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Chapter 1090 - Nine Dragon God-Killing Array

The pavilion was covered with multitudes of people, but despite the large amount, the pavilion was silent with heated gazes staring at the stage…

Precisely speaking, they should be gazing at the silver plates held by the four girls with Spiritual Energy runes appearing on the plates that formed into barriers that obstructed the Spiritual Energy fluctuations so that no one could sense them.

Han Fei looked at the heated gazes around and smiled, “The scale of this auction won’t be huge, but all four of these items originated from the Ancient Haven Palace and have gone through a strict selection process…”

“So let us start with the first one.” Han Fei waved his hand and a girl carefully walked up with the silver plate. The lustre gradually faded on the plate and revealed the item within.

Everyone looked at it and saw a black marble on the plate that was covered in mottled traces of a subtle, ancient and profound aura leaking from it.

Mu Chen contracted his eyes upon seeing the marble and a crack appeared on his forehead. As the black light surged, he had completely seen through the mottled marble and the massive Spiritual Energy contained within the marble.

“What’s that?” Nine Nether asked in doubt. The black marble looked ordinary just from the surface.”

“It should be a pretty powerful Quasi-Saint Artifact.” The small crack on his forehead closed up and Mu Chen slowly said. With the Life-Extinguishing Pupil, he could see the powerful energy contained in the black marble that would rank it amongst the top-tiered artifacts. It’s a Quasi-Saint Artifact that might not be weaker to his own.

This fact made him sigh in admiration. The Ancient Haven Palace was truly extraordinary, just a marble could possess such powerful energy. Facing this item, even he, himself, was a little tempted, least to say for others.

While Mu Chen sighed in admiration, the pavilion gradually went into an uproar. Although the majority of the people here couldn’t tell what the black marble was, there were still others with special analysing abilities. Not long after, whispers gradually resounded, which caused a commotion.

“Haha. Ladies and Gentlemen, this item is called the SeShattering Pearl that only elites in the Ancient Haven Palace could obtain as a reward for their great contribution. It’s a Quasi-Saint Artifact with the power to split the seas, making it extremely powerful. Not even a Ninth Grade Sovereign would dare to underestimate it.” Han Fei smiled with his eyes narrowed.

The commotion in the pavilion boiled even further with Han Fei’s explanation and countless people looked at the Quasi-Saint Artifact with blazing eyes. Even in the top-tiered forces, such artifacts were extremely rare and couldn’t be compared to the ordinary Quasi-Saint Artifacts that were out there.

“The starting bid is 10,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with every increment no less than 1,000,000. If anyone is interested, you can all start to bid.” Han Fei smiled.

When the price that was mentioned, the uproar had instantly turned silent. After all, it was a huge amount and without the support of a top-tiered force behind them, it’s impossible for anyone to fork out such a huge amount.

Furthermore, even if they did have a top-tiered force standing behind them, most of them would rather use it for their own cultivation. After all, Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was a necessity in cultivation and without it, the speed of their cultivation would be affected.

Although the majority of them were stopped by the high price, many elites were gathered in the Western City at this moment and all of them came prepared. Although it was a little heart-aching for this price, they gritted their teeth at the thought of the power it held.

“11,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!” On the second pavilion, a white-clothed man roared, which attracted countless gazes and whispers.

“It’s the Young Pavilion Master of the Golden-Jade Pavilion, it’s said that he is currently at the pinnacle of the Seventh Grade Sovereign Realm.”

“No wonder he’s so generous. Over 10,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, I can probably break through to the Seventh or Eighth Grade Sovereign Realm with it.”

The white-clothed man waved the jade fan in his hand and gently smiled as he faced the envious gazes directed at him. But before he could maintain that bearing for long, he was disrupted by another voice, “12,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid!”

The white-clothed man’s face stiffened and he turned around to see a middle-aged man with a scar on his face and a gaze that was as ferocious as a wolf. Naturally, he’s not any kind character. 

“Yo, isn’t that the Northwest Heavenly Wolf Stronghold’s Stronghold Leader? Never expected him to be here…”

Mu Chen had an attitude of watching the show here. Despite being tempted by the SeShattering Pearl, he had decided not to participate. After all, he already had a Life-Extinguishing Pupil that wasn’t at all weaker to the SeShattering Pearl. So there’s no need for him to spend the money to seize it. After all, Tang Bing would naturally have her face turning green from anger if she knew how spendthrift he was if he threw it out so casually.

The price of the SeShattering Pearl swiftly rose up to 14,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and at this point in time, even the Golden-Jade Pavilion’s Young Master and Heavenly Wolf Stronghold’s leader were on the verge of stopping and their faces changed with hesitation.

