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Half a month passed in the blink of an eye. During her preparation for the trip, Mandela finally confirmed the list of people that she would be bringing from the Daluotian Territory.

It was a small group of people, all of whom were selected very carefully. In fact, almost all of the elites in the entire Daluotian Territory were summoned to take part in the battle.

Not only would Mandela be going personally to the Ancient Celestial Palace, but all of the five princes were going as well. Even the most outstanding among the castellans would be allowed to follow them into battle. Approximately fifty people were going in total.

As the Ancient Celestial Palace was known to be filled with danger, no one knew what kind of terrible crisis awaited them there. As such, it would be unwise to barge in recklessly with a large army. Hence, the choice of the team for this mission was determined based on the individuals' skills, not on numbers.

However, this time, the Daluotian Territory was not alone. They would be joined by the alliance army, which was formed by the top forces in the entire North Territory. This meant that grouping up with the rest of the forces could be slower, as it required time to be fully prepared.

After much consideration, Mandela ordered Mu Chen and Nine Nether to be the advanced team. As such, they would be leading the rest of the princes, rushing to the Ancient Celestial Palace and collecting as much information as possible before the North Territory alliance army reached it.

Mu Chen was rather happy to be part of the advanced team. He was especially excited about the Ancient Celestial Palace. As such, he figured that he might as well make his move to the location first and scout around. After all, it was far away from their North Territory. Moreover, being an Upper Earthly Sovereign, Mandela might not know much about the place.

Daluotian, Outside a Transfer Spiritual Array...

Mu Chen stood with his hands behind his back. Nine Nether was beside him. A white-robed old man, a middle-aged man, and a pretty woman stood respectfully behind the pair.

The white-robed old man had a strong spiritual fluctuation around him. He was already a Grade Eight Sovereign. He was the new prince of the Daluotian Territory, commonly known as King Bai.

King Bai was considered to be outstanding in regards to his strength. He also had a wealth of experience, as he had traveled far and wide throughout the Tianluo Continent. This was also the reason why he chosen to be part of the team.

The middle-aged man and the pretty woman were both Grade Seven Sovereigns. Their strengths were also impressive. Both of them had been visiting Nine Nether Palace diligently of late, and they were individual cultivators, who were lucky to have practiced up to their current stages.

Hence, they had come to the Daluotian Territory looking for protection and more cultivation resources. As such, Nine Nether Palace, which had two appointed princes, had been the best choice for them.

At first, Mu Chen was not concerned about their presence. After all, it had been Tang Bing, the majordomo, who had recommended them both to Mu Chen and Nine Nether. From what they could see, the pair were diligent and possessed strong personalities. Both also had great potential. Most importantly, they valued relationships highly, so they were not ungrateful.

Tang Bing had been taking care of Nine Nether Palace all of these years. As such, she had outstanding judgment in regards to the people there. It was for this reason that Mu Chen and Nine Nether trusted her completely.

Hence, when she vouched for the pair, they agreed to let the duo stay in Nine Nether Palace. This time, the pair was even allowed to follow them to the Ancient Celestial Palace.

"Lord Mu, the Transfer Spiritual Array is linked directly to another city outside of the Daluotian Territory. It would be fastest to leave the North Territory through a few more transfers from there," said the pretty woman, who was wearing a long red dress, which showed off her curvaceous body.

She was only wearing a tiny bit of makeup, but she still looked gorgeous. Her name was Tan Qiu, but she was known as Lord Qiu in the Daluotian Continent. According to rumors, she had myriad pursuers among the princes.

"Okay," Mu Chen said. He then nodded and exchanged glances with Nine Nether. "Let's go."

As Nine Nether had no objections, they both stepped forward into the Transfer Spiritual Array. As they did so, the spiritual lights flickered and their figures disappeared.

After they disappeared, King Bai looked at the pretty woman and the middle-aged man. He then said, "The Dominator sent a message to us. Although the two lords are talented and skillful, they are still too young. We have been traveling for years, so we have more experience. Hence, we need to look after the two lords. If anything happens to them, we would surely be banished from the entire Daluotian Territory."

"Elder Bai, since the two lords have decided to let me stay, I'll repay them with my kindness for sure." Tan Qiu gave a radiant smile.

"If anyone is going to try to hurt the two lords, they will need to kill me first!" the burly middle-aged man said, while pointing to his chest.

He looked very serious. As this middle-aged man worked like a stone, with great force, everyone in the Daluotian Territory called him Lord Stone.

King Bai nodded. He then brought the two of them into the Transfer Spiritual Array. As the spiritual lights flickered, all of them disappeared in a flash.

