horrifying heat swirled out, creating space warps.


The purple feather shot out toward the Big Magma Hand at lightning speed.

The space surged as the purple feather approached the Big Magma Hand. Another Big Magma Hand pierced through the space and grabbed hold of the purple feather. As the magma flowed down, the clear flame and the magma burned each other up. The owner of the Big Magma Hand was more powerful, and he ultimately extinguished the clear flame.

“Oh? What an amazing flame… it is so indomitable.” A shocked voice was heard coming from the space. Ordinary flame would have no impact on him. Although the clear flame had been put out, the owner of the Big Magma Hand had felt threatened by it. If Nine Nether was as powerful as he was, he would not have been able to suppress it so easily.

There was a slight fluctuation in the space, and a red figure gradually appeared. Mu Chen and his two friends saw a man with red hair like a flame appear. Magma was flowing on his body, and he looked like a volcano. He looked dangerous as a violent and hot fluctuation exuded from his body.

Mu Chen squinted when he saw the man, for he sensed that he was more dangerous than Su Qingyin. He was the only one in the entire Tianluo Continent who could surpass Su Qingyin…

“I never expected the number one top power to be such a sneaky fella,” Mu Chen said flatly.

Nine Nether did not look shocked, as she already knew his identity.

The red-haired man smiled when he heard it. He held the green feather fan and said, “The one who has affinity with the treasure gets to possess it. I came in at a time when the green feather fan did not have a master. This simply means that it is meant for me.”

“Ha! Why are the people of the Flame Spirit Clan so shameless!?” Lin Jing mocked Zhu Yan and stared at him.

“Xiao Bing, bite him!” Lin Jing said and waved her hand.


The Ice Spiritual Doll shot out like a gush of cold air, and a long cold spear appeared behind Zhu Yan. It was like a poisonous snake targeting Zhu Yan’s head.


Just as the long cold spear was about to stab Zhu Yan, he suddenly hit it with a backhand. He seemed to be holding a volcano, and blazing spiritual energy spurted out from it.


The long cold spear melted instantly. The Ice Spiritual Doll flew backwards a great distance before it managed to regain its balance. Its arms were burned.

Zhu Yan displayed great strength when he struck. A simple blow alone was enough to throw back the Ice Spiritual Doll that was at the level of Complete Grade Nine Sovereign.

Mu Chen squinted and was shocked. Zhu Yan was indeed powerful. No wonder he could secure the number one position on the List of Powerhouses. He must have reached the Peak of Complete Grade Nine and was only a Half-Step to Earthly Sovereign.

“Oh? Ice Spiritual Doll? Do you come from the Ice Spirit Clan?” Zhu Yan asked Lin Jing after the Ice Spiritual Doll had been thrown back by his blow.

He knew that only the Ice Spirit Clan could refine the Ice Spiritual Doll. As a member of the Flame Spirit Clan, he knew about the unique coldness that was in the Ice Spiritual Doll.

“It is none of your business,” Lin Jing told him bluntly, as she was unhappy with him.

Zhu Yan did not take it to heart but simply smiled and said, “Although the Ice Spiritual Doll is powerful, it is no match for me.” He paused for a while and looked at Mu Chen and his two friends with a smile and said, “The three of you are extraordinary. I may be taking advantage of you, but can you let me have the green feather fan?”

“Who do you think you are!?” Nine Nether sneered. A sacred object cost at least hundreds of millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid drops. Even if a top force had put in all of their wealth, they might not even be able to pay for it. Nine Nether was angry that Zhu Yan had wanted to take it away simply by saying a few words. She would have attacked him if she was not wary of his power.

“Do you think that I am no match for you?” Lin Jing said flatly and suddenly looked calm.

Zhu Yan was shocked, and he looked at Lin Jing. He found it strange that he felt a dangerous aura from this pretty girl. He squinted and light glittered in his eyes. He then looked down and said flatly, “Since the three of you object to it, I will have to try then.”

Zhu Yan was not afraid of the three of them, regardless of the trump cards that they may have possessed. He was the future Young Clan Leader of the Flame Spirit Clan, and he was prideful. If he had not noticed that the three of them were extraordinary, he would have just taken the treasure away.

Lin Jing was expressionless. She stepped forth and spiritual light appeared on her fingertips. However, Mu Chen stretched out his arm and stopped her. Lin Jing simply looked at him and did not say a word. She knew that given Mu Chen’s character, he would not succumb to Zhu Yan simply because of his reputation.

“Leave him to me.” Mu Chen tilted his head and smiled at her. He did not disappoint her.

Lin Jing hesitated for a while, as she knew that Mu Chen was no match for Zhu Yan, given his current strength. After all, he had just stepped into Grade Nine Sovereign, but Zhu Yan was already at Complete Grade Nine. She then nodded, as she knew that Mu Chen was not a reckless person. He must have something up his sleeve.

Zhu Yan looked at Mu Chen, and his eyes were red as though they were aflame. After sizing Mu Chen up, he shook his head and said, “You are no match for me.”

He did not mock him but was simply stating a fact. Other than the mysterious pretty girl, Mu Chen and Nine Nether posed no danger to him. Thus, he was shocked that Mu Chen was so courageous.

Mu Chen was not annoyed when he heard it. He simply smiled and casually hit the last stone pillar in the main hall that was beside him. “Friend, if you leave the thing behind, I will take it that nothing happened earlier, and you can leave in one piece,” Mu Chen said with a smile.

Zhu Yan found it ridiculous and looked at him. Zhu Yan then shrugged and said, “I think I should be the one to say this to you.”

Mu Chen had just stepped into Grade Nine, but he had made such an absurd comment. Zhu Yan had not seen someone like him for a long while.

“Have you rejected my suggestion?” Mu Chen curled his lips.

“Yes, I have rejected it.” Zhu Yan nodded casually.

Mu Chen sighed. He gently hit the stone pillar and said, “What a pity… you indeed have great strength, but the ones who have the last laugh are usually not those who are the most powerful.”

“Oh?” Zhu Yan smiled. He lowered his head and looked at the red magma that was flowing between his fingers and asked, “Then who will have the last laugh?”

Mu Chen smiled and said, “The lucky ones.”

Zhu Yan frowned.

Mu Chen did not say another word. He simply patted the large stone pillar, but this time around, Zhu Yan saw light flowing from Mu Chen’s palm into the stone pillar. Before he had time to think, the main hall started to shake, and large stones fell from the ceiling.

The sudden turn of events took Zhu Yan by surprise. He immediately looked up and saw that the ceiling of the main hall had cracked and collapsed, revealing the sky outside. A green tornado spiritual array had covered the main hall up. This spiritual array had deterred Mu Chen from entering the main hall earlier. If he had not been well prepared, he would not have been able to enter.

Something seemed to have crossed Mu Chen’s mind, and his expression suddenly changed. He sensed that the Ancestral Master rank spiritual array had connected itself to the space that was before him. He lifted up his head to look at Zhu Yan and said flatly, “If you have no intention of leaving, stay on then.”

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