“16,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.” A lazy voice resounded while the two of them were hesitating and caused a change in both of their expressions. Raising their heads, they saw the Fourth Prince of the Xia Empire, Xia Hong’s idle expression.

Seeing that it was Xia Hong who was bidding, the two of them changed their expressions and they sat back down. Evidently, they had unwillingly given up.

After all, they couldn’t afford to offend the Xia Empire and, in terms of wealth, they were inferior as well.

Xia Hong merely cast a glance at the two of them, before sweeping his gaze out and spoke in a faint voice, “Is there any higher offer than this Prince?”

His voice contained ridicule and despite causing the displeasure of some experts, no one said anything. After all, 16,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was equivalent to the profits of a second-rate force in a year.

Han Fei looked at everyone that had turned silent and smiled. “Since no one has a better offer, then this SeShattering Peal will belong to the Fourth Prince.”

He gently clapped and the girl moved back, then disappeared from the stage. At the same time, a second girl walked forth.

Everyone looked at the SeShattering Pearl being taken away and they sighed before casting their attention to the second girl.

Through the warm-up, the atmosphere in the auction had clearly been raised, since many experts were rubbing their hands together. They were excited to see what the next silver plate had.

Seeing this atmosphere, Han Fei did not delay and waved his hand. The Spiritual Energy light on the second plate disappeared, revealing the item within.

Mu Chen’s gaze shot down from the pavilion, staring at the item on the second plate with a changed expression and interest showing on his face.

There was an ancient bronze scroll on the silver plate. Although the scroll looked tattered, the special fluctuation that it emitted made Mu Chen understand that it should be a Spiritual Array Diagram of decent ranking, at least Heaven Grade.

As interest rose in Mu Chen’s heart, exclamations had resounded as well. Most of the people here could recognise that it was a Spiritual Array Diagram, which was only useful in the hands of Spiritual Array Master. However, the number of Spiritual Array Masters was extremely small.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the name of this scroll is the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array… that is rumoured to be in the Scholar Grade.” Han Fei quickly explained, looking at the losing excitement.

“Scholar Grade?” An uproar exploded at his words. Even those that weren’t Spiritual Array Masters had shock written on their faces, since Scholar Grade Spiritual Arrays were equivalent to Earth Sovereigns.

Everyone knew that a Spiritual Array Scholar was an existence equivalent to the Earth Sovereign Realm, so Scholar Grade Spiritual Arrays were naturally equivalent to the power of Earth Sovereigns.

This was a Spiritual Array Diagram that even the top-tiered forces in the Greatlaw Continent wouldn’t possess. But at this moment, one had appeared.

Mu Chen was startled, before he knitted his brows. According to his estimation, despite the special fluctuation coming from the scroll, it shouldn’t have reached the Scholar Grade.

“You claim that this scroll is a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array?” There were those with keen eyes, so they also couldn’t help sounding their doubts.

Han Fei coughed in embarrassment upon hearing that, then answered, “Indeed, if this was the complete version of the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array, it’s definitely a Scholar Grade Spiritual Array Diagram.”

“You’re saying that this is not the completed version of the Nine Dragon God-Killing Array?” Everyone here wasn’t stupid and they could understand the meaning behind Han Fei’s words.

Han Fei dryly smiled. “This Spiritual Array Diagram is incomplete, but even so, even a pinnacle level Ninth Grade Sovereign would be in trouble facing this Spiritual Array.”

Tsking noises resounded below the stage and many people shook their heads. They weren’t Spiritual Array Masters, so they’re definitely not interested in spending money to purchase an incomplete Spiritual Array.

Han Fei was also helpless at this sight and he immediately declared, “We’ll start the bidding for this second item. The Nine Dragon God-Killing Array’s starting bid is 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was naturally much cheaper than the SeShattering Pearl but surprisingly, no one offered a bid. Even those Spiritual Array Masters were pondering because they weren’t confident in comprehending this incomplete array. If they failed, then it would also be a useless item in their possession.

Just forking out 5,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid alone was a pain in their pocket.

With such thoughts, the entire auction suddenly turned quiet.

When Han Fei saw this situation, he helplessly shook his head. However, he knew that amongst the four items, this was probably the hardest to auction.

So just when he was about to speak again in an attempt to rouse the interest of Spiritual Array Masters, a youthful voice suddenly resounded, which resonated in the massive pavilion, “6,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.”

Han Fei was stunned, before he raised his head and saw a young man looking over with a smile on his face…

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