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The western region of Tianluo The Great 6 became more bustling over time. The top forces from every region gathered around the cities near the border. Even the Earthly Sovereigns who were rarely seen, had appeared, attracting the attention and admiration of all the people.

Mu Chen finally received news that the North Territory Alliance had arrived. The North Territory Alliance had not reached West City yet, but they were in the inner part of the western area, which was the section where the Ancient Celestial Palace had first appeared.

Many top forces had surrounded the area. When Mu Chen received this news, he immediately set forth with Nine Nether and the rest to meet the North Territory Alliance. Lin Jing followed them, as she always enjoyed the crowds. And, since the Ancient Celestial Palace was the heyday of Tianluo The Great 6, she obviously couldn't miss it!

Half a day had passed by the time Mu Chen and his company reached their destination. The sun had set and the men from the North Territory were resting on a hill.

Mu Chen noticed that more than 10 people were scrutinizing them as they approached. These were the spies. They had great strength and were at Grade Seven and Grade Eight Sovereign levels.

Mu Chen was shocked by the presence of these spies, and perceived that the top forces had specially hand-picked their men for this trip. The spies immediately recognized Mu Chen, then allowed him and his company to move freely toward the hill.

When they reached the peak, Mu Chen immediately saw Mandela. She was waiting for him, as she must have seen him arriving earlier.

"I am surprised that you have created such a name for yourself in just a few days." Mandela teased Mu Chen. It was apparent that she knew about the fight between Mu Chen and Xia Hong.

"The Great Xia Dynasty must be unhappy with me for injuring Xia Hong," Mu Chen said and curled up his lips.

"Well, the damage has been done. If Emperor Xia is not happy, he can come to me about it. I will take it from there." Mandela was not bothered by this. After all, she was not afraid of Emperor Xia, especially given her current strength.

"Given his status, Emperor Xia would not deal with you. However, the Prince is no weakling. You will have to handle him yourself if you see him," Mandela added. She would not deal with Xia Yu, as long as Emperor Xia left Mu Chen alone. This was because they would not want to get involved in the fights among the younger generation, as it would only complicate matters.

"As long as the Prince has not reached Earthly Sovereign level, I will not be afraid of him," Mu Chen said confidently. He was only at a Half Step to Grade Nine level, but the Prince might be at Complete Grade Nine by now. However, if they should get into a fight, Xia Yu might not necessarily win.

"There is a big crowd here!" Mu Chen exclaimed, as he looked at the peak and the tents that were scattered around. Strong spiritual energy fluctuations exuded from the tents, causing the entire space to tremble.

Mandela nodded and said, "Other than me, there are five more Lower Earthly Sovereigns here."

Mu Chen was stunned to hear this, as this meant that all of the Earthly Sovereigns from the North Territory had turned up in full strength! Apparently, the top forces in the North Territory were hankering for the Ancient Celestial Palace.

When such a magnificent array joined forces, they would be able to contend with the top forces in Tianluo The Great 6! This was because there could not possibly be an Upper Earthly Sovereign and five Lower Earthly Sovereigns in The Great Xia Dynasty.

It was a pity that this array was not of the Daluo Territory. Otherwise, the combat force would be much more powerful. After all, everyone had his own agenda, but at the least, it was a great help to from the North Territory Alliance when dealing with external challenges!

"By the way, this is my friend, Lin Jing." Mu Chen introduced Lin Jing to Mandela.

Mandela had noticed Lin Jing earlier, and she was surprised that there was a resistance in her spiritual energy. The resistance was indirect and faint, but Mandela could feel an indistinct oppression coming from it. Mandela recognized instantly that there must be a seal from a master in Lin Jing's body to protect her from harm.

Mandela nodded at Lin Jing, a strange light flashing across her eyes. Lin Jing had an extraordinary background, and the master who had left the seal behind must be at least a Complete Earthly Sovereign.

Lin Jing smiled cheerfully as she greeted Mandela. She looked at Mandela with curiosity, as she had never expected the Dominator to be a pretty girl!

