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Chapter 1091 - Contest

“6,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

A calm voice resounded in the pavilion, which attracted many astonished gazes before they focused on the youth on the third level.

“Who is that person? Could it be that he is a Spiritual Array Master? For him to bid for this Spiritual Array Diagram…”

“Beats me, all of the elites in the Greatlaw Continent could be recognised. But he doesn’t look familiar, so he shouldn’t be ranked amongst the young experts of the Greatlaw Continent.”

“Judging from the Spiritual Energy fluctuation around him, he should be in the Quasi-Ninth Grade sovereign Realm. That isn’t ordinary amongst the younger generations.”

All sorts of whispers resounded, puzzling over Mu Chen’s identity. The gazes on the same level also fixated at Mu Chen with the Fourth Prince, Xia Hong, being one of them. His eyes looked as cunning as a fox, before his eyes flickered and he swept an indifferent gaze at Mu Chen.

“Haha. I wonder if there’s anyone else offering a higher price?” Han Fei looked at Mu Chen, before retracting his gaze and asked with a chuckle resounding in the auction.

The silence lasted in the auction for a while, but there were other Spiritual Array Masters as well. They were also pretty much interested in the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array and after a brief silence, someone finally spoke out.

“6,500,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.” A man stood up with spiritual runes covering his robes and light circulating on it.

“That’s Mu Bai, a True Disciple of the Immortal Array Sect that is rumoured to be a Spiritual Array Grandmaster and could set up a Heaven Grade Spiritual Array.” There were many sharp eyes in the auction, so the identity of the bidder was instantly recognised.

Mu Bai cupped his hands with a friendly smile towards Mu Chen, which Mu Chen replied with a friendly smile, but he was clearly not intending to give up this incomplete array that he was interested in and placed a bid, “7,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

Hearing his bid, Mu Bai was briefly stunned before he said with a smile, “8,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

The two of them were clearly interested in this incomplete Spiritual Array. Despite being useless for others, it could be considered as a treasure for Spiritual Array Masters like them. Even if they couldn’t fully research this Spiritual Array, they could improve their own attainments in Spiritual Array through comprehending it.

The two’s contest gradually blazed, which attracted everyone’s attention. But they could sense that despite the two of them constantly bidding and remaining friendly, there were sparks flying between them.

The two of them weren’t willing to give up on it and, in the process, they had also attracted several other Spiritual Array Masters to participate in the bid. After a long while, the price of the incomplete Spiritual Array was already raised to 11,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, which was approaching the price of that Quasi-Saint Artifact. Thus, the number of competitors gradually decreased and returned to just Mu Chen and Mu Bai.

“12,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.” Mu Chen called out calmly once again. The price was already not low and it’s even painful for the current Nine Nether Palace. If Mandala hadn’t given him Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in this trip, he would have probably given up.

When the price of 12,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was called out, it had caused a commotion in the auction. Everyone felt that it was incredible for an incomplete Spiritual Array to be raised to such a price.

Mu Bai’s gaze had also gradually turned grave with hesitation. After all, the price was also equivalent to a full year of income for him.

After some hesitation, Mu Bai inwardly sighed, then he helplessly shook his head and sat down.

Upon seeing that Mu Bai had given up, Mu Chen felt relieved. If Mu Bai was going to be stubborn and continue, he would probably have to give up as well after a few rounds.

“14,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!” When Mu Chen felt relieved in his heart upon Mu Bai’s renouncement, an indifferent voice suddenly resounded, which attracted an uproar in the pavilion.

Countless gazes suddenly rose up, fixating at the source of the voice and, shortly after, splendour shined on their faces.

That’s because, on the third level, Xia Empire’s Fourth Prince, Xia Hong, was fiddling with a black pearl with an indifferent expression. The pearl was the SeShattering Pearl that he had just purchased. After calling out the price, he did not look at anyone and only focused on the pearl in his hand, disregarding all the astonished gazes.

As for Mu Chen, whose tempo was disrupted by him, Xia Hong did not even bother taking a look at him, as if what he just did wasn’t worth mentioning.

His attitude had also attracted countless amounts of astonishment from everyone. Judging from the looks of it, Xia Hong seemed to have some grudges with Mu Chen…

“That bastard!” Nine Nether’s gaze flashed with rage and coldness. Xia Hong was clearly targeting Mu Chen in this action, since he clearly did not want to see Mu Chen taking this item so easily, which caused Nine Nether to be extremely furious.

