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Chapter 1131 - Competition of the Two Ladies

The entire island was covered in ruins with a faint mist spreading between the heavens and earth without the slightest vitality.

Footsteps resounded within the deathly silence as a silhouette hopped over, filled with spirits as she jumped onto a rock and placed her hand above her eyes, looking into the distance. But the silent environment made her fling her lips.

“Not a thing after walking so far…” Lin Jing muttered as a faint lustre covered her, protecting her from the poison. This Dragon Island was clearly larger than the Wind Island that they had been to and the poisonous mist even dulled her senses, making it hard for her to search.

Evidently, she did not get any harvest along the way.

“Looks like I can only change to another method…” Lin Jing sighed and the lustre gathered on her palm, before a flying bug the size of an infant’s fist appeared. The bug had a long horn that constantly wriggled.

This was an extremely precious Treasure-Seeking Bug that could sense the finest fluctuations in such a harsh environment. At the same time, it could also search for treasures between the heavens and earth.

But under this environment, the Treasure-Seeking Bug could still search about. However, it might be injured by the poisonous mist, which was the reason why Lin Jing had not used it earlier. But judging from the current situation, if she didn’t do this, then she would definitely waste a great amount of time.

“Let’s go.” Lin Jing raised her hand and the Treasure-Seeking Bug flapped its wings. It spun around before flying towards the right. When Lin Jing saw the reaction from the Treasure-Seeking Bug, she closely followed after.

The Treasure-Seeking Bug flew for approximately ten-odd minutes before landing on a structure. Lin Jing carefully lifted the bug; however, its body had gradually turned black due to the poisonous mist.

“Thanks.” Lin Jing gently patted the Treasure-Seeking Bug before retrieving a Jade Bottle filled with liquid and placed the bug within. The liquid had a cleansing effect, so it should be able to dissolve the poisonous mist that was inside the Treasure-Seeking Bug.

Finishing this, Lin Jing raised her head and looked into the distance with a flash of joy in her eyes.

It was a patch of ruins and judging from the remains, it had to be a massive building; however, it had collapsed.

Lin Jing swept her gaze around before focusing her attention to the centre. There was still an intact White Bone Throne with a powerful might that remained on the throne. Evidently, this throne must have belonged to a powerful character in ancient times.

Lin Jing glanced at the throne before shifting her gaze up at the top of the throne and she saw a crystalline pearl that was the size of a head.

The surface of the pearl was smooth and emitted a gentle lustre. There seemed to be a white dragon coiled within it. Vaguely, there was also a boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuation being emitted from it.

“This is… the Dragon Spiritual Pearl?” Lin Jing looked at the pearl and her eyes lit up. It was said that some powerful beings of the Dragon Clan would seal their Spiritual Energy into a Dragon Spiritual Pearl when they died. It contained their pure Spiritual Energy or even bloodline. If she could obtain this and refine it, then it would be greatly beneficial to her cultivation.

According to her estimations, this Dragon Spiritual Pearl should have been left by the Dragon Mansion Lord, who might have even been a Greater Earth Sovereign existence when he was alive. Therefore, the worth of this Dragon Spiritual Pearl was not any less than the Wind God’s Fan that Mu Chen obtained.

“Finally something good!” Lin Jing smiled. She had strolled around for so long and finally, she had found a pretty good treasure.

She naturally did not hesitate to flick her finger and a beam of Spiritual Energy shot out with the intention of seizing the Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

But just when Lin Jing made her move towards the Dragon Spiritual Pearl, a rainbow Spiritual Energy descended and shattered her Spiritual Energy.

“Who is it?” Lin Jing was briefly stunned at the sudden attack and yelled.

Her cold yell was responded with silence without any movements, as if what happened earlier was just her hallucination.

“You think that I won’t be able to find you if you hide from me?” Lin Jing coldly snorted before she formed some seals and pressed down at the air before her. Instantly, a jade lustre spread out at a stunning speed beneath her palm.

The poisonous mist was pushed away as the jade lustre swept out, intending to reveal any hidden items and even shadows wouldn’t be left alone.