"When can we enter the Ancient Celestial Palace?" Mu Chen asked.

Since all of them had gathered, they would now have to think of a way to get in and obtain the treasures. Mandela shook her head, then brought Mu Chen to the side of the hill and pointed into the distance.

Mu Chen was shocked when he looked at the direction where she was pointing. There, a borderless stretch of wilderness sat behind the mountains. The space within it was smashed, and space debris was scattered all around it. The debris was so sharp, anyone below Earth Sovereign level would have been cut apart by it!

There was also a ferocious large Primordial Beast deep within the space, ready to devour anyone who went near it. Also, Mu Chen could indistinctly see ancient halls between the cracks. They looked primitive and mysterious.

"That wilderness is the marking point. The top forces have gathered around it, but no one dares to step inside," Mandela said, her eyes fixed on the savage space.

"Why?" Mu Chen asked in shock. He understood that the space debris posed a great threat to those who had not entered Earthly Sovereign level, but assumed that masters like Mandela should have no problem entering it.

"The space has been holding up the Ancient Celestial Palace for so long, it is about to break. Once an Earthly Sovereign steps inside, it will reach its limit, causing the space to explode. Even an Upper Earthly Sovereign would be unable to withstand its destructive force. If one gets trapped within it and loses his direction, he would be trapped in the void. The lucky ones may appear in the Lower Plane and survive, but the unlucky ones will die," Mandela said with a grave look.

Mu Chen was shocked when he heard her words. He had never expected this place to be so dangerous. However, it seemed similar to the Land of the Divine Beasts, which could not hold Supreme Powers.

"So, now…There is only one place in the Ancient Celestial Palace that can accommodate the Earthly Sovereigns and not explode," Mandela said.

"Where is this place?" Mu Chen asked, taken aback.

"The Celestial Emperor's Cemetery," Mandela answered.

When Mu Chen heard this name, he was stunned and immediately asked, "Is that the place where the Celestial Emperor died?"

Mandela nodded and said, "The Celestial Emperor's Cemetery was constructed by the Celestial Emperor. It is a special place, and the Celestial Emperor would definitely have had his last breath there."

Mu Chen nodded. The Upper Earthly Sovereigns would be attracted to the Super Power, Qi into Trinity, that was cultivated by the Celestial Emperor. None of the sacred objects would have such a great attraction for them. But, in order to obtain the Super Power, they would have to get it from where the Celestial Emperor had died.

"The only way now is to get the Supreme Powers from the different forces to open up the paths, then send in those people that the space can withstand," Mandela said, while looking at Mu Chen. "I am referring to you. When you have entered the Celestial Emperor's Cemetery, break this object. We can then tear the space apart and enter the cemetery, using this as a base."

Having said that, Mandela opened up her palm. A jade with a spiritual light appeared within it, carrying with it a spatial fluctuation.

Mu Chen took the jade and heaved a sigh of relief. It would be easier for him to proceed with his plans without the presence of the Earthly Sovereigns.

"Are you interested with the Qi into Trinity as well? It will be a fierce fight, since many will be eyeing it," Mu Chen asked, while he caressed the jade.

Once the Super Power showed up, all of the Upper Sovereigns would covet it. Mandela would not only have to be wary of the other masters, but she would also have to be on her guard against those in the North Territory Alliance as well.

Mu Chen was surprised that Mandela shook her head. She then looked at the space and said, "Not everyone can have this Super Power, and not everyone can cultivate it."

She then looked down and said flatly, "I want to get into the Ancient Celestial Palace to look for my actual body."

When Mu Chen heard this, he was astounded. He looked at Mandela and asked, "You, mean you aren't in your actual body now?"

If Mandela is not in her actual body, why does she seem so real?

"What is your actual body?" he then asked, intrigued.

Mandela looked at Mu Chen and said with a smile, "I am a flower that was planted by the Celestial Emperor."

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