On the contrary, there weren’t that many ripples in Mu Chen’s eyes, since he must have also expected this bad situation. Thus, he had only calmly cast a glance at Xia Hong before smiling. “15,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

Xia Hong gently fumbled with the pearl and said without even raising his head, “16,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

The atmosphere in the auction suddenly boiled. If Mu Chen and Mu Bai could be considered still friendly, then the contest between Mu Chen and Xia Hong would be equivalent to a carnage.

With a cold expression, Nine Nether clenched his fist and a terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuation rippled from her fists. Even Old White, Stone King and Tan Qiu sitting behind her didn’t have a good expression as well.

“17,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.” Mu Chen maintained a calm tone without emotions.

When the price appeared, it had caused a tremble in the auction. It was so much so that even Xia Hong had stopped fiddling with the pearl and raised his head, looking at Mu Chen with a teasing expression, “This friend is truly generous. Since that’s the case, then I’ll take a step back.”

Many people had inwardly smacked their lips. Xia Hong was truly ruthless and judging from his look, he was clearly not interested in the incomplete Spiritual Array. But the reason why he bid was just to make Mu Chen pay a higher price for it and he was satisfied with the outcome, since he made Mu Chen pay an extra 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

“Then I’ll have to thank the Fourth Prince.”

Under everyone’s pitiful gazes, Mu Chen wasn’t bothered by it and even gave a smile towards Xia Hong. “But I hope that the Fourth Prince will not regret letting me have this. At that time, I’m afraid the price that you will have to pay will even exceed the ten-odd millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

Mu Chen’s tone had caused others to be surprised…

Xia Hong’s pupils slightly contracted when he heard Mu Chen’s words and he had vague feeling of unease. But shortly after, the feeling was forcefully suppressed by him. What could a Quasi-Ninth Grade Sovereign do even with the incomplete Spiritual Array? When the army of his Xia Empire comes, that fellow could be easily killed.

Thus, he had only gently smiled before a disdainful arc rose on the corner of his lips. “Since that’s the case, then I will be waiting. I hope that you will not leave me disappointed.”

Mu Chen did not reply to his words, but Nine Nether’s cold voice resounded, “That fellow is really hateful!”

Although 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was not a small amount, what truly made her furious was Xia Hong’s method.

“Did he really think that our Great Havenlaw Domain is a pushover?” Tan Qiu was also furious. Their Great Havenlaw Domain was no longer the same as before and if they fought, despite their lack in foundation, the Xia Empire would definitely not be able to get any benefits.

Facing their rage, Mu Chen only waved his hand and smiled. “No worries. I have already said it before, the Fourth Prince will definitely regret it in the future for letting me have it.”

His tone was filled with confidence, since he could vaguely sense that the might of this Nine Dragon God-Killing Array was extremely extraordinary. If he could truly comprehend it, then it’s not something that could be bought with ten-odd millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Nine Nether and the rest felt relieved upon hearing Mu Chen’s words. Although they weren’t clear of the potential regarding the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, it definitely had to be extraordinary since Mu Chen said so.

As they conversed, Han Fei ended the bidding for the Spiritual Array and instructed someone to send it to Mu Chen while he started the third auction.

This was an incomplete Divine Art that was both ancient and extraordinary at the same time. However, Mu Chen no longer had any interest in competing, since he would be biting more than he could chew. He did not have any more spare time to collect too many incomplete things to comprehend.

Thus, the incomplete Divine Art was purchased by Qin Ya of the Horizon Palace at a price of 18,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid…

With the end of the auction for the incomplete Divine Art, the atmosphere in the auction suddenly tensed up and countless gazes were fixated on the fourth silver plate. Many were here for the item on the fourth plate that had been making waves in the city over the past two days.

On the stage, Han Fei looked at the blazing gazes and his expression turned solemn. He personally received the silver plate and with a flash of spiritual light, the item in it was gradually revealed.

It was a somewhat mottled golden token that laid on the plate with two blurry ancient words on it that looked like a ‘two’...

Mu Chen’s gaze flashed. It truly was the token of the Second Hall Master!

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