The jade lustre swiftly spread out and Lin Jing could sense a faint spatial fluctuation on a rock before a silhouette was revealed under the light of the jade lustre.

Lin Jing was stunned when she saw the silhouette. That’s because it was a beauty that stood before her…

“Who are you?” Lin Jing looked at the bewitching beauty as she questioned.

“What? I have to declare my identity in order to seek treasures here?” The rainbow-dressed lady lazily smiled. Although she wore a veil, anyone could imagine the stunning appearance beneath that veil.

Lin Jing’s face remained composed as she declared, “I found this Dragon Spiritual Pearl first.”

“Since when have the rules changed to first come, first serve?” The rainbow-dressed lady spoke with faint ridicule in her voice. She naturally found Lin Jing’s words hilarious.

Lin Jing shrugged. Although she was beautiful, her temperament was different from this rainbow-dressed lady so her actions looked charming instead. “Looks like there’s nothing to talk between us…”

The rainbow-dressed lady was clearly interested in the Dragon Spiritual Pearl as well, which she definitely couldn’t let it go of so easily. Since that’s the case, then there’s nothing to speak between them.

A cold aura suddenly appeared and a silhouette mysteriously appeared before the rainbow-dressed lady then stabbed forth with the spear in its hand.

A cold aura that could even freeze the air enveloped her, but the rainbow-dressed lady did not move. When the cold aura was a foot away from her, a rainbow-coloured tail swept out and slammed against the spear. Instantly, the cold air shattered and the spear had also crumbled into fragments.

The Spiritual Frost Puppet suffered a heavy impact and was blown away, leaving a long mark on the ground before it could stabilise its figure.

When Lin Jing saw this scene, her eyes narrowed with a smear of graveness for the first time as she looked at the rainbow-dressed lady. There was actually a seven-coloured snake on the shoulder of that lady and the snake had coiled as it flicked its tongue. The mouth of that snake was as dark as a black hole, as if it could devour the heavens and earth. That snake was definitely fishy!

Lin Jing could tell that the seven-coloured snake seemed to be so powerful that it might even be stronger than her Spiritual Frost Puppet.

This made Lin Jing mutter to herself as she pondered the origin of that lady. Her means and foundation were probably stronger, and not weaker, than Su Qingyin. But Lin Jing never heard of someone like her from Mu Chen.

Although she was startled at the strength of her opponent, who was Lin Jing? She was the Princess of the Martial Realm and if she couldn’t even seize a Dragon Spiritual Pearl, then it would be a little embarrassing.

Thus, Lin Jing quickly retracted her astonishment and stretched her hand out, then removed a jade bracelet.

When she removed the jade bracelet, the Spiritual Energy suppression in Lin Jing’s body had also been removed and a gale soared into the sky along with a powerful Spiritual Energy pressure that swept between the heavens and earth. At that moment, even the poisonous mist was pushed back.

“Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign…”

Sensing that powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation, the rainbow-dressed lady’s eyes flashed as she was taken by surprise by this mysterious lady before her.

It looked like acquiring the Dragon Spiritual Pearl would not be as easy as she thought.

Thinking about this, the rainbow-dressed lady no longer concealed her own strength and gently took a step out. The space around her fluctuated and a stunning Spiritual Energy fluctuation that wasn’t any weaker than Lin Jing’s soared into the sky.

Another Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign!

If those outside saw this scene, their eyeballs would definitely drop. Generally speaking, those at Perfected Ninth Grade Sovereign would be considered amongst the top four in the Elite Ranking of the Greatlaw Continent. However, the two girls weren’t amongst the top four…

Lin Jing looked at the rainbow-dressed lady and pulsed her lips before a jade strip appeared in her hand and was crushed by her.

Crushing the strip, Lin Jing no longer hesitated. She tapped her feet and shot towards the rainbow-dressed lady along with her boundless Spiritual Energy.

At that moment when Lin Jing crushed the jade strip, Mu Chen suddenly opened his eyes as a jade strip appeared in his hand along with a message, “Mu Chen, I met someone troublesome. Quick, come and help me beat her up!”

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