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Mu Chen and Xia Hong exchanged gazes within the boisterous city. Coldness seemed to be surging throughout the space, and the spiritual energy that was surrounding them appeared to be fluctuating slightly.

Xia Hong faintly smiled at Mu Chen, yet the smile had no warmth. Mu Chen returned a smile, his face calm.

"Heh, the Ancient Celestial Palace has really attracted tons of weird beings!" Xia Hong squinted his eyes slightly, obviously meaning Mu Chen.

He could tell that Mu Chen's strength was not even that of a true Grade Nine Sovereign yet. Even so, Mu Chen clearly had neither respect nor fear of him, which made him very unhappy.

Although Xia Hong was assured of his strength above Mu Chen, he still had his reservations. Hence, he did not make things difficult for Mu Chen on the spot. After all, given their strengths, Mu Chen and Nine Nether must have some powerful backing. So, if he was rash and picked a fight with them, he might get himself in big trouble.

His eyes flickered and he retracted his gaze. Xia Hong then decided to get someone to check up on them. If they were nobodies, he could then make his move.

The moment he thought of this, Xia Hong smiled widely. He looked deeply at Mu Chen and Nine Nether again, then swung his sleeves. As he did so, the Thunder Lion Spiritual Beast gave a roar and transformed into a thunder light. It then dragged the golden wagon and charged towards the other side of the city.

"This fellow has an annoying look in his eyes." Nine Nether frowned, as she watched Xia Hong depart.

Nine Nether had very acute senses. Even though Xia Hong hid himself well, she could sense his filthy thoughts towards her always. If it were not for Xia Hong's strong backing, she would not have let him escape.

Mu Chen nodded slightly, then said, "Take note of this person. If he is up to no good, we will make him pay. I don't care if he is the prince of Great Xia Dynasty!"

If Xia Hong decided to lay his hands on Nine Nether, which they both knew was in his dirty mind, Mu Chen would not even think twice about punishing him! After all, Mu Chen had made numerous enemies over the years, so one more was of no consequence!

Mu Chen and Nine Nether then decided to change the topic. Not long after that, another violent spiritual energy fluctuation came from the sky in the distance. The people in the city then witnessed a few light figures flitting over.

All of these figures were accompanied by massive and violent spiritual energy fluctuations. Apparently, all of them were quite strong. When each of the figures arrived, the people of the city would roar with various exclamations.

"That's the Young Pavilion Master, Mu Shan, from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. I heard his ranking was around 20 on the chart of the Tianluo Continent's young top powers."

When he heard the hubbub, Mu Chen turned to see what was happening. At that moment, he saw a massive dragon roaring above in the sky. This dragon was from a strange species, but it obviously had a Dragon Clan bloodline. As such, although it was not from a pure bloodline, it could still evolve into a real Divine Beast.

At this time, a man stood on the head of the dragon. His robe was blown up by the wind, and his surrounding spiritual energy caused the entire space to vibrate. The man then rode the dragon straight into the West City.

"That is Jiang Lin from the Sword Deity Sect. I heard that he went into secluded training for three years in the Sword Tomb. Then, he finally had a breakthrough and moved up to Grade Nine Sovereign." After the appearance of Mu Shan, another green-robed man flew into the West City.

"Even Miss Qin Ya from House Tianya is here. House Tianya specializes in selling information. They have the most updated information, so if she is here personally, it must mean something big is going to happen in the West City!" Another lady, who was dressed in red, had just showed up.

She was demure and sweet-looking, yet she had a very hot body. She also had an attractive and flirtatious expression on her face.

Moreover, she concealed her spiritual energy fluctuation. Hence, she gave off a mysterious and secretive vibe as well.

Shoo! Shoo!

A wind-breaking sound in the sky was heard, while the figures continued sweeping in from afar. Some of these figures were slightly renowned in the Tianluo Continent. With such an influx of famed figures, the West City was suddenly filled with excitement.

Meanwhile, back in the wine house, Mu Chen and Nine Nether watched as the figures appeared. They also overheard the exclamations of the crowd. Their expressions turned solemn, as they both felt that something big was going to happen soon.

After all, the various forces in the Tianluo Continent were eyeing the Land of the Far West. And while those Earthly Sovereign top powers did not dare enter it recklessly, as the interior space had yet to stabilize, they had sent their outstanding young generations to collect information on the Ancient Celestial Palace.

"Looks like we're in the right place," said Nine Nether.

She then turned to look at Mu Chen with a smile. Although she did not know why these people were gathering here, she knew that it must have something to do with the Ancient Celestial Palace.

"Let's wait for Bai Lao and the rest to return. I'm sure he will have some updates for us." Mu Chen nodded. Mu Chen and Nine Nether did not have to wait for very long, as Bai Lao and Tan Qiu came back just two hours later.

"I believe you've noticed the gathering of the various Supreme Talents in the West City, right?" Bai Lao was smiling.

Mu Chen nodded and asked, "Did you both find out why they came here?"

Tan Qiu, who was standing by the side, smiled and said, "Yes, we heard that there was a team that went deep into the Land of the Far West via a space crack. However, half of the team died. It was the surviving half that just got back today."

"Did they get anything in return for their troubles?" Mu Chen's eyes suddenly lit up.

Tan Qiu nodded gently. "Yes. We heard that one of the items was quite unique. The team said that a spiritual energy windstorm was triggered in the palace when they chanced upon it. More than a dozen of their teammates got squashed into a pool of blood by that windstorm. Most likely, that item that they spoke of was an important thing from the Ancient Celestial Palace."

"What is it, then?" Mu Chen asked.

"I heard it was a token amulet," said Bai Lao.

"A token amulet?" Mu Chen repeated the words, then turned to meet Nine Nether's gaze.

The expression in their eyes turned solemn. In such an ancient relic, things like token amulets were the most attractive items, as they might be able to unlock something, thus giving them an advantage over others.

"Also, that token amulet had the ancient word 'Second' inscribed on it," Tan Qiu added.

"Second?" Mu Chen was slightly shocked to hear this.

Mandela had said that there were five Hall Masters in the Ancient Celestial Palace. The one they met in the Big Hunting War was the Fourth Hall Master.

Did this so-called Second Token Amulet belong to the Second Hall Master of the palace?

Mu Chen looked at Nine Nether, who nodded at him gently. Apparently, they were both thinking the same thing.

"All of these Supreme Talents from various forces are most likely here for this," Mu Chen said slowly.

"But, how do we get it?" asked Nine Nether.

She had no idea how she could use the token amulet yet, but she did know that it would be good to obtain it if possible. After all, it would be beneficial to them after they entered the palace!

Bai Lao smiled and replied, "The most proper way would be the auction, where whoever bids the highest price will get it."

Mu Chen nodded. In this situation, where everyone was wary of each other, there was no fairer way than this method.

"What should we do now?" Tan Qiu asked gently.

Mu Chen and Nine Nether exchanged gazes and smiled at the same time. Mu Chen then answered, "Since we are here, we cannot just watch and do nothing. Let's poke our noses into this tomorrow. If we can keep the token amulet to ourselves, that would be the ideal situation."

Bai Lao, Tan Qiu, and Lord Stone all nodded in agreement to this plan. Mu Chen then stood up with Nine Nether and walked out of the wine house. As he turned his head in the direction of the central West City, dark clouds were spreading over the area, as if a downpour was fast approaching.

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