At the far edge of the western part of the Tianluo Continent, the land was the most desolate. As such, it was not surprising that countless natural disasters occurred there. Hurricanes that could tear the mountains apart and snowstorms that could freeze thousands of miles ruled the land.

Strange beasts with low intelligences also roamed the area. These beasts all had their own spiritual skill sets, which made it extremely difficult to kill them off.

All of these dangers stopped most people from ever setting foot into this land, In fact, apart from those specifically hunting the strange beasts, as well as the treasure-hunting groups, no one ever came!

But, the situation had completely changed during this last half year. During this time, the space had burst open, and the Ancient Celestial Palace, which was lying in the deepest area, had been revealed there. Specifically, it was the Ancient Celestial Palace!

The surfacing of the Ancient Celestial Palace had ignited the passion of the entire Tianluo Continent, making the desolate land exceedingly famous all of a sudden. Countless forces and top powers swarmed to the land like locusts, nearly turning the entire place into the most prosperous territory in the entire continent!

As time passed, more top powers kept coming, the qualities of whom were also heightened. Without a doubt, the current land in the far West might have become the central district of the Tianluo Continent, all because of the surfacing of the Ancient Celestial Palace! And, it just so happened that it was also the current destination of Mu Chen's advanced team!

The distance between North Territory and the land of far West took up nearly half of the entire Tianluo Continent. If Mu Chen were to fly this entire long distance, it would take him more than half a year!

Luckily, there were many operable Transfer Spiritual Arrays that he could avail himself of. Despite this, almost half a month passed before Mu Chen finally arrived to the land.

Upon their arrival, Mu Chen and his team sat in a teahouse within a small city on the outskirts of the land of the far West. The town was isolated initially, but now the place was filled with people.

The crowd in the tea house was robust, each of them surging with spiritual energy. Each of them was apparently strong, judging by these energies.

"Lord Mu and Lord Nine Nether, we're closing in on the land of the far West. But, there are no more Transfer Spiritual Arrays for us to use. So, we can only approach by the usual roads," said Tan Qiu gently. She was sitting beside Mu Chen.

Mu Chen nodded. The land of the far West was too desolated, so no other forces would want to spend their time and effort to build Transfer Spiritual Arrays there. The good news was that they were not far away. Given their speed, they could reach their destination in just a few days.

"From the previous information received, there is the main city named the West City, which is situated at the border of the land. It is the largest city in the area, and it is currently where all of the talents and elites from all around the continent are gathering. There are also scouts there, who have been exploring around in the land, so we should be able to get some information about the Ancient Celestial Palace from them," said King Bai respectfully.

"I even heard that some daring fellows snuck into the palace through some cracks, then obtained some treasures from it! They then attracted a lot of attention by auctioning them in the West City at a high price!" King Bai's eyes brightened.

"Oh?" Mu Chen's eyes flickered slightly after he heard this.

These people really were willing to risk their lives!

As the space was still distorted and messy at the Ancient Celestial Palace's current location, if one did not pay attention, he would be sucked into the space cracks! Hence, it was unwise for anyone to venture in now.

However, if they could obtain some items from the palace, they might be able to discover more clues, which would then give them more advantages upon entering the palace! After all, opportunities were always given to those who made the first move!

"It looks like we have to go to the West City," said Nine Nether with a nod.

Mu Chen also nodded. The West City must have gathered numerous talents and elites from all over the Tianluo Continent by now. This made him wonder if there would be someone rising from the young generation in the Tianluo Continent. If so, he would like to meet that person!

"Let's go to the West City," Mu Chen said resolutely.

Hesitating no more, he stood up and left the teahouse, then beamed into a light and soared into the sky. Nine Nether and the rest followed him immediately. In the blink of an eye, all of them had disappeared into the sky.

While Mu Chen and the clique were rushing towards the West City, another white-dressed young lady walked out from an inn in another city far away. She had slender, dark eyebrows and was very pretty, like a fairy. Her eyes were also enchanting, making her appear as though she was someone who had walked straight out of a painting.

But, she did not seem to be aware of her fairy-like appearance. With the flick of her hand, she took out a rare Spiritual Fruit, which was exuding a daunting spiritual energy.

While the people surrounding her stared at her with greedy looks, she gobbled it up in a few bites. She then wiped her jaded hands casually and lifted her pretty face, while thinking to herself…

That fellow is in Tianluo Continent, too. I wonder where he is now? I still owe him a favor...

She tilted her head and pondered this a while. Then, she pouted her little red lips and walked out of the city, her hands behind her back.

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